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Michael was in his mid 40s. He was amazed and relieved to be in his new country and his new community in a place that somewhat reminded him of his homeland Germany. Now he was in Tennessee close to the mountains he loved and more importantly in the country away from any big city and more importantly away from any large law enforcement agency that might look a little too close at his past. He believed he deserved a new chance to put his crimes behind him and get a fresh start. He was stunned by the kind and friendly reception he had received from his new community. This was the third place he had tried and this one felt right.

The people here were so friendly. They were also very naive about the world, geography, world news and the types of perversions that existed out there. They seemed quick to accept him into their community and once he had attended church with them he began to feel safe and trusted and like he had lived there all his life. They had no idea what he thought about, dreamt about or fantasized about and if they did it would have terrified them.

Michael had learned about sadomasochism when he was 20 years old and in University. He like most people was stunned when he found out the types of things people would do with and to another. What he was even more stunned by was what some people would allow done to them and the feeling of power and control over another person’s comfort and pain was addictive to him. Soon after finding out about its existence Michael got heavily involved in the sadomasochistic society in Germany. He learned everything he could learn and began to spend every free moment he had in learning and participating in it. He found it completely ironic that he had no liking for pain himself but he quickly learned to love inflicting it on another person.

The biggest challenge he found was finding people and more importantly women who would allow him to cause them pain. While a very handsome man even with his good looks Michael found it a challenge to find women who would consent to the games he liked to play. Even more difficult was finding attractive woman willing to allow themselves to be tortured. For him it was all about the unlimited control. The challenge was to find another human being who would allow another to do anything to their body for the sadist’s pleasure. Most of the people participating in sadomasochism were not very serious about it and there were so many who thought they were but then would quickly change their minds once they experienced the intensity of the pain.

It took him several years to learn who was sincere and who was just playing out a fantasy without ever wanting reality. After finally learning how to tell the difference Michael began to discover what ended up leading him to trouble. He discovered that younger women were much more na? and more easily manipulated into allowing a man to control them. Slowly he began to try to manipulate women in their early 20s and then later women in their late teens.

It was that led to his next partner. One day he was on his way walking home when he saw a young woman on a motorized scooter have an accident. In the accident she had broken her arm. Michael of course rushed to assist her seeing the accident. Her forearm literally was turned out to the side. Michael of course wanted to call her an ambulance and to get her to a hospital but the girl was desperate not to do so. The scooter belonged to a boyfriend her mother had forbidden her to see and her mother had also forbidden her to ride the scooter because she was afraid of an accident.

The girl was only 15 and begged Michael not to call and ambulance and not to make her go to the hospital. After a strong debate he finally agreed. He offered to help her back to his home to try to help her clean up. She accepted. Once at his home they talked about what to do about her broken arm. Without going to the hospital there was no choice but for someone to try to set the arm. Michael knew that to do this would be extremely painful for her. They discussed and argued about this for quite a while. He finally agreed to do so.

Michael was right about the pain and the poor girl screamed and cried as he set her arm. He then thoroughly cleaned the wound with hydrogen peroxide and bandaged it thoroughly. He was stunned by her willingness to take the pain. Her strength and courage and willingness to accept the pain aroused him intensely. He allowed himself to kiss her and before he knew it that had made mad passionate love. And that became the beginning of their relationship. Over the next many months she became his new sadomasochist partner. Her name was Tasha.

While she was only 15 Tasha had been sexually active for the last three years. So Michael didn’t really think too much about her age and since he had helped her keep her secret Tasha conceded to trying out Michael’s fantasies. They had only been together a few months when the boyfriend who’s scooter she wrecked found out that Tasha and Michael were seeing each other. He got very upset and jealous and without hesitation waited for an opportunity to catch them together and reported them to the police. With Tasha only being 15 Michael was immediately arrested.

With the fact that they were in his home and with the sadomasochistic equipment he had in his home he was easily convicted of statutory rape and other sex related and abuse related crimes even though Tasha had consented and agreed to everything they had done. Michael went to prison and spent the next several years there paying for his crime.

But that was all behind him now. He was in a new country, in a new community and determined to start a new life. He was doing his best to repress his fantasies and to focus on living. That was until struck again.

Michael out of boredom had been active with his new local church. While in prison he had found God and thought a good way to blend into his new community was to become active in his new church. He had begun attending services every Sunday and had even attended a few prayer groups. He was enjoying the after church luncheons that most of the families attended after services and was getting to know several people. The church was having a family lake fishing trip Saturday and he decided to attend since he was a fisherman for years in Germany.

It was mid afternoon and he had found a quiet place off to the side of the lake a ways down from the picnic area where everyone had eaten. He was becoming a little bit frustrated as a group of teenagers were slowly working their way closer to his location. Like most kids they were laughing, screaming and carrying on disturbing his solitude. But there was something about the next scream he heard that was not a playful scream but a cry out of pain. That sound Michael knew well.

