My sweet sweet cookie.

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Katie looked up at the man of her dreams kissing her with his arms wrapped around her soft naked body, as he told her that he loved her more than anything in the world and wanted to spend every minute of every day with her and her alone. He then passionately kissing her deep as she ran her hands over his strong chest and shoulders lifting herself up as Sam slowly lowered her down onto his throbbing cock. "oh Sam you feel so good mmm. Sam please don't stop I love you so much…" Katie moaned in pure extasy. Imagining herself as one of the girls she had seen in the porn video she had watched at a slumber party with a group of her friends a few months ago.
/> 'Katie where are you at, are you home?" Sam called out as he walked in the door from school making sure that his little sister had made it home from her school safe.

"Just a minute cookie!! I'm coming, I'm here." Katie responded in a panic as she pulled her shorts back up with a deep blush spreading across her cheeks, she hurried out of bed wondering how she missed the sound of her favorite and only big brothers old car that he had gotten when he turned sixteen last month pull into the driveway.

Katie came bouncing out of her room pulling the door closed behind her just in time to see her cookie just coming up the stairs. Running and jumping into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist and squeezing his neck smiling from ear to ear as Sam kissed her cheek. As far as Katie was concerned there was no where she would rather be than in the arms of her big brother. He was tall for his age standing at an even six feet tall with short brown hair and blue eyes that made her melt every time she looked into them.

"Well sweetie it looks like it is just the two of us this weekend." Sam said as he carried her down the stairs to the living room. "really?!? Why? What are mom and dad doing? Katie responded trying to hide the excitement that she felt hearing that she would be spending the whole weekend alone with 'her' cookie. "Yeah dad got called out of town to visit a client or something I don't really know to be honest, so it looks like I'm staying home all weekend, doesn't matter anyway…" Sam trailed off looking down at the ground as he sat Katie on her feet.

"Well we can still have fun together cookie." Katie said as she looked at the sad look on her brothers face. She knew that he was thinking about Sarah, the girl who had just dumped him the previous weekend for reasons she didn't know and to be completely honest couldn't figure out no matter how hard she tried. In her eyes there was just nobody on earth who was better than her big brother.

"Hey cookie we should have a movie date tonight!" Katie said with a big smile on her face holding her hands together behind her back kinda spinning on one foot. Seeing a hint of a smile spread on Sam's face making her heart start to beat even faster with excitement.

"I couldn't think of a better date if I tried to sweetie." Sam answered knowing that she was just trying to make him feel better about his previous weekends events and now being stuck home all weekend. "I'll be back in about an hour sis, I'm going to stop by Jake's really quick and tell him I'm not going out tonight and then grab us a pizza and a movie." Sam said as he grabbed his keys and walked out of the door thinking how sweet Katie was for trying to cheer him up.

As soon as the door closed Katie jumped into action. She ran back up the stairs to her bedroom and started going through her closet looking for her favorite black dress she had gotten for her first real dance last year and her secret bag of makeup that her mother didn't approve of and darted into the bathroom looking herself over. She was a pretty girl maybe not as pretty as Sarah with her big boobs and long legs but she was getting there. She turned sideways looking at her chest witch was still flat with her only being nine and she personally loved her own ass as she ran her hands down her back and over her own butt squeezing it just a little bit and smiling.

Sam yelled as he backed through the door with the pizza in his hands balancing a two liter and the movie on top of the box.

Katie giggled a little as she watched the show saying "I'm right here big bro!! Why are you yelling at me?" She teased with a little grin on her face as she saw the look that came across 'her' cookies face as he saw her sitting on the kitchen table with her legs crossed letting her hands rest on her knee. With a little bit of a smile on her face getting the reaction that she was hoping for.

"Sam could not believe the sight in front of him. Was that really his sweetie little sister looking just sexy as hell. Her legs looked so smooth and soft with her shoulders and back barely covered with the spaghetti strap of her dress and pink strap of her training bra as his eyes locked on on her erect nipples. "wow sis you look very umm very pretty.." Sam said clearing his throat and breaking his stare moving his eyes to her eyes with eyeshadow bringing her eyes out and lip gloss just begging him to taste her lips and her pigtails that pulled everything together perfectly making her look so sweet and just stunningly sexy at the same time. "oh my god.. this is my little sister, what am I even thinking?" Sam thought feeling his cock twitch in his jeans.

"well common cookie." Katie said as she grabbed the movie in one hand and Sam's hand with her other and started leading him to the livingroom. Knowing exactly what she was doing Katie pushed her big brother onto the couch and walked over the the DVD player bending over showing off her ass trying not to make it look like she was up to anything.

"oh my god." Sam thought as he watched Katie kneeling down. He could swear that he had just caught a glimpse of Katie's little round ass poking out from under her to short dress not seeing even a hint of panties. "wait wait wait what is she up to?" Sam thought to himself, as he watched Katie turn around and almost bouncing back over to the couch sitting right next to him snuggling up really close.

