Playtime – chap. 1 – a new beginning

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PLAYTIME – CHAP. I – A New Beginning

I was an evening person, and my husband John was morning; I walked for exercise, he ran 10Ks; I could easily spend two hours in the bathroom at night, and being a man, he’d take ten minutes; I preferred Rod Stewart, he got off on old country and 1950s rockabilly. He didn’t want sex much anymore with me. Honey, I need a poke tonight, I’d say once every three weeks or so when I was getting bloated and crampy. He’d do it, but I always knew it was going to be another three weeks before the next time, and I’d have to initiate it again.
I’d already figured out long ago, after thirty years of marriage, that relationships require compromise, and I sure did try to compromise on this. But one evening I had a few beers and was horny, so I just up and said, “I think we need to spice up our sex life a little. I just don’t feel the excitement and the romance anymore. Do you?” He said, “What — you want to screw around with other guys?” That threw me for a loop. I must have said it a little harsher than I meant, “It’s not that. />
I talked it over with him, that the occasional sex between us wasn’t enough for me, and somewhere along the thirty-year road we’d lost the magic of sex and romance. It was the sometimes-quick- cuddle-up, the old in-out, and back to sleep and big freakin’ deal. More like an obligation on his part, and a bone of contention to me, no pun intended.
“I want more, John. I think I’m missing out on something, and I’m in my fifties. And maybe you are too. Being faithful to one another is what marriage is about, but honestly, I do desire other guys now and then. And we have gotten into such a routine of ‘occasional sex’ that I think both of us ought to do something different, something that involves other people. No, this doesn’t mean I love you any less or want you any less. I just think we need to take account that we have been the only partners for thirty years now and we’ve grown accustomed to each other, and you know you don’t give me as much as I want, and I’m the one who’s always pushing you for sex. We need something different,” I said. “Maybe explore the wild side.” As I say this, I fold my arms, smile nicely and go quiet to see how he takes it.
I imagine him thinking… she’s right, and I know it. But what the hell is she asking for? Whoring around? She must have another guy she wants to do it with. But dammit, he knows for a fact that I want sex more than he does.
“No, I’m not talking about cheating on you. Gosh, at the office Christmas party last month, that you didn’t want to go to, me and James from Accounting got shoved into a closet by some jokers. I was afraid he was going to try to maul me. They held the door shut and I think they expected us to get it on or something. James said he didn’t set this up, he was as surprised as I was, but he did say I looked cute in that dress. We didn’t do anything – you know me — and James tried the door and found the partiers had left the door, and we got out. Everyone around raised their eyebrows, as if we had done the dirty deed. But they all know me, too. They KNOW me. And you do, too.”
He knew I was honest. I said, “I know he wants me, and I know that other guys stare at me sometimes, too. And I know we’ve been so slow anymore to do anything sexual. I do not want to cheat on you. Tell me what you think about all this.”

“It sounds like you have a plan in mind already,” he murmurred.

