Returning to school – nancy

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Return to School – Nancy

This actually precedes the "Returning to School – Ellen" stories I've already
written. Initially when I returned to school, I was initially enrolled in night
school at one of the local universities while I was working.

When I started my initial transition from night school to full-time day classes,
they had a program where you could attend both which I took advantage of
primarily because it was less expensive. When I did the initial transition, I
had left my girlfriend of 3 years, who in the past year and a half had become
far too difficult if not unreasonable to the extreme. Hence – for a while I had
zero interest in seeing anyone on a committed basis, and sought to have
women as friends as opposed to having a girlfriend. As I had met a number
of women in both the day and nighttime classes, I did seek to become friends
with a several of them, but I quickly discovered that they wanted more of a
relationship than I was willing (or ready) to give.

I met Nancy (who was married) in one of the night school classes, and she
was also in the process of transitioning from night to day classes. As she was
married, the same age, and taking several of the same classes I was we became
friendly. In short, I considered this relationship to be harmless as (presumably)
neither she nor I were looking for a relationship. While I am certain I wasn't
looking, it hadn't occurred to me that Nancy would eventually be thinking

As I transitioned into day classes, naturally most of my classmates were much
younger (I was in my late 20's) so I had 10 years on most of them. While a lot
of them were seriously immature, some of them were mature beyond their
years and were in school to work, and I mean work hard. In the classes I
attended where there weren't other (comparative) adults, I naturally sought
out the dedicated students, and one of them, Jim was especially bright. He
and one of the others I liked working with (Sara) were both part of the Campus
Entertainment Committee (CEC), so every now and then they'd get passes to see
concerts in town when major bands were touring. The idea of the free passes
being handed out to the CEC was due to the potential of the university hiring the
bands to come and play at the school (which did happen from time to time).

Hence – we'd get a bunch of people together (usually the more mature crowd)
and go see these shows, which was awesome – because then getting in was
free, which was a good thing when you're on a budget. That pretty well lays out
background for this story.

My name is Greg – and here's how it was.

I met Nancy in a nighttime finance class at the local university. It was a pretty
difficult class, and I was glad that I'd taken a lot of my math classes (including
calculus) and accounting prior to doing so. While this class wasn't one of those
where you would get project or team oriented work, most of the night school
crowd (with a few exceptions) were adults and already busy in their careers.
Since the school did have a cafeteria (that sold beer!), every now and then a few
of us would have a beer with the instructor (who was a CFO at a local firm, and
was a riot to talk to) after class. Some of these after class sessions became so
much fun that even I (I was never crazy about math courses) started looking
forward to them.

Nancy was one of the ones who came to the post-class beer sessions, and
seemed to hang around the school quite a bit. She was about 5'3", with a nice
tight and petite figure, with brown hair. While she had an average face, she had
striking blue eyes. She was somewhat curvy with an ample chest for her size,
but it was clear there wasn't an ounce of fat on her. I found her entertaining from
a visual perspective, as she had the kind of walk and a demeanor that suggested
that she was a real handful in bed. Eventually we found out she was married, but
that her husband travelled a lot for business, so she had started taking classes
while she was working to fill in her all-to-ample spare time and get her degree.

We both started running into one another in the library, cafeteria, and the few
classes we shared. I eventually found out she was also taking the computer
science courses and we were both doing the prerequisites for that program, so
we both assumed we'd be running into one another a lot. Eventually, as we'd
see each other at various times during the week, we'd hang out in one of the
lounges around the school, study, discuss classes, and so on.

One day she waved at me to come over when she saw me, and told me she
couldn't make it to class the following week, and asked if I could I take notes for her.
I didn't have any problem with that – she may very well get the opportunity to return
the favor someday.

When we met the following week I ran her off copies of the notes I'd taken, handed
them to her, when she noticed the kind of shorthand I used and asked me what
they meant. So we went over to one of the lounge areas where they had big sofas
to sit on, and I walked her through the notes and how to interpret some of the
symbols I used. She scribbled down the symbols and translations and then asked
about the rest of the class, which we discussed for a while longer. Before long we
began to discuss other topics, and the conversation got more personal. I told her
about my recent break-up from my now former girlfriend, and from what she
understood of the relationship she said that it was the right thing to do.

