Our night pt 2

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Laying on the floor wrapped up in your arms I try and get my breathing back to normal. Pressing my cheek to your chest I cuddle into you, listening as your heart slow its pounding. My own matching your rhythm.
Raising my head I start to pepper your strong jaw with tiny kisses working my way down your neck, then back up to your sensual lips kissing you deeply. You start to stroke my hair away from my face then digging your
fingers into my thick hair you pull my head in to kiss me deeper. Loving your taste I start to suck on your tongue as if it was your cock deep in my mouth. You groan as you rub your hardening cock against my pussy then
never breaking our kiss you slowly stand us up. Backing me out of the bathroom you walk us slowly to the room, never stopping till the bed hits the back of my knees. You break our kiss and step away from me. For the
first time I feel the coldness of the room and instantly I miss the warmth of your hard body pressed into mine. "Turn around" you whisper "hands on the bed" you say in a soft but firm voice. Leaning over I place my hands
to the bed, arching my back I offer you the view of my ass and wet pussy. I feel my heart start to beat faster in anticipation of what you plan to do.

Kneeling down behind me you take a moment to just gaze at me, wrapping your hand around your cock you start to stroke yourself. Softly, slowly you stroke as you look at me. I turn my head to look back at you, wondering
what you were doing. Seeing you stroking your big hard cock brings a fresh flood of wetness to my pussy, loving the sight of your hand wrapped around yourself I smile at you and spreading my legs further apart to offer you a view
of all that added juice that starts running down my thighs. You make a growl sound and lean in and start to lick the inside of my thighs following the path up to my glistening pussy. Reaching up you spread me open further
and run your tongue from my clit to my hole. Sliding your tongue deep inside me you start to fuck me with your tongue, in and out you thrust. I hear you as you slurp up my juices as you tongue me, faster and faster.
Looking back at you I see that you are now stroking your cock in tandem to the thrust of your tongue Squeezing harder and stroking faster you match the rhythm. Watching you and feeling your tongue I explode in orgasm
not able to control myself I scream out and beg for you to fuck me! You chuckle and grabbing onto my hips you continue to lick, suck and fuck your tongue into me making me scream and thrash, losing complete control.

Backing away from me you stand up, cock in hand you line your tip to my pussy and in one thrust you slam your cock inside me. "You wanted it, take it all baby!" you growl into my ear as you withdraw then slam back
inside me. You thrust deep and hard into me, slowly dragging your cock almost all the way out then slow but firmly you thrust back in till you bottom out inside me. Bumping up against my cervix on each thrust I'm grunting
with each thrust inside me. "Oh God Yes!!" I cry out, loving every single thrust you give me. Reaching beneath me I start to rub my clit and with each thrust I stroke your balls as they slap up against my pussy. Then all of a sudden
you pull out, making me cry out in disappointment "noooooo! Don't stop!" You grab me by my shoulders, spin me around and without words push me to my knees. Pointing your cock at my mouth you tap it against my bottom lip.
Understanding what you want I open my mouth wide and take you deep down my throat. Humming with your cock deep down my throat, letting you feel the vibrations I suck you deep. Tasting my pussy all over your cock
has me running my tongue all over you as I suck. "Do you like the taste of your pussy? Do you taste good on my cock? I bet you do, your such a little slut for me. Suck me slut, take me all the way in! That’s it! gag on me!"
talking dirty as you grab onto my head fucking my mouth. In and out you thrust down my throat. Just as I can feel your balls draw up tight thinking your going to cum in my mouth, you pull out and pick me up
from the floor and tell me to get on the bed. Laying down on my back I grab onto one of my nipples and start to rub, roll and pinch it as I watch you crawl up on the bed. Kneeling between my knees you grab onto my
thighs and spread them wide. Leaning down you swipe your tongue from my little rosebud to my clit, sucking my clit in your mouth you give it a little suck. "Are you ready for me to fuck your ass baby?" Moaning
not able to even voice my want and needs being in complete euphoria I raised my pelvis in offering to you. Showing you how much I needed and wanted your cock inside me, offering my virgin hole up to you.

With my pelvis raised and at the perfect level you reach over and pull a pillow over and thrust it under my ass, leaving my legs stretched open wide you again lean over and reach toward the bed side table and grab the
little bottle of lube I had set out for us. "Good girl, you remembered to bring this" you praise me as you kiss my lower abdomen, just above my pussy. Then taking the bottle you dribble the lube over my pussy allowing it to
slide and drip down to my rosebud. Squirting more along the length of your cock, you then start to rub your cock over my clit, slowly down my pussy, dragging your tip through the liquid and my juices. Down, down to my
ass. "I'm going to take this slow baby but once your used to my cock inside you, I'm going to pound you till I cum deep inside you." You warn me with a predatory grin. With that said you start to push inside my ass, slowly
but ever so firm at the same time you reach over and start to thumb my clit, rubbing it side to side as you push deeper into me. Feeling the pressure as you push inside me, chills running down my back I try and relax allowing
you to push ever deeper inside me. right baby, relax that ass, I'm almost all the way in." With that said you slowly thrust the last few inches inside me, never once letting up on my clit. Loving the feel of you deep inside
my ass and not feeling any real pain I beg you to fuck me. "Please fuck you feel so good!" My words triggering your actions you start to thrust in and out of my ass. Slowly at first but building up speed.
In, out, in, out you thrust deep as your balls slap against me. Rubbing my clit as you pound me I start to lose control raising my hips at every thrust inside me, determined to get you as deep as you can go. Crying out,
moaning in pleasure loving the sight of you above me thrusting inside my ass. I reach up and wrap my arm around your neck to bring you down for a kiss. Our mouths fuse together kissing deeply, tongues entwined.
You start to tense up I can tell your close to cuming so I wrap my legs around your waist and beg you to cum with me. The room is filled with the sounds of our cries and bodies slapping together. You build up speed and
are now slamming into me fast, hard and with a roar you explode deep inside me! At the same time I shatter in tiny pieces my body floating on the most awesome orgasm I have ever felt. With my arms still around you
and my legs locked around your waist I pull you in closer, not wanting your cock out of me yet. You collapse to the side of me drag me closer and wrapping yourself around me holding me close you start to kiss me.

As we lay there trying to get our breathing under control enjoying our euphoric feelings, you tense up. Wondering what was wrong I look up to your face and see you staring straight ahead as something caught your attention.
Looking over my shoulder and a with a gasp of surprise I see that I forgot to close the curtains at the window and we have an audience……

story by: saharris

Tags: masturbation consensual sex erotica male/female fantasy cum swallowing anal romance oral sex sex story

Author: saharris

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