I admit yeah, I’d been thinking, but I wasn’t planning on cheating on him. Not at all.
“Remember how we used to be when we were just going together? I haven’t changed suddenly into some cheating wife. You know how I used to be so devilish in your car, and when we went on picnics in the woods, and then eventually in bed? You know, like when we were on our honeymoon, and later? You know how you and I used to watch Triple-X movies and we used to do some of those things we’d see? Honey, I haven’t changed. But I do think it would be fun to be the star, like in one of those movies. No, not taping, just maybe you watching me with some guy in our bedroom, playing around. He could be my toy, and you’d be right there watching it all, a front-row seat. The entire audience, a show starring me, only for you.”
“John, how would you like ME to be your porn star, here in our bedroom, and you be the audience? It’s not like I’d be /> I could tell by his expression he was shocked, but c’mon, he had to have already realized he wasn’t meeting my needs
“Wow, there’s a huge thought,” he says. “But what if he does something you don’t want?”
“No, I’d be in charge. I’ll be the boss, and he has to do what I tell him to do. That’s the rule.”
“What if he goes and blabs to everybody that you’re a whore or something bad like that?”
I said, ”Would that really make me a And anyway, I don’t think that’ll happen either – he would have to follow the rules we make or else he’s history and we deny everything. All our friends know us, they’d say he was crazy.”
I could see his mind working, and his gaze went to my tits…I imagined he was thinking about me with a sex slave, and him watching. I piped up, “It’s like I’d be your very own porno queen.”
“Tell me what you’d be doing,” he said. He must be interested now in my fantasy. Maybe, just maybe. “It has to be safe for you, and only a one-night stand,” he said. He’s coming around – damn, can I really go through with this?
“Yes, of course,” I instantly replied. “And I have thought about it a little. Okay, more than a little, c’mon, we all have fantasies. Don’t you?”
“Now don’t be shocked. We’ve seen some of these things in the movies we’ve watched, and I got turned on just as much as you did. John, I love you, you know that, but I do want more sex. Really, I do. You know that your sex drive and mine don’t match now. I’ll just say it right out — it would be fun to play with a new penis. It would be fun to have another guy feel me up. I don’t see why a woman should have to do it with one guy for the rest of her life. I know that’s what marriage is supposed to be about, but c’mon, you know you don’t want it as much as me…so am I supposed to stay high ‘n dry just because I got married thirty years ago?”
“Those triple-X movies we watch turn me on, too – I’d love to do what some of those girls do — two men at the same time, wow!. Strip naked for someone who’s never seen me naked before, like I did with you so long ago – that would drive me wild. Watch you while another guy takes me. John, I sometimes dream about another guy’s fingers inside me – just for the thrill of it. Nope, I don’t have any particular guy in mind. Like in those films, maybe another guy inside me while I suck you! I know, I’m being I had a horny dream last night about two guys coming inside me at the same time, and I liked it, John. If you would have felt my panties this morning, they’d have been soaked.”
I had to pause to catch my breath and see how he was taking it. I imagined he was telling himself, My wife has these thoughts in her head?
He was at least listening, hadn’t walked out of the room, so I had to push it. “John, I want to feel sexy again, like when we were first going together. I think we’ve lost that thing, don’t you? I think it would be exciting to just be a total slut with some new naked guy. I want to put every part of me on another guy, and that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you with all my heart! I just want that thing again. I want his naked body to be my playground. We could be kinky, I just wanna feel I’m hot and sexy again, like when we first started doing it.” He asked me, I make you feel sexy?”
“Yes, but not often enough. And it’s just />
He seemed to take a moment in his brain to think about it, and then he said kind of timidly, “Well, what about me – if you do this, do I get a chance to be the star with a new girl? Maybe this thing works both ways.“ This set me back on my heels, I really hadn’t considered that part of it! It took about five seconds, and I had this picture of him and some cute young girl rolling around naked on our bed while I watched. And actually, I wanted to see him get it on with a naked girl, just like in the movies we used to watch that got us so hot. I surprised myself with this realization. So I dutifully pouted out my lower lip, rolled my eyes, and finally submitted, is fair. As long as I get to watch.” Victory! One for me, one for him! And now that I think about it, yeah, I really would like to see him put it in another woman. I think I’d be turned on by that. Yeah…I want to see another woman go ga-ga at my husband’s huge thing.
the thing,” I said thoughtfully, “if you watch, then it’s not cheating, is it? And if you had another woman and I was watching, that’s not cheating, right?”
It must have turned him on, too, because he said, “Well, let’s try it.” Of course I leaned over to him and gave him a big kiss, tongue and all, and it tasted good.

The Magic Begins

James sat in the living room near the stereo, with Maggie May by Rod Stewart in the background — my music, since it was my night. James and I were dressed casually, he expected a night of cards; we were all drinking Miller Light. James was on edge, jumpy, since this was the first time he’d ever been invited over to our place. He worked in a different department of the same company, saw me occasionally when he visited my department, and then there was that Christmas party thing. He must be nervous about that.
I’d scrubbed up – everywhere – in the shower. No hand lotion or perfume. Barefoot, white shorts and a blue, long-sleeved chambray shirt. No bra for these 34B’s. John and I were both keyed up. I had unbuttoned the top two before James arrived, and as we talked and drank in the living room, I toyed with the third, teasing. I went to the kitchen for more beer, and as I leaned down to sit James’ on the table, I looked over at John and winked. I knew James would get a good look down my blouse if I looked away, and I wanted him to see my tits. I hoped he’d peek and get hard. I sat back down and continued to chat, toying with the third button, sitting sideways to James, and I knew my top bloused out to show the bottom curve of my breast when I lifted the bottle to drink. I talked to my husband to take my eyes off James and give him another chance to ogle my luscious curves. I hoped he was easy pickings.

