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“Damn it.”

Kaylee looked at the figures before her for at least the 10th time silently begging them to add up. She hated numbers. They never came together right for her. It was so infuriating. What she would spend hours with spreadsheets, formulas and sums trying to figure out, another person could waltz in with scribbles on a piece of scratch paper and, waving a $5 calculator like a wand, conjure up the correct answer.

“It’s 7pm in KC and it looks like it’s going to be another steamy night, “ the radio announcer droned. Kaylee glared at the boom box next to her computer monitor. “Thanks for the reminder.” she intoned sarcastically.

Steamy seemed too positive a word for such a humid, sticky existence she was being forced to endure – thanks to an increasingly deteriorating building and cheap property management. With a sigh, Kaylee tossed aside the sheets of paper that had become the bane of her existence and leaned as far back as she dared in her black leather office chair stretching her legs in front of her to rest her petite sandaled feet on her desk top. Staring at the ceiling, she allowed her mind to wander, chewing on various thoughts as though tasting them and then setting them to the side as unsatisfactory. Sitting up a little, her gaze followed the length of her legs until coming to rest where they ended at her feet.

“I like this color.” She stated to no one in particular regarding the cherry red polish adorning her pedicured toes. “I like these shoes, too.” She again verbalized, turning her feet one way and then the other, admiring her newest acquisition: strappy black sandals sporting various colors of stitching and a 3” heel. Kaylee signed and lowered her feet to the ground, then stood from her chair to walk over to the fan in an attempt to cool her body and distract her tired brain.

She closed her eyes as the warm air blew over her damp skin and reached up to unbutton the top button of her white cotton blouse, pulling the fabric to each side in an attempt to expose more skin to the only relief from the heat. Her fingers continued their task with the next button…and the next until her blouse blew open in front of the fan. Her lace encased breasts strained against the fabric, nipples hardening with the exposure. Smiling, she opened her eyes and looked straight into another’s.

The word flew from her lips as her body froze with shock. There stood Max. Of course, all of their workers were contractors and stopped by the office at all hours; however, she had never fathomed any of them would brave the uncooled brick building on a night like this.

She watched Max swallow convulsively and willed herself into slow motion, pulling her shirt together and beginning to push the buttons through their holes.

Max’s words stopped her action. Unsure of his meaning – or intentions, Kaylee stood silent.

“I mean – uh – I didn’t mean to,” Max stumbled.

“How long have you been here?” Kaylee found her voice.

“Forever and not long enough at the same time.”

Kaylee had to laugh. Max had regained his suave footing. Of all the men she worked with from day to day, Max would be the one she minded the least finding her in this situation. Truth be known, since it was Max, she really didn’t mind at all. In mind wrapped around the fact that since she had realized he was there, she was experiencing a rush of one place.

“I apologize, this must be uncomfortable for you.” she lowered her eyes in a manner that could be interpreted coquettishly, or on what interpretation the interpreter preferred. A long moment passed by while Kaylee held her breath wondering if she had completely misread the look in Max’s eyes. When his shoes came into her downcast view she silently gave her instincts a high five.

Her intake of breath as his hands brushed across her now fully erect nipples seemed to give him courage as he reached both hands out to cup her breasts through her bra and then, pushing the lacey fabric aside knead her flesh. She sighed as she raised her eyes to his and stepped into him.

“It’s awfully hot in here.” Max commented.

“Either you’re making small talk or being Kaylee shot back at him

He laughed out loud showing his even teeth. “I was giving you an excuse.”

“An excuse for what?”

“Taking the rest of your clothes off.”

Kaylee’s hands glided up the front of his pants to rest over the bulge at their apex. you give me a reason instead of an excuse?”

When Max’s lips crushed hers, her arms wrapped themselves around him and her body pressed against his seemingly of their own volition. Their tongues slid against each other enticingly imitating more intense activities. Max’s hands roamed over her body in exploration, forging a trail that his lips, tongue and teeth would soon follow. She moaned when his mouth began suckling at her breast and ran her fingers over his bald head. In a frenzy, unable to continue without the fulfillment of the fantasy she frequently played out in her mind, Kaylee sank to her knees. With a flourish, the layers between her and her goal were disposed of her hands brought out the object of her pursuit.

She emitted a whisper of satisfaction, matched by Max’s moan of pleasure, as she stroked his cock with her hands…then replaced their ministrations with her lips and finally her mouth. The hunger she felt for him was more intense than anything she could remember feeling as she slid her lips down the length of his shaft and with a deep breath pulled the head down her throat. She began her rhythm and grasped Max’s thighs pulling him in and out of her wet moist mouth. Max’s hands gripped her head as he picked up the beat of her music and began matching it – thrusting gently with his hips, fucking her face. She knew this was what she was made for and gloried in it.

Suddenly, Max pulled away from her. Startled from her euphoria, Kaylee gave a soft cry of denial. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her from the floor while pushing her to the nearest desk. Catching his vibe, she hopped up onto it, began pulling her skirt up to her hips and parted her legs in welcome. Max’s stride did not break as he slid his cock between her legs and into her dripping wet pussy to the base with a groan. Kaylee gasped and grasped his shoulders as he began pumping into her. Her shaking legs wrapped around his waist as she imagined the picture they must paint; his strong hips thrusting forward through the circle of her silky legs. She marveled at the quickness of the orgasm she could feel building and knew would soon overtake her.

“Oh my God. Yes! Yes!”

Kaylee's mind reeled at the ecstasy his hard dick was providing her body. Her vaginal muslces clenched and relaxed around the pulsating member as he drove it into her body without mercy. She loved the abruptness and force of his fucking.

Max grunted and pumped her harder and faster as though reading her mind. Kaylee struggled to hold her squeals down, but finally gave in as she reached the crest of her climax and then it crashed over her. Max fucked her furiously amidst her cries of pleasure until his own orgasm overtook him and his cum exploded deep inside her. Panting, he collapsed onto her, their sweating heaving bodies attempting to inform their brains of the events that had just occurred.

Finally, Max stood and stepped away from Kaylee, rearranging his clothes. Kaylee did the same. Both remained silent and then spoke at once,

“Do you always – “

“Max I – “

The both laughed.

“You go ahead, Max.” Kaylee offered with a gesture.

“I was just going to ask – do you always work this late…by />
Kaylee considered his tall frame for a moment before replying.

“I will now.”

story by: KrysM

Tags: fiction blowjob consensual sex male/female job/place-of-work sex story

Author: KrysM

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