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Several minutes later there is a stir, followed by a hushed silence, as I came in. Jaclyn sees a rush of people move toward me, everyone wanting to welcome me at once. Jaclyn recognized me but knew nothing about me. When she asked the woman standing next to her who had arrived, she stared at Jaclyn for a moment, as if not understanding her question. Jaclyn's eyes fixed on the woman next to her. " Oh, that is John Malone," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. " He's the owner of this club and many others, and is a very powerful man. Everyone is extremely wary of him. I suggest you be likewise." Jaclyn sensed fear in the woman's reply and it unnerved her. Despite the warning, Jaclyn still has difficulty accepting that I really had so much power. She watched me cross the room. A shiver ran through her and suddenly she wished she had worn something less enticing.

As restlessness drives me to prowl the club tonight, I catch the irresistible scent of a woman, a woman ripe for me—a woman alone. I shift to my dangerous, feral Wolf form, ready to met this woman, Jaclyn, at all costs. Will she want me, if she knows the dark secret of my true nature, she won't. I notice her and came across the room to greet her. As we exchanged a polite handshake, she noticed for the first time how large my hands and fingers were. At least I wasn't perspiring, she thought. After we had talked for awhile, I told her to pay me a visit the next day. Though she feels a bit unsettled by my offer, she knew rejecting it is out of the question. I explained that I would send my driver for her at 11 AM. After her morning shower, Jaclyn donned a light yellow colored dress that buttoned up the front. It clung to her figure, pushing her breasts together to create a nice cleavage. It is short, but not too short, stopping about six inches about the knees. Upon arriving at my house, Jaclyn is amazed at how large it is. It seems to her almost palatial, at least in this neighborhood. As the car made its way up the long, semi-circular driveway, Jaclyn counted at least three security guards with dogs patrolling the grounds. Her anxiety begins to increase. Upon her entrance, I greeted her politely, led her to a comfortable chair and offered her a glass of wine. Though she appreciated my civilized manner, it did nothing to help calm her nerves. After we finished our wine, I looked directly at her. " Look Jaclyn, I'll come straight to the point," I begin. " I am, as I think you understand by now, a very wealthy and powerful man. I can get anything, how shall I say it, taken care of." Jaclyn looked away from me and nodded her head. I smiled at her. Jaclyn stared at the remains in the bottom of her wine glass for a moment. " I-I don't think so. What do you mean by that?" she asked weakly. " I mean to ask, have you ever spoken with the other women about my… sexual habits?" Jaclyn looked up at me. " Yes, I've heard that, ah, a few of the women at the club have been one night stands for you," she said, trying not to betray the apprehension she is beginning to feel.

My laugh is deep and guttural, filling the small room. I brought my hands together slowly in front of me, the fingertips touching. " Well, let me tell you something," I said. " I many local women in my black book age 18 and above that are available to me." Jaclyn tried to stay calm, but her anxiety level is climbing higher. Why is he telling her these things? " No, I wasn't aware it was that high," she said. My chair creaked slightly as I moved forward, focusing my gaze directly on her." Jaclyn, your 25 and never married. You have not had a boyfriend for a long time. You were at the club looking to get laid last night.?" I said bluntly. Jaclyn stiffened slightly, moving her body back. This cat and mouse game we have been playing is over, she knew. Wherever this is heading, she didn't like it. She stared back at me. " Yes, of course. How did you get that she said evenly. " I have the resources to find out a lot of I studied her intently for a moment, as if trying to measure her in some fashion. Then I said: " Now, I have to ask, what would you do to have all your debts paid. Jaclyn?" When the reality of her situation hit, her composure finally cracked and she begins to tremble and cry. " What? That's not a fair question." " Yes," I replied calmly, " of course it is, I can make your debts go away." " Let me put this directly, Jaclyn," I said, my tone becoming stern. " I want you to be my lover. If you agree, I will pay off your debts and you'll have nothing to worry about. If you don't, things might get, shall we say, very difficult for you. Do I make myself clear?" My tone and demeanor left no room for argument. Jaclyn feels like she is going into shock as my message begins to sink in. I had seemed like such a polite man; now I'm threatening her! Presuming her response, I pull a business card from an inner pocket, jotted a phone number on the back and handed it to her. " That's a private number where you can reach me," I said. " I'll expect a reply no later than tomorrow by noon. Please remember what I've said." That night a tearful, near hysterical Jaclyn went home.

