My sib made me a sub (part 4)

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I couldn’t believe my luck. I was waking up next to an angel! The best part about it was she wasn’t put up to it by my sister. Sure Susan did that a lot in the past, I really liked Amy and she really liked me. She didn’t force me to be tied up. It was agreed that if I disliked what she was doing, she would stop. The weird thing about the situation was when my tension was released it felt like every nerve I had was feeling it. I lay in bed long after I woke up watching Amy sleep, I had to pinch my ass and ball sack several times just to convince myself this was not some wet dream I would suddenly wake up from and magically Amy would be gone in a cloud of smoke.

I had to get out of bed to relieve my kegel muscles from the strain of holding my bladder. It was impossible to get out of my bed without waking the heavenly creature sleeping beside me. Amy had her left leg wrapped around my right leg, with her right draped over both of mine. Not to mention the bear hug grip she had around my chest. It may have taken an hour or more for her to fall asleep in the position she was in.

I had to wake her, even though I hated to. I gently caressed her cheek with the back of my fingers; Amy stretched, yawned then said, “Good morning big guy”. I simply said, “Morning, I’ll race you to the bathroom”. “I can wait, I’m still sort of feeling my ‘morning Amy said. I had a look of curiosity on my face. Yes girls do have a form of morning wood too. With no warning she took my left hand in hers and ran it over her clit. It was as hard as my morning wood had been, and not too surprisingly how hard I was right now. Suddenly the urge to relieve my bladder was gone, and I gave Amy a morning kiss she would never forget. I had to feel her with my tongue.

There was nothing gentle about me French kissing her glorious pussy. I gnawed my way into her whole being; I had her stark raving mad within seconds. Howling at the very top of her lungs, “Yes Jim yes eat my dirty cunt”. My entire family was at my door yelling at her to shut up, and yelling at me to stop doing what I was in the act of. Amy had a vise grip clamp on my head. She was still yelling only now she was saying, stop Jim I’m coming. Don’t stop, don’t Finally she was silent, cooing lightly as I cleaned the overflow of her glorious cum from her rapidly softening pussy. She sat up like she was shot out of a canon saying, “Now I will race you to the bathroom”. We tumbled out of the bed trying to get the upper hand on our foe in a run for the bathroom I said, “Make way or suffer a trampling”. I flung the door open but Amy slipped through before I could make a step. I reached out and caught the hem of the T-shirt she was wearing, nearly ripping it off of her. Instead of suffering the embarrassment of becoming naked in front of my family she gave up her lead.

“Oh you are so dead for that move; should I get you tied up later”, Amy said. “I will still enjoy it and you know it”, I said. When I closed the bathroom door I noticed that, mom, dad, and Susan all had their mouths gaped wide open. The action caused me to pause just long enough to allow Amy a seating on the toilet. She spread her legs as wide as she possibly could then said, “Shoot the gap lover”. I required no further encouragement; then I whipped out my rapidly hardening cock. I successfully shot the gap as my urine combatted with hers just below her ass. Amy’s clit popped from its protective hood and grew for two more inches. My flow was abruptly staunched as I reached maximum firmness.

I was completely transfixed upon Amy’s little pleasure seeker begging to be touched and straining through the landing strip of her pubic hair. Amy soaked in my attention like a sponge. “That seems so naughty”; I can easily not said anything then but Amy was forcing herself to stay as silent as possible. “I can’t expel another drop”, I finished saying after a short pause. With my throbbing member a short distance from Amy’s lips she stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of my cock as it throbbed in front of her mouth. I blocked her path from access to the toilet paper. She grabbed me in her left hand, and then slowly led me away next to the sink.

She let go just long enough to wipe her pussy clean; Amy put her hand on mine stopping me from putting my cock away. “I owe you one mister”, Amy said. It was my turn to be silent; she had the cutest Cheshire cat smile on her face. Time seemed to stand still. Amy wasted no time; she turned and faced me on the toilet. She took my member inside her mouth without using her hands. I stood without breathing amazed by her dexterity. Slowly building speed to get me off and still not using her hands I finally caught my breath. “Oh babe don’t stop I’m so close, keep going; yes yes yes yes, I yelled! I sprayed the back of Amy’s throat with five succeeding ropes of come. Amy managed to swallow every drop.

