Needing you part 4

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But for Vince… it was harder. He couldn't tell what path would lead to Vince's center or where his submission truly lay. The challenge focused him in ways he hadn't felt in a long time.

"Your house is beautiful. All this wood detail is so intricate," Vince said as Cason led him past the kitchen to the stairs. His voice sounded shaky, as if he were nervous and trying to distract himself from his fear.

"Thank you. I did it myself."

"Page said you did woodwork, I forgot though. This all looks amazing."

"It's a hobby." He glanced back over his shoulder. "You'll have to check out my collection of handmade dildos />
Vince's eyes opened wide. "You make dildos?"

"Sure. I make all sorts of things to order. I have a day job at the college, but I like to make all sorts of things. I recently finished a crib for a friend having a baby. I have a whole website devoted to toys or bondage furniture for those in the lifestyle though. I've been talking with Page about offering some leather work on my website."

"He'd be good at that." Vince stopped when they walked into Cason's room at the top of the stairs. "Oh my God. I think my room would fit in a corner of yours."

Cason had a playroom to do scenes in with a swing, a cross, and a spanking bench, along with all sorts of toys. He kept his best toys in a chest his bedroom, the ones he collected but rarely used. Cason didn't use his bedroom for playing, but with what he was planning for Vince…

Besides, he wanted to see the sub in his bed. He planned for their time together to drive the man completely crazy. From everything he'd seen, there was a lot Vince could learn from their time together. Vince's reaction to talking about pain, bondage, coupled with his inability to understand submission being voluntarily given and not demanded showed his lack of positive experience in the lifestyle.

Cason would show him.

"We're going to start now."

"In here?" Vince licked his lips. Cason stared hard at him until he lifted his eyes. />
The addition pleased Cason. He stroked a hand down the post on the bed he'd made himself with some… special features. He wasn't going to use them tonight with Vince, but maybe one day, if he got the sub to stay with him he would get to use the hidden rings he'd built into posts on each corner. "Yes. We're going to play in here." He faced Vince, spreading his legs a little farther apart and straightening his spine so he stood erect, strong and balanced. "What is your />
"And your slow down word? This is what you will say if the intensity is getting to be too much for you or when you need to tell me something />
Cason watched while Vince thought for a second. />
"You'll remember both of those?"

He nodded.

"And use them. It's important. We've never played together before, and I won't be pleased if you let me do something you cannot handle."

Vince took a deep breath. "I promise."

"Good. Finch and Cardinal it is." Finch means stop, cardinal slow down. Cason repeated that several times in his mind so that the words would be ingrained and would trigger him if Vince needed to say either of them.

The timbre of his voice lowered as he gave Vince his first order. He watched as a delicious flush spread across Vince's face. His hands went to the bottom of his white T-shirt and he slowly pulled it up and over his head.

His hands shook a little as they went to the top button on his jeans. His chest and stomach were lean, muscled, but not overly built like a gym bunny. Hints of a six pack creased his stomach as his forearms flexed and the button came undone.

His zipper opened slowly.

"Red underwear. Nice." They looked like silk. "I bet you'd look even better in blue." It was his favorite color and he loved to see it on his subs.

Vince didn't say anything, just hooked his trembling fingers into the top of his underwear and slowly slid them down his legs, taking a single step forward. His eyes stopped at Cason's chin as he stilled, standing naked before him.

Cason's breath caught. Vince wasn't fully aroused, but he wasn't limp either. He had a nicely shaped cock, circumcised, and the head was a pink almost the same shade as his lips. Cason licked his lips.

"Hands at your sides."

First step in his plan wasn't going to work if Vince wouldn't look at him. "Eyes on mine."

Vince grimaced but lifted his lashes, showing off those gorgeous gray-blue eyes as he looked right at Cason.

Feeling every inch the Dom in charge, Cason stalked forward. Vince quivered but didn't move as Cason stood right in front of him, stopping when they were inches apart. "You're tan all over." He ran a hand down Vince's side and rubbed a thumb in the hollow of his hip, careful not to touch the wakening cock.

"It's my natural color." Vince's voice was shaky.

"I like it," Cason told him.

"Thank you, sir."

