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Billie and mark were just married, while going on their honeymoon in the Pocono’s they were snuggling in the car the whole way. They arrived at the place and checked in about nine that night. Both being in there 40's and trying at love once again. They went to their room and decided to check out the place real good. So they are headed to the main building to see what was going on.

They ordered a meal and a couple of drinks in the entertainment room as they listened to a band. When the food came they ordered a few more drinks and the waiter brought a bottle of Champaign because of them just being married. They ate and drank while listening to the band and ordered more drinks.

About midnight they were feeling pretty good and wanted to go check out the indoor pool and spa. So they went back to their room and changed and went to the building with the pool. As soon as they entered, they saw a spa on both sides of the room. One right there at the same level as them and one down off to the side. They went over and down the little bridge to the lower level and mark was going into the pool.

While Billie wanted to go into the hot tub, so they agreed to go to where each one wanted to go. So mark went swimming and couldn't see if anyone would come in the building and Billie couldn't either. Neither could see each other and thought they were the only ones in the building.

When three Arabs came into the building to check out the place too. One looked down and seen Billie laying in the hot tub. He motioned to the other two to look, but be quite, down over the edge. They all looked around and then looked at each other. Then one said " she is in here all by herself, She must be lonely".

Then another one said "follow me and let me do the talking" And " when she has her back to you grab her" They talked for a few more minutes before heading down across the bridge to enter the hot tub that Billie was in. As they came around the corner to where she could see them. She was startled and jumped up, showing the one-piece suit she was wearing.

They looked right down her top as she jumped up, showing a nice set of tits. As she passed by the first one, he asked her "What you can't be afraid of us or are you just prejudiced" Billie turned and said "No I am not, it's time for me to go". That’s when one of the other guys grabbed her around her mouth. They dragged her back around where she was, but even further under the bridge where no one could see them if anyone would come in.

The guy holding her, with his free hand grabbed her strap on her shoulder and pulled it down as far as he could. Then he told the other guy "to pull off the other side and pull them completely off". She struggled but couldn't free herself from the grip this guy had on her. As the second one pulled off her swimsuit, exposing her nice sized breasts. The first guy with his free hand started feeling them. The second guy was still pulling at her suit as she was kicking at him.

The first guy was against the wall with her in front of him. The second guy was tugging at her swimsuit until he got them out over her legs and feet. The first one told the second one to fuck the white American pig. So the second one grabbed her legs again, spread then apart and got between them. Holding his cock with one hand and the other under her ass lifting her up. He thrust his cock into her pussy and started pumping her as hard and fast as he could.

She was squirming and trying to scream with no luck, she was hoping her newly husband would hear her muffled cries. As the one fucking her pumped faster and harder, going in as far as he could for about 5 minutes. He rocked his head back and moaned somewhat, then started Cumming in her. He pulled his cock out and the first one told the third one "to fuck her now".

The third guy look a bit scared, but dropped his suit, opened her legs and began to fuck her too. He was slow at first but picked up the pace as the feeling got more exciting to him. He was fucking her for about 10 minutes before he shot his juice into her dripping wet cunt. Then the first guy took her swimsuit and shoved most of it into her mouth. Put her arms behind her, holding them with one of his hands.

Then turned her around bending her forward, and start poking at her ass with a finger. She started wiggling around and trying to scream even harder. He smacked her in the head and then he rammed his cock into her tight virgin ass. She had never felt pain like this in her life and she wanted it to end now. When he finished he told the third guy "to get the bag". They had a bag with their dry clothes and at the entrance of the hot tub.

When the third guy came back he drew this ball thing out of the bag and pulled the swimsuit from her mouth and replaced it with the ball thing. Then they duct taped her mouth and blindfolded her, once out of the water they put a robe around her and pulled the hood over her head so no one could see.

Once out of the building one guy in front of her and one on each side, they guided her to their room. Once as they passed other people out walking. The first one says " Don't worry champ, You'll win the next fight" to make people think it was another guy with them. Just as they got her in the room, one of the guy’s wives knocked on the door. The women wanted to go to the main building to have a few drinks before bed. The first one told them to go without the men that they were busy playing cards.

