My summer boss 6

sex stories

“My, my, this is quite the bind you’ve put me in ladies.” I couldn’t believe my mind was functioning as well as it was. Two worming their bodies on top of me in an effort to be the closest to me.

They didn’t seem to get it right away, their minds clouded with one singular objective. After a few moments of jostling each other, catching a few elbows and knees myself, Eve managed to shoulder Brook off of me.

“What do you mean, bind?” She asked, grunting and catching Brook’s hands as she tried to grab her and throw her off.

“Well, just stop for a second and look at what you’re doing.” They both paused and looked at each other.

“I don’t see a problem here.” Brook said, her arms flexing as she kept pushing on Eve. I couldn’t win here, if I chose one over the other the guilt would totally ruin the moment.

Eve sighed, “Just choose Tom.” Brook looked between us, noting just how this could affect the situation, and leaned down close to my face.

“I tell you what Tommy. I get what I want when I want, within reason, during the next few days and I’ll take the hit today and let Eve have her fun. Sound good?”

“What you want, when you want. What does that mean?” I asked warily.

She kissed me again, harder though and touched my face, “Just what it sounds like baby.” My eyes wandered to Eve who was still miraculously perched atop my stomach. There was no help there, she was in no mood to think over the ramifications of this little deal, or anything else aside from getting what she wanted as soon as possible.

“O-ok Brook.” I stammered. She grinned evilly and gave me a peck on the cheek, before standing up and picking up her clothes.

Eve grinned wolfishly and grabbed my head, kissing me fiercely.

“Easy, easy, Eve calm down!” I cried as she started grabbing me and kissing all over my face.

Brook giggled maniacally as she tossed herself on the couch and turned on the TV, “Have fun Tommy boy. If you survive I’ll tell you what I want first.”

“Shh Brook. And keep it down.” Eve smirked, getting her feet under her and grabbing my arm. you lump, we’re going to my room.” Before I could even get up she was practically dragging me towards her room by the arm. She actually managed to pull me to her door before I stood up.

“OK, Jesus, you’re gonna rip my arm off!” I cried as she jerked my arm one final time, making me stumble a few feet into her room.

“If it gets you into my bed faster, so be it. Sit down.” She giggled. She stopped at the door to close it behind her, watching me walk naked, to her bed. I blushed and sat on the edge of her bed, looking back at her.

She strutted up to me and took my cheeks in her hands, “Mmm that’s a good boy, now you’re all mine.” I put my hands on her waist and rocked her hips back and forth.

“Jealous much, Eveline?” I smirked.

She narrowed her eyes but smiled impishly at me, “Is it that obvious?” I chuckled and nodded, pulling her into my lap.

“Well can you blame me for wanting you all to myself?” she asked innocently.

I smiled, kissing her neck and cheek, “Now, what can I do for the boss lady?”

She closed her eyes and smiled with a sigh, “I love it when you call me that.” She kissed me hard and shifted herself so she was straddling my waist, my stiff, upturned cock, pinned between us. I put my arms around her waist and fell back pulling her up my body a little so her small breasts were in my face. I cupped them in my hands and gently rolled my thumbs over her hard little nipples. I looked back to her face and found her eyes closed once more, a pleased smile dominating her visage.

I gripped her right breast closer to the base and squeezed, swelling it out. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue over the sensitive piece of flesh. She sighed and moved her hips over my cock, rolling it between our bodies. Her skin was so soft against me, that I couldn’t understand how I survived a day without touching her. I released the breast I was holding and grazed my fingers along her back, following her spine to her tight bottom. I squeezed the cheek that to Brook and failed to restrain the smile that spread my lips as she moaned. Four of my fingers held the bottom of her cheek and I pushed my thumb down and towards them.

“Too bad you’ve been a good girl.” I whispered in her ear.

“Ohh, t-too she stammered as I switched my attention to her other nipple. The hand I had on her ass roamed down her crack to tease the very bottom of her slit. She bit her lip hard and gave me a desperate, pleading look. Maintaining eye contact with me, she lifted her hips off me and reached under her, grabbing my shaft and guiding it towards her blazing opening.

I cringed as the head of my cock slowly sank into her hot, wet, cunt. As she let her hips down, more and more of my cock disappeared into her, moans escaping from both our throats.

“Oh god Eve, you feel so good.” I groaned with a sigh as she settled her hips, my cock completely buried in her boiling confines.

She giggled quietly, “Mm so do you Tommy, you she cried out as I put both hands on her ass and pushed myself up into her. From there, coherent words and sentences became very difficult to make. She pushed her hips back, cramming my dick as far as it could go inside of her, sitting still for a moment, reveling in the feeling of the throbbing bar of flesh and blood inside her.

Her breasts were now just out of reach, a tantalizing prize if I could only bend my body in an impossible way. But I was far from lacking in something to play with. She had propped herself up on her elbows and was looking away from me with her lips parted in an inadvertently seductive look. Instead of holding her firm ass with both hands, I put one arm over the curve of her lower back and held her down like that while I pushed up into her. With my other hand I gently took her chin in my hand and turned her head so I could kiss her. She smiled and giggled into my mouth, swirling her hips in a ridiculously sensual movement.

I pumped my hips against her a few more times, to her unintelligible encouragement. And after a few moments she wrapped her arms around my head and held it tightly to her sternum.

“Tom! Aaahhh she moaned loudly, her body stiffening as her cunt contracted around my cock. She squeezed my head hard against her and cried out as she had what must have been a powerful orgasm. I could feel her juices trickling down my shaft onto my crotch and legs. I grinned and pumped my dick into her harder and faster, prolonging her orgasm. The tone of the noises coming out of her changed in pitch, from low to high, until she was almost screaming. I was so into it I didn’t even notice that familiar welling up sensation and barely registered the immense release. Eve squeaked in the middle of a dying scream as she was suddenly and unexpectedly filled with a large amount on hot cum.