By our third beer, we were laughing and loose, and so I thought I’d just spill my guts. I blatantly told James what we had in mind, that he was indeed the Lucky Guy, and if he agreed to the rules, he was in for an exciting evening as my co-star in the bedroom. Cripes, what guy could refuse this?! He appeared shocked, probably was, but the booze had mellowed him and he’d been softened up nicely by my carefully-planned boob shots. As he hesitated, maybe wondering if this was a put-on, I opened the third button and stretched my arms out in a yawn, pushing my breasts hard against the blue shirt and hoping my nipples were hard enough to stick out. Flaunting ALL my cleavage. That did it. James caved. was all he said, and I knew that was it.

I stood up and led the way to the bedroom. James looked at John and said, “You sure it’s okay?” Thankfully, my husband said, “It’s her show, she’s the star, I’m just tonight’s grateful />
The New Toy
I plopped down on our kingsize bed in the master bedroom, and James stood at the foot of the bed, uncertain what to do. John took the chair near the bed, watching me. It was all up to me now.

I said, “As Dean Martin sang, ‘Memories are made of this’, and stretched my arms over my head, arched my back so my boobs would stand out. I was very horny right now and wanted to get my hands on his skin, wanted his body rolling all over me and in me. I wanted to see him naked. Taste his penis. Swallow it when he came. My hands went to the remaining buttons, slowly opening them, until the line from my throat to my navel showed only naked skin. I kept my breasts covered. I shifted one side of the shirt coyly, revealed a nicely-rounded tit, cupped it in my hand and leaned my head forward to lick the nipple, ran my tongue around it and looked directly at James. I pursed my lips and stretched to suck my nipple, making kissing noises. I knew this was the first time in about thirty years of marriage any man but John had ever seen me naked like this and god, was I getting turned on acting like a complete slut in front of a I couldn’t remember ever sucking my own tit while John actually, I kinda liked doing it. This wouldn’t be the last time.
I want to get a rise out of James. “Want some of this?” I teased.
He looked at me, still unsure, pleading with his eyes, looked over at John in the chair by the bed. John just shrugged. I shrugged my shoulders, lifted my eyebrows and made my eyes wide.
“Then unzip your pants and take your cock out,” I ordered. “And you, too,” I said to my husband. I figured if I was going to be the star, then I’d better take charge and tell everyone what to do. With all of us fueled by Miller Light, I sucked my own naked boob because it felt good, as my two men slowly unbuckled and unzipped, reaching inside. I said, “Better yet, both of you, take off your pants.” I did not look at James, thought he’d be more comfortable if he didn’t think I was watching him. I opened the other side of the shirt and flashed both my guns, the first time I’d ever shown myself naked to another man since marriage. I felt outrageous. I knew John was having a fit at showing himself to another man, so I thought I’d better step it up and take the heat off him. My god, it really takes guts to do this, I thought. Nobody but John has seen me naked for thirty years! “Your shirts, too — both naked.”