Amy and I looked longingly into each other’s eyes. Our gaze broke and we both looked at the bathroom door then back at each other. We shared a giggle and I opened the door after Amy stood up. “Jim, you and I need to have a talk” dad said. “Ok dad, let me get dressed first”, I said. I quickly got dressed then joined dad outside under the carport to accept the scolding I was sure dad was going to give me. “Jim, your mother and I are so happy to see you and Amy starting a relationship; however, will you tone your sex life down a bit please”, dad said. “At least here at home with the rest of us present”, he added. Sheepishly I looked at him then said, “Ok dad I apologize for both of us”, I said. I returned to my bedroom with my tail between my legs. “What did your dad say Jim”, Amy asked? “He restricted our sex here to when we are alone in the house only”, I told her. Amy nodded. “He didn’t say you needed to leave though”, I added. Once again Amy nodded.

When Amy was ready to go home Susan offered to give her a ride in her car and take me along so I may say goodbye and give her a kiss at her house. “Susan I am dumbfounded by how well you are taking this”, I said. “I am responsible for putting you two together kind of in a way. When I called three of my horniest friends and told them I could help them get their rocks off. I never suspected one of them would fall in love”, Susan said. “Susan you said you would never say anything to Jim”, Amy said. babe I figured that was the deal. There is nothing wrong with Susan confirming that fact. I am not going to leave because of it. I love you”, I said. I couldn’t make Amy comfortable with anything I said. I wish Susan didn’t say what she said. When we dropped Amy off at her house she quickly kissed me then ran off to the house. I felt like something was wrong and Susan said the wrong thing.

After three days of Amy not answering my phone calls she confirmed what I was feeling when Susan and I dropped her off. I missed Amy dearly; I felt we were drifting apart. That wasn’t the case; however, Amy was busy preparing a night of whippings for me. A phone call from her with a message to meet her that night at the park at 7:00 PM confirmed she still wanted to see me.

“Hi babe, I’m glad you still want to see me and Susan didn’t scare you away from me”, I said. “Well Jim she almost did. I had to think about what she said and how I felt about you and then weigh the pros versus cons. I realized I had a void without you being with me”, Amy said. “So how do you want to continue in our I asked? “Just the same as before just more careful and quiet when we have sex, oh by the way will you tell Susan I’m mad at her and will talk to her when I get over it”, Amy said. “I will tell her when I see her she has been walking on egg shells around me the last four days”, I said. Amy laughed as if she enjoyed what I said. “I have to be home before dark”, Amy said. “I can call from your house to check in and see if I may stay at your house”, I said. “Shall we get on our way then”, I asked? “Ok can you give me a lift”, Amy answered with a question of her own. “Of course”, I answered.

I helped Amy swing aboard and sped off down through the alleys toward her house. We stopped only at the paved street crossings to look both ways for cars. We arrived at her driveway with ten minutes to spare. Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson were backing out of the driveway ready to go look for Amy. They were relieved to see she was with me. Amy jumped off the bike to ask if I could stay over. Her parents accepted. “May I use the phone Mrs. Jefferson”, I asked? “Sure Jim come in, the phone is in the living room”, Rita answered. my mom answered the phone. “Hi mom may I stay at I asked. “Sure Jim just be quiet there”, she warned. “I will be”, I answered. “Jim your mom and I talked about how noisy you and Amy were at your house I also talked to Amy she said you both performed oral sex on each other is that true”, Rita asked? “Yes ma’ am”, I said sheepishly. “Ok have you had genital sex”, Rita asked? “Um Mrs. Jefferson did you ask Amy that question”, I asked? “Not yet I wanted to ask you first. You confirmed her answer. Once you give me an answer I will compare it to yours”, Rita said. “This is a little embarrassing Mrs. Jefferson but yes we have but never have we done it without me wearing I said. “I’m glad to hear that Jim”, Rita said.

I couldn’t have been more embarrassed. I also hid myself in the guest bedroom to wait for the result of Amy’s is being questioned. Amy opened the door grinning at me. I looked at her then asked, up babe”? “Mom said we both passed our test and if we continue to have sex we must continue to wear Amy said. “I was awful embarrassed to actually talk to your mother about this”, I said. “Me too Jim, I never expected this line of questions from my mom”, Amy said. What had our parents talked about? This question had burned in my brain for a while.

Amy didn’t seem disturbed at all; in fact she collected an outfit out of the closet and went to the bathroom to change. When she returned to the bedroom she was wearing a matte leather outfit with holes that exposed her nipples. As soon as I laid eyes on her I was hard as a rock. In her left hand behind her back Amy held a bull whip. She whacked me with it. I shook in pain, covering my mouth so my screams in pain wouldn’t be heard. Amy struck me again; when she did I was paralyzed from the pain. I still had my hand over my mouth stifling my screams. I could have very easily sounded like a girl in fright. Amy also had her favorite instrument of torture and struck me with it a few times. Each time she did I recoiled from the strike and howled in pain into my hand. Amy hadn’t tied me up yet; that didn’t mean it wasn’t her intention to. She allowed some time for me to recover. She also took this time to retrieve her panties from the bathroom and stuff into my mouth after tying me to the bed.