I deflated under her as her head dropped down onto my chest with a thud, my cock still pumping inside of her gently twitching pussy. After a minute or two she patted my shoulder and picked her head up, a massive grin on her face.

did you know how to do that? I didn’t tell you did I?” she gasped. A wave of warm self-satisfaction washed over me and I put on my best nonchalant look.

“Oh, you know, it just to me.” I winked at her and she burst out laughing.

After calming down she gave me a long hard kiss on the lips and rolled off of me. so cute.”

“You know you guys keep saying that, and I’m starting to wonder whether it’s actually a good thing, or a bad thing.” I said suspiciously, turning my head to look at her as she lay next to me.

“Haha, I…we, we’re just proud of what we turned you into. From tall, awkward, and suppressed to…to, my tall awkward stud.”

I lightly backhanded her in the stomach and rolled on top of her, getting on my hands and knees. She bit her lips and gazed up at me with an excited look in her brilliant blue eyes.

I stated softly, punctuating each word with a tender kiss on the lips.

She giggled girlishly and pulled me down on top of her, “Yes you are.” I gaped at her in mock shock, “And I wouldn’t have you any other way.” My face burned which just made her laugh harder. “And you still can’t take a compliment from me without doing that.”

“I cant help it.” I said sheepishly.

That did not help the color of my face one bit. I sat up and looked away, trying to will the red from my cheeks. I could tell she wanted to say it again but thankfully restrained herself. I composed myself after a few moments and looked back down at her. She was still lying back on the bed, her arms folded just under her breasts, looking back at me with a little smirk on her lips.

“Oh! I have an idea.” I said, grinning down at her. She raised a delicate eyebrow in question and propped herself up on her elbows eagerly. I reached out my hand for her to take and pulled her up into a sitting position, leaning in close. “What do you say to giving the beast one last hurrah?” I whispered in a conspiratorial tone, my eyes alight.

Now it was her turn to change colors, she blushed hard and averted her eyes.

I smiled and turned her head again so I could kiss her, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

She kissed me back harder and grinned, “No, I want to. Lemme go get it.” She hopped off the bed and scampered into the bathroom. She reappeared a moment later, throwing the little white vibrator at me. I snatched it out of the air without even realizing it, my old baseball reflexes kicking in. But it was merely a distraction, because the next thing I knew she tossed her naked body at me, driving me back onto the bed.

“Mmm, so what are you gonna do with me Tommy?” She purred, clambering atop my waist once more. I looked at the small device in my hands and turned it on, smiling as it buzzed to life between my fingers. For a moment my mind filled with where it had been, my heart rate picking up a notch.

“Well, I was wondering what this might do to you.” I palmed the buzzing machine and held it to the center of her right breast.

She looked down at my hand, concealing the vibrator between my hand and the supple flesh of her breast. “Ohh that feels good.”

“Not weird?” I asked curiously.

“We-whell, kinda. But it still feels good.” She looked me in the eye and smiled, amused by my curiosity. I switched to her other breast, this time running it directly around her nipple. She squeaked and giggled when I did that, pushing my hand in adjustment.

She closed her eyes with a little sigh. I kept that up for a couple minutes before taking it away from her skin. I had to hold back a chuckle as her hand jerked, inadvertently trying to stop my hand’s retreat.

“Aww, now who’s cute?” I teased. She blushed again and then gasped as she felt the vibrator’s touch on the sensitive area just above her clit. I slowly touched the tip to her skin and moved it in long slow circles around the little nub.

“No explanation needed here I see.” I quipped happily. She looked down at me with eyes that could barely focus; before she squeezed them shut again as I drew the tip slowly over her clit. She was straddling my waist on her knees and they began squeezing me spasmodically, the rest of her body tensing along with them.

After a few long minutes she scrunched up her face and gritted her teeth, a strained noise filtering through her clenched jaw. A little more moisture seeped onto my skin from her glistening slit.

“Do all girls react like this to one of these things?” I asked, turning it off and lightly running my fingertips over her outer area. They came away wet and I rubbed my fingers together.

She sat there for a moment, looking up at the ceiling and panting, before responding, “I don’t know, probably.” She let herself fall to the side and lay on her back with a sigh.

“God yes! I’m not a teenager anymore.”

“Eve, I swear to god if you keep calling yourself />
She picked her head up and smirked at me, what?” I grinned evilly and raised my hand, spreading my fingers wide apart.

“Oh I see. Well maybe I want to save that for another time.” She giggled before yawning unexpectedly.

“Aww, want to close your eyes for a bit?” She nodded and yawned again as I leaned over and kissed her tenderly on the lips. I rolled off the bed and shut off the lights before stepping out into the main room, closing the door behind me. The TV was on and I could see the back of Brook’s head over the back of the couch. I tiptoed into the room and quietly pulled on my clothes.

“Took your sweet time Tommy.” Her voice made me look back up at the couch. She was resting her chin on her folded arms and looking at me over the back of the couch.

Smiling I said, “So what would you know about how long this stuff takes?” She blushed and gave me a dirty look. I came around the side of the couch and sat down next to her.

“So.” I started, kissing her cheek, “You mentioned telling me about wanting something if I survived? Well, I survived.”

She giggled sadistically and tented her fingers, eyeing me with her beautiful grey eyes, “Keep your pants on Thomas, you’ll find out what I want />
“Evil! Evil girl you are!” I gasped in mock horror.

She lifted her chin and smirked, “Maybe, but at least I know what I want and I know
you’re gonna give it to me.”