Cason kept his hands on Vince as he moved around him, holding on to his hips to keep him still. He held in his moan but he couldn't keep his hands off Vince's ass. It was just as tight as it looked in jeans, smooth curves barely dusted with fine blond hair. The skin was smooth under Cason's calloused palms as he squeezed each cheek.

Vince's back arched as he pressed back into Cason's hands. A soft moan broke the silence. He seemed to be very sensitive; Cason would have to be careful. He let go reluctantly, his fingers tracing small paths as he stepped back.

"Go lay down on the bed on your back."

The chest lid was heavy as he pushed it up until it locked open. Vince was on his back on the deep blue comforter, watching his every move. Cason had made the chest deep on purpose. With the lid up, the man on the bed couldn't see what he was grabbing.

Looking into the neat compartments, Cason grabbed a small black leather case. From another area he grabbed the red silk cord he had coiled into a small circle that would be perfect for Vince's wrists. A small crop with a furred end and a massage mitt joined the pile. The last thing Cason grabbed was his favorite black leather cock ring that would snap around the base of Vince's cock nice and tight, while a second attached ring would encircle his balls.

Then Cason went to a large wood armoire made of the same cherry wood as the bed. He folded back the doors of the upper area and exposed a flat screen TV. The first drawer slid open smoothly and Cason took a minute to run his fingers along the movies lined up in orderly rows before he decided on one.

Sometimes he liked his prep work done beforehand, but he'd taken extra pleasure in moving each item from his chest to the bed one by one, Vince's eyes locked on each toy as it was revealed to him. His cock pulsed when Cason unfurled the silk cord and let it pool on Vince's stomach just above his now rock hard erection. The movie was in the DVD player, his toys were lined up, and Cason was ready.

"Sit up."

Vince sat up, spilling the cord onto his groin. Cason got up on the bed and moved behind him.

"You're not getting naked, sir?" Vince asked.

Cason allowed himself to smirk since Vince couldn't see his face, but his voice didn't betray his expression. "How does that make you feel, with me dressed and you completely naked in my bed?"

His hands clenched into fists at his sides and Cason noted the tense lines of the muscles in Vince's back. />
Cason leaned against the pillows, his legs spread wide around Vince. He urged the sub to lean back against him. "Good," he said in Vince's ear. That was exactly how Cason wanted him to feel.

For a minute Cason stroked Vince's arms, his touch feather-light, from his shoulders to his fingertips. They fit well together and gradually he relaxed into Cason's touch.

Reaching for the red cord, Cason spoke quietly in Vince's ear again, prompting the younger man to shiver as he used his breath to tickle his ear and neck. "I'm not going to tie you up but I am going to restrain you."

He separated the cord into the two halves. He lifted his knee and wound the cord just above it, then moved Vince's hand to the outside of his thigh where he twisted the red cord in a firm twist around his wrist and palm, before tucking the other end of the cord through the loops around his thigh. Just like that, Vince's right arm was tied to Cason's leg, leaving him vulnerable but not helpless if he really needed to get away.

Vince's breathing sped up as Cason repeated the same move on his left arm.

"There. All secure."

"Thank you, sir."

"Shh," Cason hushed him. "Unless you're using your safewords, or I ask you a question, I don't want you to speak. You can moan and cry out if you need to, but no words." He wanted the sub to focus on the sensations and what was happening during their actual scene.

Vince nodded.

"Good." Cason rewarded Vince with a small nip on his earlobe, then sucked away the light sting. The first touch of his lips on Vince's body made the responsive man gasp. Cason smiled. He was going to have such a good time coaxing every sensation possible from Vince.

His cock was a hard ridge in his pants. Cason ignored it, focusing on Vince instead. He reached for the cock ring and unsnapped it. "I think we're going to need this sooner rather than later."

He didn't palm Vince's balls immediately. His finger slid up and down the small treasure trail of soft blond hair. He splayed his fingers out wide and toyed with the slim hip bones.

Vince squirmed.

"Stay still and do not cum." There was no way Vince's cock was going to listen. It was throbbing, a pearly drop on the tip. Ready to ramp up the torture, and not wanting Vince to fail, Cason quickly put the tight leather ring around the smoothly shaven balls and excited cock. "Oh, that's pretty. Look at you." The head of Vince's prick was a deep red.

"Oh God," Vince moaned.

"Naughty. I said no talking."

