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Her hot breath tickles my ear; her naked dark skin is soft like velvet as it touches mine; the spot where we are united sends pleasure through our bodies with each thrust; I close my eyes and pray that this moment never ends…

I open them to find myself in bed, the sun shining on my face through the window.
“Of I say to myself as I look down at my morning erection and sigh. This is the third night in a row I’ve dreamt of her, and it probably won’t be the last.
I quickly force my erection down and get out of the bed. It’s my turn to bring water to the village, and if I don’t hurry the elders will probably scold me.
I finally put on the little clothes I have, and go out through the door to start yet another day.

/> I am greeted by a girl’s voice, but looking around me I cannot see where it came from. Suddenly, someone jumps into me from behind, sending both me and that person down on the ground.
As I cough in the dust on the ground, I hear a beautiful sound; a girl’s laughter. I smile to myself and sigh, as Nayima laughs at my expense.

“Could you please get off me, Nayima? I have water-duty /> My words are muffled by the ground below me, but Nayima seems to have heard, as I feel the weight on my back lifting. I quickly get up and dust myself off before I turn around and indeed see Nayima smiling
“I know, and the elders sent me to help you.” She says, still smiling. I sigh once more and go to the town center to pick up the two ceramic water kegs. Nayima offers to take one, but I ignore her and begin the long journey to the river, with Nayima following me closely.

The following two hours of walking to the river is filled with Nayima and me talking, as we always do. We complain about the elders, exchange gossip; the usual. By the time we reach the river we’re both
exhausted and thirsty from all the talking, and we quickly kneel down at the river to drink.
When we’ve quenched our thirst we both sit down beside the river, watching it flow peacefully towards the barely visible ocean, silently admiring its beauty. I glance at Nayima, and the memories from last night’s dream fill his mind. I struggle to keep my erection down, but finally give up.
Please don’t look this way… I pray as my penis makes a tent I my loincloth.

Nayima hears my breathing getting heavier, turns to me despite my prayers, and notices my erection. Her eyes widen and she looks away, embarrassed. I look away as well, trying to force my erection down as I always do. We both sit like that for a couple of seconds, when I notice the silence being broken by her breathing getting heavier.
Is she… Excited? I think to myself as I once again glance at Nayima; and sure enough, I catch her looking at my crotch and nervously rubbing her thighs. I’ve seen her do this once before; that night three days ago when we accidently saw one of the village couples having sex. It was after that I started having those dreams, and although Nayima had acted naturally afterwards, it appears she was just as affected as I was.

“Can I ask you something personal, Koran?”
Nayima startles me when she breaks the silence, but I manage to nod my head. Nayima becomes even more nervous, and her hands move closer to her crotch.
“Do you… Like me?”
I’m completely taken aback by the question; Nayima and I have known each other our whole lives, and I’ve never thought of her in that way until a couple of days ago, when I started having those dreams. It was like my entire body screamed after her and my heart followed its lead.
I started to notice her kind dark brown eyes, her warm smile, her long black hair, her delicate, beautiful hands; but most of all I noticed her voice; whenever I heard her beautiful voice it was like I went into a trance, and the rest of the world faded.
I had fallen for the girl who might as well have been my sister.

“Yes, I do, Nayima, what about you?”
If she didn’t feel as I do our entire relationship could be destroyed, but I’m not that worried, for some reason.

“I… like you too, Koran. Ever since that night three days ago I can’t stop thinking about you; I’ve even had dreams about you!”
When she says that last part my heart skip a beat, and I quickly respond.
“I can’t stop thinking about you either, and I’ve dreamt about you every night since then.” Nayima smiles and moves closer to me, close enough to whisper in my ear:
“I want to do… that with you.”
My heart feels like it’s going to burst out of my chest as she speaks, and then I suddenly feel her delicate fingers rubbing my penis through the fabric, and a moan escapes my lips. Nayima smiles and grab my hand, putting it on her crotch. I feel a slight dampness in the fabric, and when I gently rub her she moans like I just did, closing her eyes.

I take this chance and bring her lips to mine and we share our first kiss. Nayima is surprised at first and tries to back away, but as I hold her tight she stops resisting the next second, and we just sit there for a while, kissing and fondling each other for what seemed like an eternity.
Suddenly Nayima breaks the kiss and jump to her feet.
“The water! We have to get it back to the /> I just sigh, and we both grab the water kegs, starting the long and awkward walk home.

My heart sinks with each step we take across the desert; what if this was our only chance to be alone? Both her and my parents are gone, but there’s so much work to do we can never do anything else during the day. Nayima’s steps are also heavy, and I sense that she’s thinking about it too. We both sigh loudly at the same time, and begin brainstorming ways for us to be alone without anyone noticing. We reject idea after idea, until we finally reach the village. Without any plan, we separate and start to do our designated chores for the day.

Never have work seemed so monotonous as today. Every second is filled with thoughts of Nayima, and I sigh every time I picture her perfect smile in front of me. The older men notice this, and start making jokes that I don’t even hear, as I’m concentrating on pulling up the stupid vegetables.
The day crawls forward slowly, but dusk eventually falls upon the village. The men yawn and start heading back to their houses to sleep, and after sorting a bit more I do the same. Thoughts of Nayima fill my head as I go to bed and I pray that I will once again dream of her as I slowly drift into sleep.

