My sister is back for christmas

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My Sister is Back for Christmas

My sister and I hadn't seen each other for 2 years. I was a sophomore in high school when she left for college and I missed her last holiday season because I was out of the country with my aunt and uncle.

My sister and I had always had a good relationship and we always used to message each other occasionally while she was in college. I just wanted to see how she was doing. She told me she enjoyed college very much and that she was having a little trouble in College Algebra. The disability to figure out how algebra works must run in the family, because I was terrible at it too.

Going back to now, it was December of 2015. My sister is coming back from California for Christmas on the 20th and it was now the 18th. I was super excited to hear I wouldn't be busy while she was back in town and we could actually spend some time together. This is a good and a bad thing, why you ask? I may have a little bit of lust for my sister. I'm a teenage boy, what else do you expect?! I adore big tits and big asses and nice curves. All of which my sister had. I know it is weird to say that about your sister, but I sure was excited to think about her for those reasons as well as the reason of actually missing her. 

I kept up with her Facebook and boy, those pictures she posts were hot. She had gotten a nice tan in California. Quite a difference from the pale curvy girl she was from Kansas. I couldn't wait to see my golden-glazed sister back in town, and only in two days! Nothing much happened between the 19th and the afternoon of the 20th. I was waiting for my beautiful sister to arrive at the airport. (my mom made me go get her because she would be at work) It is not like I was upset to go get my sister from the airport, but I just was too lazy.

But when I saw her, my thoughts had changed. I was glad I got to be the person to pick her up from the airport. When I was waiting on my phone for around 20 minutes, the first people off her flight finally started appearing. Then I saw Natalie. My beautiful sister. Holy fuck…her tan was amazing -even better than in the pictures! And her tits, her ass…all showing quite nicely through the skimpy outfit she was wearing. I have no idea what had happened to her California but it almost seemed as though her body was even better than before…then I came to the realization of "why the fuck was my sister wearing these clothes when it's 40 degrees here?" and I laughed. California had changed her. She thinks everywhere has the weather of the West Coast!

After my thoughts were done going crazy, I ran up to her and have her a hug. We greeted each other and talked about how California was and she asked me about school. I asked her the same. We got to the car (after she ran to it, not realizing it was so cold here) and we talked more. We were just catching up with each other. "I don't want to die 10 minutes after I get off my plane" she joked after is sped off unto the highway. "it's fineeee Natalie, I'm an amazing driver!" I responded with a smirk. She and I laughed and we caught up some more. Before we knew it we were home. I helped her with some of her bags and we went inside />
The sweet smells of the holidays surrounded my nostrils. We were greeted by the rest of my family, I was youngest and had another sister besides Natalie. I had an older brother named Chris who was 28. He worked in town so I saw him often. 

Fast forward to that night. Everyone was in the living room hanging out by the fire place. Natalie and my other sister Abby were conversing while I was eating  and my parents were talking to my brother.

It was nice being with all the family. We didnt do this very often and that is why I appreciated the holidays. I certainly appreciated seeing Natalie. (no not just for the body, />
Everyone was getting a little tired and Chris went home. My parents went to bed. Abby went downstairs and watched TV. It was just me and Natalie in the living room. She was still in that skimpy little outfit and I couldn't help but stare. She noticed my eyes looking at her. "My eyes are up here, sweetheart." she said jokingly. I didn't know what to say so I just said sorry. She said it was fine. That was the last thing I remember before falling asleep. I immediately started dreaming…

It was of my sister. She was naked in the shower. I was looking at her wash herself. Natalie didn't seem to notice me even though I seemed to be in the same room as her. I watched her caress her beautiful boobs and put soap all over them. Then she brought the sponge down to her pussy. She squeezed he sponge on her legs. You have no idea how incredibly hot this was. She rubbed around her pussy lips with her narrow little fingers. Then she put one finger in her pussy. Her face was pure ecstasy. It was so hot. I watched this for a few minutes. Then her expression seemed to change to annoyed. Then she looked directly at me! "hey!" "Jack wake up!"

