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HI guys this is my life story
It was a fine morning and i was12 years i was reading an erotic book in my bed room with sexy picture of a naked lady i found the book from attick whilr reading i saw my cock getting bigger and bigger i was un aware about whats happening i touch my erect cock i felt so good suddently i heard a noise downstair my mom coming inside i was frightened i push my cock down its come up immediately after i release my hand i was so afraid try to put cock inside the trouser and my mom called my name i said i am coming soon after few minutes.i noticed my cock is so hot , i got an idea i rushed in to the shower room showerd the cock with running water but did nt really worked its still strong i prayed to god to get back its original position then i got an idea i stripped my trouser and put two underwears it worked it seems to be feeling better even though it was till buldging i heard my mum calling me again i put my troser back run down .when i went down stairs to see mom, i was not that comfortable i tried to finish conversation as soon as possible but i noticed mom looks so beautyful mom got good sized boobes i could see her cleevage very clearly from the dress she worn and she got a nicely shaped bum i felt like to squeese .i tried to look away could nt cock grown up in a sec inside my two trousers i run upstairs mom asked me whats the matter i shouted that i need a loo.i went inside my room closed my door ,i noticed my cocks really buldging outside my trouser i pulled trousers down my two underwears r wet . i have nt ejaculate it was the first seminal fluid .i went to the shower room and cleaned him proprly i heard mom calling i changed the under wear come down to see mom . i saw mom in a half skirt mom got really a nice pair of legs i felt bad thinking this way but my cock was growing .I tried to avoid looking at mom just done everything mom said .and that was the first day i done everything what mom asked me to do with out any hesitation . one of my next door neighbour came i quickly changed clothes went out for a bike ride , i did nt know what i said to him i was not at all interested to go out that day , i wanted to come home and finish the book i was reading.i said some excuses but he want me to stay so i stayed with my friends till evening eventhough i did nt want to . we went home it was six in the evening .mom was in the sofa watching some soaps .mom asked me somethings to do and i forgot what it was .mom shouted but i did nt take much notice .the book with a naked lady that was in my mind i wanted to finish the book as early as possible. while walking up to the stairs i saw mom is so deeply involved in the soap i saw moms legs were crossed each other i saw moms thighs so clearly oh god it was soo hot i ran up stairs tried not to to touch the cock it was in the highest peek. i took the book looked at the pics tried to find the page where i was reading all those time have nt touched my cock at all it was really strong dripping i read few sentences i started to cum i hold my cock strongly to stop coming and rushed to the shower room did nt even close the door removed the trouser pulled the under wear down i splashed every where lots of white creamy thick cum my first explotion then only i realised the shower room is wide open i immediately closed the door. i cleaned the shower room quickly my cock was still dripping . my first explotion i still dont know whats the motivation is it the novel or the picture or my moms hot sexy body. after that i was a new person i looked at the world in a different way. even after the explotion of a bucket full of cum i was still feeling horny my cock was half ready i removed my underwear came out from the bath room naked with a half minded i wanted to show mom my cock but at the same time i dont know how mom react to the situation i looked at my cock shaked he is still half ready i really wished if mom could come and see me my naked body i stayed few more minutes mom did nt come . i tried to look at mom through stairs could nt really see her properly. i moved my place little more now i can see mom legs down now mom laughting all my moms body is shaking and the lovely boobs. suddently moms mobile rang mom bend forward to take the phone wow i saw moms boobs very clearly my cock again got ready in action strong and hot .mom got up from sofa talking to some one . i realisesed mom may be able to see me i moved to next room . i saw moms panties posh one soft and layered mom already worn those i squeesed it in my arm rubbed on my face oh i loved it its got a special fragrance i think thats the body cream mom using i wrapped my erect cock with moms panties . i felt soo good . i stroked my cock . i took panties and licked inside the panties where moms delicious pussy where oh i love it i thought i was licking moms pussy oh mom i love u i loveu so so so much. i went inside bath room opened the door wide open and mastrubatedby thinking of mom. i exploded every where love u mom love u so so much.

story by: davefish

Tags: true story sex story

Author: davefish

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