After the women left they took her into the bedroom, where the first one pulled the robe from Billie and pushed her down onto the bed. He then jumped on top of her telling her " I am going to fuck your ass again, you American pig woman. Then he rammed it up her ass and started pumping away until he shot his hot juices inside of her. Then the second one got on top of her and from behind was fucking her wet pussy again. He was pounding it, and it was getting sore.

After 15 minutes of him ramming his cock inside of her she felt his hot juices pumping into her pussy. Then the third one rolled her over, spread her legs wide and started fucking her like he has never had any before. Pumping that pussy hard while sucking on her tits, before exploding deep inside her canal.

As she lay there not knowing what to expect, the three were talking about what should they do with her. " We can't just let her go,” says the first one. "Then what" asks the second, then the third one said he knows the guy at the bookstore and he might be willing to take her off their hands and even pay them. So they agreed to sneak her into the car and take her to the store. But first the third one calls the store, then hangs up and tells them that he has to see her and check her out before he can give them any moneys for her.

The third guy pulls the car up next to the door as the other two put the robe back on her. When the car is close they hustle her into the car and speed away. As this is taking place her tits rub against the second guy and he get horny. So he pulls her head down onto his cock and makes her suck his cock.

Just as they pull into the Adult Book store the second guy starts Cumming in her mouth. She lets his cum flow back out of her mouth all over him, which pisses him off. He starts slapping her and telling her to lick it all off of him. He takes tissues and cleans up the mess as the other two pull her out of the car.

They enter the building and go straight to the counter to where this guy is sitting. He tells them to bring her around the counter and let him look. He pulls the robe back and sees two nice tits and a nice body. He then pulls the robe up abit and looks to see she is pretty. Then he pushes her down in front of him and tells the three Arabs "let me find out how good it its". He then pulls his dick from his shorts and starts stroking it in her face. As it stiffens he commands her to wrap her sweet lips around it and suck it off.

He tells the three guys to look around while he tries her out. He grabs the back of her neck and squeezes it telling her she had better start sucking it now. Her mouth opens up and accepts the now stiff cock. She starts sucking it lightly, until he rams it deeper and holds the back of her head. Telling her if she wants to be let go, she had better do what she is told.

So she lets him fuck her mouth even though it is a nasty tasting cock. He pumps her mouth just a short time before he explodes in her mouth making her gag with his foul tasting cum. Swallowing it as fast as she can to keep from tasting it as much. Then the guy stands her up and leads her into a small room behind them. There he forces her to bend over in front of him and using his finger to explore her pussy. Talking to himself he says " Little dick Arabs", "I can tell they have been fucking you, But your still tight" Then he starts fucking her himself. His cock being much longer and thicker then the Arabs, with every time he thrust it in, he goes further into her. Until he is slamming his ball into her ass, she can feel the tightness of her pussy around his big throbbing cock. Every time he thrusts it into her he says, "Damn girl you got a nice tight pussy". Then she hears him say " Oh shit girl, Oh shit" and she feels the cock inside her explode with a fury and fill her up. As he slowly pumps his cock in and out she can feel the hot cum running down her leg.

He pulls out and leads her back to the counter where the three Arabs come back to talk. He draws $500 out of the cash registered and hands it to them. They say thank you and leave.

He then takes her into another room and puts her in a small room and takes her robe from her. He then tells her "there are alot of guys out here and if you leave this room I won't be able to stop them". Naked and scared she stays in there and a few minutes go by. Then the door opens and she knows there is someone in there too.

She feels someone push her up against the wall and her head is against the wall. Hands grab her head and move it to the left to find a hole in the wall. Her head is being pushed through the hole and she feels someone on the other side pulling her head. Something went around her neck and she tries to pull back, It’s like the stocks of the olden days. Her hands are being tied together behind her, then she hears someone say "5 dollars a pop" and alot of guys voices. The again she hears "5 dollars a pop any hole you want".

She is really scared now and she starts to panic, but she can't seem to free herself no matter how hard she tries. Then she feels a cock at her anal hole, and she tries to wiggle her butt to keep it from going in there. But two hands grab a hold of her and POP it rips her ass and sends pain shooting through her body. She tries to scream only to have her mouth filled with a big cock. As he shoves his cock in her mouth, he rams it down her throat saying, "Come on baby and show me that deep throat action. Holding her head with both of his hands, she couldn't even turn her head to pull it out of her throat. She could feel the cock rip the walls of her ass and throat at the same time.

