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It started innocent enough. Dani sent me looks under her eyelashes, fluttering them at me, wondering if I even noticed her. I seem disinterested, almost bored with where I was. She'd glance around, pretending to look for someone while she is trying to catch my eye with her movement. It isn't working. She is being too subtle. It is time to try a more direct approach. She turns in her seat and just stares at me, looking from my gray hair to my rugged facial features, to my loose-fitting jeans. I flicked my eyes to her, slowly looking from her head all the way to her toes then back into her eyes. She feels herself blushing, glad I had finally noticed her. Abruptly, I looked away, that bored look back in place. What the hell? Maybe I was gay. That had to be it. No one had ever done that to her before. She isn't taking rejection very well. She got up and decided to try the other end of the club. She walked to the other end of the bar on the side of the dance floor, looking thru the crowd until she caught me staring at her again. She stopped looking and just stared at me.

She leans back against the bar and kept looking at me, willing me with her eyes to come to her. I took the hint and waded thru the crowd and leaned up against the bar next to her. " Can I get you a drink?" I asked when I leaned close to her ear. My breath fanned across her ear and face and she caught the scent of alcohol in it. I'm on my way to being drunk which is fine with her. " Rum and Diet Coke, darlin," she replied and watched me as I got the bartender's attention. My gray hair is in a crew cut and I held myself with a distinctive bearing, military if she is correct. I had on a striped polo shirt with faded loose fitting jeans. I seemd to be at least 6'6", if not taller. I turn with the drink in hand and caught her looking me up and down. I decided to do just what she is doing and look her over. She knew she looked hot for 31. She had a white tank on with no bra and her shortest black skirt that should have been called a belt. Her heels put her at 5'8" at least. She took the drink with a thanks and started to drink. She wanted to dance and wasn't about to leave a drink alone on the bar. She made quick work of it and placed it back on the bar, turning to me.

" Wanna dance?" she asked, already knowing the answer. " No, let's go to my office in the back of the bar. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in behind me. She held my hand as I moved through the crowd to the hall and through a door. She turned back to me and mouthed, " Why here?" Then she seen the black and white photos scattered across my mahogany desk, illuminated by a single desk lamp. Each one features different positions of an attractive petite slender woman. Her layered dark hair fell below her shoulder blades, and her chocolate brown eyes are framed by long dark lashes. My hand holding a picture showing Dani looking into the eyes of her lover, sporting a shy grin. By looking at her small build you could tell she is short, 5' 2" tall. This photograph is my favorite. I sighed and peered at the picture. I can tell so much about her personality through this single expression. Dina age 31 divorced petite woman is the woman in these photographs. Her hand trembled as she stared at the photographs.

Everything about her called to me. To me she is like a gazelle to a lion. I struck up a conversation with her, asking her about the photos. I managed to parlay our conversation and drink into bringing her to my office. Dani is in my office, I revert to form. I stalked her into the office, " You look amazing in these photos. I am even more convinced you will be the perfect sex slave tonight. Tonight I have a few surprises planned. Dani is attempting to comprehend what this meant. The thought that she is going to be some stranger's sex slave is too farcical of a concept to wrap her head around. How did this happen? Why me? I don't want this. I don't want to be held here and be with this monster! She…She can't believe this…She has not dated since her divorce…She is not a virgin…But she knows she is very tight…she has trouble with inserting a dido…She doesn't know how to handle this.

Tears trickling down her cheeks, she is in an unknown office with a stalker that knows details of her life and has photos of her in a compromising situation. No normal stranger would know or have photos. How long have I been watching her? More importantly what surprises could I be planning? She knows she is in trouble…the sound at thedoor shattered her thoughts. Dani looks up and sees me leaning against the door with a feral smile on my face. Shrieking she quickly crosses her arms over her chest. My deep masculine chuckle bounced against her head and fear coiled in her belly. " So modest. Another trait that makes you I growled. My tone created a fierce anger that whipped through her. Her cheeks flushed in frustration at my cold tone. She is about to retort when she realized this is the first time she has seen my face, let alone my profile. She remembered my cold eyes from the bar eariler, but she can't tear her eyes away from my rugged face. My gray crew cut hair. I have big muscular frame; however she knew and has felt the power behind my muscles. There is no doubt I can over power her. It would be like a butterfly trying to escape the claws of a tiger.

