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Ashlee is 26 never married single 5' 7" petite sexy body long blonde hair down her shoulders. " Come on Ashlee," her younger sister pleaded, " I need to get out again and this Thursday night would be the perfect opportunity, but I've no-one to go with." Ashlee smiles. " Oh…I see…I'm the last option am I?" " No, no not at all, I didn't mean it like that and you know it." Her sister said. "So, where is it you want to go?" Ashlee asks. " How about the Manhatten Club," her sister said, " It is one of the hottest nightclubs in Dallas!"

Arriving at the Manhatten Club, they got a drink each from the bar and found a seat. The club got noticeably busier as the time for the band to play came round. Ashlee has already spoken to a number of people she knew but hadn't seen for a while. When Ashlee returned from the bar, a trip that took fifteen minutes as they are extremely busy by now, she found her seat had been taken by me. Ashlee's sister introduced me and I asked Ashlee if she wanted to go to my place. When we arrived I saw Ashlee was definitely turned on, I took in the view in front of me. Ashlee's left hand is high up, grasping the door frame, clinging on for support. I clearly see no rings on her third finger, so I assumed she is married. Starting at her feet my eyes move up her body, taking in first her high heels which accentuated her firm legs. This has the effect of making her ass stick out, which isn't a bad thing in my mind. Her skirt stretched tight across her ass cheeks and look really, really sexy.

My cock twitching, moving slightly to one side I'm able to take in the curve and size of her breasts under her tight pale blue short sleeve shirt. I take a sharp breath in as I realized how nice they are. Mmmmm I thought, very, very nice. I finished by taking a look at the side of her face and realized that she is younger than I first thought. My cock twitching again and then pulsing, my bulge pressing against the fabric of my trousers. With no hesitation I walk over to where Ashlee is hanging onto the door frame and stood close behind her. I smell her perfume. It heightens my senses. She seems to be struggling to stand upright. Ashlee is totally oblivious to my presence. She hadn't heard the front door open or close. She hadn't realized that I had entered and was now standing close behind her.

She is consumed by a feeling. It is a strange feeling, one she'd experienced when masterbating. She feels the wet between her legs. It is like an itch that can't be relieved by scratching. Her nipples are hurting. They seem as if they are trying to push out through her bra and shirt. She wants to touch them, to feel her breasts but didn't feel she should. What is that? She is jolted slightly as she feels my body brush against her. Looking down she sees my hand on her arm. She should have reacted by turning and seeing who or what it was. But she didn't. She watches, mesmerized as my hand rubbed up and down her arm, first on the outside and then round to the inside. As it came to the inside my fingers brush the outside swell of her right breast. A jolt of electricity shot down her arm at that first initial touch on her breast. Oh god, she thought. Her heart racing inside her chest as her eyes flutter closed and her lips part slightly. My hand continues to move gently up and down her arm constantly brushing against her right breast.

It stops. It took her a moment to realize it had stopped. " Oh!" She feels something brush against her skirt. She finds herself being pushed forward onto her toes as my hand grasps her ass cheeks and give them a firm squeeze. " Oh!" Her breathing quickens. I took my hand off her ass then brought both my hands round to cup Ashlee's 34C breasts. I squeeze them, feeling my fingers sink into her flesh. I can make out the shape of her bra beneath her top as my hands roam freely over the expanse of her breasts. I push them up and down while continuing to squeeze them. I feel the erect nipples harden. " Mmmm," Ashlee moans as she feels her desire building. She has no thought of who is touching her and no thought of resistance. It had been the relief she craved. She threw her head back to rest it on my shoulder. Her eyes are tightly closed.

Suddenly she opens her eyes realizing I'm stripping off my clothes, dropping them piece by piece onto the carpet at my feet. Less than a minute later, I'm standing over her, completely naked, my thick pulsing penis jutting out like a gleaming white tree trunk from between my hairy legs. She stares openly at the heavily-veined shaft of flesh rising with the ominous aspect of a totem pole from beneath my slightly paunchy belly. Her senses are now so riled that she can barely focus her eyes. The throbbing organ seems to be at least twice as large as the last man she had dated, its broad head huge and spreading out even more as she watches. She cringes inwardly, thinking that no woman can possibly take something that monstrous and hard up inside her body…She would be split in half, torn, forever ruined and of no use to any man again.