Then she started telling me about her husband, who was an engineer for a global
company who fairly regularly had to travel to Asia – especially Japan often for weeks
at a time. She'd said it wasn't ideal, but that it wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't stuck
hanging around an empty house all the time.

Some months later, I had made friends with some of the other older students, and
we'd found out that we all liked reggae music, and there was a local reggae club that
had a wonderful band coming to town. I was going go with a few friends, but I'd also i
invited my same aged school friends as well. I ran into Nancy who mentioned that
her husband had left the week before for a several-week junket while we were
discussing other things – so I told her what we were planning (just a group of folks
around our age going to hear some reggae and get some eats), and would she like to
come along. She thought about it for a few moments and said sure. I told her
where we were all meeting for eats, and gave her the time and said we'd see her there.

We all met for dinner at a local Chinese place, Nancy got introduced around, and we
all seemed to hit it off well – dinner had a lot of laughs and we all drank zombies,
which can be pretty lethal if you're not careful. We finished dinner, split the check,
and headed over to the reggae club. Eventually we all got there, and we went up to
the entertainment floor where the stage was and drank Red Stripe while we waited
for the band to come on. Eventually the room became more crowded and we were all
elbow to elbow by the side of the room, where a few of our crowd had secured a table.
The band came on, and shortly afterwards someone lit up a joint (not uncommon in
reggae bars) and handed it around. I took a quick puff, and placed it in the ashtray
on the table, and Nancy asked where I went. I told her there was a joint in the ashtray
if she wanted some. She grinned, strolled over, and took a few puffs.

As the evening progressed, we were all alternately listening to the band, talking, drinking
beer, sort of half-dancing to the music, and the occasional joint went around. Nancy
had eventually moved over closer to me, and I'd noticed that when she talked to me,
she always put her hand on my shoulder and seemed to let it linger. Often when she
was taking her hand off of me she would let it slide slowly down my chest. I didn't think
much of it at the time – I dismissed that as a party night and nothing more.

We all started to hang around more often, and Nancy became something of a regular
for our outings, even apparently when her husband was home (he, apparently, didn't
like going out). We all got to know each other more and more, and I saw Nancy often.
One of the classes we eventually had starting having group work, and this was the
first group for my computer science classes that started meeting at my mothers house
(I rented out the apparent in my own house and had moved into my mothers place –
that gave me some positive income meaning I didn't have to work, and it was closer to
school). Our team was comprised of (this time) commuting students, and my house was
roughly in the middle of where everyone else lived so it became the meeting place.

It was the middle of the winter when a major blues show came to town at one of the
really large night-clubs, Another friend of mine was going to go with a friend of his
that was going to be in town, and he called me up to see if I wanted to go. I'd wanted
to see this band for a while so I was in, and I thought I'd ask some of the school crowd
if they wanted to go as well. Some of them did, but they couldn't make it for dinner and
said they'd meet me (us) there. My friends in the Campus Entertainment Committee
arranged for passes to be waiting for us at the door, so it would be free admission for
two of us. Then I ran into Nancy who said she was up for it.

Since it was in the far side of town and as parking was limited we decided to car-pool
and meet at my place. I took a short nap that afternoon, and when I woke up I took a
shower and jacked off as the hot water poured over me before getting out. I then took
my time getting dressed and studied a short while, when Nancy arrived (very tight jeans,
and a button- down blouse that showed off her curves). We chatted about school for a bit,
but it was soon time to go so we hopped in my car and took off.

We went to a seafood place to meet my friend Rick who was with his pal who was in town
visiting (John) before the show. The food was fabulous and we'd had a fair amount of
wine to drink. I felt the urge and excused myself to go to the mens room, and when I
got back we all chatted for a bit when Nancy got up to go to the ladies room. My pal
Rick looked at me, and said "she likes you". And I replied "I like her…" and he said,
"you're not getting what I'm telling you – she REALLY likes you".

I thought frankly that he was nuts. But being a fairly normal guy it wasn't like I hadn't noticed
what a great body she had – I had just considered her a friend who happened to be female,
but married, and therefore disinterested.