She finally realized that accepting my offer is her only option. She called the next morning and told me that she had agreed to my proposition. She begged me to not to do this to her, though she knew her pleas were useless. I told her she would be picked up that evening and to make sure she closed up her apartment as she would be staying with me for awhile. She put the phone down and burst into tears once again. She hated me. I had a reputation as a cruel and callus man. My god, she wondered, how had she gotten herself into this? After the limo dropped her off, she rang the bell and a domestic showed her into a very large, lounge-like room. After standing there for what seemed like forever but was only several minutes, she became aware of her strange reactions. She had been waiting for this since her call to me yesterday, dreading it, yet she is acutely aware of her arousal, that her juices are flowing. She tried to dismiss this as I walked into the room wearing silk pajamas. I greeted her differently this time, bending my head and kissing her hand. I told her not to worry, I would not hurt her; in fact, I assured her, she would enjoy it. In a wimpy voice, she once again asked me not to do this, but I paid her no attention. " Jaclyn, if you will please come with me," I said and we walked through several rooms, finally entering one that had a Jacuzzi. I told her I would be back shortly and instructed her to disrobe and get into the Jacuzzi. Jaclyn did so and found the warm, bubbly water indeed made her feel relaxed. At that point a domestic entered the pool room and handed her a crystal goblet. It contained a wine-like drink with a fruity taste. I encouraged her to drink it and she quickly took several large swallows, hoping it would ease her anxiety. The warm, swirling water and delicious drink begin to have the desired effect and Jaclyn feels very relaxed. About 15 minutes later, I returned with a dressing gown similar to my own and told her to put it on and follow me.

From there we move down a long corridor and entered a large room. I sat on the large low bed and told her to remove her gown and turn herself around. I spent several minutes quietly appraising her body, murmuring to myself as I admire her supple curves and flawless skin, knowing they are mine to do with as I pleased. Under normal circumstances, Jaclyn would have felt sick and revolted by this act, but instead she is feeling an increased warmth and relaxation, a sweet lethargy, as if everything around her is slowing down and she is focused on the moment. For just a moment, she wonders if something had been put into her drink. I begin by stroking her arms and gently brushing my fingers through her long auburn hair. I kiss her neck and ears sliding my hands over her body, causing her to shudder involuntarily. She is already sexually charged from knowing what is going to happen – and perhaps by her inability to prevent it. She feels the familiar signs, her pussy lips moistening and opening, gently stretching her labia so that the tip of her clitoris is exposed, longing for the first delicious contact. She is vaguely aware that she shouldn't be reacting this way, at least not under these conditions, but she seems to have no control over her body's responses.

I begin kissing her, gently at first, then forcing my tongue inside her mouth searching for hers. I found it and sucked it into my mouth. My hands continue their slow, steady caressing of her body. Her need has been building steadily, and finally reached a point that she begins removing my pajamas. She tries to avoid looking at my stomach or anything further below as she undressed me. Her mind is whirling; she had wondered all night about this very moment, how it would come about and what she will find. Her last boyfriend was of moderate size at best, and she knew there were men with larger cocks, though she had no experience. Finally she moved her hand below my belly and grasped my cock. It is incredibly warm to her touch, hard and swollen and so very thick. Instinctively she moved her head lower, wanting to see it. She'd not seen that many cocks, and certainly never one of this size. I sensed it. " Is this your first big cock, Jaclyn?" I asked gently. My voice seems deeper than usual. She tilted her head up. " Yes… yes it is," she said haltingly. As she spoke she kept running her slim fingers up and down the length of my shaft, her hand moving in a slow, steady, stroking motion. It is certainly longer than she has had before, she thought, and it feels nearly three times as thick. Her body seems on autopilot as she slides off the bed onto the floor. I move to the edge of the bed in front of her and spread my legs into a V shape.

