Sara should be nicer…pt. 1

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I had heard horror stories about Sara from the other teachers. She not only came from money but was gorgious besides. Oh, and she knew it. A short, 5 foot even, curvy thing with long rich brown hair and deep green eyes. Bedroom eyes some of the teachers called them. This was the first year I had seen her around school because she was finally a senior and in my gym class.
The first week of school seemed to be ok but I had heard some rumblings about how Sara and her clique were picking on the new girl Shelly. Shelly was a frumpy girl who came from the wrong side of the tracks. She was ripe for the picking as far as Sara was concerned. But in all honesty I had seen nothing myself. That came the second week.
Gym was the last class that set of seniors had for the day. They were all playing volley ball and when the ball came to Shelly she ducked instead of setting up Sara like everyone wanted. Sara started calling Shelly names like: chubby, stupid, idiot…you get the point. I pulled Sara aside and told her none to politely to cut the crap out. And that it wasn't impressing anyone. Sara just shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes and walked away. After school I pulled aside her gym teacher from last year and asked her if she had any difficulties with Sara. I was told that she had but that when Ms. Becker talked to Sara's parents about it they said Sara was our problem since she was at school. Well, no help there it seemed like.
I definately didn't want Sara to think she ran my classroom. That wasn't even an option. So that night I sat down and thought about all the punishments I could dole out as a teacher since her parents obviously wouldn't. I started to formulate a plan.
The following Monday Sara was right back at it. Being rude and just plain pissy to Shelly. I sat back and didn't say to much but at the end of class I asked Sara if she could please come into my office after cheerleading practice. She didn't really even answer me. Just glanced my way. But I assumed she would be there and I wasn't disappointed.
At a little after 5pm there was a knock on my office door. By now most of the other faculty had gone home for the day so I figured it was Sara. I called for her to come in and shut the door behind her. It took every ounce of will power not to oogle. Sara's 36-c tits were straining against her blouse and her pants were so tight they were like a second skin. They molded her beautiful ass perfectly.
I asked Sara if she knew why she was here and she said she did. But she only wanted to know what she had to do so she could go home. It was "lame" being kept this long after school. I stood up and took Sara by the hand and led her over to my desk. I told her that it wasn't right how she treated people and that she needed to stop humiliating them. Maybe it was time she knew what it felt like and since her folks wouldn't do anything about it I was going to. It was obvious she didn't take me seriously because she just rolled her eyes and waited for the lecture she was sure was going to ensue.
"Bend over the desk," I told her.
"What the he….?"
"I'm not telling you a second time Sara…bend over the desk with your ass in the air please."
I had taken her completely off guard so when I put my hand on her back and pushed her breasts down onto the desk I didn't get much complaint. I left my hand on her back to hold her down. Her curvy plump ass was sticking out there ready for my punishment.
WHAP! I swatted her across the ass with my hand. WHAP! WHAP! Two more in quick succession. By now Sara was starting to squirm and was obviously not happy with my punishment. I told her to hold still or she would get it without any pants in between us. She didn't listen so I reached under her and undid the snap of her jeans. I was barely able to get them down around her ankles with one hand. The other hand was still holding her firmly down. To my surprise she wasn't wearing any panties. I could see her pussy lips protruding pink and slick and her anus was peeking out from between her ass cheeks.
WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! My hand rained down on her ass for a little over a minute. Each time my hand would connect her ass would bounce and it was making my cock twitch and get hard. All I had planned on was the spanking. I didn't want anything else lastnight but looking at her juicy ass staring me in the face got me thinking. I stoped spanking her and slid my finger lightely over her asshole. Sara's body was starting to betray her. She strained against my desk to get away but I heard her small moan. I slipped my finger down to touch her pussy lips. I very gently traced them and made her body shudder.
Without warning I pulled back and told Sara to stand up. When she turned to face me her nipples were hard and clearly outlined thru her blouse. I wanted to chew on them so bad. My cock was now rock hard. I had to have my dick in her! I asked her if she was getting turned on and she only nodded lightly. Take off your shirt I told her. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra so when she undid the buttons with shaking fingers her tits popped out. Her nipples were a dark brown and the size of dimes. I reached out with one hand and pinched a nipple. Sara cried out like it hurt but her breathing was becoming heavier. I leaned in and took the fat nipple into my mouth. I could feel the hard pebble between my lips. I nippped at it with my teeth none to gently. Sara's hand came up and grasped the back of my head. I could smell her pussy juice as it started flowing freely.
I pulled away from her and told her to take my dick out. I wanted her mouth around me. It was obvious she wasn't totally sure what to do but she undid my pants without to much fumbling and pulled my 8 in cock free. In order to do this she had knelt down in front of my crotch so when my cock sprang free it was right at her mouth. Sara's mouth was open so I grabbed her hair and pulling her mouth forward I rammed my cock as far in as I could. It gagged her but she managed to swallow as much as she could down. I didn't want to wait for her to figure out what she was doing to I just kept up fucking her face without her help. Her mouth was so hot and I could see her tits jiggling and bouncing under her.
About this time there was a knock on my door. Sara froze like a deer caught in the headlights. I called out for them to come on it. I knew who it was. And I knew they would like this fresh pussy…..

story by: sinful-indulgences-31

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Author: sinful-indulgences-31

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