“Oh you think so?” I replied, jabbing her in the ribs with a finger. Though, one thing she said nagged at my mind. I know she wasn’t being serious and she was talking about something completely unrelated, but did I…did I actually know what I wanted? In any case, that was a question to be answered another time..

“I know so, baby.” She purred, pushing me over and positioning herself on top of me. She kissed me passionately, barely able to restrain the huge smile pulling at her lips.

She pulled away for a second, allowing me to suck in a much needed lungful of air; “This is your idea of

“Mmm, no, this isn’t what I meant.” She sat up and waved her hand in the air thoughtfully, “Merely a…side dish.”

“Oh, now you’re comparing me to food?”

She squeaked in an incredibly girly tone.

I smiled, sitting back up and kissing her again. “Whatcha watching?” There were just commercials on right now.

She looked at me sidelong, another smirk on her lips.

I grinned broadly, putting my arm around her and pulling her close, “I knew I loved you for a reason.” She turned bright red and her lips parted in something akin to surprise. I didn’t realize why. After a second or two, I could have sworn tears began to well up in her eyes.

“Are you all right?” Concern prevalent in my voice.

She sniffed, wiping her eyes on the back of her hand. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” She sighed contentedly and wiggled as close to me as possible. I smiled to myself, totally pleased with this situation. We stayed like that for a long time it seemed, until I heard Eve’s bedroom door open and close.

“Make me jealous why don’t you?” Eve said, sounding like she was yawning again.

“Says the one who fucked him.” Brook snickered. Eve sagged into her chair and shrugged. She had put on a light blue halter top and a pair of small shorts.

“Your idea.”

“Ladies, be nice.” I said, before anything else could happen. I winced as Brook pinched my thigh, hard.

“Ow, what?” I asked. She gave me a hard look, but said nothing.

“She wants to leave, I think.” Eve said, smiling tightly.

“Do you?” I asked, looking down at her. Brook nodded almost imperceptibly. I sighed, “I guess so.” I stood up, Brook doing the same. “So I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning boss lady?” I knew that would get a real smile out of Eve.

She chuckled and gave me what I wanted, a heartfelt smile. “Right you are boy toy, right you are.” She stood up as well, giving me a tight hug and a kiss. I grinned and followed Brook to the door. She seemed to be in a rush to leave. She hurried out into the hall while I threw a pained smile back at Eve as I closed the door. I was confused to see a knowing smirk on her face.

I caught up to Brook at the stairs and took her elbow, turning her so I could see her face.

“Are you gonna tell me what’s wrong?”

I was actually startled to get a full fledged, toothy white smile right in the face. She laughed and took my arm, pulling me close. “All part of my little scheme Tomsky.”

you have been…I dunno, more polite about it?” I asked weakly. I really didn’t want to throw off her mood but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any bad blood between the two.

She giggled, walking me arm in arm to my car. “I told her about wanting to do this, don’t worry about it.”

“You did?”

We got into my car and I turned to look at her.

“So you just want to go home?”

“For now.” She cooed. As I drove her home I couldn’t help but notice the furtive glances she cast my way. When I pulled up in front of her house, I put it in park but kept the engine running, expecting her to just get out, (yeah I hadn’t gotten the whole romantic kiss goodnight thing down yet).

Instead, she grinned and reached over, turning off the car and taking the key. I made a halfhearted grab for it, which she easily avoided, tucking it into her jeans pocket. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t have gotten it out of there.

“So, I’m going in with you then?” I’d been into her house, oh maybe two times, and seen her family all of never.

are.” She said smugly, she loved when I didn’t have a choice in things like this. We got out of the car and made our way to the front door. I hesitated as she held the door open for me.

“Aww come on big boy, you’re not scared are you?”

Fuck! Her grin threatened to split her face in twain. She took my hand and pulled me inside. I could hear her family throughout the house. Her parents in the kitchen and her brother blasting music upstairs. Still leading me by the hand, we passed the kitchen not stopping, and heading for the stairs.

“Brook? Sweetie, is that you?” Her mother called, poking her head around the kitchen entrance frame.

“Yeah mom! Hi mom! This is Tom! Bye mom!” Brook responded at light speed, not stopping for a second as she dragged me upstairs. I only got in a partial wave before we were out of sight. Up in the hall we didn’t slow down either, her brother’s music was much louder up here, maybe why she didn’t like hanging around at home a lot. We busted through her door and she nearly threw me across her room and onto her bed.

I lay on her bed panting, confused, and more than a little startled as she carefully closed the door and leaned back against it, composing herself. She ran her fingers through her hair, pulling it back behind her head, a band thing magically appearing in her hand as she deftly did it up into a ponytail. Brook took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She had cut her dark brown hair recently, shortening it by a few good inches.

“Sorry about that Tom. I…I um, got a little carried away.”

“No problem. So uh what are we doing here again?”

She looked at me sitting on her bed and bit her lip hard, bending her knees and squeezing her legs together. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with her, what was going on with her today.

“This isn’t fair.” She growled to herself, bringing her eyes back to me, “I uh, I’ll be right back.” With that she opened the door, scooting out and down the hall. I heard another door open and close; I assumed it was the bathroom door. Nothing had changed in her room since that last time I was here. Big walk in closet filled with trendy clothes and the like, desk with computer, big bed, and bookshelves loaded with romance novels, a big mirror on her bureau that had all her make-up and other beauty products on it, posters on the walls featuring her favorite movies and half naked, Abercrombie-esque guys.

I got up off her bed and walked over to her closet, a maroon and silver something had caught my attention. Walking into it I plucked her old uniform from between some other random outfits. Not for the first time I realized just what a lucky son of a bitch I was, how many guys had fantasies about getting the cheerleader, and I got the captain! I put it back and walked back into her room proper.