He looked quickly in their direction and noticed the playful activity had come to a stop and that all the kids had huddled around one. He knew this couldn’t be good and dropped his fishing pole and rushed to the group. He worked to the center of the group where a crying blond girl was kneeling her face full of tears.

try to pull it out,” he commanded in his heavy German accent to the teenage boy trying to back the fishing hook out of the girls flesh. The teens were all in their swimsuits and one of the kids had managed somehow to land a hook still with bait on it directly in the side of the blond girl’s breast. “Everyone back up!” he commanded again and knelt down next to the girl. “Calm down and hold still Angel,” he again commanded this time to the girl with the hook in her breast. He put one hand on her back to steady her and to get her to hold still. Then he pulled a knife from his pocket and cut the fishing line off the hook so it would not continue to tug at her aching breast.

He took a closer look and the hook had lodged half into the side of her breast and the wound was bleeding from the boy trying to pull the hook back out. “The hook has a barb and will not come out without tearing the flesh it is meant to stay inside a fish’s mouth,” he said to no one in particular. By this time a few of the parents had seen the commotion and were now standing watching him along with the teenagers. “Go find another place to play boys,” he commanded knowing this had to be embarrassing for this girl. The adults now nearby made the boys do as he said and chased them away. Michael very carefully pushed the material of the bikini top off the girl’s breast and away from the hook.

“Angel look in my eyes,” he said to the girl, “Can you be brave for me and hold very still I need to push the hook through so I may cut the barb off and remove the hook from your skin.” The poor girl’s face was pale from fear but she had done as she was told and she was looking in his eyes as he explained what he needed to do.

Michael’s heart was pounding. This pretty young woman was kneeling here next to him in pain. A metal fishhook plunged into the delicate flesh of her left breast. A bright red mark where the metal had penetrated the milky white skin of her young perky boob. Her pink nipple and areola now exposed to the outside air causing the nipple to constrict and harden. Michael forced himself to focus.

“Now I want you to take a deep breath and hold really still for me. Can you do that?” he asked.

She nodded. “Trust me Angel and I will remove this nasty hook from your skin,” he said to which she again nodded.

Very slowly and carefully Michael pushed the fishing hook deeper through the flesh but working the tip out of an additional would in the soft skin. The girl let out a whimper as he did it but held still. a good girl Angel now keep holding still I’m going to cut the end off of the hook removing the barb,” he said softly to her in a soothing voice like only the two of them were there.

He was stunned how much he enjoyed working the hook deeper and then through the flesh until it pushed out making a new wound. He was struggling to resist his desires and he moved the hook just a tiny bit back and forth fucking the tender breast for just a moment with the metal hook. He again gathered his composure.

He pulled out a pair of needle nose pliers opening them wide to get to the base where they could cut metal. He carefully rested the pliers on the edge of her breast and gently slid them to the tip of the hook struggling to resist the desire to pinch the flesh with the pliers. “Hold really still,” he said and began to close the tool onto the hook. He carefully squeezed the tool closed until it had hold of the hook and then squeezed harder telling her to turn her head away so the tip would not snap off into her eye. She did as she was told and suddenly there was a snip and the tip of the hook broke off as she let out a little gasp from the sound of the snip not from any additional pain.

good Angel your doing great. Its almost over now,” he said gently. He then moved his fingers gently over the would of her breast where the hook had pushed through and very slowly carefully began to back the hook up pulling it back out through where it had gone in. She let out whimpers as she could feel the metal withdrawing from her flesh to which he replied with, “Shhhhh its almost over.”

Within a matter of a few more seconds the hook was out of her flesh and someone handed him a clean napkin to which he put against the fresh wound to capture the little bit of blood it was bleeding. Another parent brought over a first aid kit just then and handed him an antiseptic wipe. Michael gently dabbed the wipe at both the tiny wounds on the girl’s breast listening to her soft groans of discomfort. Each groan stirring an arousal inside him.

He cupped the soft breast a little bit longer, as long as he dared with so many people watching him before he finally moved out of the way and let one of the women, the girl’s mother he found out later pull the bikini back over the exposed breast.

Michael found his own hands trembling. If anyone saw they would have thought it from nerves but he knew the real reason, he was extremely aroused from having worked the hook through the young girl’s breast and then having again removed it. He told himself to calm down. He was about to walk back to his gear when the young girl pulled away from her mother and walked over to him. She took hold if his wrist and pulled him to lean down. “Thank you,” she said and then kissed him on the cheek.

Michael was stunned at his own bodies reaction. This girl was barely a teenager yet he found her appearance and her movements to be very attractive. He hair was natural blond long and straight. Her skin was porcelien white and she had freckles across her cheeks and nose that gave a natural pinkness to her face. Her lips had a pretty natural pink color and he was sure she was not wearing any lip stick at most maybe she had on lip gloss.