As each one shot the magic load of jiz in her, another one would replace the last. Taking turns between her mouth, pussy and ass, she could feel the gue running down her legs and dripping off her chin. Sometimes a cock would be in her mouth the pull away only to feel it Cumming on her face. Her face was sticky and her mouth and throat hurt. Her legs were the same and her ass and pussy felt like they were on fire. But the cocks kept continuing to pump in and out of her.

She must have been standing there bent over with her head through that hole for days it seemed like to her. She was thinking that about two hundred cocks must have been thrust into her. Then the thing around her neck came loose and she pulled herself from the hole. She was alone what the hell she thought. Just then the door opened and it was the guy from the counter.

He took her hand and led her through several doors to a room lit up with lights. He said, "There is the shower, here are some towels, wash cloths and some douches. Clean yourself up and I'll bring you some clothes" She thought can this ordeal be over, is it real.

When he left the room she wandered over to the toilet and sit down crying. Then as she got herself together more and she decided to clean up as he told her. She used douches on her pussy, then one up her ass. Then she climbed into the shower and started to clean up. There was shampoo there, so she use some to wash the cum out of her hair. While her hair was all soaped up she felt someone in there with her. Trying to wash the soap from her hair and not get any in her eyes.

She could feel hands playing with her breasts. Then she was turned around and pressed up against the side of the shower. Then a cock being forced in between her legs from behind into her pussy. With every thrust she was banged against the side of the shower, then harder and harder. Then after 20 minutes of being banged against the shower sides, she felt his cock explode inside her pussy. He told her I couldn't stop myself from having to fuck your tight pussy again. Now clean yourself up and get dressed.

She turned off the shower and grabbed two towels, one to dry her hair and one to dry her body. When she looked up she noticed him sitting there watching her, she tried to hide herself with the towel, but he had already seen everything. He got up and walked over to her and said "I wish this could have been other circumstances, cause I would have love to have you for my ol' lady" And he handed her some clothing saying " its not much, but its all I got for you".

She finished getting dressed with this top with holes in it and a weird looking skirt and really thin panties. He then told her "he has a guy coming to take her home or wherever she wants to go". "But that he can't leave to take her, because of the store". He says " Your gonna have to sit there on the sofa and wait till he gets here, You can’t go out there because of all the guys that will attack you". He leaves and she sits down on the sofa, all the while she is thinking she hopes this guy comes soon.

She is there for about a half hour, when this big weight lifter looking guy comes through the door. He says, "Hi are you Billie,” She says "Yes" and he sits down beside her. She jumps up and says "Please take me home now" he explains to her how there is alot of guys out there just waiting for her to show her face. And that he called another friend to help him get her through the mess. She's trembling and wanting to get away from this place. He tells her the plan to get her out has to be careful. The only way out is through all them guys and if she didn't want to have all her holes fucked again, she has to wait. Cause there is no way he can protect her from all the guys out in the store. So she decides to wait. She starts looking all around the room and seeing lights and camera's everywhere. She asks about all the stuff and is told that they make movies there sometimes.

After a little bit another big man come into the room along with a shorter man and the guy from the counter. The second big guy says to her "Are you the one I'm She stands up and says, "Yes, can we leave now. As the short guy walks over behind a camera. The first big guy stands up and says " don't you get it baby, we're going to drive you alright". Then he grabs her top and rips it off, as the second one rips her skirt and panties off her body.

They tell her "we're gonna make a movie, a movie about how these two big monster cocks ripped open your holes". They both rip off their pants and there she stood with her mouth open wide as she stared at two huge monster cocks that were going to be ripping her into. One was at least 16 inches and the bigger one was 18 or 19 inches. The second guy had the smaller cock and he told her "she had to put his whole cock in her mouth". She just stood there shaking her head no, not saying a word in disbelief of how in the world these two cocks were ever going to fit inside any part of her body.

Then she was thrown back onto the sofa, the second guy shoved his cock in her face saying "Come on bitch suck it and suck it good". The first one sat beside her on the sofa, rubbing her tits and pussy, trying to make her horny. Her head was all the way back against the sofa with nowhere else to go, with the big cock ramming into her lips. It was trying to force its way into her mouth, but she was fighting it. Then he reached down and grabbed her jaw, squeezing it. Her jaw popped open and she could feel the sides of her mouth stretching and ripping. She could feel the big head of it fill her mouth, pushing her teeth back. He was trying to push more and more of his huge cock into her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye she the small guy with a camera up close to get a good shot of her mouth fucking.