We finished our dinners and paid the check, and we all got up to head to the nightclub.
We drove on over, got there, parked, headed in, and found our crowd of friends. There were
two bands before the one we came to see, and we all stood around listening to the
music, hollering at each other over the loud volume, and drinking. I'd had a number of
drinks (as had everyone else) and had a nice buzz going.

Eventually the band we came to see was getting ready to go on, and several of us (Nancy
included) raced over to the part of the club where the view was better. When the band came
on we moved in closer to see more, when Nancy grabbed my hand and dragged me into
the crowd until we were virtually in a crush of people right in front of the stage. When we
sort of found a place to stand she continued holding my hand, and wrapped it around her
holding it just over her the front of her jeans, pulling me closer, while leaning back into me
and pushed her ass into my crotch, while she slowly and lasciviously ground it up and
down the front of my jeans.

My mind boggled at this incredibly brazen and forward gesture. Apparently Rick was
completely right and I had missed all the signs! We were jammed together in the crowd
and I was being pushed forward while she was pushing back into me, and my cock
hardened instantly (that, I could do nothing about). She kept grinding me to the music
while I was hard as a rock and could do nothing about it. I realized there was no way
she could avoid feeling my hard-on through my jeans, so I pushed back into her and let
her continue girding into me. It made me crazy horny: after months of not having a girl
friend, a serious buzz from the drinks, and having an horny woman
with a great body rubbing her entire body against me quickly transferred all of my brain
activity from the one on my shoulder to the one in my pants. I could feel the pre-come
leaking out of my cock.

Time slowed down to nothing as our bodies were pushed so tightly together, and my cock
started to actually hurt it had been hard for so long. The band was great – but now that
didn't make as much of a difference as it might have otherwise. Finally, the show ended
and the crowd started breaking up. We were soon released from the press of the crowd and
she released my hand and we went back to find our friends. After chatting for a little while, we
collected our coats and headed out to the car. Soon we were on the way home, acting as if
nothing had happened.

We got to my house, instead of heading for her car she came into the house with me. Once
we got in the door she slowly took off her coat and went and sat in a chair in the kitchen that
was isolated in a corner. I was kind of relived in that it seemed like what it sure looked like
was going to happen wasn't. So I brewed up some tea, and sat at the other end of the table
while we chatted and sipped our drinks. After an hour or so I said I needed to go to bed so
she got up and started getting ready to leave, but then turned to me and gave me a hug, which
I returned.

She then looked up at me, reached up and pulled my head to hers and locked out lips together,
with her tongue fighting it's way into my mouth. I was half loaded and hadn't been laid in
months so I let her tongue in where it met with mine. That kiss instantly reignited the heat between
us as she pulled me to her and rubbed my cock with her free hand as she ground into me.
I reached around her and pulled her button-down blouse out of her jeans and ran my hands
up her back and under her bra strap. She fumbled for the button on my jeans and I dropped
my hands to unbutton hers, which were very tight. She pulled my fly down and felt inside for
my rapidly harding cock, and groaned when she discovered all the pre-come that had been
generated earlier that evening.

I got hers unbuttoned and pulled down the zipper and moved my hand down the front of her
jeans, discovered she wasn't wearing any panties, and felt the wetness between the lips of
her pussy. Instantly, we were practically fighting to get each others clothes off as quickly
as possible, but were so frantic in the moment that it seemed to take forever. Shoes got kicked
off, my shirt and her blouse were on the floor, soon followed by her bra. Now we were half
naked and needed to get somewhere else. The house had den with a nice sofa in the next room,
so I took her hand and pulled her along with me. When we got there she turned around and
pushed me onto the sofa, started frantically pulling at my jeans and finally got them off of me.
She then peeled hers off. As I was sitting on the sofa with my cock sticking up, she dropped onto
her knees in front of me and took my 7" dick halfway into her mouth, and sucked on it as she sank
her mouth slowly further down the shaft until she almost bottomed out.

