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My phone rang it was Katie, she asked if I would drop by her place that she needed to see me. She knew I was in New York for Fashion Week. After I hung up, I recalled that Katie had confided to her good friend that she was desperate to suck my cock having not had the pleasure for many months. She had blushingly confessed to having become addicted after her divorce and her father introducing me to her. How I assisted her in the move to New York and providing her with an apartment and our love making after the move and again on my visit seven months ago. Now it is her turn. Her need of sucking cock my monster cock being fucked is uncontrollable. She accepted my womanizing and knew she would never be my only lover. She knew I adored her breasts and I was divorced six times and had sired a number of children. I had that look, I have a monster cock and I know how to use it.

I had arrived an hour after her call, Embarassed, I said " Hey Katie. How are you? You're looking good. Have you had dinner?"
" Hey John (hugged him there) — No, I just got home. It's been a crazy week. Would you care for some red wine? My dad's wine investment got me some bottles of excellent en primeur and margauex. I opened the en primeur last evening to air it. A glass?" Katie offered. " Sure, sounds good." I said. She poured a glass for me as she feels me behind her suddenly. Then her head is forcefully tilted back, my hand in her hair as my lips lightly graze her neck. " I heard you are a horny slut. Tell me, does my roughness get you excited, Katie?" Telling her heart to calm down " Um, hey John, this is a little uncomfortable. What's going on" She stammered.
" Don't play pretend with me, Katie. You called me. A naughty slut. Made for fucking. Made for my cock." I dragged her to the kitchen counter bending her forward.

" Bend over Katie. Open your legs for me." She obeyed, her heart pounding against her rib cage. Katie remembers the first time being forced and fucked hard. Experiencing eight massive orgasms that left her worn out. Katie parted her legs as I lifted her dress over her ass. I whistled and palmed it. " Nice ass Katie. No wonder men drool seeing it as you walk. I'm going to try it myself." She feels me parting her cunt lips, swiping my finger up and down her pink slit. " Hmm, you enjoying this aren't you, Katie. I am wiping my fingers up and down your wet horny slit and it's sticky already. Look at the pink slit, pulsating and winking at me. You horny slut. I knew it. I knew when you called. Your soft voice told me how horny you are. Katie, you smell horny!" I quietly and menacingly said.
She feels my right hand fore fingers exploring her pussy, tugging at the lips and pinching her clit. She is so aroused, crazily aroused. " Uhh..Uhh." She moans as I push two fingers into her tight cunt stretching her slit open as I bend over to suck on her clit. My fingers roughly thrust in and out as my thumb rubs her asshole. My tongue and hot breath, coating her clit, sending her towards an erotic explosion within. My in and out thrusting moves her body up and down the kitchen counter, hardening her nipples. Oh God, she is so horny? Katie feels her pussy pulsating and contracting around my fingers.

Katie screams " I'm going to cum and squirt, hard." " Turn around, Katie." I suddenly pull her around pushing her up on the kitchen counter. Katie feels a boiling rage being denied a massive orgasm but she bites back her tongue. " You see my wet fingers? See this sticky cum on them? Suck my fingers, slut!" I grab a handful of her hair forcing her to lick and suck my fingers. She almost chokes as I force my fingers into her mouth. She sputters as saliva mixed with her pussy juice dribbles down her chin. She is trying hard to catch her breath. I stood back smiling, observing her wanton state. " Katie, you are such a sexy slut. Look at you, legs spread, wet kitchen counter, your tits are heaving sexily, enticing me to put my cock between them and fuck them. Your cunt, its stickier. Your tight asshole, baby, I will fuck it tonight." My fingers find themselves on her nipples as I pull them. " Oucchh.. Ye…yess.." Katie stammers. Truth is, it hurts. Hurts so good. I look at her in the eyes and for a second, she sees my primal lust.

