My slutty wife used as a dog slave bitch part 4

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My Slutty Wife Used as a Dog Slave Bitch part 4

Part 4
As Sissy was released she was laying there with nothing holding her, the stocks and leather straps were all gone, but she still had this feeling that she was firmly bound! And that she could easily lay there and allow all the things that had just happened to her, to happen again! and that she would not move a muscle!!! Bull and the two big black women helped lift her off of the “T” shaped stand, her legs were still out horizontal, but this time she was placed on the floor and one of the big black women was holding her up and the other was slowly moving her legs back and under her. She could now feel the but plug and one of the black women commented on what a lovely doggie tail!. Sissy apparently had a plug that Dr DeSade had placed in her virgin butt hole, that had attached to it a very real looking dog tail!. Bull had attached her black leather collar tightly around her neck and had snapped a leash on, she was now down on all fours, Sissy was young and in good shape and her legs and the feeling in them were returning to normal as Bull said to her, now little bitch you are going to get the first part of your training to become a Slutty little Dog Slave Bitch! Sissy's formerly little clit was also starting to behave strangely!

Bull then said your name from now on will be Little Bitch! And anytime you have this collar on you will immediately go down on all fours! And act and do exactly as your master commands! You will answer only by barking and when in this condition will speak no words! Do you understand, Sissy with out thinking said yes master, and this was met with a sadistic lash on her bare bottom! that brought out a yelp! Again Bull asked her do you understand and Sissy reluctantly nodded her head yes, and again another viscous lash! Bull now said again, you must only answer with a female sounding dog bark! And, I want it to be convincing and I want it to sound just like a dog as you are now, and will be treated just like a bitch dog in heat!!! do you understand!!! Sissy then attempted to bark like a dog and after several attempts was able to satisfy Bull. As they left the motel room Sissy was now on her knees and on all fours, this feeling to her after seeing the halfbreed perform as a dog slave bitch, was quite a perverse thought, and that her being treated like an animal! somehow in a strange sort of way really appealed to her!

Sissy was lead out of the motel room with her beautiful bare bottom exposed and wiggling back and forth! Her sore little breasts were hanging down with her nipples pointing out, she was starting to look the part of a bitch dog on a leash! She was then lead into the parking area where the other two women had earlier been abused and was commanded to sit, she did so and was trying to act even more like a dog! Bull then commanded her to bark ! She was the only one in the center of this small lot, but there were at least a dozen men mostly truckers, along with the two big black women, and a few dominate masters. Bull first had Sissy bark, and then howl!, several times as loud as she possibly could and each sounded a little more convincing, one of the truckers had a big brown and black male doberman and as Sissy did her last howl This dogs ears really perked up! And he looked over at her in a strange way as their eyes met he became quite excited and his stare let her know instantly that she was going to be his new bitch!!!…

Sissy was at first scared at the thought, as she was lead by, up really close to this male doberman and then back towards the motel, she kept looking back over her shoulder at the big doberman and not only was he pulling very hard on his leash and trying to get loose! His master was having a hard time holding him as this big dog reared up he exposed a big hard and very erect cock that could easily be seen shining in the dull light of the motel parking lot! One could hear him say down boy, you will get your chance!!!!….. Bull with Sissy in tow knocked on the door of a different room and was invited in. Once in, was shocked at what she saw! This room was used for a number of things it had a small area reserved for tattooing and another that was being used for several types of sadistic torture and female abuse! there was another young woman that the artist was just finishing up with as apparently she had been here before, but had been tattooed a lot over the last several years and her looks had also been changed to look more like a dog, as her ears nose and mouth were tattooed and apparently had been surgically altered to look something like a female Labrador along with her hands and feet!and she had been tattooed along with a certain of bread, of this kind of a dogs colors in various places all over her body, that made the distinction more real looking and somewhat />
Dr DeSade and several of his small people helpers were scurrying around and attending to several women. They, had been scorned and dismissed by most women growing up as they were ugly and perverted little men and as such had never had a normal relationship with a real woman, so thus were easily ready and able to do any disgusting, abusive and sexually sadistic torture that the good doctor would suggest!
As this girl was finished and led away Sissy had now taken her place, and a discussion had now ensued between Bull and the tattoo artist, as Bull had seen the big male dobermans interest in Sissy and thought if they were going to make her up like a bitch dog, it should be like a Doberman! It was also understood, that what they were going to do to Sissy, would not to be permanent! So that sometime later, all this makeup could, with some effort be removed! He the artist had several helpers and all quickly went to work, the thing that Dr DeSade had done to her clit was now starting to give Sissy a very interesting feeling in her genitals! It was hard for her to comprehend at first? As she had never felt like it before, and had nothing to compare this feeling to! It felt strange, but good and left her empty and wanting? This feeling was becoming stronger and stronger as the proceedings went on!.