“Who are you?” I would be lying if I said her little brother didn’t scare the shit out of me. He was a full blown Goth, a dying breed to be sure, but still. Pale skin, eye liner, all black clothing, chains, black hair, the works. He was a freshman at my old high school, or more accurately he would be when school started up again.

“I’m Tom. You’re Ben right?” I asked, standing up straight, I towered over the kid.

“Oh yeah, she talks about you a lot.” He rasped. His voice was similar to somebody who’s been smoking for years. And I guessed was Brook.

“Only good things I hope.” I joked. He just rolled is eyes and grunted, turning and walking back to his room.

“Creepy little bastard.” I muttered under my breath.

“What were you doing in my room freak?” I heard from the hallway. There wasn’t any answer so I assumed he just ignored Brook. She walked back in and nearly ran into me as she wasn’t paying close attention, looking very distracted.

“And where did you go?” I asked curiously. To my surprise she turned bright red and scurried into her closet.

I leaned against the frame as she pulled out a backpack and started stuffing another set of clothes into it. “Oh, what did you do then? You don’t blush like that for any old thing.”

“None of your business Thomas.” She replied uncomfortably. It was then that it finally sank in that she was packing clothes.

“What are you doing?” She slid past me and pulled out some undergarments from her bureau.

“Did you think this was the last stop?” she asked, a sneaky little smile making me nervous.

“Where then?”

She was grinning now, “Why, your house of course.”

“M-my house?” I stammered.

“Yes, it’s what I want.”

Inside I was thrilled, but I forced that expression from my face, “We have work in the morning remember?”

worry, I wont keep you up too late.” She purred, shouldering her backpack and taking my hand again. She led me back down the hall and downstairs.

Both her parents were near the bottom of the stairs as she pulled me towards the door.

“Staying at Brook stated in a voice that one would be hard pressed to challenge. That didn’t stop Mrs. Landry from trying though.

“You have work in the morning.”

“We work at the same place and he drives me anyways mom.”

“Just don’t break his arm Mr. Landry chuckled as Brook yanked me through the door and across the lawn to my car. We stopped next to my car and she turned me so my back was up against it.

“Are my parents watching?” I scanned the windows but couldn’t see anybody and I assumed that they had moved back into the kitchen, further into the house.

“No.” I said, looking back into her eyes. Even in the weak light from the street lamps they sparkled with mischief.

“In that case,” she leaned in to kiss me lightly on the lips, “you should get your keys.”

It went over my head for a moment, “But I trailed off, letting my finger point at her pocket.

Her teeth flashed in the dark, “Yes. Come on and get ‘em, I want you to take me home with you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Fine, come here.” I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me. She was wearing those typical tight jeans and I had to flatten my hand against her hip, and I still had to force it into her pocket.

She was giggling hysterically as she watched me try to get my keys out of her pants. I managed to get most of my hand into her pocket and I could barely feel the hard edge of a key with the tips of my fingers, but just couldn’t get any farther.

Tom, get in there, you can do it.” She breathed, kissing my face and moving her hips.

“Ehr, you’re not…mmff, not helping Brook.” I grunted.

“I know.” She managed to squeak in between fits of giggles and bouts of kissing my face. I almost managed to pin a key against the side of her pocket but it got away.

“Alright that’s it!” I pulled my hand out and spun her around, pulling her back against me. I wrapped my other arm around her middle and shoved my hand back into her pocket. She loved this, and just to make it more difficult she started pushing her ass back against my crotch, rubbing against me. The close contact combined with what she was doing to me, was starting to affect me in a way I was hoping to avoid. However, due to this new position I was able to get my hand deeper into her pocket and managed to pull my keys out with little more effort.

“HA!” I declared triumphantly, brandishing them in the air. Brook sagged back against me and made a loud disappointed noise. I chuckled, the thrill of victory making my blood pump faster, however minor it may be. I put both arms around her middle and gently squeezed her, leaning in and kissing her cheek.

“Aw, smile. So what do we do when we get to my house?” That cheered her up right quick.

see.” She said with a sly smile, getting into the passenger seat. I shook my head and got behind the wheel. We spent the short ride in comfortable silence. Walking inside was interesting but not too bad, my parents had the same concern as Brook’s. I gave them the same excuse she did and moved on, leading Brook upstairs to my room. There was an open room at the top of the landing that we used as something like a reading area, and my younger brother Dan was curled up in an overstuffed chair, tapping away on his PSP.

“Hey dude. Kel in her room?” My brother and I had a good relationship, treating each other like best friends rather than siblings.

“Yeah, but she’s being a bitch; I think you pissed her off again. Mentioned something about seeing you at the mall with some whore.” He said all this without looking up, his entire attention focused on the little screen. I looked at Brook with a shocked and appalled expression. She looked pissed for a second before she smiled broadly.

“I hope those are her words.” She said smoothly. Dan actually jumped at the sound of her voice, looking up so fast I was surprised he didn’t break his neck.

He looked from Brook to me, then back to Brook before responding, “Y-yeah, that’s um, that’s what she Brook was struggling to hold back an even bigger smile as she watched my brother turn red at her attention.

“Do all men in this family react like that in the presence of attractive women?” She giggled girlishly, making my brother turn a darker shade of red. I could feel my own cheeks burning at this. She looked between the two of us and broke into higher pitched giggles.

“Alright that’s it! That’s it, let’s go!” I said, smacking at her supple rear to get her moving.

she squealed, taking off down the hall towards my room, trying to escape my reach. Of course, never having been in my house before she didn’t know where to go. All the doors were closed so there was no indication of which was mine. She stopped at the end and looked at all three doors, doing a little dance of frustration as I sauntered down the hall, cornering her. I looked at my hand, moving my fingers around.