A hand grabs my penis underneath my cover, and lips touch my neck. A gentle breeze touches my naked body as my cover is lifted and I feel someone lying on top of me. I smile as that familiar velvet skin lies against mine, and our lips touch for the second time. My erection pokes at her crotch, and soon enough the loincloth comes off, and I can feel the soft wetness of her most private spot against my penis. Her small, soft, cushion-like breasts are pressing against my chest, and my hands caress her bottom, making her moan into my mouth.
I close my eyes and pray that this moment never ends…

I open my eyes, expecting the sun to shine on my face, but instead I see Nayima’s face, and I can still feel her tongue inside my mouth. As my senses come back to life from my I soon feel my penis touching her down there, and her breasts pressing against my chest.
Nayima’s previously closed eyes open halfway and see me awake, and she reluctantly breaks the kiss to sit up, straddling my hip with my penis pushed flat against my stomach by her body. She smiles and gently pulls me up to sitting position. It’s still dark, and the dawn seems to be hours away.
Did she wait outside my house for me to fall asleep?
I try to speak, but Nayima hushes me before I’m able to. I smile and we both share another kiss before we lay down on the bed again.
“I want you inside me…” She whispers into my ear as she grabs my penis and aim it at her hole. We’re both nervous, our hearts beating rapidly in synch.

She slowly draws herself back, my penis pushing slighly at her hole. Her juices are leaking out, running down my penis. She gently pushes a little harder, and the resistance disappears as I enter her; however, when the head is inside I feel more resistance. I can also feel Nayima’s body becoming tense, and she grunts lightly as her expression becomes twisted with pain.
“Are you okay?” I ask, not sure what just happened. Nayima opens her eyes and her body and face relaxes as she smiles.
“I’m fine. Can you feel it? That’s my hymen; once you push through it, we will become one.” She whispers; her voice is weak and her breathing is heavy. We both share another kiss as I begin pushing. I hear her moan in both pain and pleasure in my mouth, and I push a little harder; the resistance inside her weakens and my penis pushes through what seems to be a ring of muscles inside her.

Nayima almost screams into my mouth, her eyes closed tight and her body getting tense again. When she finally relaxes tears are running down her cheeks, and she breaks the kiss to sit up.
“I’m so sorry, Nayima! Are you ok?” I feel like a complete jerk for making her cry and asking such a stupid question. Nayima looks at me, dries the tears of her face and smiles.
“Look, Koran; we are one.” She whispers, being too weak to speak properly, and puts her hands on her pubic area. “I can feel it pulsating inside of me, it’s almost unreal.” I can’t even speak; all of my senses become dull, and only the sound of her voice and the feeling of her insides exist; the small muscles inside her massage my penis, gently squeezing my penis as she breathes; I feel her heart racing inside of her, each heartbeat sending small, almost unnoticeable pulses through her body.

Nayima slowly lies down again and we hold each other tight as we share another kiss.
“You can start moving now, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Let us feel good together.” She says with a smile. I just nod, still unable to speak, and start to move my hip slowly up and down, sliding in and out of her. She too starts moving, meeting my thrusts with her own.

This new stimulation of actually moving inside of her is even greater than the previous one, although different. I can feel each muscle inside her moving individually, like it had a life of its own; each one squeezing my penis at just the right place; it was like our bodies were made to please one another.

As we work up a pace we breathe heavier and heavier, and our moans become louder with each thrust. The sweat is running down our naked bodies, and her soft breasts rub against my chest. The entire situation seems like a dream, but I realize that even my dreams couldn't accomplish this state of ecstasy. Our minds are filled with pleasure, and our bodies start moving on their own.

Suddenly I feel something strange; like pressure building up inside my penis, threatening to burst any second. As I feel this I also feel Nayima’s body tensing up, and her moans get louder as her breath becomes heavier.
happening… I Ah!”
I can’t complete my sentence as my penis bursts, shooting something into Nayima. Each shot feels better than anything I’ve ever felt, and I can feel Nayima shaking, her insides tightening enormously, as if trying to squeeze every last drop of whatever I was shooting out of me. She pushes her face into my shoulder, screaming so loud I was worried she might wake up the village.

As soon as it came, the feeling disappears, and Nayima’s body relaxes at the same time. We both just lie there for a while, breathing hard and trembling as our bodies recover from the shock.
Happened… Koran?” She asks, still breathing hard. “I could feel you shooting something inside /> “I don’t know, Nayima… But it felt great. You also got tighter down there and started to I answer, not sure what to say. Nayima nods and we share another kiss, although this one felt different; besides love, the kiss was filled with lust and passion. We reluctantly broke the kiss, and Nayima tried to get up, but found herself to be too weak to do even that.
Exhausted and relaxed, we barely manage to get the bed sheets on before we fall asleep, my penis still inside her.

When the morning sun hits my face a part of me expect the entire thing to be just a dream, but sure enough, I feel Nayima’s body on top of me, her soft breasts pressing against my chest and my penis still inside her, although limp. As soon as I realize this I start getting horny again, and my penis growing inside her wakes Nayima up. When she sees my face she smiles, and wiggles her butt a bit.

“I can’t believe that actually happened… But I’m glad it did.” She says, careful not to say it loud in case the rest of the village is awake. I smile back, and we share a kiss before separating and putting our clothes on. As Nayima quietly sneaks out through the door she changes her mind and runs back to throw herself into my embrace. We share another hot kiss, and as we sit there staring at each other with big smiles on our faces, we say at the same time:

“I love you.”

The End

story by: zyzziks

Tags: fiction young first time teen male/teen female virginity romance sex story

Author: zyzziks

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