Jaclyn continues to stroke and fondle my large cock, which is now level with her face. She gently forces the thick foreskin back down the shaft, exposing the bulbous, pinkish purple head. This is another first for her as other men were circumcised, and she found she enjoyed watching the skin slide back as she exposed the mushroomed shaped glans. Her rapidly increasing sexual tension has banished any guilt feeling to the back of her consciousness. She seems in a trace-like state as she brought her head forward, kissing and licking my throbbing cock head. After several minutes of this slow, sweet torment her urge to suck on my big cock is overwhelming. She opens her mouth and attempts to engulf the swollen tip, but she found it a struggle. After several tries she finally manages to fit the head and upper shaft into her mouth. Still, it is a tight fit and her small mouth is stretched to its maximum, forming a tight seal around my cock. As she moves her head slowly up and down she made wet, noisy slobbering sounds as trickles of saliva oozed from the corners of her mouth. I'm in my element, near rapture; there is nothing I loved more than watching a frightening, defeated woman like Jaclyn, a virgin to a big cock, kneeling subserviently before me, choking and gagging as she tries to suck my enormous erection in her sweet little mouth. I lean forward a bit, reaching down and begin rubbing Jaclyn's breasts, pulling and squeezing roughly on the ends until her tender nipples are so inflamed that they stood out like beacons. I pull her body up a bit then spread her legs until I can reach one of my hands between them. My thick forefinger quickly found her distended clit, rubbing it so hard she wanted to scream for me to stop. But her mouth is filled to capacity, filled with my huge cock, and I keep rubbing her bud, up, down and sideways, until her pussy is soaking wet and hyper sensitive to my touch.

Even in her somewhat altered state, Jaclyn is surprised how forceful I am compared to her last guy, who was almost always tender and loving. I push and pull her this way and that at my whim; I'm always in charge, doing exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. A distant part of her consciousness still couldn't believe she is allowing me to explore her so shamelessly, but the rest of her seems to be on sexual auto-pilot and her arousal keeps building. Giving into her feelings, she begins to enjoy this roughness and loss of control, reveling in the feeling of being forcefully used. Lifting one of her legs, I force her to straddle me, then pull her forward so that she slides along the seat. She is now in my lap, and my fingers dig into her thighs as I continue to devour her flesh. " Please stop," she gasps when my touch became even rougher. Releasing her nipple, my dark eyes met hers as I smiled. My hands lifted til they cupped both of her breasts, and my thumbs brushed gently against the tight nubs in a small apology. Dropping them suddenly, I lean back against the door, and ran my large palms up and down the tops of her thighs while continuing to gaze at the abused peaks. " That is so hot," I said in satisfaction. I'm rock hard and ache in ways I'd never felt before. I can feel myself thick, and ready as my cock presses into my leg. With my dark eyes delving into the soft pools of her eyes, " I'm going to fuck you." Her eyes swoop across my cock, it is engorged with blood making it impressively thick and long. I feel myself twitch. " No," she breathed as her eyes took it in. " No, I can't!"

Attempting to leave my lap, she leans towards the seat in a desperate attempt to flee. " I like this," I whispered as I slide my fingers between her thighs to rub her slit. The contact made her jump, but she didn't raise her hands to stop me. She seemed to stare off into space slightly as I explored her. My fingers slide back and forth gently in a teasing manner, when her slit begins to moisten beneath my touch I bite my lip in satisfaction. My eyes heated further as I gazed down at her wet slit. It is surrounded with soft little curls of hair, and my eyes devoured it as my hands grasped onto her thighs, and slide upward. His palms ran over her hips, and circled back until I'm holding her soft round ass in my hands. With a light grunt, I squeezed it roughly with my fingers as my cock twitched between us. " I knew from the moment I saw you that you would feel as good as you looked," I rasped thickly. My words seem to break her from her daze as she looks at me. Her expression is that of someone still in shock. Flat and slightly lifeless. As our gazes met, I trailed one hand over her hip, sliding the tips of my fingers across her stomach. Tilting my head back slightly, my hand sliding low, and my palm brushed her mound before two of my fingers slide between her moist lips as I searched for her opening. When they easily found it, and pushed inside of her, she finally reacted. Her eyes widened, and her hands lifted to grip my shoulders to steady herself as her entire body jerked, and tensed. I groaned at the feel of her. " You are so unbelievably tight," I told her thickly in amazement. My fingers pushing deeper and she tensed further and cried out.