“You know, I haven’t used this yet. It’s actually starting to ache.” I said, giving her an evil smile. Her eyes went wide and she made a decision on which door to choose. Unfortunately, it was the wrong one. She turned and pushed into Kelly’s room. I quickly followed after her; I probably shouldn’t have taken my little act that far, now my sister would never leave us alone.

“What the fuck!” I heard Kelly yell. As I came into the room behind Brook, I could just see Kelly in her bed, pulling her sheets higher up her body. To my surprise and horror, there was way too much skin displayed and as she brought her hand up to give me the finger, I could see it was slick with something. My mind immediately envisioned the worst scenario.

“Are you gonna just stand there or are you getting the fuck out?” she growled. I grabbed Brook’s hand and tugged her back, she seemed rooted to where she stood, a shocked expression on her face. I gave her a little push out the door and turned back to my sister.

“Tsk, tsk, Kelly what have you been up to?”

“None of your fucking business!”

“Well in that case I won’t give you your present early then.”

That changed her expression completely,

“Yes. Something you might actually enjoy,” I couldn’t hold back a chuckle, “and it looks like you might have wanted it before we busted in on you.”

She frowned, anger flaring up again, “Just give it to me, and I’ll leave you two alone tonight.”

I chirped happily, digging into my pocket and pulling out the beast enclosed in my hand. Without looking at what might blind me, I lifted up the sheets and tossed it towards her feet.

“You dick!” I heard as I ran from her room. Back in the hall, I closed my sister’s door and found my own open. Entering, I closed the door and found Brook sitting on my bed with her legs dangling over the edge, looking around my room.

“So what did you see?”

“You know what I saw.” She said quietly. I walked between her legs and took her hands, playing with her delicate fingers as I looked down at her. Her cheeks were red but I chalked that up to seeing what she did. Without warning she threw off my hands and looped her arms around my neck, pulling me down on top of her.

“Can we…can we…” she trailed off, turning dark red, her mouth working to get out what she was trying to say.

“Can we what?” I asked, lightly pushing my hips against her. She sighed and pushed her hips back in response.

“Can we…Christ, can we…do it now? Please?” she asked in a tiny voice.

I smiled and kissed her, “Baby you know I’d love to but, I think we need to wait until later ok?”

she whined, putting her hands on my shoulders and shaking me.

I lowered my voice and shifted my eyes sneakily, “we don’t want my family disturbing us do we?”

“No, uh…but why?” she just didn’t want to accept it.

“Were you that turned on by what you saw?” I teased.


I pulled myself off of her and sat down next to her, taking her hand in both of mine. She was pouting and avoiding looking me in the eye.

the matter huh? You can wait a few hours can’t you?”

“I can’t Tom, I want to now.” She actually sounded like she was going to cry.

“Aw, come here I cooed, pulling her into my lap. She put her head on my shoulder and her arms around me. I had one arm around her middle, and the hand from my other was on her knee.

“What would you rather have, a short, probably interrupted bout now, or a long hot and heavy session later tonight?” I asked reasonably, letting my hand wander up and down her thigh.

uh…oh god.” She whispered in my ear as my fingers began playing over the junction of her jeans. She buried her face in my neck and made little whimpering noises when I unsnapped the clasp of her jeans and slipped my hand into her pants. Her panties were totally soaked and her slit was so wet that my hand stayed dry for less than a second.


“Well who says I can’t just use my little digits to…take care of your />
She breathed as I slowly pushed my middle finger into her tight cunt. She made a high pitched little noise as I pushed my long finger in as far as I could.

With a tiny strained giggle she said, “Nhh-not little.”

I curled it up and lightly ran my thumb over her clit, “Pfft, you’re just obscenely tight.” I chuckled. She turned an even darker shade of red and took one of her arms from around me, using her hand to push my hand harder against her soft skin. My finger went deeper and the rest of my hand put more pressure on her clit.

“Yehaaea Tom.” She gasped in a long low moan. She pushed her chest out against me, her big tits squashing against me. With my free arm I snaked my hand up under her shirt, closing over the voluptuous mound and gently squeezing.

she cried out loudly, before pushing her face back against my neck, her lips working like she was trying to bite me.

“Shh baby, gotta keep it down ok.” I soothed, managing to get a few fingers under her bra to tease her nipple. I pushed harder against her pussy, managing to cram another finger into her hot tightness. That was too much for her, her breathing suddenly became very fast and very heavy. She couldn’t stop the loud moan that escaped her, thinking quickly, I kissed her full on the lips. She let it die to a faltering whimper in my mouth as her orgasm slowly subsided. She took her hand away from mine and used it to grip my shirt as her juices flooded over my fingers. She broke away gasping and slumped against me, both of her hands grabbing fistfuls of my shirt.

“All better?” I asked, holding her after pulling my hand out of her pants and out from under her shirt. She didn’t answer for a long time, trying to compose herself.

she asked innocently, looking up at me with her big grey eyes, trying to look as cute as possible.

“Aw, no baby,” I said apologetically, reaching down and refastening the clasp of her jeans with a bit of effort. “I want to save a little of this for later.” I said, holding up my fingers, still slick with her cum.

I have more! I’m not gonna run out.” She said urgently, like if she said it fast it would change my mind. I took a quick glance at the clock and turned back to her, squeezing her tight.

going to be ready in a few minutes.” Again she looked like she was going to cry. I had to remind myself I was supposed to say no to her.

“Come on,” I said, patting her back, go get washed up.” I wiggled my moist fingers as proof.

her eyes lit up with an idea, “it’s what I want.”