“Stroke your dicks, I want to see if you’re interested in what I’ve got.”
Wow. It’s all or nothing now. I watched both of them follow my orders, and I was shocked that James had such a short penis. John’s was a lovely seven inches, I knew from long experience. More than a mouthful. Wow, my first dick as a slut, he’s so small. Hah, me a slut!
I saw John stroking himself in the chair near the bed and knew this was the first time he’d ever done this in another man’s presence. I was getting real proud of him, and real turned on watching another naked man stroke his, too, right at my feet. God, it was working just like I hoped!
better,” I said. They’re doing it! Nice little prick. I’m gonna taste that thing yet. It’s going inside me. “Now watch me.” I arched my back, feet on the bed and knees in the air, slowly peeled my white shorts. I tossed them aside, showing my tight black silk panties that surely were clinging to every moist curve. I spread my legs real slutty, rubbed my hand on the panties. I slid my hand inside, played with myself while they watched. I could feel my nipples poked out, and I heard myself moaning as I closed my eyes. I hope John is enjoying the show.
“You want to put that inside me, don’t you, James,” I said. “I know you want to fuck me…but you’re my toy now, you have to earn it first. Watch me.” It was the first time I’d ever used that word aloud, and it turned me on. I saw the shocked look on John’s face, and so of course I wanted to say it even more.
I winked at him, very conspiratorial, my hand inside my black panties.
It’s now or never. Either I’m gonna do it, or I’m gonna chicken out. I grasped the edges of my panties, arched and slid them down, showing him everything and opening myself to someone other than my husband. Real brave. I slid them off, spread my legs again. I knew that the pink between my outer vaginal lips showed out. God, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. Wide open. Tit for tat, I thought with a giggle, you show me yours, I show you mine. I saw James’ mouth gape open as he stroked himself. He must be about four inches. Geez, what a short dick. John has seven. Big bad John.
“See anything you like?” I said with a grin.
I went for it, like I had secretly planned if I ever got this far. Spread my slick outer lips, slowly slid a small section of my panties inside my pretty flower petals, and made two fingers disappear up to my second knuckle. I imagined poetic thoughts from John: Ebony panties into the hot pink pussy petals. Naughty naughty.

I remembered the last time I felt as sexed up, we were driving back from a weekend south trip, a friend in the back seat. He was exhausted, had fallen asleep, snoring. John was driving. I looked over at him from the passenger’s seat, rubbed my fingers over my shirt. He took the cue, unbuckled his pants and quietly unzipped, pulled it out of his pants, all while driving. I smiled at him and licked my hand, reached over and rubbed my saliva over it. He took over stroking it while I watched and periodically again wet it with my hand. Our friend remained asleep, oblivious to me helping him do it by providing the lubrication. When he came, white semen covered his hand and I gathered some on my fingers, brought it to my mouth, tasting and coming back for more. That was a turn-on. So long ago.

I felt like that now as I pushed the black fabric bit by bit inside me. It disappeared, and I had two fingers buried inside. I wiggled them, ran one up the inside where maybe my G-spot was. Damn, I wanted him to shoot his semen straight into my mouth right now! I was having big time fun teasing the guys like this and being so dirty. I pulled my fingers out, no trace of the panties, licked my fingers. “Umm, delicious. James, come pull my panties out of me — with your teeth.” I could almost read John’s mind — She really is a slut. She’s letting him put his mouth there. Well, what did he expect?
I heard James give a deep sigh, maybe he was finally relieved to get his hands on me. On the horny bitch. He kneeled on the bed and quickly slid up to my crotch. I felt his tongue slide over my skin, over my outer lips, up to my clit and sucking gently. Oh! Oh! God! I love this! Naked, getting eaten out by someone new. This is so erotic. It was fascinating watching this guy’s head down between my legs, sucking away at my crotch and making me all hot ‘n John watching it all, naked and jacking off. Damn! I looked over at my husband, whispered Thank you.

I licked my lips. I knew this was the first time he’d ever seen me have sex with someone, and surely the first time he’d seen two real people have sex right in front of him.

“Ummm, ahhhh, that’s good. Now pull my panties out with your teeth, baby. Use your fingers and grab a piece of it — I want to feel your fingers inside me.” And I felt one finger wiggling inside me. I’d already positioned myself so John would have a good view. I could see my new playtoy pulling a bit of ebony silk between his teeth and felt a warm mouth once more on my pussy lips. He didn’t seem to be in any hurry, and that was fine by me. right. Pull it out slowly, James, make me feel it.”
I looked at John, said “Are you alright, babe?” He said yeah. James had my damp black panties hanging from his lips, so I reached down and snatched them, ordered him to lay on his back, vaulted onto his chest, straddled him, panties in my hand, and boy, that feeling of being naked, on top of somebody new, rubbing myself against him! My open shirt hid nothing from him. I scrubbed them over his face, all over, slowly and thoroughly, with my nipples inches from his face. “Every time you see me, or think of me, you’ll remember the scent of my wet pussy all over your face. You’ll smell me, and your dick is gonna get hard as a rock. That’s what a toy should do.”
I was turned on. I wanted him inside me bad. I know I was panting and probably moaning, too.