" Shhhh, baby," I soothed her. " I need to play with it first. I need you nice and wet for me before I fuck you. It will be very painful at first." As I finish telling her this, I slip my fingers from her, and raised my hand to slip them into my mouth. My eyes watched hers as I tasted the wetness that coated them. When I pulled them out, I smiled and reached for her hips to pull her closer. Once she is positioned where I wanted her, I leaned forward slightly so that our mouths are barely a breath apart. " Tell me how this feels," I whispered. Gripping my cock in my hand, I palmed the back of her ass to hold her in place as I slide the head between her folds. She is on her back and I'm hovering over her, " John! Get off me! We can't do this please!" My cock glided along her slippery gash until it reached her ass, then I slid it back towards her clit. I rub myself back and forth as her fingers dig into my shoulders. " What are you doing?" she gasped in agony. My lips lifted in a half smile as I looked into her eyes. " I'm getting you ready to take a load of my cum," I informed her. " You're about to get fucked hard." " Please please please John please don't" She begged. " You'll realize what you've missed all this time sweets." With that, I thrust my thick shaft straight inside her as she screamed in pain while her tight vagina stretched struggling to accomidate my thickness. Her eyes tearing up as the exquisite mix of pleasure and pain ran through her womb for the first time. I begin thrusting into her for ten minutes before she starts screaming indecipherable words before eventually shouting " God! God! Oh my God! Ahhhhh!" It tore through her tight pussy like paper, she screams as it fills her.

Reaching up quickly to grip her mouth with my palm, I held her cheeks in my grasp as a long moan escaped me. " God, you're fucking tight," I breathed again. Slipping out slightly, I rocketed into her again barely noticing her wincing with pain as she mewled beneath my palm. " Yeah," I breathed loving the feel of her clenched around me. " Fuck yeah." I pull back then slam into her again, she is filled to the hilt, I let out a roar of pleasure as she cries out beneath me. Pausing only a moment to enjoy the pure bliss of the way that it feels, I lean over her and clamp my fingers over her mouth again as I roughly begin to ride her. My cock slamming into her over and over as my breathing grew labored, as she mewled into the skin of my palm. Burying my face against her neck, I slid my other hand between us to grip one of her tits in my hand, and maul the soft skin before pinching her nipple. The action made her muffled cries grow louder. The sounds are only an enhancement for me, as I moan against her ear. " Do you like having my thick cock inside of you?" I asked panting. " You love it, don't you?" Ramming harder, I paused, then swirl my hips in a small circle. " Your cunt is so fucking tight," I groan as a shudder rocked through me. I begin to viciously thrust between her legs once more. My lips parted against her neck as my body moves on top of hers. I emphasized each thrust that I made with my hips by grunting softly while uttering words of encouragement into her ear. " That's right," I panted. " Spread your legs like a good girl, and take all of my cock in your sweet cunt." Reaching down, I gripped her thigh in my hand, and pulled her leg up higher so that I can push even deeper.

My fingers trailed down to her ass, and I gripped it hard as I lowered my head to watch myself slip into her. When I saw my cock pushing between her folds, forcing it's way in, I let out another low pitched groan, and stilled with only the tip inside of her. Gazing down at it hypnotically, I slide in fast, then slowly pulled out until only the head is buried. Pushing forward slowly this time, I feel her hotly clutching around me, grasping at my shaft. " Agh!" I moan as I buried my face against her chest. " Fuck!" Lifting my head, and straightening my back I slam into her hard, and looked down at her face where I still had my hand pressed tightly to her mouth. Her neck is arched back slightly, and her eyes have rolled into the back of her head so it seems that she is staring at the ceiling above her. My thrusts became rhythmic and steady as I watched her eyes. " Look at me," I suddenly growled. Her wide, traumatized gaze lowered until it met mine, and when I stared into her depths, a heated sound of pleasure escaped my lips. I begin twisting my hips as I went in and out of her.

