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You know how some people say your first experiences should be memorable? To say mine was memorable is questionable. I was in the seventh grade on one of the soccer teams at my middle school. At the time, I was about 110 lbs, which was about average for my team considering there were guys on the team from my grade plus the 6th and 8th grades. I had one girlfriend previously but the furthest we ever got was a little tongue here and there. Practice went pretty well except for the fact that I was 15 minutes late so I had to do 15 extra full field shuttle runs. Now that was tiring. As I was entering the locker room all the guys were already leaving. "Man, I must be real late!" I thought to myself. So I hurried in, undressed quickly, threw my towel over my shoulder, and ran to the showers.
Even though I was going in quickly, something so shocking made me stop in my tracks when I got to the showers. My friend and teammate Taylor (my grade) was sitting on one of the wooden benches you could put your stuff on, leaning back, eyes closed, as another one of my teammates, Chad (who was a 6th grader), gave him a blowjob from his knees.
I felt myself get hard and unconciously start jacking off. I slowly moved my hand up and down along my 5 1/2 inch shaft. I watched in awe as Chad's head moved up and down along Taylor's relatively small cock as Taylor's hips moved in tempo. I masturbated at the same tempo, even increasing in speed as they did. Taylor moaned in pleasure and I mistakenly also did so. When I did, Taylor and Chad jumped up to their feet and looked at me.
There was silence for several moments as we just stood there. "Man this must be a sight to see" I thought, "Here we are, three teammates, standing bare naked, with all of our erections standing up" There was me with my 5 1/2 inches, Taylor with his even smaller 4 1/2 with only a few pubic hairs, and Chad, the youngest and the smallest. I wasn't even sure he was in puberty. He had a small, 2 1/2 inch cock, no pubes, and balls that hadn't dropped. I could see him eying mine as we just stared at each other.
To break the awkward-ness of the whole situation I walked over to the set of showers. They followed suit. As I showered myself off, my erection just wouldn't go away as I thought about what they were doing. I could see Chad watching me before finally asking, "Are you going to tell anyone about what you saw?" When I didn't reply he said, "I'll do the same for you as I did to Taylor" This was a tempting offer so I relented. He came up to me and wrapped his arms around my neck and started to kiss me, which I returned. I felt his tongue move in and I followed suit. As we kissed more passionately, I felt my cock swell with pleasure from the rubbing against his body and his hard dick rubbing against mine. Still kissing, he moved me over to the bench, sat me down and started to kiss down my body. I looked to my side and I saw Taylor standing next to me, jacking off his smaller dick.
Finally, Chad was on his knees as he reached my crotch. I was so hard and shuddered as he put his lips around my cock. He started slow, moving up and down before increasing his speed. I moaned in pleasure as his tongue moved around along my shaft. I, without knowing it, began to press my hips in his mouth to make him get more and more. He increased his pace to a blistering fast speed. This proved to be way too much as I felt my orgasm build up. "Oh shit Chad I'm going to cum!" I yelled. Just as I came, Chad took my entire cock in his mouth and I put my hand on the back of his head, getting it all in. I shot a good load into him, way more than I had ever from masturbating. I shot one, two, three, then four spurts of warm semen into his mouth, which he swallowed in one gulp. Next to me, Taylor groaned, and I looked up in time to see him shoot two ropes of cum, one on my chest, the other on Chad's back before just dribbling out.
"Hah! You prick! You just came on me" I jokingly said
"Yeah, time for your punishment!" Chad said, catching on
We tackled him to the ground but I rolled off, pretty tired from everything when I saw him throw Chad off of him and onto his back, where he straddled his chest on his knees and shoved his hard cock above his face. "Now it's time for your punishment, not mine!" Taylor exclaimed. "Oh no, whatever will I do now!" Chad said sarcastically. Chad took Taylor's dick in his mouth for the 2nd time that day and started to give him the blowjob he didn't end up recieving in full.
I was impressed. Chad was giving essentially his third blowjob of the day (that I knew of) so I decided to return the favor. So Chad was lying down on the floor as he sucked Taylor when I put my lips around his small cock. I could fit it all in my mouth so I just used my tongue to pleasure him. In no more than two minutes I felt him tense up and he shook in his climax. He even came a small load into my mouth, but it felt slightly liquidy and when I stuck my finger in my mouth it didn't feel like semen. It had a very slight salty flavor, but I swallowed it anyways. I noticed that Taylor still hadn't climaxed yet and Chad's prick was still hard so I decided to give him one more. Only this time, I took my finger covered with his semen-ish substance and as I sucked him, I shoved it up his tight ass. He tensed up but then relaxed as I continued to move my finger in and out. I could hear Taylor climaxing and almost immediately I felt Chad tense up as he orgasmed but didn't cum. However, the lack of cum was made up by the fact that this one was a real powerful orgasm. He screamed loudly in pleasure and writhed around for a few moments. All of us layed down on the ground, exhausted from everything. The only noise was our heavy breathing until Chad broke the silence.
"Hey John (me) that were two great blowjobs. You're a natural! You know Taylor's younger brother in 4th grade? Connor? It took me so long to master it with him and two of his friends. You should try them! I mean, you should meet them one day and hang out with all of us, including me and Taylor. Actually, you know Taylor's twin sister Katie? She comes every so often too if you get my drift"
I got his drift and I couldn't wait for the next time.

I'll write the 2nd one only if this is good

story by: johndoe777

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Author: johndoe777

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