I laughed, getting up, forcing her to do the same, “Ah but you said within reason sneaky girl. Getting caught isn’t within reason.”

She looked like she was going to protest again but I turned her and gave her a little push towards the door. She gave me a dirty look but didn’t complain any further as we washed up and headed back downstairs. Dinner was interesting, my parents grilled us about the normal things one gets asked when they bring home a girlfriend. It was particularly rough when Brook revealed she’d had her eye on me for most of high school.

“I told you Thomas! I told you but you didn’t believe me!” My mother crowed triumphantly.

“Mom, you’ve never even seen us together.” I countered as Brook struggled to keep from laughing.

“Oh yes I have. Whenever we went to one of those meeting things that everyone had to go to, she tried to sit as close to you as possible. Hell, she talked to you all the time at those things!”

“Mrs. Morrison, he never paid any attention to me, it was horrible.” Brook put in. I glared at the side of her head as she connected with my mom.

“Aw I apologize for that sweetheart; he can be a little dense />

“Kidding Tommy.” She laughed, elbowing my father. Kelly rolled her eyes and focused back on her food, she hadn’t said more than two words since she sat down. Ben kept looking between Brook and I, an incredulous look in his eyes every now and again.

As the conversation died down later on, I leaned over and whispered in Brook’s ear, “I’ll get you for that.”

“I know you will.” She breathed, her hand slipping down to squeeze my thigh. From that point on, I could not wait until my family went to bed and left us alone. Alas, it just went on forever, Brook and I ended up watching a movie downstairs, waiting for them to hit the sack. My parents went first, with work in the morning and a sensible train of thought, it made sense.

As night came on, the temperature dropped and Brook and I found ourselves cuddled up under a big blanket. Ben was next and he stumbled off to bed after casting one last look at Brook. I couldn’t decide if he was just fascinated with her or if he had never seen a girl as gorgeous as she was, but found it funny nonetheless.

Kelly was the only one left, pissing me off to no end by sitting in the chair opposite us. She didn’t seem tired at all; her eyes were still bright and aware, glancing from the TV to us and back every so often. And at this rate I wasn’t going to make it, I was yawning so much my jaw ached. Brook too, was having a hard time, fidgeting around under the blanket.

“When is she gonna leave?” she whispered in my ear.

“Tired yet Kelly?” I called across the room.

She replied smugly.

“Fuck this.” Brook muttered under her breath. When I turned to look at her, my breath caught in my throat as Brook’s small hand grabbed my crotch.

My eyes bugged out. “Shh baby, relax. Let me handle this.” She undid my shorts and slipped a hand inside, delicate fingers fondling my semi-hard cock.

with you?” Kelly asked suspiciously, noticing the expression on my face.

“N-nothing, cramp.” I grunted, as if in pain. Brook’s grin was probably the most savage one I’ve seen yet. Kelly kept staring at me, the embarrassment was competing with the sheer pleasure of what Brook’s hand was doing to me, to keep me semi-hard for far too long.

Brook leaned up and kissed my neck, lightly nipping at the skin, pay attention to her. Pay attention to me.” I sighed, closing my eyes and leaning against her. “Good boy.” Because of the blanket, my sister was oblivious to what was going on, but by my face she must have determined something was up.

“Tired already Tom?” she asked sarcastically.

“Mm, yeah.” I replied quietly. Brook had circled her thumb and forefinger around my shaft, slowly working them up and down. Now, normally when care of business’, I didn’t pay much attention to the head, don’t ask me why, it just felt strange. But, when I had someone else’s hands, amazingly soft hands by the way, touching the head of my cock it just felt awesome. I wanted to make some kind of noise, it just felt appropriate for the situation, some kind of recognition of the fine job she was doing. But I knew better, one moan, one hint of pleasure coming my way and Kelly would squash it.

Brook began making longer stokes, capping it by lightly playing with the tip. I still had my eyes closed but I could still feel my sister’s eyes on me. But by now I could care less if I was laid out naked and Brook was performing something more involved than a hand job. That particular realization caused a shiver of ecstatic delight to run through my veins and straight to my dick, which gave a satisfying jerk of movement in response.

Brook giggled and gripped my shaft tightly in her fist, squeezing and pumping at the same time. This time I couldn’t contain a tiny squeak of emotion. That did it for me.

“Kelly, I recall a certain deal between us,” I began, opening my eyes and glaring at my older sibling, she held her hands palms up in question, “you know, about you leaving us alone tonight.” Mind you, Brook didn’t stop what she was doing throughout this.

“Why, are you doing something you

I sighed, “Go play with your present. I went through all the trouble of getting it for you.”

She narrowed her eyes and sneered at me, “Why don’t you go fuck yourself?”

“Oh my god,” Brook sighed in frustration, releasing my throbbing cock and quickly stuffing it back into my shorts to my sheer disappointment, as you can imagine. “Kelly, can I talk to you for a sec?” Her voice had a dangerously subtle edge to it that made my sister take notice.

However, she just raised an eyebrow as if to say ‘go right ahead’. “Alone. Upstairs.” She got out from under the blanket without exposing my tented shorts and started for the stairs. Kelly shot me a questioning glance before getting up and following Brook. For a second, I considered going after them, but figured it was probably not in my best interests to do so.

Unfortunately, after five, then ten minutes, I became rather concerned when no sign of either presented itself. So, I shut off the TV and went upstairs after them. Just as I reached the landing and turned towards my door to see if she was waiting for me there, Kelly’s door opened and Brook stumbled out. One look at her appearance told me all I needed to know. She was panting, her hair was a mess, and as she came closer I could smell my sister’s perfume stuff on her.

she growled, pushing me backwards into my room and locking the door behind her, “you owe me so much; you might as well get on your knees right now.”