Vince went rigid. />
"If you want to keep playing, you will stop talking." Cason put his hands on the bed and waited. Vince didn't say anything. Incrementally, Vince relaxed back into the cradle of his body, squirming a little. Cason gritted his teeth when the man's tight ass rubbed against his aching cock.

When Vince stopped moving, Cason picked up the remote from beside his pillow. Turning on the TV and DVD player, he started the movie he'd put in. On the screen a pale little sub with bright blue eyes and a long ponytail of dark hair was looking up at the camera. He was on the floor, a silver spreader bar separating his knees with a series of matching steel rings running up his cock, caging the slender prick.

A small gasp jolted Vince's body when the camera panned around and showed the cuffed wrists at the small of the sub's back and the glint of a toy stretching his ass just peeking out between his tight cheeks. The view from behind the sub also showed the Dom standing in front of him, leather pants doing little to hide a nice thick erection.

"You can just imagine what he's going to do with that gag in his hand, can't you?" Cason whispered in Vince's ear. A silver ring gag matching the sub's cock ring dangled from a leather strap in the Dom's hand. "This is one of my favorite films. Submission can mean so much more than masochism. It's about feeling and it's about giving up something and getting so much in return."

Cason was going to show Vince exactly what he meant. He used the tips of his fingers to trace the red cord trapping Vince's wrists to his thighs, holding him still without tying him up. He moved up, tickling along his biceps and collarbones, down to the smooth chest that he'd been dying to touch since he'd made Vince strip. Those small nipples were begging to be teased.

He stroked, twisted and tweaked the small tips until they were hard and Vince was panting, his eyes locked on the now gagged sub. They both watched the Dom on the screen caress the sub's mouth stretched around the ring, before he untied his pants. An impressively long and thick cock popped out and the sub's eyes widened and his tongue darted out of his opened mouth.

Picking up the furred crop, Cason began with tickling strokes over those tight nipples to increase their aching sensitivity before moving to trail the soft fur up and down Vince's thighs and balls. His sub's hands clenched into fists against his legs and strained as he tried to move his hips and get more.

"Like that?"

He nodded.

"You want me to stroke your cock, don't you?"

"Yes, but—" Vince shut his mouth instantly when Cason stopped making small circles on his tight balls, lifting the crop away. "Good. Very good," Cason said when Vince closed his mouth with a sharp snap. He rewarded his sub by trailing the crop up his leaking cock, knowing how intense the light caress would feel when every inch was tight and throbbing. Sliding the mitt onto his other hand, he used every touch to drive the man cradled against him higher and higher.

Every mindless moan took Cason's breath away. Vince was so fucking hot. He'd stopped thinking, stopped doing anything but feeling exactly what Cason wanted him to feel. If Cason's dick got any harder it was going to bust right through his pants and he couldn't help but rock against Vince.

Cason told him after he'd been teasing for at least an hour, driving the sub deeper with each touch. Vince blinked and opened his eyes slowly and focused on the screen again.

The Dom was holding the back of his sub's head and fed him his cock through the ring gag. Slowly, he pressed forward until his pubes brushed against the stretched lips and then he stopped. The sub's throat worked as he gagged but he did not move, didn't fight, just stared up at the Dom with wide eyes and let himself be choked. "I love that," Cason said. "Love the trust in his eyes. The way he knows his Dom is going to take care of him even as he uses his throat, so he doesn't panic when he can't breathe. That is true />
That was what Cason wanted to see in his sub's eyes. If he ever found one that wanted to stay longer than one scene. For tonight, he wanted to show Vince that he could trust like that, so that he'd know in the future it was possible to have someone take care of him. He'd teach the other man that he deserved that consideration from any Dom he chose.

Cason put down the crop and the mitt. "I want to do something to push you." He opened the black case, exposing the slender steel wands. "Do you know what these are for?"

"Yes, sir." Vince didn't tense; he stayed relaxed against him and watched as Cason pulled the three millimeter wand out of its slot by the smooth ball at its tip. The tiny rod glinted in the light.

"Have you ever played with sounds before?"

Vince shook his head.

"I'm going to show you how good it can feel to have your cock filled." He wasn't going to penetrate Vince with his cock but he needed to put something inside the gorgeous man. He dragged his mouth up Vince's shoulder, sucking and biting, until he reached his ear. "Are you ready for that?" he asked in a deep voice.