She ran her tongue all around the shaft, and then up and around the head feeding on it as
if she had been starving. She slowly suckled my cock and pulled her head away until it almost
popped out of her mouth and stood up. She leaned towards me with her ample breasts swaying,
nipples protruding and drilled her tongue into my mouth as she straddled me, reached down
to my rock-hard shaft, pointed it to the opening of her pussy and sank down on it, impaling
herself. She lustfully groaned and pressed her lips to mine, as her pussy gripped my cock and
she got used to the feeling of it invading her womb – which was very hot, tight and very wet.

Soon she started to move up and down on my shaft, and I could feel my balls getting wet. Her
pussy was grasping my cock as if it was in a fist, opening as she sank down on me, tightening as
she pulled away.

I hadn't even had the chance to really look at her naked body until she finally released my lips
from hers as she started breathing heavier while she was making lust to me, practically
jerking off my cock with her very strong pussy muscles. As she groaned and used my body to
satisfy herself (well – to be fair I was certainly getting some benefit) I took the opportunity to
really look at her. This woman's body was seriously toned and for her size, powerful. Her
breasts were C-cups anyway, which were swaying and bouncing to her (and now my)
movements. Her stomach was flat and her abs clearly defined, and her arms which were
now on my shoulders had clear muscle definition. I glanced down towards her pussy and
could see the muscles in her legs flexing as she fucked herself with my cock. She was
screwing like she hadn't been laid in years, was frantically horny, and went for it for probably
a good 20 minutes solid (it wasn't often I was glad I'd jacked off, but it sure helped me last
during this aggressive sexual onslaught!).

She started moaning, only now the tempo was increasing and I could feel my balls starting to
churn as my orgasm started to build. Her pussy started to pulse as she thrashed up and down
when she pulled up, froze and sucked in a lot of air, and then shoved down onto my cock as I
felt a wash of warm pussy juice drench my shaft and balls. She hung onto me with her arms and
pressed herself against me so hard that I could feel her nipples almost drilling into my chest.
That put me over the top: 3 or 4 huge spurts of sperm were injected deeply into her womb, and
I clamped my hands on her ass holding her as I instinctively thrust up into her.

We stayed there clinging to each other, feeling the heat of our bodies, and the union of our
sexes, the juices of which were now thoroughly mixed together and seeping out of her. As our
breathing returned to normal, she looked at me smiled, pulled herself off of me and stood up
and held out her hand. I gave her mine and she pulled me up, suggesting we should head for my
room. I nodded, and we bundled up our clothes in our arms and headed up to the third floor
of the house where my room was.

Upon arriving at the third floor, we both dropped our clothes on the floor and she came to me,
put her arms around me and kissed me frantically while she rubbed her now very wet pussy on
my leg. She pulled me to the bed, and we both climbed onto it, moved to the center where
we lay next to each other kissing and running our hands over each other. I pushed myself up
and over her as she lifted and spread her legs. As I lowered my body to her she grasped my
cock and directed it to the opening of her pussy. I watched and felt my cock sliding into her,
as she reached up with her arms, pulling my ass down and my cock into her at the same time
in the tried and true missionary position. I held myself over her with my arms and watched her eyes
close, and body react as I started to move in and out of her. My cock was bathed in the hot and
tight wetness of an athletic and very toned body that responded as if it was made for it. Soon I
was looking down and between us to see her trimmed pussy rising up to meet my cock, watched
her pussy lips grasping at my dick as I pulled out of her, seeing her breasts heaving and abs
flexing as she writhed in pleasure.

I drilled her pussy until my arms became exhausted and I had to move myself down to my
elbows, which added the sensation of feeling her breasts and nipples brushing my chest. She
came, and came again as I continued drilling her, and felt the juices flowing out of her. Every
time she came her body would tense up, shake, and her pussy would grasp and release my
cock a bunch of times as she groaned and held me tighter each time. After 45 minutes I could
feel the need to seed building, and as I lifted myself onto my arms again and started to really
pound my cock into her she sensed what was coming and squeezed my tool with her pussy
and pushed her body harder to meet my thrusts. This woman's sexual instincts were tuned for
maximum performance, and her next orgasm slammed her as mine hit me, and I again
pumped another load into her. Our bodies convulsed in orgasm together, as if we were one.