“My knees?” I asked incredulously, putting my arms low around her waist and slipping my hands into her back pockets.

She pushed out her elbows, forcing my hands away and pushing me down to my knees, “Yeah, your knees. So get to work, I don’t just want to go all the way right away.”

I undid her jeans for the second time tonight, but did nothing else, sitting back on my toes looking up at her. “Yes, and?”

“And, I want the whole deal, like Eve gets all the time!” she said, clearly annoyed with the balance of attention in our little three way relationship.

“Oooh, I see.” I smirked. I tugged on the legs of her jeans until the topmost part of her panties was exposed. I stood up quickly and kissed her hard, surprising her I think. Still kissing her, I gripped the hem of her shirt and lifted it up over her head. I pushed her against my bed and she fell back, her legs dangling over the edge. I had to brace myself and pull hard to relieve her of her jeans, leaving her in just her black bra and panties. I tossed her pants over my shoulder and reached for her tight black panties.

As much as I loved seeing her in such skimpy garments, I liked it so much more when she was out of them. The light piece of fabric was still soaking wet, making me wonder how she could stand to be in them for the amount of time she did. All the while she was struggling mightily to get out of her bra, her fingers unable to work the little clasp thingy behind her back. On this close inspection I realized just how much more thick and muscled her calves and thighs were compared to Eve. You could really appreciate the differences that close up. I tossed her panties next to her pants and looked back at her now bare slit.

I sighed, “My, my, aren’t you just a pretty little thing.”

She giggled lightly, “Are you talking to me or to />
“Hmm maybe both.” I replied, taking one leg in both hands and turning to face her other limb, beginning to lightly kiss her inner thigh. Already she was beginning to wiggle around under my touch.

gonna have to relax.” I said, giving her leg a squeeze and trying to inject some calm into her through eye contact.

“I can’t! It feels funny.” She whined, her legs flexing and her toes curling. I smiled, shaking my head and rested my elbows on her knees, creating a bridge between her legs to rest my chin on.

“Then I should stop?” I asked, “Because this is what Eve gets.”

“Well no but…uh but.” She sat up, looking at me with a frustrated expression in her eyes.

I smiled, letting out an overdramatic sigh, “Well if you I pulled her legs, moving her closer to my face. She suppressed a cry of surprise as I lightly kissed the area above her clit. However, I had to stop as she clamped her thighs around my head, hard. I grabbed her knees and pulled her legs apart with a supreme effort.

“What did I say? You have to relax, otherwise we’re just going to have to skip all this and go right to the last step.”

“Okay, okay! I’m sorry.” She squeaked, relaxing her legs and putting her hands on my head, lightly pulling me back towards her pussy. I resisted, forcing her to pull harder. She was so much fun.

she whined. I let up and began kissing around her outer area once more. She kept her hands on my head, pulling me harder against her or backing me off if it was too much. I was shocked to say the least when, after I ran my tongue over her clit, she carefully pushed my head back and took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry, I just />
feel good to you?” I asked curiously. It intrigued me to discover the little differences like this, between Brook and Eve.

“I don’t know, it just feels too weird.” I couldn’t help but chuckle as I stood and sat down on the bed next to her. I honestly did not expect this to happen. Sure I was a little disappointed, but if she didn’t like it then I wasn’t going to force it on her. I took her hand in mine and kissed the back of it.

“So now what?” I asked, trying not to sound too disappointed.

She sighed and sagged in on herself, her shoulders slumping. “I’m sorry. I ruined it didn’t I?” she said in a tiny voice, sounding like she was on the brink of tears.

I pulled her to me, cradling her naked body against me, running my fingers through her loose hair. gonna have to stop saying you’re sorry. And I wouldn’t say you ruined it, I’d say you made it She looked me in the eye, tears forming and her lip quivering, “Which means we’ll have to figure out something to do tomorrow.” I said with a wry little grin.

she sniffed, eyes brightening.

“If it’s what you want.” She giggled and hugged me.

She said all of a sudden, pulling away to look at me.

I was a little startled, thinking that I had accidentally touched her wrong or moved a certain way.

“You still have all your clothes on!” She frowned as if disappointed in me and plucked my shirt away from my chest. “This is just garbage, you get me all butt naked and you haven’t even taken off your socks!”

“Well neither have you.” I pointed out, fighting a losing battle to keep a straight face. She looked down at her little pink athletic socks and looked back at me with narrowed eyes.

“I can’t believe you’re just noticing.” I laughed.

“Shut up!” also struggling to hold back her smile. She grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up over my head before pushing me back. The back of my head hit the wall and bounced off of it with a loud thud. I grabbed the back of my head and rolled over, cursing.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry, are you okay?” she called, latching onto my back and cradling my head in her arms.

“Ow, I’m fine.” I grunted, rubbing the back of my head.

“Aww let me kiss it.” She giggled, tenderly kissing the back of my head.

“All better.” I laughed, turning over underneath her.

“It had better be, my kisses are magical.” She giggled, kissing my lips. She was of course, absolutely correct. She sighed, nestling her nakedness against me before surprising herself with a yawn.

“It might be the concussion speaking here but,” she grinned and smacked my shoulder, “I for one am exhausted. How about you?”

She replied quietly, pushing up off of me and clambering off the bed for her backpack. After digging into it for a moment she pulled out a fresh set of underwear and struggled into it.

“Those are cute.” I commented, getting up to pull out my sleeping stuff from my dresser. She looked down at herself, blushing a little bit. She had on a relatively tight, or at least it seemed that way to me, pink bra and panties.

“What, these?” she asked, disguising a tiny smile.

“Yeah, I like them.” I said while getting into a lighter pair of shorts.