How ironic. The girl I was having a dream about just ruined the dream I was having about her…"Jack, I see you're a little happy," her eyes led down to the huge tent in my pants.  "I, uh.. Yeah, why did you have to interrupt my dream?!" I asked jokingly. Just to make this already awkward conversation a little more awkward. She teased, "hey, what were you dreaming about?" I lied and said porno I watched a few nights ago. "oh boys and their porn," she replied. "why do you even like that stuff?" I told her "it fulfills fantasies, duh!" she laughed. I noticed she kept looking down where the tent in my pants was not 2 minutes ago. I told her I was going up to bed. She told me goodnight and I walked up the stairs. Her old room was right next to mine and I had blue balls. I needed to jerk off. I went into her room and grabbed underwear out of her bag. It was clean, and pointless to do. But I was horny so I did it anyway. Big mistake, my sister was going up the stairs and saw me. "Jack, what are you doing with that." I couldn't respond. I didn't have any words. I stuttered and stammered and she told me "you know it's okay? I understand guys have their sexual desires, I guess I just didn't realize I was yours."  I figured to try and compliment her rather than dig myself farther down the hole. So I said "yeah, Natalie, I have had dreams about you for a long time."

She then uttered the best words I have ever heard come out of her mouth. "Well, Jack, the feeling is mutual. I see those pictures you post of you with your work out buddy, you are ripped. And that boner you had downstairs made my think about your body." I was astonished. I asked. She quickly said yes and I didn't know what to do. I felt some weird vibes. I went and handed her her panties back. Then she grabbed my arm and kissed me. I couldn't help but kissing her back. We were in the middle of the hallway and she pushed me into the bedroom. I laid on the bed where we kissed some more. My fantasy was coming true. 

"Hold on." she said and got off me. She took her shirt off. I then saw the best and biggest cleavage in the world. She was perfect. Her bronze skin was glowing! "woah" I said. I should of held my breath. Because she then took her bra off. My beautiful sister was topless in front of me. And she obviously still wanted me. My instincts kicked in and I got up and held her boobs while kissing her. I then went down her cleavage and to her nipples. I sucked. She moaned and I was in heaven. She kept saying my name. It turned me on even more than I was! I slowly went down other belly button and unbuttoned her shorts. My cold hands touching her ass and legs.she squealed and I told her to "shhh." and she obliged. I couldnt take any more playing around and I went for it. I took off her panties and kissed her all over. Her pussy was beautiful. Natalie was perfect. "Now you." she said and I took my shirt off. She pushed me on the bed and took my sweats off. I was rock hard. My 7 inch cock hit her nose from springing up so fast after she took my boxers off. 

She then sucked my cock. And it was awesome. She flicked and licked her tongue all over my shaft and then put her whole mouth on the head of my dick. Then she started deep throating my cock. It felt amazing and she was so good at it. "Mmm baby, just like that "  I gave her the message I was about to cum and she didn't stop sucking. She took my hot load in the back of her throat like a champ. She popped her luscious lips off my cock and then licked her lips. She got up and shook her ass at me. I then told her to get on the bed. She did as I told her and were laying on the bed together. Side by side. I scooted up closer to her and felt her delicious ass on my hard cock. I grabbed her left leg and raised it up to see that pussy and ass. I situated myself where Natalie's and my head were the same height. And I put my cock inside of her. "Oh yes" I said. She then whispered "fuck me, Jack." I obliged and started thrusting into her.

Her ass and my cock made the best noises together. I started going harder and she started moaning louder. I put my hand over her mouth and told her to be quiet and not to wake my parents. Then I started going to work. I pounded her so fiercely I felt like a fucking animal. She was moaning and my hand could not control her mouth from opening. "oh baby, fuck me!!" as she tried to attempt a whisper.

I then slowed my pace after 20 minutes. I took my dick out of her pussy and rolled over on my back. Damn that was awesome! I was a little tired. She turned so she was facing me and kissed me a lot. "You're so good Jack."

She got on top of me and and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy. She put the head in, then slowly but surely the shaft. Then she slammed the rest of my dick in, which honestly kind of hurt. She started riding me and grinding. Her beautiful bronze titties bouncing up and down.  I grabbed her hips and made her bounce on my cock faster. She  was so hot and her face was just like my dream. Pure joyfullness and bliss. We were both enjoying it. 

I then felt the urge to cum coming on. I told her this in the lowest voice I could so no one could hear. She got off me after a few more grinds and just in time put her mouth on my cock. She swallowed two thick jets of my cum and took her mouth off. The rest went all over her face beautiful bronze tits. "Oh my God." she said. I was breathing heavily and all I could do was kiss her. After she wiped off her face and boobs, we laid in her room together. It was nice and calm, we both slowly fell asleep. 

My dreams had come true, I had fucked my sexy sister. And it was awesome. I had experienced so much and almost wish there was a video of our hot brother/sister fuck session so I could watch her sexy body move the way it did all over again.

To be continued.. ? Maybe!

story by: YoungDick18

Tags: consensual sex fantasy incest male / older female sex story

Author: YoungDick18

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