" Now spread those cunt lips, Katie. My cock needs some of your sweet cunt." I growled. With her legs spread, she parted her cunt lips in anticipation of my cock driving her over the edge. I unzipped and removed my pants, jerking off my manhood in my hands, as my gaze is transfixed on her pussy. I take my cock head rub it up and down her wet slit, egging her. Katie knew I had the biggest cock, she has seen and experienced one time before. She remembers my cock head painfully splitting her, stretching her and choking her cunt. With my mouth latched onto her nipple, I push my cock swiftly inside her. " OH GOD!" She screams as her legs wrap around behind my thighs pulling me closer. Katie feels my big cock head fully inside her. The pain is subsiding slowly as her cunt struggles to accommidate my size, she knows the further I drive it inside her the more intense the pain. " Katie, you are so tight. I enjoyed your tight cunt before, I will enjoy your body, cunt and ass tonight baby." I grunted as I pushed my entire length inside her, balls deep. Katie grabbed a towel off the counter biting it to muffle her scream as the intense pain overwhelmed her. I stopped when we were pelvis to pelvis. Katie didn't want to move, she couldn't move if she wanted to, her body shaking as the wave of pain continued. Her pussy is slowly milking me and struggles to suck me in.

I pull back, my entire length sliding out, till the tip of my cock head is touching the entrance to her cunt. Katie feels hollow inside. She feels empty looking at me in panic. " What Katie? You want some of this? Beg for this cock" I said as my thumb rubs back and forth on her nipples. She feels her pussy spasming as she squirts onto my cock head and groin area. " Fuck, I took out my cock and played with your horny nipples and you are cumming already? You are a fuck toy, Katie. NOW BEG!" I growled, pulling on her nipples, causing her to spasm and squirt again, her scream from the pain muffled by the towel in her mouth. Her body loving this betrayal of her mind and heart. She removes the towel from her mouth, " John please. Please put it back in. I need your big fat cock in me baby. I am your slut. Please, fuck me. Please I beg of you, fuck me hard. Treat me like your fuck toy." She begs shamelessly. I smile, as I thrust forward driving my shaft deep inside her again. In and out, like a engine piston. I remove my cock from her hole, rubbing it furiously against her clit and hole, to get her squirting over me. I bend over to lap it up before plunging my cock in again, calling her dirty names. My hands never left either one of her breasts. They maul her breasts as like bread dough, triggering more spasm and squirting.

I pull her off the kitchen counter pushing her down on all fours on the kitchen floor. Grabbing her breasts from behind, I mount her, ramming my cock all the way inside her, growling like an animal. Having a man mount a woman from behind in the doggy position, is so primal and erotic. " Reach behind and play with your cunt, slut." I ordered. Ass up and face down, she reaches behind to play with her soaking cunt, rubbing and pulling her clit hard to bring her to countless orgasms again. I tug gently at her earlobes, kissing her neck as I groan and thrust hard and deep into her from this position. I love mounting a woman in the doggy position. This went on for ten minutes before I remove myself and order her to suck me off. " Taste me slut. Taste you and I on my cock. Get on all fours and suck me off." Katie turns around looking adoringly at my jutting cock, white and frothy from her cum and my fucking. She licks and sucks our juices as my hand presses her head down to take me in further. " Fuck, you are talented, Katie!"

Katie went back to all fours after a couple of minutes of sucking me off gagging and dribbling over her chin. She loves giving a sloppy blowjob, more so if there's cum involved. " Fuck, your asshole has been winking at me the whole time slut. Do you want me to fuck that ass? I'm going to finger fuck your ass first." I ask as my thumb circles the anal ring. My fore finger slowly rims the anal ring before plunging in as I spit on the hole to lubricate it. " gentle fucking my virgin ass," She begs. I continue to finger her ass as she moans in ecstasy. Katie stops when she feels a foreign object probing her cunt. " I love my women fucked in all holes. I love giving them new erotic sensations and Shhhhh, take it and enjoy it slut!" I shove a familiar object inside her cunt her dildo. What a bastard but my god, my hands shoving the dildo in her and my fingers fucking her ass, she is moaning, enjoying the sensations flowing through her. Her cunt is enjoying the dildo, as she creams and squirts to my amusement. " Hold this and keep fucking yourself, Katie!" I release the dildo and she starts fucking herself with it like she has every night for the last six months. This is it, I'm fucking myself with my dildo in my cunt and John's monster cock is in my ass. Katie thought she may not survive the pain and orgasm.