Dani suddenly snapped out of my trance, furious with herself for accepting a drink and agreeing to come to my office. Gritting her teeth she stared defiantly into my eyes. " You bastard. Burn in hell." This elicited a bark of laughter from me as I moved towards her, I got undressed and sat down and she didn't wait to be told. She dropped to her knees between my legs and started sucking my hard cock. I came in less than a minute. She started to pull back after she swallowed my cum but I said, " Again, bitch." She hears me chuckle and she starts sucking again. This time I lasted all of three of four minutes. She swallowed again and then she sat up and waited for whatever is next. I ordered her to go get a towel and she got up and got it and brought it back to me. When she got back I'm undressed and after she spread the towel out on the carpet I made her suck on my cock for a few minutes again. Then I pulled out and ordered her to lie on the towel. When Dani is in position I got between her legs and started eating her out. She enjoyed being eaten, but she knew what is coming next and she can't relax and enjoy it.

Soon I'm satisfied that she is wet and loose and I move my large body up over her small body. She feels my cock rubbing back and forth over her tight small hole and she is terrified. I raise up on my arms staring down at her, watching her as I caress her with my cock. I reach down grabbing my cock placing my cock head against her wet tight hot cunt. Dani turns away and closes her eyes and waits for it. She feels my hand between her and me, moving my cock around, lining it up. Then she feels the pressure as I force it between the lips of her tight pussy. She bites her lower lip, seeing me leaning over her right now, with my monster cock. Dani gasps when the head of my cock pops past the initial resistance and enters her tight pussy. I pause for a second and then I order her to look at me. She opens her eyes and looks up at me. The expression on my face is sickening. She is just some small animal I'm about to devour. Her feelings are of no importance beyond the pleasure she can bring to me.

As our eyes lock I slowly move my cock into her. At first it is a feeling of being stretched too far. She thought, I'm going to tear her open, I keep forcing my cock into her and finally stop when the head of my cock hits the thick restrictive tight walls. She feels it stretching as I forcefully push against it. I'm playing with her. Dani sees in my eyes how much fun it is to torture her this way. There is no sudden thrust, breaking through and tearing her tightness to shreds. No, that is too easy. I push slowly, testing the limits of her tender flesh until it finally tears away before the head of my cock, and then I'm all the way in. She screams in pain, when I tore her. I grin. I didn't pause , I knew how much pain she is in, how much pain I'm causing her, I'm thrusting into her, raping her, attacking her with my cock. I have known since I recieved the photos I was going to rape her. Now it is finally happening and it is as exciting as I knew it would be. She is in terrible pain. She knew it is supposed to hurt. She didn't know it is supposed to hurt this bad. I finally came in her and then I kissed her. Not a kiss of affection, or love, or even like. A kiss that said, " Fuck you bitch, you belong to me."

The look in my eyes is like hate. I finally got off of her, then she struggles to her feet limping to the bathroom holding her stomach. I chuckle softly and follow her further into the bathroom. She wants distances between us so she continues to back up, unfortunately for her, she hit the bathroom wall. With no where else to go, I caught up with her. She attempts to dart away to the left but I'm faster. I put my hands on the wall next to her shoulders, trapping her in between my arms. She whimpers in defeat, looking into my eyes. I give her a lazy smile before dipping my head down to kiss her. My lips caressing hers, sending sparks down her spine and to her pussy. She starts feeling heat where should have been none. What is happening to her? My tongue snakes into her mouth as I deepen the kiss, she moans into me, and to her disgust she feels me smile against her lips. Her breath starts coming faster and she knew she has to end this before she lets me see how turned on I had made her by just kissing her. She quickly broke the kiss and sank to the floor in an attempt to get away from me. Quick as lightening I grab the back of her shirt and jerk her to her feet. When she is back against the wall I press my body against hers. Slowly I begin grinding my groin into hers, enabling her to feel my growing erection again.
" It would be much easier on you if you cooperated. Besides, Dani, you can't say you're not enjoying this. Relax, and indulge." I murmured into her ear before nibbling the lobe. She wrenched her head away from my lips. " I can too say I'm not enjoying this you bastard! Let go of me." I drew my face back from hers, eyes wide with mock disbelief. " You're not enjoying this? Really. Well, are you wet, Dani?" " Of course not. Let go of me." She demanded, struggling against me. My arrogance infuriated her, and as much as she didn't want me to touch her, she really didn't want me to touch her and find out that she is completely wet and ready for me again. Alex removed one of his hands from the wall and placed it on my chest, moving it slowly between my breasts and down towards my throbbing pussy. " I'm not sure if I believe you, Dani. Perhaps I should check for myself?" I cooed, kissing her neck. My hand traveled further down her stomach, to her pussy lips. Stopping at the entrance I look her in the eye as I brushed my thumb over her clit. She bites her lip, making my lips curl into a haughty smile. " Ready or not." At this point she sees her chance. She shoved me away and dashed from the wall. She rushed to the door not sure what she will do when she got out, but running none the less. However what she will do didn't matter, as she feels my hands grab her hips. I lifted her off the ground and thrust her over my shoulder. SheI went limp, afraid of what I'm going to do next, and thinking vaguely that last time should have taught her that I moved faster than she did, so perhaps she should think of another way to escape me.