One of the tattoo helpers started with Sissy's hands placing them into a fist! They were then taped into little paddies after which small leather booties were slipped on, and were fastened tightly just above her wrists along with some glue that acted like quick crazy glue that immediately set up! These booties looked much like dog paws! Her bare feet along with her toes had also been bent back and taped to where they to, had booties slipped on them along with a similar knee pad that was also fixed, and all replicated the feet of a dog, and were realistic in a half dog and half young woman kind of way! The results was to give her some protection when crawling and scampering around on all fours, but left her quite helplessly expose and very submissive as she could not do anything at all with her hands, to stop what might happen, or protect herself!

Sissy's butt plugged tail was first shortened and then colored with black and reddish brown streaks that left it sticking almost straight up, one helper was painting on her hips and down the sides of her thighs leaving her now bare bottom very pale in stark contrast to the black and reddish brown paint. They, and bull were quite surprised, as their attention was drawn to Sissy's clitoris as it was now some what larger and had turned very red in color and like the other Dog Slave Bitches seen earlier, was sticking out quite pronounced leaving a real impression of a bitch dog in heat!!!!..! Sissy of course could not see this, but the feeling of her becoming a horny animal bitch was becoming more and more desirable apparent and uncontrollable …..

Her red hair with the braids undone was pulled back into a short pony tail and wrapped up on her head along with streaks of black colored into it. Her shoulders along with her back and fore arms were also expertly covered and painted with alternating streaks of black and reddish brown make up paint her small pale white breasts were left bare and hanging down except for her now perky and formerly swollen and abused nipples, as they were coated with a bright red substance that really accented them, her nipples quite erotically pointed naturally out to each side. The effect of this on her pale white skin and the dark reddish brown and black paint was dramatic!
This make over did not end here!, as her face, after being lip and nose hooked was still swollen and puffy her nose and ears had also been added to with an almost perfect replica of a doberman, to where, when they were painted along with her face gave her the incredible look of a very young attractive halfbreed specimen of a female doberman dog bitch! The feeling in her loins especially down inside of her virgin womb was becoming more demanding, all the way to the tip of her sensitive clit and her body was starting to produce and ooze precum from her slit! She did not think that anymore feminine female liquid could be secreted, but her natural desire along with whatever Dr DeSade had done to her was starting to produce more abundant wetness and the strange feeling was becoming more and more over powering by the minute!!!…..

The other two women in this room were being sadistic abused. The first was about 25 yrs old and was quite tall and very skinny girl she was not attractive and was more of what one might call plain, even mousey. Her breasts were small and her hips and ass showed some curved roundness and it was obvious that she had never had a boyfriend and had eagerly allowed this master of hers to do whatever he wanted to her, just so she could have some male attention!. After Sissy was finished with she was turned around and got a good look at herself in a big mirror, her looks at first shocked her but also brought more strange feeling? she was then commanded to sit! So that she could watch what was being done to each of these women! The other woman was much older in her late forties and was quite voluptuous she had been suspended horizontal in a face down position about five feet off of the floor, her sadistic master had brought her to Dr DeSade and his equally little sadistic side kick munchkins for some brutal torture and abuse!

