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My name is Sarah. I am 18 years old. I am going away to college in 4 months. I live with my parents and my 16 year old brother. I am 5'8 with C size breast and fit from sports I've played throughout high school.

One night I was out in the night with a few girlfriends. I got tipsy, not drunk but enough drinks to feel good. It was 12:03 on my cellphone. And I also noticed that I have a text message from my mother.

"Sweetie your dad and I will be staying at your grandparents for 2 more days. Love you -Mom"

My grandparents wasn't feeling good so my mom rushed there yesterday.

I was heading home. When I got there I was a little hungry so I popped in a frozen pizza. I demolished it when it came out the oven.

I wanted to watch a little tv before bed but couldn't find the remote. Most likely my little brother bright it to his room. My brother's name is Kyle. He was training to go in body building so he was in extra shape. I went upstairs and his door was open. I went in quietly hoping not to awake him. I see the remote under his bed.

I went down to grab it and as I was grabbing it he started tossing and turning. I froze so he wouldn't notice I was there. Then the blanket he was using went on top of me. I grabbed the remote stood up and there it was. That is when I noticed that my little brother is a nude sleeper.

"Holy shit" I said then covered my mouth noticing that I said that a little too loud. It didn't wake him but I didn't walk out. I was appalled by the length of his cock. I was staring for what seemed like 40 hours. I said to myself "Okay now leave" but before I finished that sentence, I was already picking up his cock with 2 fingers. I was memorized by it. I put it near my face and licked it. Don't know why or what came over me but I licked the whole head of his cock. I was brought back to reality then ran off into my room.

"Damn I can't stop thinking about his cock tho" I said to myself. I started undressing. I got fully naked and walked around the house to shut off everything. When i got to bed i just laid there thinking about Kyle's cock. It was big and fat with a small curve. I then noticed that i was thinking about my own brother's cock. So i stop then i looked down and noticed my finger was already touching my pussy. A few seconds and i was already full time horny. "I'm fingering myself to my brother's cock" i said to myself as i feel my free hand grabbing my tits. I let it go and let my hands keep doing what they're doing. I was about to climax when i heard a floor creak outside my door. As i heard it i was starting climaxing.

I laid there forgetting about the floor creak sound. Just enjoying the post feeling i have. Then that's when it happened. I felt hands grabbing my thighs open and a tongue licking my pussy all in one swift. I looked down to see my brother eating my pussy.

"OMG Kyle, you can't do this" which made him go much crazier. I ended up climaxing within 2 minutes which is a record in my book. Kyle got up and that's when i noticed his cock fully hard. Bigger than when i saw it 20 minutes ago. In 1 swift, his cock entered my pussy. I wanted to end it right there but it felt so good. He started fucking me so good that i ended up rolling so that i can be on top. Now I'm jumping on his cock like I'm on a mission. My tits are bouncing in every direction.

My brother said his first words since he walked in, "I fucking love you sis". I started kissing him as I'm jumping. He then grabbed my hips and started going up when i came down making it 100 times better. He then grabs my tits and i started climaxing again. It was a huge orgasm.

I got off of him and grab his cock and put his balls in my mouth as I'm stroking his cock. He loved it. I did it for a bit before i shoved his cock in my mouth. I slurped every section of my cum on his cock. Then he threw me on my stomach, grabbed my hips up and fucked me doggy style. I hear him about to bust so i jumped up and started sucking his cock. He bust a huge load all over my tits and face. I had some in my mouth and showed it to him before swallowing it. I slide my hand against my body that had his cum and licked my whole hand.

I stood up as he did too. We both looked each other in what seem like an awkward 5 minutes. I mean we're siblings and now we both have guilt on our faces. Then i thought about the sex so i broke the awkward moment by grabbing his cock and bringing him up to me and whisper in his ear "mom and dad won't be home for about 2 days". A big grin appeared on his face and responded with "looks like I'm too sick to go to school tomorrow". I chuckled and went to take a quick shower while still holding his cock.

All i can say that for the next 2 days, we're both going to be exhausted because we're going to be fucking like

story by: Ilovevagina

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Author: Ilovevagina

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