Amy had to be getting excited when her mother was questioning her because I could taste her succulent pussy in her panties. “I came in those once for you lover”, Amy said. As usual I said nothing but I continued chewing on her gift. “You seem to be enjoying your gift”, Amy said.

“ Mmmpff”, was all I could manage to say. “Good boy let’s see how well my panties keep you silent. Better yet let’s not do that”, Amy said. With that being said she placed the ball gag into my mouth without removing her panties. I had to breathe through my nose now and I dared not swallow for the fear I’d swallow Amy’s panties.
What happened next was quite comical and unexpected by both of us. Amy swirled the bull whip over her head so I closed my eyes and braced for its impact. I received Amy’s body falling on top of me instead. Amy had become so excited she expelled enough liquid to slip and fall on top of me. “Oh my lover I knew I was wet but not so wet I’d slip in my own puddle”, Amy said. I made the mistake of giggling, which angered Amy slightly. “Oh you think that’s funny”, Amy said. Quickly she stood up and this time watching where she was standing, and how long she would stand in one spot; she whipped me until several large welts stood up on my back. When she stopped I was weeping lightly. I never used our safe word, I doubt she would have listened.

I’m not sure if my weeping caused her to stop or if she seen the result of her rage. “I’m sorry lover I couldn’t control myself”, Amy said while she released me from the bonds holding me face down on the bed. With my hands free I yanked the gag from my mouth and spit Amy’s panties out to the floor. They landed with a splat sound, obviously wet from the saliva from my mouth. With my legs free I curled into the fetal position and wept softly. “I am so sorry lover I didn’t think I would lose control like that”, Amy said. Amy lay in front of me softly stroking my face catching my tears and drying her hand on the bed between us. “Before I started crying I actually came”, I said. “Are you saying that to make me feel better Jim”, Amy asked? “No, I really did come. Look at the bed behind me”, I said. Amy stood up and looked at the large wet spot and gasped.

With her hand over her mouth she asked, “How many shots did you expel before I stopped”. “I have no idea I felt the wet spot after you untied me”, I said. “Did you stop when I did Jim”, Amy asked? “Once again I don’t have an honest answer for your question Amy. The pain I felt was extremely intense”, I said. “Why didn’t you use the safe word Jim”, Amy asked? “I wasn’t sure you would respond to the safe word. So I just allowed the pain to overcome my senses”, I said. “When I realized you were crying I couldn’t force myself to continue”, Amy said. “I am sorry for laughing at your peril when you fell on me. I couldn’t control my giggles at all”, I said. “I should have had more control over my anger, I can’t explain what snapped inside me. What should we do so this doesn’t happen again”, Amy asked? “I don’t know”, I answered.

There was no way I would be able to sleep on my back for an entire week. I also had some trouble in the shower during the period that it took for the welts to heal. I thought I would be found out at one time during the healing of the welts; however, I was able to lye my way out of explaining why my back hurt. Amy showed how loving she is toward me; even though she hurt me badly, she was able to apologize for her actions. Eventually we were able to find a solution to her losing her temper. I spent two days with her a week later but our sexual contact was limited to making out in the outdoor Jacuzzi.

Our summer was almost over she was entering her senior year of high school and I was entering my sophomore year. We had two weeks left. Amy and I made an agreement for the school year; we both had specialty classes that added college credit. In the classes we took together we would sit next to each other. We managed to refrain from passing notes; however, we would show each other how well our individual effort on tests was documented. I excelled in mathematics and science, Amy excelled in English graphic arts. We tutored each other in the areas we struggled in. We also agreed to put a hold on our sex life together until winter vacation. We couldn’t manage to last; however, during our two days off for thanks giving I spent the night at Amy’s house. We were leaving for Sacramento the next morning we had plans to meet Alice; her friend at the closest town to our destination. We are mutual friends. Logically I would have said I didn’t want to accompany Amy with Alice but Alice insisted I go also.

I was set up to say the least I could feel the embarrassment as soon as we entered the store. We slowly meandered through a few racks of tight leathers with and without hoods and zippered opening to allow access to our erogenous zones. I was attracted to the girl who was assisting us with our purchases. She was maybe four or five inches shorter than Amy. She expressed she was introduced to the lifestyle by a friend of hers she no longer was close to and that her friend had moved to the other end of the country to meet a new love interest. I was also observing Amy and how she was reacting to the salesperson and she was getting wet. Alice also noticed and had to get Amy to remove herself to the bathroom to help her get dried out.