This older woman was hanging from a number of eye bolts that had chains attached to leather straps that suspended her at the waist, neck, shoulders, and just above her knees. Her wrists and ankles were also cuffed and suspended in a similar way that left her arms and legs far apart! Her big breasts were hanging straight down. The other skinny young woman had been placed on what was termed in the S&M community as a wooden pony! this pony was an “A” frame shaped device with two pieces of wood that came together at the top with a very sharp point and it was about five feet long and was also suspended by four chains at each of its corners. This whole thing was then suspended from the ceiling, she was placed on it as if she were riding a horse, and was totally naked except for heels, her wrists had been attached to chains that were also suspended from the walls and ceiling her legs hung over each side, and although she was wearing heels she had ankle cuffs that were attached to heavy concrete blocks this helped to pulled her open cunt down tightly over the sharp wooden peak of this wooden pony!!!…!

Her breasts were laying on a thick two inch piece of wood that was attached around her back like a bra strap and was held up by several cords around her neck like a small tray! Her small breasts had strong fishing line tied very tight to the tip of each nipple and had big chunks of heavy lead weights hanging from each just over the edge and below this wooden tray! Her small formerly white unblemished breasts had then been nailed to the board in half a dozen places on both sides of her breasts using carpet tacks, but what was even more sadistic was that her nipples had been stretched out so that they were about a inch or so long and this is where she was experiencing some awful pain and torture as they were now being nailed to the board with several nails in each of the stretched tips!!!!…she let out a short scream as the hammer hit each nail!!!!…
This of course was bad enough, but her long virgin cunt lips were also stretched over each side of the sharp wooden horse, and they to were nailed in at least a dozen places to the horse by using small sharp purple carpet tacks! Although everything else that had been done to her tits, nipples and cunt lips was quite painful it paled in comparison to her clitoris as it had been stretched forward onto a flat area of the horse, just ahead of her “Vee!, it was a long skinny piece of membrane and the clit on the end itself was fairly large Bull had asked Dr DeSade just how this had happened to such a seemingly innocent young woman, and was told, so that all could hear, just how it had happened? Apparently her parents were quite irresponsible and belonged to some sort of religious cult! And at a very young age they for some reason, had started stretching her nipples and genitals as a cult requirement when she was very young and when she finally became a ward of the court the Judge had placed her in a foster home that took in young girls, and that this so called care taker she was given to was also a sexual sadist! Who had done and continued to do all sorts of diabolically things to his young female charges that entailed not only nipple abuse, but also penetration with large objects as well as cunt lip and clitoral stretching, and when he was finally caught and found out! She, at the time had been living with him since she was a young girl and up into her early 20s and because she was now of age had been turned out onto the streets.

After which she had a number of questionable relationships, and had gravitated towards a master that loved to do this sort of thing to women, an that it was one of the few things that were so ingrained into her that she had no trouble at all adapting to this strange and sadistic way of life!

As they all watched, one of Dr DeSades little sadists had stretched her swollen little clitoris out as far as he could and with out any hesitation had driven a sharp nail right nail right through the center of her orb! and into the board it was stretched out over! The scream this young woman emitted was very loud and very piercing and the little man that did it did not seem to be bothered at all by the girl as she continued to scream until a big ball gag was stuffed into her mouth and buckled tightly behind her neck. She was now only able to groan and gurgle as tears and saliva dripped of of her chin and on to her nailed down breasts! Her master walked over to admire the handy work of Dr DeSade and his little gremlins! And spoke to her in a mock and loving way, You love this? Don't you slut! At first she made no sound and this was followed by him pulling on one of the big lead weights that was tied to the tip of her nipple she screamed again but the gag muffled most of the noise as she nodded her head up and down! With more tears in her eyes!