She had a natural beauty to her that didn’t require makeup and she didn’t appear to be wearing any. Her eyes were a pale blue that drew him to want to know her soul. But what aroused him most was her physical frailty. She had a petite thin frame and not an ounce of fat anywhere on her he could see. Considering she was wearing a bikini he could see her full shape. Her muscles had little definition but that just seemed to add to her frailty.

He limbs appeared long and her fingers looked long and thin. Her fingernails were natural without nail polish and seemed to be well maintained. From her hands to the feel of her small breast her skin was incredibly soft and smooth. To him her skin seemed like the thinnest delicate tissue paper and he understood how the fishhook found its place and pushed deeply into her flesh. When the boy jerked the pole that must have caused the terrible scream he heard.

The kiss on his cheek felt warm and soft and he was astonished at her self confidence to take hold of his wrist to pull him down to her petite height. After the kiss she made eye contact with him and then blushed and smiled and looked down. He lifted her chin back up to look at him and to again make eye contact and said, “Your very welcome Angel.” She blushed and turned and walked back to her mother who gave her a squeeze. “Are you sure your okay Angela?” her mother asked. And he realized his nickname for her was close to her name.

He walked back over to his spot happy to see the fish had not dragged his pole into the lake. He picked it up and reeled it in feeling his full erection inside his pants. He shook his head hard trying to make the thoughts leave his mind. He had hated every moment behind bars and he thought to himself that if he got into the trouble he did over a 15 year old certainly doing anything with a girl younger then even that would be worse. He shook his head again trying to clear his mind but no sooner then he did he again looked up and back in that direction and he saw her walking away with her mothers arm around her, her long blond hair swaying back and forth with each step.

All fish that were caught that day were cleaned and then brought to the grill for cooking. Michael tried to busy himself to clear his mind. Music was playing and he finally got the image of the young woman’s small breast out of his mind as he hummed the melody to himself. But no sooner then he had forgotten about the days adventure Angela walked directly to where he was sitting.

“I wanted to bring you a slice of my mom’s cherry pie to say thank you one more time,” she said handing him the plate with a large slice and whipped cream on the side. “Thank you Angel,” he replied which seemed to bring a shy smile to her face. your name?” she asked to which he replied, “Well thank you again Michael,” she said offering a hand to him to shake hands.

He couldn’t help himself he took hold of her small soft hand holding it for a moment and then gently pulled it to his lips and ever so lightly kissed the back of her hand and replied, “No thanks necessary Angel.” She giggled and blushed and tilted her face forward letting her hair fall forward and hide her blush.

“Why do you keep calling me that?” she asked again making eye contact. you an Angel from Heaven?” he asked her in reply. She shook her head no shyly. “Well you appear to be one,” he said in reply with a soft smile of his own. “My father used to call me that,” she said softly. “Well that confirms it then as your father would know where you came from,” he said with a gentle chuckle. She let out a little giggle of her own and then spun on her heels and sprinted away turning back to take one more look at him and then waiving her dainty hand at him at him goodbye.

Why did these young girls have no modesty he thought to himself Angel still wearing only the string bikini allowing him to study her entire body during their conversation. He felt again ashamed as his cock was as hard as it had been in a long time. He knew he needed to put her out of his mind. He finished the piece of pie enjoying it quite a bit. He cleaned up after himself and decided to head home.

After getting home Michael prepared himself a scotch on the rocks. He thought to himself about the odd day it had been. He sat in his favorite chair trying to clear his mind. But the image of the small soft pale breast with the two pink puncture wounds kept coming back to his mind. He flipped on his TV and watched one program after another. Three drinks later and nothing very interesting to watch on the tube and he headed to bed.

No matter how hard he tried Michael could not remove her from his mind. He went to sleep that night only to dream more about the events of the day now only enhanced by further fantasies. He dreamt of her naked on his lap, his fingers working the metal hook back and forth over and over inside the wound in a slow gentle rhythm while feeling his cock inside her moving at the same pace.

Her gorgeous blue eyes locked on his eyes as she let him push another hook into her other breast. As he dreamt about moving his cock in and out of her over and over slowly adding more and more fishing hooks into the perfectly smooth perky young breasts. The sounds of her whimpers clear in his mind as he added each additional hook. All while she sat there perfectly still letting him wound her perfect breasts over and over for his own sadistic pleasure.

He felt himself explode inside her the climax unrivaled in his mind. It shook him awake from his dream and he realized he had just had an incredible wet dream.

Michael knew he had a problem. He knew it was not going to be easy to get Angela out of his mind. But he knew he didn’t want to see the inside of a prison cell again or to mess up this new place this new home.

story by: brokenwing

Tags: fiction male/teen female young erotica torture teen slavery cruelty body modification sex story written by women brokenwing

Author: sado-masochism

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