I move swiftly through the room dropping her onto the bed. Before she has time to scramble back I grab her arms and push her onto her back. She struggles beneath me, desperate to get away, but I'm far stronger than she is. I grab a cloth and wrap it around her wrists, successfully binding her to the headboard. She tugs wildly at her restraints attempting to get loose. Dani didn't want to submit to me again; for once she wanted to win the fight. I slide off of her and turn my attention to her flailing legs. I grab hold of one of her ankles and held it still while I tied it to the nearest post on the bed. " Three limbs down, Dani. One to go." I chuckled wickedly. This remark frustrated the hell out of her. Determined to hurt me before I tied her completely down, she aimed a kick at my groin. Before she made contact I caught her foot and held her leg still. Wrenching her leg to the right, I spread her almost painfully wide. After tying down her leg, I got back up on the bed and crawled in between her legs. I brushed my hand across her inner thigh, bringing it closer and closer to her pussy. She continued to struggle wildly, desperate to get away from my touch.

I look up at her and threw another smirk her way. The look in my eyes stilled her struggles. " So, Dani, now that I know there will be no more interruptions, let's find out if you are wet." She already knew the answer, and closed her eyes, utterly defeated. My hand brushed the lips of her pussy, teasing her clit and eliciting a low moan from her. From the way I'm breathing, she knew that I'm enjoying myself. Bastard. I continue to slide my finger back and forth across her slit. Suddenly I move my finger slightly and thrust it into her pussy. It slides in with ease, accompanied with a wet slurping sound. She arches her back and held in a moan, while her cheeks burned in shame. I withdrew my finger and placed it on her lip. Brushing it across both her lips, I drop down and kiss her. The kiss is rough and demanding, and eventually I pried her mouth open, forcing her to taste her own wetness. I back off her bruised mouth, and gently kiss her nose. I then sat back up and looked down at her. With a wink I said, " It's hard to deny you're wet when you've tasted yourself isn't it?"

She stares angrily at me, disgusted with my actions, but more disgusted with herself. Why did I make her wet? Why did her body enjoy what I'm doing? Why in the hell did she think I had beautiful green eyes? She swallows hard, attempting to think of some frigid remark to throw at me, however she can't think of anything that would top what I had just done. " You're twisted." I thrust my finger back inside her pussy, making her shudder. " Clearly you like it that way." She turns her head away. She didn't want to look me in the eye; however my satisfied sigh made her curious enough to look back at me. " You have a lovely ass, Dani. Something I will very much enjoy conquering." Her head flew up and her eyes widened. She renewed her struggles. " Please, oh no. Please no. I can't. Don't do it. Please. Please don't." She whimpered. My finger traveled down from her pussy to her ass, I stop at its entrance and begin stroking it. " But Love, it's my favorite." Her eyes begin welling up again. This violation is something she knew she couldn't take. " Please, I swear I'll do anything else, just don't take my ass." " I believe we already played that game Dani. You lost, and this is my prize." I sighed.

" You refusing my cock, Dani. Beg me." Her eyes widened in shock. Beg? I wanted her to beg me to shove my cock in her ass? That damn bastard! She resolved to refuse. She will never beg me for anything. At her silence I chuckled.
I choked back a scream and let my head fall back. " Please take me." I gave her a doubtful look and then grinned. " You're going to have to do better than that Dani. I don't think I believe you want me." She screamed in frustration. Lifting her head she looked me in the eye. She feels angry and defeated, but pressed on. " Please, please. Oh god I need you. I want to feel you inside me again, thrusting hard. I need you to make me moan in satisfaction. Please take me. I want you inside me now. I want to know how it feels to have you fucking my ass over and over until we both find release. I am hot and very tight and completely ready for you. Please, please take me." I groan and lean over her, claiming her lips. I push my tongue into her mouth. She arched against me, she feels my hand on her ass, she looks down at the black shirt she still had on. I frown slightly and start to unbutton the shirt.