Katie feels my three fingers pushing through the anal ring. My fingers are too big as she feels resistance. She relaxes her ass and slowly, my fingers slip in, but not with intense pain. Lubed up with my saliva is not enough but I push on, moaning and slapping her ass. " Do you like the feel of my fingers? Fucking a dildo and me bottoming your ass? You are such a whore. My dirty fucking whore." Slowly her ass envelopes my fingers. She feels them slip all the way in. She hears herself moaning and breathing hard and deep. " Tell me you love them in your ass, you dirty slut. Tell me you love my thick fingers fucking you hard in your ass. Play with yourself, there you go. That's it, rub your cunt baby, gush for me as I finger fuck your slutty ass deep. Take my fingers deep. Open your mouth, here, suck on your dildo. You fucking slut. Oh your ass feels so sexy. Fuck!" Katie is groaning and moaning as I slap her ass cheeks. " Ugnh..ugnhh.. stop. Please.. my ass.. ow… oh yes baby, fuck it deep. Fuck my ass." 

" Shhhhh! Suck on the dildo!" I pull her close to me as my fingers pummell her ass hard and deep as my other hand shoves the pink dildo in her mouth.

" ahhhhhhhh yes" I moan as my fingers reach their limit. I stop for a moment before pulling my fingers out and slamming them in again. " Put that dildo in your cunt now and don't you dare stop fucking yourself with it slut!" I said as I rammed my fingers in her ass hard and fast. Her hands are trembling as she shoves and pushes the dildo in herself. Creaming, cumming and moaning. " Tell me you love my fingers, Katie!" I demanded. I feel my cock swelling and twitching and I knew I was close to coming. Turn around and push your tits to me, open that slutty mouth and don't stop fucking yourself with that dildo!!" I screamed. I whack my cock on her tits. Katie squatts and furiously fucks her wet cunt with the dildo, squirting all over the kitchen floor. The hot cum spurting out from my cock. It is hot on her skin, I moan and groan arching my back as my cock spurts endlessly. Most of the cum got on her tits and some in her mouth. Most of her stickiness, spread on the kitchen floor with her dildo tossed aside. " Ahhhhh fuck. That's good." I weakly said. Katie nodded and stood up to grab a couple paper towels to wipe ourselves clean. I stood up, took it and quickly put on my clothes. With one last look, I said " You are one hot fucking slut. I enjoyed our fuck and I will be back to do you again. Clean yourself up and get dressed. After a late dinner we returned to Katie's place.

A throbbing pain between my legs woke me up at 3 am. I struggle to open my eyes and breathe, my lungs short of air from a deep sleep, now I feel it rising again as my hand searches down to grab my cock. It is rock hard. The front of my boxers are wet and clinging to the throbbing shaft, it is pulsating and pushing upwards to peek out from the elastic band. I dreamed about fucking Katie after our return from dinner. I remember falling asleep to the smell of Katie's shampoo lingering in her hair long after she showered. She is laying with her back pressed to my chest, her legs pulled up and her chin down towards her chest. She is asleep; her hands are grabbing onto the edge of the covers as if she is trying to cover herself up. I feel it strangling me, leaving me unable to move much as sweat forms all over my body. My face is wet and red by the time I push the boxers down and feel my heavy balls. I wonder how long I've been asleep like this. I feel as if I'm bursting while partly asleep, my heartbeat slowly catching up with me as I adjust my eyes to the dark room, I make out the shape of Katie's body pushing up the covers.

I feel her shallow breathing as bumps to my chest when she breathes in air, and the way in which she lets go of it again makes a whistling sound. She had been all over me yesterday and last night; we fucked in the kitchen, her legs slamming to the lower cabinet and her arms wrapping around me as she tried holding still, covering up her screams by closing her mouth tightly on my neck. She left numerous bite marks which now turned a deep shade of blue. They sting a little as I turn my head to glance into her hair, long strands surrounding my face and making me breathe shampoo again. She smells sexy. It didn't help my hard on. I want to go back to sleep, but I can't. The throbbing is to painful, sending shivers through every vein in my body. I give the head a light squeeze and immediately feel the precum oozing out of the tip and on to the damp fabric of my boxers. There is no way I can go back to dreaming like this and with a quick glance at Katie's sleeping face, I start jerking off. My hand moving up and down the warm shaft, the movement slow at first but soon a quick pace. The sound of my palm hitting the base of my cock echoes in the room like small slaps.