James’ penis was as long as it was going to get and I could see it throb back and forth. I reached back with the panties and wrapped them around it, stroking him with the damp silk. I saw a glistening bit of pre-come wetness on the tip and I wanted that, couldn’t stop myself – lifted my leg over his head, turned around, leaned down quickly and licked the pearl drop off, tasting this brand-new stuff from another man. The first time I had another man’s penis since thirty years ago! And I just plunged my mouth down on it, swallowed that thing! I could never get all of John’s penis in my mouth, but this one was easy, and man, did he ever twitch! How neat is this, sucking someone new, sucking the whole thing in! I hoped John wouldn’t stop me….
I had the presence of mind to hope John wasn’t jealous or outraged or some emotion like that. I looked over at him with this other man in my mouth, opened and showed him….and batted my eyes. This prick was IN MY MOUTH!
I realized I was in an excellent position of control. I slid back, forced my butt squarely on James’ face. “If you want to breathe, then fuck my ass with your tongue,” I ordered. I astonished myself, being so coarse…but damn, I was horny and hot and wanted it all. I’m not someone who cusses. And I actually ordered him! I heard him gasp as my cheeks came down on his mouth, and felt his tongue on me. I raised a little, giving him a chance to breathe, and he inhaled sharply. I watched his cock dance up and down with the breath, and so I began an up-and-down rhythm on his face. “Push it in deep,” I commanded. His tongue probed further each time I pushed, and I liked it. No, I LOVED it! I was bouncing on his face. He was the Lucky Guy! My sixty-nine guy. I couldn’t remember how long it had been since John and I had done this and I’d had such fun just having sex. Exciting sex!
I took mercy on him, sliding down on his body to play with my new toy, the four-incher throbbing between his legs. I realigned my front with his mouth and ordered James to take me there like he did my rear. I’m the Queen of this movie. With my knees beside his head in the sixty-nine, I let him reach and occasionally put his tongue in me.
Wow, what an incredible scene I’m in. I’m ready to come right now! I can’t be sure about this, but I think it took me about two minutes of this before I started feeling that upheaval inside me. I really did start fucking his face, sorry about that but I wasn’t totally in control right then. I know I moaned and thrashed around because John asked if I was alright, and I managed to grin his way, with the guy’s penis still in my mouth.
I came! I had an orgasm with someone besides John!
It took a little time, but now I threw my attention to his penis, the new little Toy. I was only getting started after that! I looked at my husband and grinned in triumph, my mouth wide in a pantomime /> With his shaft in one hand, I pursed my lips as if to kiss it, and put them on the head, the glans. Sucked in my cheeks. Inhaled the head with a sharp pop. James startled, his legs trembled momentarily, and he arched his back to push deeper into my mouth; I refused the offer, holding the head of his penis and riding his bucking expertly. I pushed down hard on his mouth, smothering him with my wetness and drove his hips down flat. James settled down — the Queen was in charge. This was a total turn-on.
In complete control of this penis, I slid my mouth down the shaft, taking his entire cock easily, deep-throating it just like the porn stars do. I slid the penis to one side of my mouth, biting my way gently along its short length until once again holding only the head. I was just playing with his cock, and happy happy happy!
My tongue pushed hard into the slit on the end, my favorite thing, tasting, and I sensed he was getting close to blasting so I pulled off him, held it with my hand and just adored it. I was ready and willing to make it spew all over me, taste that cream…
I looked over at John stroking himself and held up two fingers. I’d been mysterious and hinted that I was going for a Double, and that he should watch closely, because next time it would be him and not the Toy. I’m not sure he knew what a Double was. I may have seen a triple-X movie he hadn’t.
Around-The-World was Part One. I sucked hard, like a baby with its bottle, taking it all, and let it slide out; I slid my tongue down the underside of the shaft to his balls, first one, then the other; I sucked gently and moved my hips up and down on his face; took my tongue down his perineum, my hands under his butt-cheeks, raised them up and forcing his knees toward his chest. James’ tight little asshole lay within reach. I rolled my tongue around the rim, and he clenched it closed, surprised. Another first for me, after John.
Now he gets Part Two, the Butterfly Effect. I slid my lips and mouth over to one buttcheek, roamed the territory, left a hickey. Then the other side, – the of the Butterfly. In the center, the heart of the Butterfly. I probed with a sharpened tongue on his tight asshole. He had loosened by now, expecting this I suppose, and I persisted, forcing my tongue against his sphincter, hardly believing I was doing this. I felt the tip go in. Son of a gun – he’s eating me out and I’ve got my tongue into his ass! And John’s watching all this!
“I’m going to fuck your ass with my tongue just like you did for me, James, so relax it.” Believe it or not, I was a little embarrassed now at the language I was using so freely.
He did. My tongue poked deeper. I couldn’t believe I was really doing this, just like some X-rated movie. I wiggled my tongue inside him, made him twitch.
I was ecstatic and wanted John to share in this somehow. I raised up, smiled at him and motioned with my eyes for him to come near. I opened my mouth wide, inviting him, and he gave me as much of his seven inches as I could take. Yum! I let him push in my mouth several times then grabbed it, stroked it, sucked and kissed the tip, said “thank you, honey, I love it” and then pushed him back to sit again so I could return to sucking James’ asshole.
His mouth was really working on me now, and I couldn’t take it any more. I rolled off, onto my back, said “James, fuck me now. Fuck me fast and hard.” I deliberately wanted to be coarse, to make sure he was hot and would go at me wild. Far away, in the back of my mind, I realized with a start that I’d never said anything like this to John. Never.
James clambered over me and I truly did look at his erection with lust, could almost feel it in me already. I shifted myself with my feet facing my husband to give him the best possible view. James leaned over me in the classic Missionary, I was so wet and so ready. He had thoroughly moistened me with his own tongue while I was doing him at the other end, so I was and wasn’t surprised as he came down on me and his penis slid instantly in. WHOA! Fucked! I hoped John wasn’t freaking out like I was. I hoped to god he was … thrilled…I guess would be the word. I gasped and inhaled sharply as this new man’s penis slid inside me, and then I wrapped my legs around his back to force him tightly inside me. His breath was on my face. I pulled his head to me and caught his eyes, said, “Fuck me hard, James, go ahead.”
I arched to force him as deep as he could go. I knew I was gonna come any second.