I let myself down onto her, looked the clock and realized we had been fucking for almost an
hour and rested atop her for a moment, after which I pulled out of her and rolled over onto the

We caught our breath as I looked at her and saw perspiration from our combined efforts
on her body. Nancy got up on her hands and knees and started working me over with her
tongue and lips, from my face to my neck, down my chest to my abs. She continued down
my body and ran her tongue down the shaft of my cock, and licked and sucked our combined
juices from my balls before running her tongue back up my shaft when she sucked the head
into her mouth and ran her tongue all around it. She continued to suck me, when she straddled
my head and spread my legs with her hands. I could feel her breasts brushing
my body as I looked up and saw her slightly open and very wet pussy above me. When she
deep-throated and lustfully sucked my dick, I reached up, grabbed her ass, and pulled it
down to me. As she lowered her hips down to me I stuck my tongue out and ran it up and down
her crack. She moaned and ground herself into my face, and and I pulled her back a bit so that
I could take her hooded clitoris into my mouth and sucked it in, as I drank from her.

She released my cock from her mouth and lifted herself up on her arms and her ass trembled in
reaction to my sucking her clit. She was torn between her body's instinct to convulse with not
wanting to move her hips thereby interrupting the sucking of her pussy. Instead she pushed down
harder trying to get my mouth to suck more of her wet cunt, which I tried to do as I sucked her
inner lips. The trembling amplified into shaking when my tongue circled her love button and I was
gratified by the sudden flow of juices into my mouth as she came, grinding her pussy into my face.

Nancy lifted herself, flipped back around, and kissed me desperately, sucking her cum out of my
mouth, feeding on it. I could feel her wet pussy just below my stomach, wet and hot. My cock
was hard, and when I flexed it to lift off my body she felt it against her opening and took it inside
her until she bottomed out. It became almost a replay of the first time downstairs in the den,
except I was now flat on my back. She lifted herself and started to thrust her hips up and down,
grinding our sexes and bodies together, her inner muscles flexing to grab and stroke my shaft
as she moved. She drifted from orgasm to orgasm as if controlled solely by lust and instinct, her
mouth hanging opened as she panted. I reached up and cupped her breasts and pinched her
nipples, causing them to harden as she came again. Eventually, I could feel another orgasm
building. It was a real turn-on to see such a shameless display of pure animal lust take over this
otherwise demur and quiet woman. I came again, though I don't think I pumped much into her,
as this was my fourth or fifth time that night.

She stayed on top of me, hugged me close, saw my alarm clock, noted that it was 4:00AM, and
apparently she had been out a lot longer than planned. Since our clothes had been clawed off,
we'd maybe said 5 words to each other, but this time she said "shit – I"m way late – I've got to go.
She got up, released my cock from her pussy, quickly put herself together, and pulled her clothes
on, while I stepped into a set of sweats.

We hustled downstairs and I showed her out. She kissed me quickly and said we'd be in touch
soon. I was exhausted and dehydrated, so I grabbed a large glass of water and headed back
up to my room so go to sleep. I drank most of the water, shut off the light and passed out.

The next day, I was working on a program on the school computer when I got an email from Nancy.
I opened it up and all it said was "we need to I was fine with that, and it seemed like we
should clear the air. In a sense I felt that I'd been taken advantage of, as she knew I wasn't seeing
anyone and hadn't for some time. But I also realized that I was just as culpable, as I let it happen.

She sent me another note asking if she could come over, and as we didn't have a class until later
that day I replied that that was fine. Nancy replied that she'd be over in an hour.

I continued my school work until I heard her car enter the driveway, and went downstairs to let her
in. She was wearing another set of jeans, a t-shirt, and looked tired (no surprise). When I opened
the door for her she looked at me, gave me a little smile, came in, and said lets talk privately. I told
her no one but me was home, my mom was off visiting her brother in Oregon, and we could talk
anywhere she felt comfortable.

So she took me by the hand into the den where we sat on the same sofa we had used the night
before, and started talking.