My balls pull up on ever jerk. The hairy sacks filled with cum as I try pulling at it to make it go quicker, but I'm left on the edge without relief. I'm gasping and swearing beneath my breath. " Come on," I whisper pressing the back of my head into the pillow, trying to think of something sexy, but my mind is blocked with the dream from earlier and I'm unable to do anything but to stare up at the dark ceiling. " Fuck…" I whisper out of breath letting go of my throbbing cock to wipe my forehead off. The sweat is making her hair stick to my face. I push the strands aside to breathe. " Fuck…" The pain is worse. It is like the first time Katie forced a cock ring on me and held me hard for an hour until I was begging for release. But this time it is natural; my cock wants more than a hand and a fantasy, as I turn my head again glaring at Katie, I knew what I had to do.

I slide closer, she didn't move. Her curved back pressing against my chest again as I press my groin against her legs, my hard cock resting on her soft, warm thighs. I feel she is sweating too; it is damp here as I push myself in, I gasp into her hair and bit my lower lip. It feels like being licked and squeezed by a pair of tight lips. I pull out a little, letting my cock slip until only the head is held securely as I push again slowly forward, feeling the stroke down the side of my veins, filling me with warmth. She isn't waking up – it makes me move closer, placing a heavy arm around her as if she is asking me to continue, the pressure makes her let go of the covers which slip down, revealing her small, perky breasts. I'm rocking steadily against her thighs, my gaze resting on her tits, I can't help myself from grabbing one of them, clenching it in the palm of my hand making her gasp.

" Mhmm…" Her sound makes me stop for a second, but she keeps sleeping, the soft whistling telling me she has no idea what is going on. I get brave; as my cock keeps pulsating more and my pulse racing, I'm tugging on her nipple, fondling both her breasts and rocking faster, my cock moving in and out between her legs as my balls slap her. Katie is now making more sounds; her hands start moving, her lips spread open as she gasps in her sleep, turning her head as if to listen more carefully to what is going on. I reach up pressing my fingers to her mouth to feel she is still breathing deep and she is still a sleep. At first I can't quite understand it, but then my lazy memory remembers on the nights events; Katie was tired and took a sleeping pill to make sure she would doze off. It is working wonders as it left me questioning if I can do anything to her now, play with her body however I want without having her wake up. I didn't know how powerful such a pill was. All I know is that I'm hard, Katie is next to me, as I slip my hand up between her legs, I realize she is now wet.

Her labia spreads for me and her clitoris is hard as my fingers rub it. She is dreaming sweet dreams too; her eyes are moving beneath her eyelids and soon her lips close around my fingers, sucking them in as if she is trying not to say a word. I feel a mixture of my cum, her juices and the sweat melting helping as lube as I drag my fingers up and down her labia, in between them and pushing at her slit, the ring of muscles opening and closing for me as if she is telling me to go on. My body is alert; I know this is wrong, but my cock does not care. I can't help myself, I need relieve. With my breath caught in my throat trying not to groan, I grab my cock and guide it up between her legs to her pussy, all the way up until the fat cock head slips between her labia resting at the entrance. I take in a breath. This is getting too good.

Katie's labia clenches around me tugging at my cock head like she is milking it. As I start pushing inside her, her lips opening and she gasps. In sleep her body is unprepared, now it is waking up at the strange entrance, pushing me back while I force myself inside her. I sense her lips wiggling now as if moaning or speaking, as I look down at her face again, her eyes are opening, the hazy green in them confused. I gasp pushing in further, and her eyes close shortly and then open wide. She is about to say something, but I press my fingers over her lips, soon covering her mouth with my hand, as she looks up at me confused and I smile pushing in deeper.