The other older woman that was in the horizontal sling type harness was a different story. She was a slave to her sadistic master and had been so for sometime, his fetish currently was, that he wanted to see her nipples and clitoris stretched and lengthened to almost three times their original length. She had already been there for several days as different attachments and weights had already been hung from them, but now they were down to a much more diabolically and sadistic form of stretching, her nipples were like what someone would do if placing a worm onto the entire length of a fish hook! The long part of her nipple was pierced in its center by the sharp end of a fish hook, and was then forced up into the center of her breast and the pointy sharp end of this big hook had pierced through as it was pulled and twisted around as it poked back through and out of her big melon shaped breasts just outside the edge of her nipples! It consisted of fish hooks that were used for deep sea fishing! She was moaning as this had been done the night before to not only her big nipples, the exact same thing had also been done to her swollen and meaty clitoris as it was a monster and was twice as big as most women's clits!

All three of these hooks with the spectators watching, had high test fishing line attached to the hooks and underneath her, placed on several small stands were four bowling balls! That had been tapped and drilled for eye bolts, the fishing line was then attached to each of the balls. The balls weighted about ten pounds apiece and her master was taunting her, this is what you want bitch! Isn't it.!!!!… She pleaded with him no, no , please I beg you do not let them do this! to me!!!!….

The begging she was doing, had no effect at all on him! As the little gremlins standing on step stools had hooked several more big fish hooks into her buttocks and several inches away from her asshole! They were stretching her butt crack apart so that an even more sadistic torture could be inflected on her sphincter! Six smaller sharp fish hooks were inserted from the inside of her hole around this pink little sphincter ring and with all lines tied together and were strung out to a spreader bar that had been fastened between her ankles, this bar, had a pulley hanging down at its center and this heavier line was fed through and over the pulley, and attached to the forth bowling ball! With everything set and all the cords attached and all the slack removed the command was given to his little sadistic helpers to remove the stands that the balls had been temporarily resting on!!!!.. The screaming and begging for them to stop this terrible torture was the loudest and pleading scream anyone in the room had heard ! Her screams could be heard clear up at the truck stop tavern and bar the screaming finally tapered off to sobs of painful torture as her nipples and genitals were stretching a little at a time, just as Dr DeSade had predicted from the gigantic weight of the balls!….

Sissy was equally impressed as not only this woman's nipples were sadistically stretched her ass hole and sphincter was now pulled out an inch or so farther from in between her crack! and was stretching a little more as each minute went by! But what was very distinct to Sissy was the woman's clit as her clitoris was now really stretched and as all four of the bowling balls were hanging free they were slightly swinging from this woman's agony. They were painfully attached to her private parts and this diabolical stretching was slowly beginning to give this older full figured woman's nipples and Gentiles the most sadistic stretching and abuse of her life!!!!…OMG Sissy thought could she!, suffer and endure such pain and torture, but she Sissy was starting to have her own problems, and had started to pant, and sweat a little more as the drugs that Dr DeSade had injected into her clit was really starting to make her feel more and more like a dog in heat, as she watched this torturous scene of these two women as one screamed, sobbed and begged and the other made what little sound she could with gag tightly in her mouth.

The now burning desire in Sissy's womb was making her antsy as she started prancing around, her “V” and mound seemed to want more than just some passing attention! Just when she thought that something had to be done, the door of the motel opened and a attractive young woman was lead in she was about eighteen years old and like Sissy had red hair small breasts and a plump full figured bottom!. She was blindfolded and wearing a very tight skin colored mini skirt and a blouse that had only one button! her husband was with her and had her hands tied behind her back Dr DeSade had told him earlier to bring her here! As she was exactly the kind of girl that Sissy would later become!and what I would later marry! A slutty young whore that could never seem to be able to get enough kinky and abusive sex!!!…

Continued in part 5

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