It important to now note, that while we had been getting acquainted at school, we had had a number of
long conversations on a personal level, and I'd told her a fair amount about my recently dumped
girlfriend. Nancy eventually told me about her husband who was away a good deal and for sometimes
weeks at a time. Once when she was telling me about him being gone for almost 3 weeks at that
point I'd mentioned "gee – you must've been damn near ready to attack him when he came in the

Now she mentioned that statement I'd made, and said she'd almost blurted out I couldn't be more
wrong at the time, but had managed to contain herself. Apparently, her husband simply didn't have any
serious interest in sex, and when he did it simply wasn't satisfying because he didn't last more than a
few minutes. To keep her mind elsewhere she'd decided to finish her degree, and otherwise spent
her time exercising (it showed) which helped for a while – as did satisfying herself – for a while. She'd
thought I was cute when she first met me, but became increasingly attracted to me as we'd gotten
to know one another. She continued by telling me that through our conversations she was aware that
I probably hadn't been laid in a while, figured her chances were pretty good, and knew from our
discussions that I hadn't been looking for a steady girlfriend.

Nancy told me she knew I'd never approach her and that if she wanted me she'd have to take matters
into her own hands. And despite her husband having just returned from one of his trips she was
so frustrated by his lack of sexual interest she accepted the invitation to the concert anyway. That
was when she found the opportunity to drag me into the crowd where our friends were unlikely to
see us, and even if they did there wouldn't be any surprise so see us crammed together in the crowd.
She took that opportunity to drop the hint, by hanging onto my hand, and wrapping it around her and
pushing her ass into me when I had nowhere to go. She was elated when she felt my hardening cock
in her ass, and that I didn't take my hand away from her. Her hormones had taken over her senses, but
returned for a short time when we got to my house – but then left. Once she felt he heat of our bodies
when we hugged she could feel her pussy getting wet, and then nothing mattered anymore.

Now she' been satisfied for the first time in years, and she was ready (if I was) for more.

I had (after having a fairly cold former girlfriend) just been dragged into bed by a woman built for
sex, who had married a guy that simply wan't interested. I told her I wasn't certain if this thing between
us should continue, and excused myself to head for the bathroom. When I came back she was no
longer on the sofa in the den. I looked outside, and her car was still there, so I looked over the
downstairs of the house, and went upstairs to the office, and she wasn't there either. So I called out
her name, and she answered that she was upstairs in my room. I climbed the stairs, and when
I turned the corner into my room I saw her on my bed, on the edge of it nearest the door to my room,
on her knees and upright facing me with her legs spread, naked. She was looking at me with heat
in her eyes, and was slowly stroking her pussy.

She said "come here" in a husky, smokey, and beckoning voice. I walked over to the bed and stood
in front of her. She took her finger out of her pussy and stuck it in my mouth so I would taste her.
Nancy knelt down and undid the clasp on my pants, undid my fly, pulled my pants down, and sucked
my cock into her mouth. The pleasure almost caused my legs to collapse underneath me, and my
cock quickly hardened. As soon as it was at full stiffness, she turned around and with her ass facing
me and legs spread wide, put her elbows on the bed with her ass in the air.

I saw the open lips of her already wet pussy and pushed my stiff manhood into her. She gasped as I
plunged into her and bottomed out, feeling her muscles gripping and massaging my shaft. As I stood
there embedded in her, her body started to slowly gyrate and move back and forth as I felt her juices
wetting my balls. I traced her body with my hands, reaching underneath to cups her breasts and pinch
her nipples as we starting moving together, and watched as my cock slid in and out of her pussy with
the wetness of my shaft shining up to me.

The pace increased and our bodies started slapping together, with my balls slapping her pussy as
the sounds and smells of sexual activity permeated the room. We were both soon groaning with lust
as we aggressively pounded each other, when I felt her body tense up as she came, while her pussy
snapped and grabbed at my cock. It was all too much for me, and I came powerfully, feeling my balls
pump jets of hot sperm into her womb.