"I love you cookie" Katie said in a small little voice leaning her head on Sam's chest starting to wonder if she was making a fool of herself.

"Aww sweetie I love you too, I love you more than you even know." sam replied hearing the shake in her voice and taking her hand into his. "you really do look stunningly beautiful tonight sweetie."

Katie asked looking up into her brothers eyes, wishing so bad that she could just kiss him but knowing that she had probably already lived out her little fantasy to far for one night leaning her head back into 'her cookies' chest to hide her tearing up eyes.

The movie started and had been playing for about thirty minutes and Sam leaned his head down kissing the top of Katie's head as he heard her sobs not understanding her tears since he had rented a comedy. Out of nowhere Katie had her arms around sam's neck straddling him with her nose pressed into his neck as tears ran down her face.

"oh sweetie what's wrong?" Sam asked as he felt the bulge in his pants growing again with Katie on top of him like she was.

"I just love my cookie so much, and if I was Sarah I would have never let you go.. I know that I'm not as pretty as her but I will be someday" Katie blurted out before she even knew what she had said.
"oh Katie you're already beautiful sweetie" Sam said as Katie lifted her eyes up to his.

Katie asked unconvinced.

with that Sam slide his hands down to her waist and slowly pushed Katie down onto the bulge in his pants and started grinding her on it.
"oh" was all that Katie could manage to get out before Sam gave in to his urges and started kissing her madly. Grabbing the bottom of her dress he lifted it over her head and saw the most beautiful bald mound that his little sister was still grinding on the bulge in his pants. Reaching down he un buttoned his jeans and slide them off with his boxers in one motion letting Katie see what she had only imagined. Without saying a word she slid off the couch and started kissing the head with both of her hands wrapped around the shaft of Sam's dick trying her best to do what she had seen the girls in the videos do. She licked and sucked on the head as she pumped her hands feeling excitement as she looked up seeing her cookie moaning in pleasure. Sam reached down lifting up her training bra exposing her little dime sized nipples and using his thumb and index finger rubbing them watching them grow even harder. Mmm Katie moaned as she sucked as much of her cookies dick into her little mouth as possible sending shutters through Sam's body as she hummed. "oh god sweetie you are going to make me cum" Sam told her as he pinched each of her little nipples. Katie sucked even harder wanting to taste it and moaning as Sam pinched her nipples witch pushed him to the edge making him shoot stream after stream of Jism into Katie's mouth, more than she had expected as his cum ran out of the corners of her mouth falling down onto her small chest and soaking her little pink training bra. Katie scooped up as much of the cum that she could in her hand and licked it off loving the taste of it. It was salty and warm and she absolutely loved it.

"oh Katie sweetie I shouldn't have…" Sam began to say until he was interrupted by Katie jumping back into his lap kissing him peck after peck all over his face saying "I love my cookie so much. Did I make you feel better? I know you have been sad all week."

Sam laughed a little before saying "well you certainly made me feel better than she ever did, actually better than anyone has ever made me feel" Katie giggled and bounced in his lap she was so excited. "how did you know how to do that sweetie?" Sam asked.

"Kimmy stole one of her daddies porno movies and we all watched it at Rachael's slumber party on her birthday." Katie boasted. "we even practiced kissing each other while we were naked cookie!!" Katie started announcing proudly.

As Sam imagined that he could feel himself growing hard again then Katie wiggled around in his lap before placing her little hands on his cheeks and looking him in the eyes. "cookie does this mean that I get to be your girlfriend from now on?" Katie asked with her nose only inches away from Sam's.

"you want to be my girlfriend?" Sam asked.

"yes I love you cookie and I want you all to myself" Katie said.

"well girlfriends have a lot more responsibilitys than just sucking their boyfriends dicks you know" Sam started to say />
"oh!" Katie interrupted before he could finish and ran out of the room almost butt naked.

A couple of minutes later he heard a ding and saw the cutest thing he had ever seen. It was Katie walking back into the room with a big glass of pop in one hand and a paper plate with a slice of pizza on it in the other hand, still wearing nothing but her socks and training bra that was still lifted up showing off her little pink nipples, and god her little bald slit looked so good between her short legs.the sight of it all though made Sam burst out laughing almost to the point of tears before saying "oh sweetie that is not what I meant, but you may have just skipped girlfriend status and moved right up to wife />
"wife?" Katie asked with a huge smile on her blushing face. "I could be your wife cookie?"

"maybe someday" Sam said with a little wink making Katie giggle "but for right now I think you would make a wonderful little girlfriend sweetie" Sam said to Katie who was now sitting in his lap watching him eat his pizza and taking a bite herself as he offered to share his slice holding it up for her. Setting the pizza to the side he said with a little grin on his face "but right now sweetie I think it is time for some dessert!!" and without another word he had Katie in his arms carrying her up to her room and playfully tossed her onto her bed which was covered in a big pink princess blanket with a whole stack of matching pillows.