She said quietly, blushing harder and looking down at her feet.

“Wow, could you be any more adorable?” I laughed, getting back onto my bed and pushing the heavy sheets off the end.

She drew out the word as she climbed onto my bed and crawled under the light cover I left on the bed. I followed suit and soon she had her arm over my chest and her head close enough to my shoulder so she might as well be on it. My bed wasn’t large by any standard, not even close to Eve’s, but it was comfortable enough for two who didn’t mind being close to each other. And soon enough we were both fast asleep, and at least I for one didn’t care that I had missed out on good time, she wasn’t going anywhere and neither was I.

However, the next morning was probably the most ego boosting, if not slightly amusing, thing I may have ever experienced.

“Son of a…” was the first thing I heard when I cracked my eye’s open, squinting at the dawn light that squeezed itself underneath my shades.

“What? What’s the matter?” I croaked groggily, rubbing the last vestiges of sleep from my eyes. Brook was standing next to the bed by her backpack with her back to me. At the sound of my voice she made to turn around but apparently forced herself not to, instead turning her head to look at me out of the corner of her eye.

“Oh! Um nothing, nothing. Nothing to worry about.” She responded quickly. I think she hadn’t meant to wake me with her curse and didn’t want to tell me why she was up and out of bed in the first place. I sat up and looked at her with narrowed eyes.

“Did you do something?” I asked wryly.


When I moved something caught my attention. I felt down the side of my shorts until I found what it was. A little patch of my shorts was damp, not terribly so, but noticeable. I checked myself and found no reason for there to be anything like that, especially that far down my leg. I stood up and stepped towards her, surprised when she shied away from me.

“Oh come on, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing I said!” she turned as I tried to see what she was hiding.

“Please. What do you think I’m going to do?” I urged, lightly grabbing her shoulder and turning her around. Her hands shot to her crotch, hiding the front of her panties from sight. Now this could mean one of two things. One, she had an in the traditional sense of the term, which, I highly doubted due to the lack of The second, and more likely reason, was an incredibly interesting theory that I would love to hear from her own mouth.

I pulled her hands away and took a peak at what she had been hiding, confirming my latter suspicions.

I asked, holding her hands and looking into her eyes with all the reassurance and non-threatening intentions I could muster.

She looked around like she was making sure no one was listening in before looking
back into my eyes. “But, it’s

“When has that stopped you from doing anything? And plus, it’s just me for crying out loud.”

She shuffled her feet and squeezed my hands, before pulling away and picking out her work clothes from her backpack. And just when I thought she wasn’t going to say anything after all she spoke.

“I dreamed about you.”

“You dreamed about me?” I asked, feigning confusion.

“How so?” I figured this innocent, unassuming; line of questioning would lead her to open up on her own accord so I didn’t have to dig it out of her. I also pulled her close to me, another comforting gesture to aid in her recollection. She folded her arms vertically in front of her and laid her head against my chest, staring off into dreamland. She was just the perfect height so I could rest my chin on the top of her head as she talked.

“Well I, I don’t know…what we almost did…and then sleeping with you…and then it was just wow, such a nice dream,” she sighed, “you did all kinds of things to me…and we did all that o-oral stuff. And the next thing I knew I was…I was, r-rubbing myself on your leg.” She sighed again.

I gave her a little squeeze, “Aww poor horny little thing.”

“It’s really not funny.” She said, trying her best not to giggle.

“Yes it is and you know it. Now come on and get dressed we gotta go soon.”

Half an hour later we were in the car and headed for work, still in a good mood for the most part. Though I may have gone overboard in teasing her about various little things from this morning. When we got to our cubes we found that Eve was already hard at it and had given us plenty of work to do. I saw little of Brook that morning but Eve would stop by to give me something else to do when I finished. She spent a few extra minutes with me right before lunch.

“So how was last night stud muffin?” she snickered, totally full of herself.

Her face changed in a way that I couldn’t quite grasp, but I ran with it anyways, “Why, jealous again?”

“Ha, you wish!” she lowered her voice so it couldn’t be heard past the cubicle walls,”I am well aware that I can have you whenever I want you. I’m merely being generous, sharing you with Brook so SHE doesn’t become jealous.” She said with a triumphant expression.

I drawled slyly. “Then I guess you’ve got some making up to do, after what Brook and I did all night long.” Something flashed through her eyes, something I may have wanted to avoid causing.

She stared at me for the longest time, not saying anything, not moving a muscle, before turning on her heel and marching back to her office.

I breathed. After a moment I shot out of my chair and rushed over to Brook’s cube.

“Hi Tom!” she chirped brightly.

“Ok if Eve asks, we fucked all night long alright.” I said quietly but forcefully.

“B-but, What?”

I said before rushing back to my cube. Not five seconds after sitting down I caught Eve striding past out of the corner of my eye, purpose in her step and determination in her eye, heading in the direction I just came from.

I cursed again.

I had just turned around in my chair when I heard, “Tom, would you meet me in my office please.” I turned and saw Eve standing with hands on hips, tapping her foot and looking royally pissed off.

“You heard me.” Her voice was raised enough so that she could be heard fairly well. I stood up and walked past her, actually scared that I had done something wrong and was about to get chewed out for it. It didn’t cross my mind that it had anything to do with what I had told Brook to say or the little lie I had give Eve. I stepped into her office and turned around as she closed the door behind her.

“What did I do?” I asked nervously.

She paused for a long, nerve-wracking moment, before reaching behind her and flicking off the lights. In the dark her voice floated across the void to my terrified mind, Her bright white teeth flashed in the gloom.

story by: Von Armand

Tags: fiction consensual sex teen male/teen female teen teen male / female authoritarian sex story

Author: Von Armand

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