She pulled away from me, allowing my cock to pull out of her. She turned around and took me inside her
mouth, sucking our combined juices off of my shaft. She then pushed herself up and pulled me on top of
her, as she kissed me deeply and I tasted the both of us as our tongues intertwined. Her legs lifted up
around my back as her arms clenched us together, and I lifted myself just enough for my hard-on to find
her opening. Her pussy sucked my cock into her as she groaned with lust as her inner walls made room
for my shaft. We continued kissing and writhing together as the heat built and we basked in the feeling of
our bodies primal union.

I then pushed up over her, and started to drill my cock into her. Her legs which had been clamped tight
around me now opened completely giving me freedom of movement as I plunged my shaft in and out
of her pussy and watched her body both take and respond to the impact as I slammed into her. She
straightened and grasped her legs and held them up and open almost as if she were doing a split. I
could feel the heat of her pussy and heard the sounds of wetness as my balls slapped against her cunt.
Eventually I slowed down and just enjoyed watching her face as her eyes clouded over and her face
expressed of look of raw lust. I was now sliding my cook almost all the way out of her opening before
plunging all the way back in, as her wetness flowed out of her pussy and down her ass.

I then pulled my cock out just a little too much when it popped out of her pussy. I pushed back down
and felt more resistance when it felt it pop back in, but the tightness was far greater. I heard her say
"thats the wrong hole" but she made no move to stop me. I kept pushing into the hot warmth of her ass
and had already penetrated well beyond the head when I said "no it's not…" and continued pushing my
cock into her butt. She groaned louder and asked me to slow down, so I pulled back and pushed in a
little to allow my pre-come to lube her anal passage and I penetrated a little deeper with each push.

Finally I was fully embedded in her ass, and I basked in the tightness and warmth of her. She started
moving her ass around and flexing her sphincter so I began to move my cock slowly in and out of her,
with the tempo gradually increasing. I had been watching my cock penetrating her ass, when I looked
up at her, to see that she was also watching the fun. Clearly, this woman was lusty, sex starved, and
ready for practically anything. It wasn't long before I felt my balls boiling, my orgasm building until I
pumped a huge load into her ass. I could feel my cock being bathed in my sperm as she groaned
with animalistic pleasure… I let my cock stay within her for a minute or so, before I pulled it out of her
and collapsed on the bed, panting.

Nancy curled up next to me, half laying on top of me with her leg draped over mine, breathing heavily.
She said "I haven't had a cock in my ass for ages, because I had a boyfriend who was so big it hurt
me. But you're a perfect size and feeling you come inside me was I suggested we go
and take a shower together, to which she readily agreed. We went to the bathroom, turned on the
water and got in.

We scrubbed each other thoroughly, enjoyed the feeling of our bodies rubbing together with all the soap,
and tried to fuck in the shower, but with me being 6'3" and her being 5'3", that presented a challenge
given the amount of room we had in the shower. We rinsed, shut off the water, and got out. I pulled
a few towels out of the closet and we dried each other off. While she was drying my hair I got down on
knees and pulled her to me as I stuck my tongue into her pussy. I licked the length of her slit until the
juices started flowing, and then started circling her clitoris with my tongue, and then sucked it into my
mouth. Her legs buckled a bit as she held my head, and then pushed me down as she joined me
on the thick, shaggy rug, pushing my head towards her pussy as hers moved towards my cock. As I fully
lay down on the rug she lifted her leg, straddled my face as she accepted my harding cock into her
mouth, and lowered her pussy to mine.

We sixty-nined each other for quite a while. I so enjoyed watching her muscles flexing and reacting to
the movements of my tongue, as I drank the fluids dripping out of her pussy. We eventually both got
each other worked into a frenzy, when she lifted herself up off me, turned around, and again impaled
herself on my cock. She leaned down and we kissed, tasting each other as she moved her body and
rubbed her nipples over my chest. She then pushed herself up onto her arms and though she was
slowly moving her body, she was squeezing and manipulating my cock with her pussy muscles. She
smiled at me as she flexed the insides of her pussy until I came and she shuddered in orgasm,
collapsing atop me.

After laying there for a while, she'd said we should be going to class.