"Oh" Katie huffed as she landed on her bed and almost starting to humm with pleasure watching her cookie start at her feet slowly kissing them working his way up her legs kissing her inner things to the pretty little slit between her legs witch he now had spread open. He sucked on each of her swollen pussy lips as Katie moaned. Using his index finger and thumb he spread her lips open seeing the stiff clit and not wasting a moment he ran his whole tongue over it and ran little circles around her clit with the tip of his tongue before sucking on it as he looked up at her. She had pulled her training bra off and had been rubbing her nipples that she learned felt so good until he had started softly sucking on her clit. " oh cookie do it harder!!" Katie begged with her hands now on his head trying to pull his mouth as close as possible and almost bucking her hips. Sam moaned loving the taste of her juices every time that he ran his tongue through her pussy before sucking on her clit again. He then pulled his head back placing a quick sweet little peck of a kiss on her clit before sliding his middle finger inside of her tight little wet hole sending her into the first orgasm she had ever felt. "oh it, oh it, oh it, cookie its oh mmm please cookie" was all that Katie could even say as her legs began to shake almost like a shiver followed by the rest of her body. The sight of Katie's first orgasm made Sam so hard with his finger still inside of her he pressed it into her hymen "hold on sweetie this is going to hurt just a little" Sam warned her before pushing his finger as far inside of her as possible making her squeal a little as he popped her cherry. Pulling his finger out covered with her juices and the blood Sam felt so attached to his little sister Katie and started kissing her pleasantly surprised when she slide her tongue back to his keeping up perfectly, I guess they really had practiced at that slumber party Sam though to himself. Katie had her skinny arms around Sam neck focused on kissing him and how he had one hand on her own nipples rubbing and squeezing them which she loved so much that she didn't notice he had a hand on his own cock stroking it and lining the head up with her pussy until he ran the head through her swollen pink lips and softly slapping her clit a little making her moan. Slowly he pressed the head of his hard dick into her tight little hole letting out a moan as Katie squealed in pleasure feeling him slowly slide every inch inside of her. Sam sucked on her nipples as Katie hugged his head gasping for air slowly getting accustomed to his dick and before she knew it she was squeezing the shaft that was inside of her witch let Sam know that she was ready and he started to thrust the entire length of his shaft in her tight little hole moaning with each thrust as Katie pulled on his hair taking short little gasp of air still pulling his mouth on her nipples feeling her pussy clinching up around Sam's dick as she felt herself having the second orgasm never wanting it to end. Shortly after having experienced her second orgasm Katie felt herself moving with each of Sam's thrust and squeezing his dick inside of herself as he pulled back out of her pussy with each thrust. which pushed Sam over the edge causing him to fill her tight wet little pussy full of his cum as he shot stream after stream inside of her pussy making Katie moan again feeling herself clinching up into the third orgasm of her life. Sam rolled over onto his back pulling Katie with him not even pulling out of her, just laying there with his arms around her shaking little body as she kissed him one sweet little peck on the lips after another.

"Ohh cookie" Katie cooed as she hung onto Sam never wanting to let go of him, half because she was scared that he might leave her and half scared that she would never get to feel something so amazingly good ever again in her life. "how did you? You made me feel just I don't know how to explain it cookie." Katie began to cry. "I love my cookie so much." she sobbed.

Sam smiled and hugged her back holding on to her tight and running one of his hands over her back. "I love you too sweetie. That was the most amazing thing I have ever felt." Sam said as he looked into his little sisters eyes kissing her one more time before saying "Katie sweetie I am the happiest boyfriend ever!!"

"Ohh!! You will really let me be your girlfriend cookie?" Katie asked with tears of pure joy in her eyes and almost bouncing with excitement.

"I will definitely let you sweetie, but we will have to keep our relationship a secret. Not that I don't want to just shout it to the world, it's just that the world would not understand." Sam explained to her still hugging her tight in his arms.

"I understand cookie, but can't we tell mom and dad? Won't they understand?" Katie asked.

"maybe we can someday but for the time being we are each others little secret." Sam said softly kissing her once more.

"okay cookie I understand boyfriend" Katie answered putting emphasis on the word boyfriend with a little giggle.

"sweetie may I take you out on a real date tomorrow?" Sam asked Katie with a little smile on his face as he saw Katies eyes light up. "I'll even take you out shopping for a whole brand new dress in the />
"oh yes!! I would love to go on a date with my boyfriend!!" Katie said with pure excitement.

"Then it's a date" Sam said feeling extremely happy as he pulled a blanket over their naked bodies and kissing Katie on the top of her head.

I have never been on a real date before katie thought as she slipped into a deep sleep with her head on 'her' cookies chest.

story by: smirkle

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Author: smirkle

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