Releasing her mouth, I gripped onto the sides of her head, pressing my thumbs into her cheeks, and held eye contact. Losing myself, I press my mouth to hers, and force her lips wide as I plunged into yet another part of her. My tongue swirled against hers, and with another low pitched groan that rumbled from my throat and into her mouth, I came. Hot spurts jetted from my cock into her, and as it flows out of me, I stiffened and pressed myself as deep as I can get. My body shuddering. When it ended, I'm still. My fingers eased their hold upon her head as I lifted my mouth, and looked down at her. She didn't move or speak. She only returned my stare, her eyes haunted. My thumbs absentmindedly brushed over the skin of her cheeks as I looked at her. " That was good," I breathed softly. Something inside of her finally broke, and as I watched, her face slowly crumbled as her eyes filled with tears. Her chest lifted abruptly as she dragged in a ragged breath seemingly trying to fight the onset. I'm still inside of her. I watch as she begins to hyperventilate, and one of my hands lifted to brush her hair back repeatedly in a soothing gesture. " It's over," I whispered. " Don't cry." Pulling out of her, i sat back on my knees, I looked down at her trembling body " I'm glad that you were as tight as a virgin," I stated ruefully. " I'm sure I would have been fairly angry if you hadn't been." Tilting my head to gaze at her, I bit my lip. She sat stoically with her hands in her lap as she stared straight ahead. " I wouldn't have liked that at all." My words seem to have little impact. Her demeanor didn't alter in the slightest. She just sat very quietly. It isn't even apparent that she was breathing, she was so very still. Now. Turn around and show me that ass again!"

Jaclyn feels one hand pressing down on the small of her back as she flattened herself onto the desk once more, feeling my fist guiding my cock between her thighs. In a blink, I found her cunt and my cock slammed into her, every bit like a butcher slicing steaks and her body the pale meat on the block. A splinter of wood dug into her skin and left a red bruise where the desk pressed against the front of her pelvis that she would find it later and smile. I keep pushing, only stopping when my hairy thighs squashed her buttocks flat against them. The moment of silence, a long one: mine, the satisfaction of conquest; hers, tight mouthed against a scream. My cock is too much, too much at once. My hands, with grubby nails, encircled her waist and I receded, like a wave, gathering up to break on the beach. Again I pushed and her body opened up to me. Faster now and mercifully not so deep, my rhythm shook us, making the desk thump against the wall. She tried to elbow up, but collapsed again, her face turned flat against the rings of cup-stains on the desk. I shifted, reaching a hand between her tummy and desk and two fingers exploring her pussy, making slippery circles round her clit. My face rested on hers, briefly lifting to bite gently on her ear so my hot breath reached into her head. Our jaws, are now uncomfortably aligned: my stubble rasping deliciously against her. So much man. She is so full of a man for the first time in a long time. My hard cock steamed wetly as it paused momentarily for the next stroke: dark, slick hairs glued to my veiny skin, silvery with her wetness.

I'm gasping next to her and she tasted the thick, sweet smell of cologne as we shared the same air. " I'm going… to come…to come," I whisper hoarsely. " Come John, yes, I want you to come. I'm close. I'm so close. Here let me," She whimpered back as I shifted a little to let her replace my too-hard fingers with her own. " Go on, John. Fuck me, John. I'm…" She feels my cock swelling inside her and knew what was to follow. The thought filled her head and she begins to buck her hips against me, her wet fingers rubbing in unison with my slippery flesh. " I'm coming," She whispered as she feels her knees buckle and shake uncontrollably. She didn't think I said anything, but I gripped her hips tighter, pulling her further onto my cock. She feels the kicking pulse of my orgasm, the sudden extra heat inside her. She feels the burst of blind triumph and growled an animal noise back at me.

We are still now, our shared ecstasy slipping away from us: brief ecstasy supplanted by the mundane once again. When I withdrew an inevitable dribble of her juices trickled out down her inner thighs. I'm squatting behind her now, my hands resting on the roundness of her ass, then leaned in to place a stubbly kiss on each, which was sweet but unnecessary. We are both still breathing hard and the beginnings of little laughs found voice. " Sheould you reach the tissues, please?" She asked when she finally lifted herself up onto elbows again. " I dare not move." " Here, I got it," I said, rising to my feet and letting my limp cock slap wetly on the back of her leg. " There you go." " Thanks…woo, that was…" " Rampant? Desperate?" I offered. " I was going to say wild, yes," She smiled back.

story by: horny fox

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Author: horny fox

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