Her legs are moving now, but I'm partly inside. Her slick, wet pussy is squeezing me, tugging at me as I force her open, pushing my fat cock more then half way up inside her. The length stroking against her clitoris making her mumble words into my palm. Her hands are up grabbing my arm, but I'm not moving it; I press her back into me with my hand on her mouth and one on her breast, filling her fully with my cock in a loud gasp of pleasure. Her wiggling makes me hornier; the way she is struggling around me is like rubbing, sucking and tugging at the same time, sending me close to the edge and making my balls to pull up.

I feel sweat drenching my body, especially now as Katie is pressed against me, as I take a hold of her chest as I start pulling out of her then force myself up inside of her again, making her squirm. She has no escape; I'm fucking her harder, my cock dripping precum deep inside of her as I rock her on and off my cock, then holding her tight up against my body as I move my hips, fucking myself towards an orgasm using her tight pussy on myself as a toy of release. I feel her struggling to give up as my cock presses harder to her clitoris, making it impossible for her not to feel pleasure racing through her body, soon she isn't struggling to speak but licking at my hand and kissing it, and I finally move it, letting her gasp a much needed breath. " Fucking.. hell John!" she gasps. " I wanna.. Ah.. Sleep…" as I plunge two fingers deep in between her lips in a breathless laugh.

" I wanna fuck, Katie," I growl in her ear as her teeth close tightly on my knuckles. It hurts, but I didn't move, it made me fuck her harder, making the bed rock and her body bouncing up and down. She is gasping between her tight bite, her eyes rolling around as I fondle her breasts, tugging at the nipples and play with them. I'm close to coming; her warm, tight pussy is squeezing me towards an orgasm as my balls slap against her flesh pushing them more and more up, ready to release. She gasps before I did and I feel her pussy spasm then tighten around me as she came, and it made me let go of her face pushing her over, pressing her face down into the mattress as she is whining, trying to come back to reality as she is spasming her release, but I need it much more than she did.

Laying on top of her now, it is easier to keep fucking without her struggling; she is pushed deep into the mattress, being fucked despite having come already and I hear her gasping for breath, sobbing softly at the raw, forced entrance. " Oh god… damn it John," I hear her whisper as I bit down on her shoulder, making her whine and finally feeling myself go over the edge. I shudder as I came inside of her, filling her with four thick loads of cum. She gasps and slams her face into the pillow as if to hide it while I pull in heavy breathes, my lungs throbbing with a need for oxygen. I finally relax, slamming my body down on top of her small petite body as I gasp in pleasure. " That was amazing," I mumble. Katie slowly turns her head glaring at me. " I'll pay you back for that, asshole," she said, but her voice isn't angry. I smile at her lazily. " Are you getting off?" she asks after a minute or two, and I shook my head wrapping my arms around her as I stay on top of her. " No. Sleep tight." " John, seriously. Pull out of me at least." I press my nose into her hair, smelling her shampoo and mumbling: " This will make the morning fuck easier. Go to sleep."

In the morning Katie tries to move out from under me, I gentle move and before she knew it I had her where I wanted her, and I gently eased a finger into her ass. She feels it and did nothing to stop me but when my finger begins probing, she got a scared. A captive scared sound escapes her lips as I snap out of my daze. My hand pushes her head and open mouth down onto the pillow. It easily with an unyielding bluntness forces its way into her mouth. I ease back on her head so she can pull back slightly. " It is time for me take you for a ride," I said as I lubed my cock pulling at her ass with my finger. Katie panickes. She struggles against me but she is spread wide and her asshole is so exposed. A second finger enters her. " Go ahead and panic" I said " I like that, it makes me horny," my breath quickens as I start getting very aggressive and feverish as lust over takes me. " I have done this many times so I know just how to get all my cock inside you." Katie struggles and begins to muffle sounds and whimpers on the pillow.