" What do you think of this, baby? Have you ever seen a cock as big as this before?" I ask crudely, my lips
curled back in a wicked sneer as I took the massive penis in both hands and waved it obscenely at her fearful bulging eyes. Ashlee lay frozen under the appalling crudity of my obscene words — and yet their very lewdness excited her more and more, so she is at a loss to understand her own reactions to what is happening. She feels the increasing moisture seeping out of her pussy crossing her legs to press them closer together, trying to ease the burning sensation that is churning madly in the pit of her belly. My fervent licking and sucking of her inexperienced young vagina has turned her entire body into a tense bundle of raw nerve-ends that she is powerless to control. She continues to stare at my hard cock as it grew larger, soaking up more blood and standing out further and further, a granite-hard pole of flesh that is an inflamed pink right up to the collar of skin under the head. The head itself is purplish, large in diameter like a knuckleless fist at the end of a upraised arm, but the base has a knot the size of a orange. I'm enjoying the insulting effect it is having on her as I point the semen-oozing tip directly at her face.

" Answer me," I bark. " How do you like my nice big prick? Wouldn't you love to have it shoved up between
those pretty legs of yours?" " I — I don't know… It… it's so big," Ashlee stammers, hating herself for not obeying her instinct to rise and flee from the room, from me and the certainty of what is soon to happen. The potent aphrodisiac I had given her, plus everything else that has happened so far this evening, breaking down her defenses, rendered her incapable of moving or wanting anything at all but what is in store for her if she
remain there on the couch. Then, as if I had heard her thoughts, I step proudly up to the side of the sofa and sat down beside her, reaching over with both hands to seize her breasts and squeeze them together like straining oranges. She feels small pin-pricks of a wild sexual excitement rising racing through the tips of them as I roll the light-brown hardening nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.

She tries to turn away, reflexively, not wanting to succumb, to make a last futile stand against the impending surrender of her body, but the pressure of my grip is too much for her in her present state of mind. Nothing matters but her feelings and she has forgotten about being a proper young single woman, accepting the sheer joy of having this middle-aged man's naked lusting body sweating hotly against her tingling female flesh. My hands drop from her small breasts to fondle the curved young nudity of her hips and trace the lovely full convexities of her sides. She feels the gouging hardness of my huge cock against her thigh as I lean over her, my hands busy with their manipulations of her lower belly and my hot mouth now clamped over one breast, sucking and pulling at it, frequently pausing to nip and nibble with my teeth at the erect bud-like nipple.

" Now do you want it? Now do you want my hard prick shoved in you?" I ask harshly, my voice sharp and rasping, enjoying making a innocent young woman listen to my crudeness. " Oh… I… I'm afraid," Ashley responded innocently, unaware that her very helplessness serves only to excite me more. I knew that she is raging inside, that her body is exploding with desire from my touch and the aphrodisiac she has trustingly swallowed. Despite her real fear, she cannot tear her hot gaze from the indecent sight of my enormous cock. As she watches, it jerks slightly higher, causing her to shiver and blush reflexively as she despises herself for the surges of desire that make her ache to have me sink deep up inside her eagerly waiting womb. In a remote corner of her mind, she keeps repeating over and over to herself that she only wants this older man, a man who is old enough to be her father, because she has no choice but to appease me for fear of losing her apartment. She knows in the foremost part of her consciousness that it is an excuse to herself and that sheer sexual craving is the real force behind everything she is experiencing. Erotic tremors running up her back at the sight of my fully erect cock standing out from my virile loins like a massive cobra whose head fanned out menacingly at the end of its pulsing length. God, it is huge she marvels, unable to take her eyes from the tremendous fleshy length.

" Yes… I want it," she finally murmurs, training her smoky, desire-clouded eyes for a moment on my face as
I feast on her breasts, now flushed and swollen from the mauling of my mouth. The candor of her confession
delights me and I wast no time as I lift myself from her, grasping her shoulders to move her into a better position, length-wise, on the soft leather cushions. Using her waist for leverage, I pull myself on top of her, my heavier weight along the length of her body squashing her down into the sofa. I came to rest directly between her helplessly pulsating legs, forcing them wider apart with my thick hairy thighs as I pull her tightly against me dropping one hand down between them to take my long hard throbbing cock in my fingers guiding it forward, using the thick rubbery tip to part her wet fleshy lips of her demanding pussy. She flings her head to one side on the cushions, closing her eyes and groaning in mingled excitement and despair as she feels its first hot startling contact against the ragged pink edges of her wet glistening cunt. She holds her breath for what seem an eternity, lying there in utter wantonness beneath me, not daring to breathe or move.