It felt like her jaw was being ripped off her face, but he kept plunging it hard and deep. Then she heard him say "Suck it you fucking whore, suck my big cock dry you bitch" That’s when she started gagging from the amount of cum gushing into her mouth with no place to go but down the hatch. He kept saying "Drink my jiz you fucking cunt, suck that motherfucker dry". For a few minutes she thought she was going to choke on all that cum, but she managed to down it all. He pulled it out and she couldn't close her mouth for some reason.

The first guy stands in front of her and says "This will be easier for you to get it in your mouth cause its soft baby". Then he rammed his cock into her mouth further then the first one did. It was smaller right then, but not for long. It started to grow and there was lot of it in her mouth. Soon she could feel it right at the back of her throat pushing and she thought she wouldn't be able to breath. He rocked his cock in her mouth for what seemed like hours to her. Until he started to shoot his wad, except he pulled it out to shoot it all over her face and into her mouth from a distance. He had alot more then the other guy and she was thankful he didn't try to make her swallow it all.

They pulled her to the floor and the second guy got on top of her. He was pushing and jabbing his cock at her opening of her pussy. She knew the minute it entered her, she was going to be ripped and hurting. About then she felt it forcing its giant head past her pussy lips. Then with a big shove he forced more and she could feel the rip of her pussy. She could feel the warm trickle of her own blood running down across her ass cheek.

She couldn’t bear the amount of pain she was feeling from each thrust going deeper and ripping her more. Soon he was banging it in her all the way to his balls, telling her she has the tightest pussy he has ever fucked. With every thrust feeling like a log of redwood inside her, she gasps for air and lay there being fucked like never before. For what seemed like forever, when she could feel the hot juices shooting up inside her so much. She could have sworn that he was filling every crack of her insides with his hot cum. He was pumping so much that soon she thought it would come up and fill her mouth too. He lay there on top of her, rocking his dick slowly in and out slightly. He could feel the muscles of her cunt contracting tightly around his cock. Then he pulled it out of her with such a noise. He looked at the other guys in the room and said, “I gotta have more of that sweet cunt”.

That’s when the first guy climbed on top of her. He also started ramming his monster cock into her pussy. Feeling how tight it was he was rock hard before it was in 3 inches. It tore at her pussy even more and the pain was too much for her. This cock was longer and thicker then the other. As he pumped his cock deeper with each thrust the guy with the camera laying down behind them catching all of the action on his camera.

This monster cock was now going in to his balls too. She could feel his balls slapping against her ass. He was ramming it in her so hard; she was ready to pass out from the pain. He kept fucking her and ramming it deep inside her, for what seeded like forever. Then out of the blue she heard him saying “God baby I love your pussy,Oh God, Oh God”. Then she felt it gushing inside her torn and swollen cunt. Filling her even more with the hot cum as her muscles are contracting around this gigantic cock. It was sucking his cock with the way the muscles were contracting. He too had to lay there moving ever so slightly, while this cunt was sucking his dick off inside her. Making him hard all over again. He pulled out of her and the gushing sound her pussy made caused them to laugh. It sounds like when you have a boot full of water and you take a step. She was now relived that these cocks were done with her pussy. Thinking it was all over, she relaxed somewhat.

Then she was rolled over and she could feel someone on top of her once again. “Oh God she thought not my ass too”, then she could feel the cock at her ring. And with a mighty push he drove it into her ass. To her it was worse than her pussy, she could feel the ring of her anal canal being parted and torn. At this time there was only 4 or 5 inches up her ass, but to her it felt like someone’s whole arm was there. She tried to struggle and wiggle forward, but there was someone holding her. She thought if she could just slide forward maybe two inches, she could get it out of her ass. Someone was there stopping her from moving forwards.