Amy got a little agitated when Alice asked her to go to the bathroom with her. To Amy there wasn’t a problem. Jennifer (the salesperson) said, “I get off work in ten minutes but in this store I get a discount and would love to offer to allow you to use it”. “Jim will you stay here so she won’t leave please”, Amy asked? I will, I have a few more questions for her anyway so take all the time you need”, I said. Amy was giggling when Alice and she walked off. “Is Amy your girlfriend” Jennifer asked? “Yes she is and I have never been happier than I am now. Amy gets into the role of dominatrix and I enjoy being the sub but why does she say I am in more control than she is” I answered with a question of my own. “Well Jim a sub is one who is confident in the ability to stop the Dom. If that is a bit confusing let me give you an example.

Do you and your partner have a safe word”, Jennifer explained. I answered her question with “Ok have you ever used it”, Jennifer asked. “No, but there was a time I needed to but I said. “Why didn’t you use it Jim”, Jennifer asked? “I was unsure Amy would hear me say it I had a mouthful of Amy’s panties and a gag in also”, I said. “Ok is it simple and not confusing with any command that you may want to use with her. Also is it understandable with or without the gag in. Single syllable words work best”, Jennifer explained. I answered. “May I ask what the word is”, Jennifer asked. “Would you be willing to wait for Amy and Alice to return for that answer”, I asked? Amy and Alice had been behind me looking through a rack of clothing out of my sight during most of my conversation with Jennifer.

Amy showed amazing restraint to not speak out and Jennifer never showed an indication they were there either. Somehow Amy motioned Jennifer to get me to answer without speaking. “Jim like I said before being a sub means you have more power than your Dom. Do you really know what that means”, Jennifer asked? “Well, all this is really new to me and Amy and I have an agreement to what we can talk about and what is private so I would have to talk to her first and see if its ok”, I said. Jennifer gave Amy away with the smile she allowed to form on her face and looking past me over my shoulder. Jennifer was looking over my left so I turned to my right and caught a glimpse of Amy diving for cover.

“Ok babe, playtime is over so come out from where you’re hiding”, I said. Amy sheepishly walked out from the rack of clothing she was behind. She was wearing a schoolgirl uniform and went sans panties as was indicated by the puddles she left behind everywhere she stood still for a moment. The sight was making me so hard and hot I almost jumped her in the store.
“Do you like my new dress up and play suit”, Amy asked? “I um yeah um but um your um showing um”, I said before Amy cut me off. supposed to be silly; once Alice told me in the bathroom I was too wet for cutoffs I decided to change. I put on something that wouldn’t show my wetness”, Amy said. “I’m sorry to burst your bubble babe but look at the floor”, I said discreetly. Jennifer was on the task and handed Amy an insert able plug to quench her flow. “I need to wear one nearly every day with this job” Jennifer whispered to Amy. Amy turned four shades of red in five seconds. I looked at Amy with a sorry look on my face. Amy just smiled and kissed me. “Now we won’t have any more accidents lover”, Amy said.

I was having problems with why I needed to be here until I seen what Alice had hidden behind her back when she returned. Alice had three different sized dildos and two of them were vibrators also. All three were small diameter I let my guard down and got roped by three horny women. The next thing I knew the front door was being locked by Amy and we was alone. I heard about reverse gang bangs before but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a victim of one. Once I was hog tied to the girl’s hopes I heard the two vibes start up and felt my poop chute get lubed. “Babe please be gentle I don’t like where you three are going with your I said. “Jim just relax, in twenty minutes you’ll have the most amazing cum you have ever had”, Amy said.

Amy took my cock in one hand and my balls in the other; within a few minutes she had my cock throbbing due to her oral ministrations. She did her best to not make me blow my load. When I felt the vibe touch my balls I barely could keep myself from coming, but I managed to hold off for the first few seconds. One good hard suck from Amy and I lost all control and flooded her mouth. It proved to be too much for her and she let some out around the corners of her mouth. I was speechless and panted my way through the first orgasm of the evening. The odd thing was when I blew my load the first vibe was inserted into my virgin ass, but I never felt it go in. “Oh babe is it really in? I think I feel it inside me”, I said. Amy took control of it and wiggled it in two circles. “How does it feel lover? You are doing so well”, Amy said.

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story by: pillow humper

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