" Oooooh, God, hurry!" she finally moans, no longer caring what I thought of her for allowing my indecent attack on her young, desirable body. Then I push forward, splitting her cunt lips wider, she feel the first wave of pain from the cruel pressure of my inhuman huge cock on the tender outer walls of her pussy. " Oh, nooooo, waaaaiiiit — it's too big!" she cries as the thick tip slips further in, stretching wide the tiny, clean shaved entrance until Ashley feels as if her abdomen is splitting wide-apart from the relentless outward force of my merciless probing. " Stop, please, for God's sake, you're hurting me, you're hurting me!" She is screaming as her eyes jerk open in agony and sees that I have not heard her and I'm lost in the delight of subjugating her body. Suddenly my lustfully staring face twisted into a contorted expression of sheer animal desire as I look down at the defenseless woman lying spread-eagle beneath me, the head of my large virile cock disappearing inch by inch into her clean shaved pussy.

I fall forward, my weight smashing her round breasts tightly back against her heaving lungs as I thrust my hips forward ramming into her soft hot belly, the long, thick cock gliding into her cunt like a driving telephone pole and pushing the delicate moist flesh of her vaginal walls before it in helplessly rippling waves. There is no stopping me as I ram in deeper and deeper, until with a loud groan, my sperm filled balls smack loudly against the wide held cheeks of her naked buttocks. " she screams beneath me. She has never been so utterly filled in her life and my bone- hard, heavily-veined cock feels as though it has ripped her vaginal passage into a thousand tiny shreds as I slam into her without thought of mercy or injury to her tender insides. And now it lay deep in her belly, filling it to the point of causing stomach cramps. There is not a single tiny ridge of flesh on it that she cannot feel as it presses tightly against the soft flesh of her young pussy, encased in the moist hot sheath like a great spike planted heartlessly in her.

" How's that, Ashley?" I tormented, feeling her insides opening to receive me deeper in her womb. She
is whimpering and pleading desperately now as I thought of her snotty attitude and begin to fuck ruthlessly into her, gritting my teeth with lust and luxuriating in my awareness that she is compulsively following me, beginning to buck in wild, spasmodic jerks beneath me. She groans as if in anguish, shocking herself as she throws up her arms to wrap them tightly around my neck, pulling my solid well-defined chest into the velvety softness of her beautiful breasts. I plunge my long cock in and out, filling and emptying her, sinking my long slippery cock back and forth between her vaginal lips and up to her cervix until she feels as though it will tear up into her.
Her mouth moves against her will, opening and closing in response to each stroke of my cock, her shining hair flowing out on the black leather and fanning like silken threads, glinting subtle highlights of topaz and bronze and rust as her head rose and fell with her movements. There is nothing that can stop her insane race for fulfillment and I'm fucking her like a savage to end it for both of us.

" Oh, yes, oh yesssss," she breathes without thought of shame, her entire being lost in the overpowering
pleasure that has replaced the initial pain of my impalement of her. I slip my hands down her sides
grasping the wildly pumping cheeks of her ass, jerking them up off the cushions to gain better access
to the moist wet hole of her cunt. Then, pressing further forward, I slide my palms down to her knees
forcing her legs up off the couch, wide, pushing them brutally back over her shoulders until her toes
press painfully into the leather on either side of her head. Her tortured body is bent back double, jack-
knifed, the stress on her painfully strained muscles almost causing her to beg for mercy. The whole of her wetly glistening groin is open to me as I increase the power of my thrusts, driving in with long, hard lunges that receive their momentum from the very tips of my toes, cramming the very last inch of my cock into her with thundering lust, until fresh ecstatic moans fall from her lips, resounding through the room like the cries of a wounded beast. Her nostrils flaring and her eyes rolling back, fixing hypnotically on the ceiling above the
rhythmically groaning sofa.