“Oh God I can’t take this, Please stop it hurts too much” were her words to the guy fucking her ass. He said in a laughing voice “ honey once your tight ass gets used to being fuck, your going to love every minute of every fucking”. Then with that he got even hornier then before, cause her muscles in her ass were contracting tighter around his cock then her pussy did. Which drove him even wilder,

So with every thrust he was pounding her ass harder then before, as far as he could drove his member into her. She just lay there crying and begging to stop this torture of her little ass hole. He kept pumping and pumping till he could feel his balls start jerking, with the soon satisfaction he knew was cumming . It made his cock grow a little bigger while inside her and she could feel it grow too. Then as he was at that point before shooting his jizz. He started yelling, “I’m cumming in your fucking ass baby”.

As the juices filling her ass canal are pumping like a well pumping water. She feels it filling her up like an bucket. With her getting a slightly bit used to the cock inside it. Her ass was still hurting her badly. He continued to move it back and forth inside of her, and she could feel his every move. “My God she thought, how much cum can this guy have”. As she can still feel squirts gushing in her every time he moves his cock inside of her ass. Then he slowly pulls it out of her.

As relief settles in her mind that it’s out of her, she feels the pressing of another body, that’s when she remembers the other bigger cock. Thinking “ Oh My God no, I can’t take the bigger one up my ass too. He could feel her fighting his entrance; she was tightening up her anal ring so much. That he could not get the head of his cock inside her, so he started smacking her ass cheeks to make her relax. Then when he knew she had relaxed enough, He rammed his monster dick into her tight little anal hole splitting it into.

She was screaming and begging again for this cock to leave her ass. She told the guy “You can fuck her pussy again, but not her ass”. But he continued to ram his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust into her backdoor love canal. She lay there tossing her head back and forth saying she can’t take it any more. He pounded that tight little ass for over a half hour, before shooting his wad into her tight ass. Filling her up inside, with her not knowing how much more cum she can take in her body. After about 5 minutes or so of him slowly rocking inside of her, Feeling the gush each time his cock moves, of the juices squirting into her Hershey highway.

He pulls it out of her and she is rolled onto her side. Somebody has a hold of her leg and is holding it almost straight in the air. Then she feels someone behind her pushing a cock into her ass once again. She feels it enter her anal canal again with a force that sends pain back through her body. He pulls her over on top of him with her back against him on top. Then as the cock in her ass is pumping so slowly in her ass, she feels yet another cock being pushed into her already bloody pussy. It makes both holes tighten around their cocks. Its more pain then before with both cocks in her at the same time.
Meanwhile the guy with the camera is catching this slow rocking of two cocks pump her ass and pussy at once. She feels like she is tied to two cars being ripped apart. A log splitter she thinks, yes a log splitter is between her legs splitting her like a log. As the cocks thrust hard she screams from pain. Only to feel a cock being shoved into her mouth And down into her throat. “ Oh My God she is thinking, this can’t really be happening to me”. She is fucked every way that there is to get fucked. They spend like three hours switching and fucking her holes before they are done with her.

Then they all get up and leave the room, letting her just lay there on the floor. She lay there a few minutes then slowly gets up and looks around the room. She sees a sign above the one door saying EXIT, and thinks to herself “ That has to be the way out, I have to get out even though I have no clothes, I just have to get out of here”.

So she heads towards the door and as she opens it she hears what sound like a movie. She walks into a dark room with a movie playing and looks to see, it’s her and what just happened to her. She stands there in shock as she sees herself on the movie screen, just how big those cocks really were. When all of the sudden she felt someone pushing her over a chair and ramming another cock into her once tight pussy. She heard the guy say “Now its my turn to get me some of that sweet stuff”.

As he is pumping his cock into her pussy, another cock is being forced into her mouth. As she ‘s being pumped from both ends, she heard a voice. “ Can I have your Attention, The star of this movie is in the room on the left side. Please feel free to take a turn with her if you want. It’s free to all” She tries to look around while this cock is being shoved into her mouth. All she can see is guys standing around jerking their dicks in their hands waiting for a turn with her. A dick is pulled out and another one goes right into her. “Oh my God” she thinks how many guys are in here. Cock after cock going in her pussy and ass and mouth. She feels a big puddle at her feet and knows it’s all this cum being pumped inside her.