He was stroking hard and fast into me, just like I told him to, and I sensed him getting ready, breaths short, rhythmic gasps, uh, uh, uh. I pulled his mouth to me and drove my tongue deep in his mouth, and then….
I had already planned for this moment. I pulled out from him, threw him down on his back, said, “You have to come in my mouth! I want all of it in my mouth.” Hey, all I can say is at moments like this, you’re just shameless and want it all, you’re crazy wild.

I slid down his body, made sure John had the best view as I took him in my mouth again, sucking and stroking vigorously to pull him off. I am now such a cocksucker, and damn this is great! I could see it all, like watching myself in a movie.
I felt him stiffen and then my cheeks blossomed out as he shot his load of semen. A different taste from John’s! I sucked like a madwoman, wanting it all. And got it.
He finished and dropped back flat against the bed. I’d hoped this would happen – my last plan was ready. I immediately slid my naked body up to his face, plastered my mouth on his, forced his mouth open with my lips and tongue, and pushed the warm semen directly into his mouth. I wouldn’t let him pull away. Roamed my tongue over him, his teeth, his tongue, made him take his warm come and share it with me. I lorded it over him, slid my come-soaked tongue over his nose, his eyes, his cheeks, and his lips.
I sat up on him, leaned forward and rubbed my tits over my new toy’s face, letting him suck my nipples. “And you probably thought you were only going to get to see a glimpse of my boobs tonite,” I taunted him, smiling.

“Your reward, for being a good Toy,” – I reached over on the bed and picked up the black silk panties. “You get to keep these.”

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Author: madhatter62

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