I'm sweating above her, driving with longer smoother strokes into the hotly steaming passage up between her
drawn back thighs as her long tapered nails claw frantically at me, pulling me wildly into her. Deliberately teasing her, I pull my cock almost all the way out of her hungrily clasping young vagina on the back stroke, then thrust forward again into her uplifted buttocks until I feel the hard slap of my testicles against the unprotected crevice of her anus. Wet smacking sounds filling the room with each brutal fucking stroke I make into her, blending in tempo with the sounds of our hoarse breathing and the rhythmic lurching squeaks of our naked, sweat soaked flesh on the black leather. I place my hands on either side of her lifting myself so I can watch the young woman's exquisitely beautiful face. I did not want to miss, the humiliating surrender of this smooth, soft-bodied young woman who has bounced so innocently into my nightclub and private room just a short time ago. She is being brought to womanhood this evening and I can think of nothing nicer than having her hot little cunt at my disposal whenever I want her. I hear her sharp gasps of pleasure as I fuck heavily into her, skewering her, and she is loving it, fucking back shamelessly, urging me on with every lunge.

"Oh, God, fill me, fill me! Give me more!" She begs, gasping as if she is close to passing out. " You love it, don't you? You love my cock just like any other whore?" I demanded, ramming harder into her for emphasis. " You're going to be my little whore, aren't you?" " Whore?" She falters for a moment, not certain that she understood what I'm saying to her. Then she realizes that it is true — she has allowed herself to lose control over all the things she knew was right and is now no better than a slut from the street. No, she will never be the same again. " That's right, whore!" I spat down at her, relishing the confused mixture of pleasure and debasement I see on her face. " From now on, you'll fuck when I want you to!" " Oooooh, yesss… yesssss," She sobs. She will have to submit to my every desire, yet, whore that she is, she didn't care now. Nothing is real to her but the hot pleasure that made her wave her hungrily gyrating young buttocks in uncontrolled frenzy up and down, from side to side, spiraling her starving cunt along the full length of my huge cock to feel every sensation she possibly can.

I'm smiling smugly as I step up the viciousness of my strokes until my pelvis is smacking like a wooden paddle against the ragged pink flanges of her delicious pussy, my huge, lust hardened cock driving deep into the far hidden recesses of her heated writhing body. I feel the cords of her neck and thighs stand out and tense as she squirms under me, her climax rising, her body aching now to complete her baptism into womanhood, to have me shoot my sperm into her soft heaving body. Suddenly I decide to complete my conquest and introduce her to the unexpected. I slide my fingers down over the tight skin of her firm ass finding the tiny elastic-rimmed anus cradled defenselessly below. It is soft and warm and I feel its tiny crinkled lips working in time with the grinding of her buttocks as she pushes against my pounding loins. I shove my finger into it with a quick hard movement and I feel the tender rubbery flesh yielding to my attack. " God, oooooh," she gasps in painful protest at the unexpected intrusion, the plea tumbling from her lips in shock. I thrust harder, taking pleasure in hearing her helpless little sounds of subjugation. " Oh, pleeeeease, nooooo," she wails, trying to twist away from my indecent outrage against her defenselessly cringing asshole.

I'm working my finger around inside her, stretching the rubbery softness wider and wider as I grind into it.
I slip another finger in feeling the tight resistance give way as it moves into the warm, fragile
depths. The deep guttural noises coming from her changed slowly into whimpers of pain for a moment, then
are replaced by moans of pleasure as her slightly stretched anus gradually grows accustomed to
the strange penetration. A smile of victory across my lust contorted face as I feel her begin to slowly move her buttocks back on my hand, grinding her obscenely filled butt down voraciously on my buried fingers as I probe them methodically around in the warm depths. She is hopelessly impaled between my throbbing hard cock in her cunt and my fingers shoved cruelly up into her asshole. She is whimpering and moaning beneath me, she increases her twisting and bucking movements under double ravishment of her.

I slide my other hand slowly up from the smooth rounded cheeks of her writhing ass to where my hardened cock is pistoning in and out of her pussy teasing cruelly the wet, bare folds clasping tightly around my rampaging thickness. I feel their fleshy softness pulling and giving with each long hard, jack-hammer thrust I make into her. Suddenly I quicken my thrusts, hot, pulsating and deep, as her body is battered mercilessly beneath me. I know she is mine now, completely, I have no intention of showing mercy or compassion. I want to hear her beg for my hot cum, beg to be filled with it, so that she will remember, long after this night is over, the power I wield over her body and mind. " Tell me, whore, tell me what you want," I growl as I slow my strokes and teasingly run my massive length only half-way into her, " Do you want me to fuck you and shoot my cum up into your snooty little cunt?"
" Oh yes, pleeeeease!" the young brunette gasps, her pride completely destroyed as she lay pinned and naked
under my weight. The thought of begging me to drive my huge cock into her and empty my sperm-laden balls into her belly is unthinkable, but she is beyond caring now and yearns for her climax, now so close. " I… I can't," she said, hesitating to submit to my final last degradation. This, she knows, would be the final surrender and there would be no escaping me ever again.