Then she is pulled to the floor and on her side, now three guys are inside her at once. No one is giving her a chance to say a word or ask for help. There has to at least 100 guys in this room taking turns pumping her full of cocks and cum. She has no choice but to accept every cock being shoved into her and the ones being shoved down her throat are gagging her at times. Her belly is full, like she just ate the biggest meal of her life. But yet the cocks are still being forced into her and pumping her ever so raw holes and throat.

After seven hours of this continuing she has no strength left in her body. So several people pick her up and carry her up on the stage where they blindfold her and tie her hands behind her back. They sit her on something low to the ground; she can feel that she is low. She can see the lights must be on now, but she can’t see what is going on now. Then a voice whispers to her “You want to go free”. She says, “Yes please”. Then the voice says to her “You gotta get this last guy off and we’ll let you go” She says to herself “what the hell is one more after all that’s been put inside of me today”.

She feels something at her lips and opens her mouth. She is thinking this guy has a long skinny dick. She feels it start to grow inside of her mouth. She has the cock growing to the back of her mouth and it’s getting bigger. So she tries to pull away but someone is there and not letting her move her head back very much. She can hear a lot of guys cheering someone on. “Oh God this thing is big now and gagging her and going down her throat. When all of the sudden she hears something, “What the hell was that” “Was that a horse I hear” then after a minute or so she thinks “Oh my God I have a horse cock in my mouth”. Trying really hard to pull away from this monster, she has someone holding her head with two hands so she can’t get it out.

This cock in her mouth is rocking a little and her head is being pushed forward a lot. Being pushed and pulled back and forth with this long big horse cock in her throat, She feels the cock getting bigger and a bucking motion she is sensing. Then with one big gush she can feel the horse cumming and she starts choking from the rush of all that cum. Just then she gets her head free from this monster. The horse is cumming all over her and it totally covers her with horse cum. She sits there coughing and choking all soak and wet from all the cum.

They push her head forward again telling her to lick the rest of the horse cum. She refuses and they are rubbing her face across the horses cock. She can feel the gushes cumming out of the horse cock all over her face. Her hair is soaked and covered with this cum. She even feels it up her nose. Everyone in the room is cheering this event and enjoying what they are seeing.

Then they pick her up and put her onto some kind of table laying on her back. It must have wheels cause she can feel it moving, and then she feels something above her. She feels someone grabbing her legs and pulling them back towards her head. “What the Hell” she is thinking, “What could these sick bastards be doing now”. Not knowing and wondering what could be next with nothing she could do about it anyway. Then she feels something rubbing up ad down across her pussy. That’s when the fear came crashing down on her, the horse is going to fuck her.

She starts trying to roll and wiggle, so they strap her down to the table. Then she feels the hardness of the horse cock right there at her pussy. They move the horse one step closer to her and it pops into her with a forced motion that made her scream. Its inside her she thought, and she could feel the horse cock growing bigger. It’s bigger then the one that was in her mouth. Then she hears the horse make its noise and the cock starts ramming inside her. She is screaming and crying for it to end, but the crowd just cheers louder.

After several minutes of being horse fucked and having her pussy torn up inside by this 28 inch cock inside her. She has passed out from the pain as the horse continues to pound his cock inside her pussy. Then as everyone was watching and cheering this event. The horse started shooting his entire load into her pussy. Cum was shooting out all sides of her over stretched pussy. It was flying across the stage and hitting guys on the other side of the stage. The horse kept Cumming and there were puddles all over.

They pulled the horse from her and turned her over with her ass in the air.
Strapped her down so she couldn’t move if she woke up. Brought in another horse and rubbed its cock against her pussy and ass until it hardened. Then when it was hard enough to penetrate her anal hole, it entered a zone no other woman or horse has ever been. With that the room went nuts with screams of cheer and urging of this unforgetful event. The horse was bucking in and out of her ass when she woke up screaming bloody murder, only to pass out again from the pain.

When the horse blew his load it squirted out on guys in the front row. At that point they took the horse away and turned out the lights again, telling everyone that she is there for the taking. Several guys went up and fucked her mouth, but no one even tried to fuck either her ass or pussy after that. Then a few guys took her out to a cab waiting and told the driver to take her to the hospital. They had to pump her out like a well and she has never been the same woman since. Her husband filed for divorce and she is alone to this day.

story by: storydude

Tags: fiction blowjob anal rape domination/submission oral sex group sex sex story

Author: storydude

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