" GOD" I said, " YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!" " Well if we don't see each other for another few months, at least when I leave here you have what you needed for a very long time, a nice ass fuck and a sore hole to remember me." I slide my fingers in her hair at the back of her head and tell her to say ahhhhhh. Just then I force 3 fingers inside her as she opens her mouth letting out a muffled shriek. She feels the pillow nestle in her mouth as she gags. " It will be better this way I said just relax and let it fill your mouth. Now you may scream without making much noise." Now Katie is really scared. She didn't realize she is making so much noise till the sounds strained against the pillow and stayed in her mouth. Suddenly she feels the tip of my cock at her hole. I lean forward pressuring her hole which seems too small to ever accept my fat cock. I ease off and press again this time a little harder then ease off. " OH BABY! this is nice and tight but you can't keep me out for long." I lean forward and again she feels a big knob push at both feel it……her asshole loosens slightly..

" SWEEEEEEET." I ease off then push again at her in a corkscrewing motion on her hole and she loosens more. " That's it, don't fight it just relax, I know you are scared, just relax." Katie clinches her hole shut tight." I smile and said " Sweeeeeeet" I love virgin ass. I thrust banging the outside of her asshole hard 2,3,4,5,6,7 times. It hurt but when I held it the 8th time she loosened suddenly. It feels like 1/2 my knob can get in her. Katie moans in pain but it also feels SO GOOD! She wants more and is so scared at the same time. This isn't a fantasy, SHE IS REALLY BEING FUCKED!!!!! I ease off and press again as she feels herself open enough for me to slip my knob in and have her. I knew it too and said " Your'e ready to be POPPED!!! This will hurt but then being penetrated the first time hurts. To have something force it's way into you, to have your ass violated, it's very erotic don't you think. I think when a person is penetrated the pain makes it more erotic, don't you think?"

Then she feels me grab her hips firmly, re-positioning myself more directly behind her then lean over her to mount her. With a hard thrust I pull on her hips as her ass explodes with pain as I force her rim muscle open just enough to push a few inches in. Katie screams at the top of her lungs. The pain is intense and feels so incredibly good at the same time. She is shaking her ass and is on the verge of, she doesn't know what when I slip it out again. " WOW That is so tight." I said as I pop her again and again slipping out each time so she can calm down. " Ok now I am going to take a lot more of your ass" I ram her filling her ass with hard meat as she screams. I begin pumping, loosening and pushing inside her, her head spun. Katie tries to close her legs and move her arms but she is held wide open, asshole in the air. Every move of my hips in any direction translated directly down into her ass. There is no chance for the slightest relief as I lean into her again, my cock sliding easily, deeply. I'm as hard as a steel pole and she is being fucked like she has never imagined in her wildest dreams. My hips begin a rhythmic thrusting causing her ass and legs to shake.

" NICE." I said " I'm going to go slow and let your ass adjust to my cock." Just then he corkscrewed my cock and she screamed and spasmed. " Ahhh that's it, just open up to me, give it up" I said As i smoothly pumped slow strokes into her, not too deep but deep enough. " I have about 50 different fantasies about all the ways I want to fuck you. That will come later, for now I am just going to fuck you a little. I'm going to give you all of my cock this time and you don't get my cum in your ass. It is hard for me to not blast my load in you right now. But I want to save that for later, when it is sweeter. Later I will unmercifully ram my entire length into you and fill every hole in your body with cum. The grand finally to your succumbing to me will be to feel your ass explode as it is pumped full of my seed. I'll be 9" deep in you while you moan, my seed dripping from your hole down your thighs THEEEEN you will be my SLLLLUT!" GOD I can hardly wait!!! Doesn't that sound HOT!!!?

Katie can't believe what she is hearing but my cock is now smoothly stroking deep in her ass and feels soooooooooooooooo good. Being spread open and having no control over being violated made her feel so slutty. Katie liked it and is scared at the same time. I rub her hips and ass as I pull out of her. " GOD you feel good!" Katie asked me " John, will stay with me tonight?" I washed my cock , Katie laid there splayed open like a whore. " You better get up" I said, " I am really getting horny again looking at your freshly fucked ass." By the time Katie is done showering her hole has closed up a little but is still very relaxed, still feels very stretched and aches.

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Author: horny fox

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