" Please don't." She cried, hoping that I would at least let her keep some of herself covered. I put my finger to her lips. " Shhhhh. It's much better this way, Dani. I can't have anything obstructing your beauty, even if I do enjoy seeing you in my shirt." I unbuttoned the rest of the shirt and leisurely pealed it back, bringing her breasts slowly into view. When she is fully exposed I sigh and bent down to capture a nipple. Pulling it upwards, I suddenly let go and move to her neck. I then start kissing her neck, moving back to her breasts. When I reach them, I again took one of her nipples in my mouth and suck on it. Nipping it lightly I move to the other, doing the same thing making her shudder involuntarily. I travel down towards her pussy. Reaching it I lick her clit, causing her to shudder and moan. I look up at her and wink. She blushed crimson, and burned with anger. I continue licking and occasionally nipping her clit. This is driving her wild. She bit her lip to stop herself from moaning, but she can't hold it in anymore. She groans and writhes in ecstasy.

I shift and she feels my cock on her pussy. A bit of hope flares in her. Perhaps I'm not going to claim her ass? These thoughts are lost quickly as I thrust in suddenly. She drew in a sudden breath, and tries not to enjoy the sensation. I thrust a couple more times and then pull out. Dani is shocked to find out she feels disappointed. Before she can think that one over, she feels my cock at her ass. She went rigid. I laugh quietly, and threw her a triumphant glance. " You didn't think I forgot did you? How could I deny you what you asked for, Dani?" She grits her teeth as she feels me begin to push inside her ass. Her ass tightens and she whimpers, overcome with pain. It hurt so bad. I continue to inch my way in, making her scream and buck. It is excruciating. " Relax, Dani. It will make this easier for you." She glares at me through teary eyes. " Easy for you to say, you heartless bastard." However she did take my advice and tried relax her ass. A moment or two later she feels my balls against her ass and knew I'm completely inside of her. I slowly slide my cock out of her ass and than back in again. Dani continues to writhe in pain. She can't get use to the feeling. She wanted me out of her.

Again she feels me slide out of her. This time she didn't feel me right away, and sighs with relief. Then suddenly she feels me ram my cock inside of her. This amplifies the pain, ripping a scream from her throat. I continue to thrust brutally inside of her, eventually lacing the pain with a bit of pleasure. She sucks in air, attempting to get her mind off the horrible pain. She hears me groan, as I increase my pace. At this point she feels her stomach muscles tighten. She recognizes this sensation and knew an orgasm is building. Her pussy walls begin tightening and twitching. She tries to fight off the orgasm; she didn't want to enjoy what I'm doing. I continue to increase my pace, breathing heavy. She knew I'm close to coming, when her orgasm hit her. She arches and strains against me as tingling pleasure radiates through her body, making her clit twitch madly with pleasure.

She moans and shudders consumed with satisfaction. During her mind blowing orgasm, she vaguely hears me moan as I reach my peak. I thrust hard into her a couple more times before entering into my orgasm. When she feels my last few thrusts and my seed pour into her, she is plunged into another intense orgasm that is almost painful. When the pleasure stops surging through her exhausted body, she struggles to catch her breath. I pull out of her and lay on top of her, nuzzling her neck. She arches away from me, but can't move very far due to me laying on her. I continue to nuzzle her.

" You are so hot and tight, Dani. It could drive a man crazy. Your ex-husband is an idiot for divorcing you." She blushed more than she had already as she realized I threw her reluctant words back at her. I kiss her neck tenderly and roll off of her. Putting my arm around her stomach and pulling her closer to me, my lips touched her ear. Dani struggles to get away from me, but my arm kept her in place. I reach to my side and pull the covers of the bed over myself and her. Dani feels miserable and used, but being forced to spend the entire night with me and at my mercy is far beyond her tolerance levels. " Good night, Dani." I breathed into her ear.

story by: horny fox

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Author: horny fox

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