It is the only thing she has left. By cruel treachery, I have taken everything else, her pride to date other men, her self-respect, everything is gone now. She cannot let me have the pleasure of hearing her beg as well. Yet, she knew she would. Insane passion pulsed in her blood stream like a lust-lit neon sign, sending searing electrical signals through her nerves and building her excitement to a crest that will drive her insane if she did not find relief. At last, closing her eyes so that she will not have to face the sadistic delight in my eyes, she murmurs: " Oh, please, for God's sake, do it! Fuck me! Shoot your cum in my cunt!" Grunting with approval of her submission, I increase the tempo of my thrusts, grinding hard and deep into her so my rigidly pistoning cock bored far up into the hidden recesses of her swaying young womb. Her naked breasts heaved and quivered up against the pressure of my sweating chest, the tiny hard nipples digging into me like the buttons of a coat.

The fire of sheer animal desire flaring in my lunging groin and I too is now aware of nothing else in the world but the exciting fact that this beautiful young woman, is going insane beneath me, bucking her satiny ass and kicking with her heels against my shoulders as I ram more and more savagely into her. Of all the hot bitches I have fucked , this one is among the best, if not the very best, and this time, I plan to make sure that it will be a special occasion. This tender little piece of ass is going to be doing everything I want until the day I'm bored with her.
"Oh, ooooohhhhh, Goooooddddd! I'm cumming… I'm cummmmming nowwwww!" Ashlee suddenly squeals in a high-
pitched voice as she locks her slim ankles in a death grip high up behind my laboring, sweat slick torso. Her body heaving as she holds onto me desperately, not moving but quivering and jerking around me in a pulsating rhythm that serves to spew her orgasmic fluids out around my still hard driving cock. It trickled hotly down the wide-split crevice of her buttocks, soaking my heavy slapping balls and the two fingers buried all the way to the hilt up in her tiny puckered anus.

I feel her jerk up toward me, the lips of her hotly seething little cunt working and sucking at my imbedded, marble-hard cock as though trying to milk me dry. Her breath is coming in short, panting gasps as I rantically withdraw to thrust deep in again, feeling my own hot boiling sperm suddenly race up from my balls, jetting from the tip of throbbing cock and far up into her soft quivering belly. Ashlee's lust-crazed brain whirling in mindless sensuality as the burning, powerful squirts of cum surge into her, filling her with warm sticky wetness and mingling with her own juices in a wet pool of forbidden joy that this astonished young woman has never before imagined. Then, after a long moment of gasping sighs, Ashlee's trembling, body is drained of everything, and her passion spent limbs collapse loosely onto the cushions as my grip on her buttocks slowly relaxed.

She shudders for a second as I pull my fingers from her tiny stretched anus with a soft wet hissing sound, then lay motionless, her body beaten and satisified as it has never been before. Tears welling up in her blue eyes as a sense of shame and humiliation rushes over her and she suddenly remembers where she is and just whose thick penis it is that is still soaking deep in her warmly pulsating vagina. " Please, get off me, Mr. Malone," she said finally, attempting to regain a little of the dignity that has been torn from her in the debasing sexual experience she has just undergone. " I… I have to go home." " Oh, of course, Ashlee," I smiled condescendingly down at her misery. " Here, let me pull it out." She closes her eyes to the sight of my lewd grin and quivers slightly as she feels me lift my hips, slipping my now-soft penis from her sperm flooded vagina with a soft, wet sucking noise. A cool rush of fresh air flows over her loins when I roll from her body, lowering my spent body to the floor beside the couch, she heaves a long sigh of anguished relief. I look at her then say " Go home, get cleaned up and dress in lingerie and have dinner delivered. I will see you in two or three hours for I'm not finished with you yet."

" Oh, God… oh no," Ashlee sobbed in incoherent horror at the idea of 3 or 4 more fucking sessions. Her well-used body lurched to a sitting position and she pulls her legs tightly under her, crossing her arms over the front of her body in a vain attempt to hide her nakedness.

story by: horny fox

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: horny fox

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