We headed back to my room and found we had barely 20 minutes, so we both dressed as quickly as
we could, gathered our books, etc., got in our cars and drove over to the school. We parked next to
each other and quickly determined that one of us should go in first, and the other one should follow
a few minutes later. So I took the long way to the classroom building and walked into class after her.
I sat down a few seats away from her, opened my notebook, and started taking notes as our instructor
was diagramming a concept on the board. I then realized when I rested my head on my hand that
my hands smelled like pussy. I hoped no one else would notice, but was stuck for the time being.
Nancy looked over at me and gave me a little grin.

After class, the two of us walked over the library, where we studied until dark. we
decided to leave at the same time and walked back to our cars, which were now alone in this relatively
secluded and otherwise empty parking lot. We dumped our stuff into our respective cars, when she
called out and asked me to "come over here for a minute". She was sitting in the drivers seat of her car
with the door open, with her feet on the ground and asked me to come closer. When I did, she reached
over and undid my belt, the button on my jeans, and fly. She gently pulled my cock out, took it into her
mouth and slowly suckled it, and as it hardened it became a full-scale wet blow job. Just as I was starting
to build up to yet another orgasm, one of the campus police cars came around the corner and headed
towards where our cars were on their normal patrol. I tried pulling out, but she held onto me until it was
almost too late and I had to frantically cover up when the cop pulled up to ask it everything was ok.

She laughed and said everything was fine – and the cop wished us a good night and drove off. I was
now stuck with a part of a shirt caught in my fly (much to her amusement). I told her that holding on to
me when I was trying to pull out almost got us caught, and perhaps charged with lewd conduct (or some
other charge) which would've had perhaps serious consequences. She smiled and said that she merely
wanted to give me something to think about.

Nancy and I continued our affair for a number of months. She would drop over for sometimes 15 minutes
on her way to/from the bank, or shopping, etc, and fuck wildly before hurrying back home. Sometimes
or encounters would last for hours, especially when he husband was out of town (then it would be days).
She'd come over with an overnight bag stuffed full of clothing, wearing a trench coat and nothing else. With
her, there was no waiting, and rarely foreplay. I don't know how many times she'd pull my jeans down,
suck my cock to full hardness, straddle me, reach down to open her pussy with one hand and guide me into
her with the other.

She enjoyed what I called every position imaginable, which is largely /> Virtually wherever we went, we had sex, in every position, fully clothed, partially clothed, naked. I went
to Florida for spring break on a scuba diving trip and she met me at the airport, wearing an overcoat, pearls,
heels, and nothing else. As the car heated up in the parking garage at the airport she opened her coat,
climbed on top of me and fucked me in the passenger seat (now *thats* a warm welcome!).

And while it was fun for a while and was a relationship that was based purely on lust and animalistic sex,
eventually I found myself seeking more of one that I didn't have to hide. And staying with a married woman who
though stuck in an unhappy marriage was determined to stick with it was only going to come to a dead end.
Eventually, it occurred to me that even if she did leave her husband for me, the prospects of a healthy,
long-term relationship that started on a less than completely honest foundation wasn't great. While our
affair had been fun and it had fulfilled a need (for both of us), I finally had to call it off. While we remained
friends, Nancy didn't like the fact that I had been building friendships and studied with the single women at
school in our age group. We'd had a few discussions over that – she had her life and I had mine and while
we could be seen as friends at school it couldn't be suspected as anything beyond that.

I pointed out that I wasn't wild about the idea that she felt that she "owned" me, but retained her husband. So
why shouldn't I be able to date, and still see her from time to time if I wanted to?

Hence – we left it as being friends and friends only. She did eventually leave her husband, but I had
become involved with a woman named Ellen (see "returning to School – Ellen") who Nancy got to know and
became friends with (Ellen told me after a while that Nancy was for some reason interested in the details of
our sexual activities – and had suggested some approaches she should take to keep me thinking about her).
I listened to her telling me about the conversations she had with Nancy with some amusement, and didn't
choose to elaborate.

OK – so Nancy wasn't at all that resentful that I ended up with someone else after all. In some ways, she had
even had my back! Since we both live in the same general area, we do run into one another once in a while.

It's always nice to see her, and occasionally I recall the great sexual relationship we had together.

story by: swimmer83

Tags: school blowjob erotica male/female cheating true story oral sex sex story

Author: swimmer83

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