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‘I feel it,’ she whispered, her voice rasping from the ache that was throbbing everywhere, but nowhere more than where his cock pressed through the layers between them. She kept her gaze on his mouth as arousal oozed through her.

When Meredith walked out of the bathroom, toweling her hair, another towel wrapped around her body, I didn't move. I realized I'd been holding my breath when she let out a yelp of surprise and jerked a hand to her chest. " Fuck! John, you scared the hell out of me. What are you doing? How did you get in here?" " I walked through the door," I answered quietly, not moving. " Through the…," she began, and then realization leaped in her eyes, lighting them up. " You came through the door? You were watching me weren't you? Last night and before. I knew it," she finished, her face unreadable. " I found a passage between the rooms. The mirrors are like windows. I can't help but watch you."
" So what are you doing here?" " Hoping that you knew I was watching and that you didn't mind, that you wanted me to do more than watch." She stood for a moment without speaking and my heart begins to pound, a flush spreading through me as I wondered what she would say or do next. My answer came when she walked toward me. She stopped just in front of me, inches away, and looked up at me, licked her lips and then whispered with a small smile, " I knew you were watching. I smelled your cologne and heard you. I wanted you to see me."

I then kissed her, hands moving to her arms and then unhooking the towel that hid her from me. The kiss is tentative at first, but her lips are soft, and it grew into something far more passionate. I picked her up, hands under her ass and behind her thighs and her legs went around my waist. I carried her to the bed sat down so that she is on my lap, legs still wrapped around me. She tugged at my shirt and we continued to kiss, breaking only long enough so that she could tug it over my head. Her nipples are hard and I feel them against my chest so I move my mouth to cover them, one and then the other. I sucked them into my mouth, rolled them with my lips and tongue, nipped lightly at them as she moans above me. My hands are on her lower back, her ass, her upper thighs, everywhere on her body as my mouth traveled everywhere it could reach with her there on my lap. Her hands move between us and struggled at my waist, unhooking my belt and then my pants. I made a frustrated growl and stood, still holding her and then turned to set her on the bed and free myself from my pants. I kicked free of them frantically and leaned down, kissing her again, weight on my knees, one hand caressing her breast and the other her face as I kiss her again. I feel the heat and wetness of her as I moaned into her mouth.

Suddenly her hand is on me, around me, and I made a sharp intake of breath, and before I can breath out again, I pull her legs open then move between her open thighs, mounting her. She is helpless. She surrendered, letting her legs fall open and bent her knees up so my entry will be less painful. I directed my fully erect cock against the wet lips of her cunt and begin pushing into her. She screamed as the head of my cock entered her, her body jerking at the intrusion. She is stroking her breasts as I advanced my cock, filling her, stretching her till she is impaled, crying out again. I start thrusting into her, she is aroused but she is able to control her response, I'm inside her. I thrust forward and her knees rose up to meet me. Her legs are against my sides, heels under my ass, and the movement of her legs encourage me, driving me onward to drive into her faster and faster. Our breathing is ragged, and the moans that are coming out of them mingling into one voice. Abruptly, I slide an arm underneath the small of her back and lift and turn with one movement so that she is on top of me and I'm sitting partially up underneath her. " Yes," escaped her in a long sigh, as her shins hit the bed, lean calves against the outsides of my thighs, and palms against my chest. I'm thrusting in and out of her, every stroke is powerfully. Fucking her steadily, and deep. Then she feels my cock swelling and throbbing and she knew I'm about to come in her. She is losing it! Against all attempts to control her body's response to the intense fucking. She lost the battle, I push my cock deep in her as I erupted, my semen spurting against her cervix. She feels a warmth begin in her cunt, spreading through her pelvis, spreading through her. She is overwhelmed with an orgasm that causes her to cry out, her body wracked with spasms as her legs clutched me. Finally her spasms subsided as my softening cock slips from her. She was shaken by the powerful climax.

We laid there gasping for our breath, our bodies glistening with sweat. Meredith got up and made her way to the bathroom. When she returned to the bedroom, I grabbed her, leaning in and kissing her again. She surrendered, melting into my body, losing herself in my heat. Our kiss lingered long enough to consume her and then I lean back, took her slender waist into my hands and twisted her back around to press her over the edge of the bed. " Oh…oh…oh fuck." She whimpered. I lift her slightly, so that she is standing on her tip toes, pinned against the bed. I feel her hot slick lips as I bent my knees slightly and maneuvered the thick head of my cock against her pussy lips. There is that first moment, when she feels the large head of my cock at the entrance to her cunt and she knows that whatever she had planned had slipped completely out of her control. She knows that I'm going to fuck her again until I'm through with her. Then, I will cum in her, coating her and filling her. Meredith knows that despite all of her protestations of innocence, of outrage, that is why we divorced. Now she is afraid of what will happen if she said yes again. I thrust into her. She rose to her tip toes and screams; her voice a wild beast lost in the echoless night. My cock filling her completely again. Pain from the sudden penetration vanishing into the wave of pleasure that follows as I pinned her against the bed and drove my cock in and out with long fast strokes, the slow dance of our seduction gone in the instant. We descended into the purity of a rough punishing fuck.

My hands roams over her body just as my cock strokes the inner walls of her cunt. She feels me pinch her nipples, the brief fiery pain seeming to cascade down a cord that connected to her swollen clit. She twists and turns and tries simultaneously to pull away, to push me deeper into her. Her voice keeps crying out, incoherent words, gasps of pleasure, cries for mercy, commands of faster, harder, deeper. I hear her voice somewhere distant, the entirety of my being focused on the sensation of the hot walls and friction rippling down the shaft of my cock. My hands, at times rough, at times tender, roaming over her slender body. At one point I realized I had a fist clenched in her blonde hair, her head pulled back, her eyes closed, her mouth open, gasping. In my other hand I had one of her almond nipples, pinched tightly between the thumb and finger, stretched painfully outward. Her cries spoke of her pain but the way she slammed her ass back into my thighs, the way her cunt clenched at my cock, revealed she is trapped in the world of pleasure and pain intermingling into greater ecstasy.

It is too much for me. I buried myself inside of her and came. I roared, no more than a beast myself, as I thrust so hard I lifted her off her feet and held her dangling half over the bed. I shook as I pump her full of thick white cum. Each thrust deep into her is accompanied by a jet of cum until finally I'm exhausted. I ease her down off the bed and she stood on trembling legs her hands clinging desperately to keep her upright. I stepped back and felt my cock slip out. I look down to watch the thick rivulets of white cum slide down her soft inner thighs. Somewhere in that sight the beast vanished and the man returned. On shaky legs of my own I scooped her up in my arms and carried her back to the bed. She lay curled against my chest, resting her head on my shoulder, her lips softly kissing my throat as she murmured quietly. I laid her gently onto the white comforter that covered the king bed. I stood over her for a moment, looking down at her slender form, drenched in sweat, cum slick thighs glistening. She reached up, extending a hand, and I took it and slipped onto the bed, stretching out beside her. She curled against me, her head on my chest, her hot body pressed against my side, one thigh draped over my abdomen. Our breath mingling, rose and fell in tandem, as the swift sleep of the satiated overtook us.

story by: horny fox

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Author: horny fox

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