Vince shuddered. He writhed against Cason, thrusting his hips and his seeping cock into the air. "Sir. Please."

A sub begging him to be filled was the sweetest sound to Cason. His nostrils flared and he couldn't resist the urge. He nipped Vince's neck and then sucked hard, pulling up a mark right below his ear. His mark belonged on the outside of the sub's body, just like the one Cason was leaving on the inside. He could taste the salt on Vince's heated skin and he moaned.

Fuck, he wanted this more than once. He wanted to spend hours tasting every inch of Vince's body. He wanted to bite his ass, spread his cheeks and drive his cock into that tight hole. Cason pulled away and stared at the dark purple mark with pleasure for a full minute as he struggled for the control he was going to need.

He pulled the sterile Surgilube out its pocket. He slicked up the sound and then warned Vince. "You are not going to cum." His hand slid from the base of that angry erection to the tip for the first time. He let his callouses drag over the sensitive skin, knowing how much that drove subs crazy. He trailed his fingers back down and found the snap under Vince's balls. He unsnapped the tight leather from that ring, but left the cock ring still snugly bound at the base of Vince's engorged erection.

Vince shuddered and moaned deep in this throat. His breath came fast as he panted. Vince bit his lip, tucking that soft pink bottom lip in between his white teeth as he struggled to follow Cason's orders. The way he fought to obey thrilled Cason.

"So good," Cason told him. "I'm going to make you feel so good." He squeezed more lube into his hand and began to lube up Vince's cock, using his hand to open his slit into a small hole and pushing lube in with his thumb.

Gasping, Vince pushed back hard against him, rubbing his ass back and forth against the steely ridge of Cason's cock. His voice was a deep growl when he spoke, "Oh yeah, you feel that, don't you?" Cason chuckled when Vince nodded.

He needed Vince to stay still and the way the sub's feet were shoving against the bed and his legs were writhing, he wasn't going to in that position.

"Put your feet over my legs." Vince didn't move. "Now, Vince."

Slowly, Vince put his legs over Cason's calves, opening his thighs and taking away the last ability he had to control his body's movement. He pushed more lube in Vince's slit and then took a firm grip around the head. "Deep breath now."

The slender metal rod was tiny but next to the hole in his cock, it must have looked huge to Vince, who took in a deep breath but didn't let it out. He stared down at what Cason was about to do to him, at the sound poised to slide inside his cock.

A guttural moan filled the air as Cason slid the tip into Vince's cock about an inch, then pulled it out before letting it slide in again, a little farther than the first time. Vince's groan seemed to go on forever.

Cason waited until Vince was forced to drag in a ragged breath and then he dropped the sound, burying it inches deep until the ball at the end stopped it from going any farther.

Vince cried out. His head thumped hard against Cason's shoulder as he went rigid. A deep red flush began to work its way up his neck. Knowing Vince wasn't going to last, that he'd drawn out the scene almost to its peak, Cason moved one hand down and quickly unsnapped the cock ring as he used his thumb to set up a soft tap on the ball of the sound buried inside Vince.

Vince's back arched and Cason plucked the sound out and stroked as the slender man shot rope after rope of sticky white cum all over the rigid muscles of his stomach and chest. The smell of the sub's heat, his spicy scent coupled with the smell of his cum, was too much for Cason.

Lost in the moment, no longer a Dom with iron control but a man who needed that connection with the man coming apart in his hands, Cason grunted, his teeth clenched, and shuddered hard as he thrust twice against Vince's ass. He spilled inside his underwear for the first time since he'd been an oversexed youth and loved every second of the pleasure sending sharp shocks through his balls.


Cason unwound the red cords around his legs and Vince's wrists. He opened the drawer on his nightstand that held a small box and dropped the used toys in it for cleaning later. He had an unpleasantly sticky mess in his pants, but he wasn't ready to get up. With everything out of the way, he rolled the sub in his arms over so they were on their sides, still snuggled together. For long minutes he enjoyed the smooth muscles of Vince's back against his chest as they lay quiet, breathing together.

Vince let out the occasional shudder as he slowly came down. His voice was hoarse. "I have never come that hard. I think my balls turned inside out."

story by: xmistiex

Tags: fiction gay sex story

Author: xmistiex

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