Jen's bad day at work

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Before she had gone off for the day, earlier that morning, Jen had dressed in a gray business suit. Her long brown hair flowed behind her, tied neatly in a white scrunchy. She had a white blouse underneath, formal enough for the office, but still sheer enough to imagine her tiny, soft breasts begging to be freed from captivity. Underneath, she had a pretty white bra and panties, sexy but still a little conservative. What I love most about Jen is that really, except for formal settings like work, she often doesn’t need a bra. To be honest, Jen was a little in the chest area, but that’s just what I like.

Jen brought a small briefcase with her, with a pad and some pens, and her i-phone, as well as some breath mints. She didn’t really know what she’d need yet, since she wasn’t totally settled in, but she wanted to look professional, and the briefcase made her feel like she belonged. All day at work, since her boss was still getting used to having a new employee in the office, Mr. James, Jen’s boss, gave her menial tasks. It was difficult to re-delegate the responsibilities, with a new person in the office. Jen was OK with that for the first 2 or 3 days, but it had been 2 weeks now, and although she was being paid well, Jen was bored and frustrated. During lunchtime, Jen even contemplated how this might not be the wrong job for her. She was sad that she hadn’t made many new friends at work. Everyone still looked at her with that “new girl” look, as if she couldn’t be trusted.

Although Matt often worked late, he had an early meeting that day, and thus, would be home early in the afternoon, before Jen, for the first time in quite a while. Having sensed Jen’s level of stress lately, Matt planned to make dinner for her. He just knew she would not want to go out again and be around people after the stress of work. Sure enough, at 5:45 p.m. just about 40 minutes after she had left work, Jen stomped through the door, going straight to the bedroom. Matt knew there must be a problem. He gave her a few minutes to be by herself, and just as he was about to go into the bedroom to comfort Jen, out she walked. Only now, she had shed her business suit, and was clad in just her bra and panties. As a bit of background, Jen loved to walk around the apartment naked when she was stressed, and today certainly qualified. Somehow, the cool air on her beautiful naked body calmed her, only outmatched by Matt’s soft hands caressing her sexy body.
Matt tried to act as if nothing was wrong, but it was impossible. Jen’s long brown hair flowed behind her, and her small breasts and soft skin glistened in the light of the sunset that was coming through the windows behind them. The blinds were open, but Matt and Jen had a little of a voyeuristic side, and they loved for the world to know that 2 beautiful people were having sex. Matt disappeared into the kitchen, and turned off the stove. He was starving, but he was certain Jen would make a tasty appetizer.

Jen walked slowly and tentatively toward Matt. The stress of work was so bad, that it seemed almost to have diminished her sense of self-worth, but Matt would not have any of that. To him, she was perfect. Jen wrapped her arms around Matt’s neck, and the two kissed softly as Matt massaged Jen’s back. He kissed her neck softly, and Matt could sense that Jen was calming down a little bit. “It’s not that bad,” he said, trying to comfort Jen. He could feel her body heating up. His stomach was growling. He was starving. Since he wasn’t going to have his chicken parmesan anytime soon, Jen’s pussy would make an awesome appetizer, but he needed to get something in him soon. Of course though, top of mind for Matt was satisfying Jen. She needed to be held. Caressed.

Matt kissed Jen’s chest, sucking on her tiny breasts slowly. If there was one thing in life that Matt loved, it was the taste of Jen’s tiny nipples as he rolled them over his tongue. All of a sudden, the smile on Jen’s face was unmistakable. Now that she was calm, Matt grabbed a blanket and spread it on the floor. He got on top of Jen, and continued kissing her toned stomach. She often used the gym at her work, and it was definitely paying off. Matt could wait no longer. He could smell Jen’s pussy a few inches away, and began to tongue her with reckless abandon, spreading her sex, and licking her pussy. She came quickly, and clawed at Matt’s back as her orgasm built. She had a tendency to gush loads of hot cum, and to Matt, she tasted amazing, and he was all too pleased to lap up every drop of Jen’s juices.

Now, Jen was starving too. Matt and Jen didn’t have a radio on, but they listened to each other’s stomach’s talking, and laughed about how even though they were starving, their steamy sex session would delay dinner a little longer. Matt laid Jen on her stomach, running his fingers through her hair. He was tempted to pull on her hair a bit, but today wasn’t the day. She needed to be held, caressed, and made love to. Matt kissed Jen’s back. Now that she had calmed down, she was cool to the touch. He planted soft kisses on her muscular ass. Matt loved how fit Jen was. Her ass was tight, but not too hard. He kissed her ass, moving to the motion of her spasms. He parted her sex, and began to tongue her pussy. Jen was wetter than ever. Matt knew exactly what she needed. Since she was only 22, even though she had plenty of sex, Jen’s pussy was so tight. Matt tongued at her sex for a few minutes, eliciting soft moans from Jen. He tickled her pussy with his finger to open her up, and stuck a finger deep into her, making her scream loudly. She had to be careful. She did not want the neighbors to hear her screaming in the middle of the day. As Matt tongued her pussy, Jen came again. Matt smiled as if he had found some kind of buried treasure, but in truth, he had. Jen tasted so good. He loved having her coat his lips and tongue with her juices.

By now, both Jen and Matt were exhausted, but Matt knew Jen needed to be satisfied. Matt picked her up, staring into Jen’s beautiful blue eyes. He lifted Jen’s legs around his waist, and slowly eased his cock into her tight pussy. She was burning hot, but soft as a baby’s bottom. Matt tickled Jen’s pussy to open her up, and slid his cock slowly into her. She was burning hot inside. Matt pumped his cock softly into Jen. He would have liked to fuck her hard, but he knew that was not what she needed right then. “I owe you one,” he said, hinting to Jen that their next sexual experience would be rougher, which was how he liked it. Matt rocked Jen back and forth, listening to her moan and scream as she reached her orgasm. Matt was so happy that Jen was relaxed now. He kissed her neck as he held her, but she could feel nothing but his throbbing cock deep inside of her.

Sure enough, with Jen’s steaming hot pussy forming a cocoon around Matt’s cock, he could hold on no longer. He shot his burning hot load deep into Jen’s pussy. She could not hold it all in, and Matt watched as his spunk oozed down Jen’s leg. She was totally spent, but hadn’t been so happy in weeks, since the job began.
Once he had emptied himself out into the beautiful young girl, Matt laid Jen down on the couch. She was hot, sweaty and exhausted. It was the best sex she ever had, and the fact that she felt naughty doing it in the middle of the afternoon heightened the experience that much more. Matt loved looking at Jen when she was covered in his juices, but he got her a towel, so that she could clean herself up. Jen stood up, and wrapped her arms around Matt. Now, both youngsters were covered in hot, sticky juice. They toweled themselves off, and Matt went to get Jen a glass of water and check on dinner.

For the rest of the evening, Jen walked around the apartment naked, enjoying the cool air on her beautiful body. She felt so much better, and decided that no amount of stress from work would ever let her become so despondent again. After dinner, Matt and Jen lay together on the couch watching TV, with Matt’s hand between Jen’s legs as he kissed her neck. They would remain there for the rest of the night, having set an alarm to make sure that both were on time for work the next morning. Jen was ready to greet the day, and tackle whatever came her way at work the following day, but she was really looking forward to the afternoon. Her naked afternoons would become a ritual, and both she and Matt lived on like this for a long time. They loved being young and in love, and nothing was going to come between them.

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