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I walked into work and put my coffee on my desk and my bag on floor.
"Morning Sean" I said looking around the office.
Sean was from Scotland, he'd transfered down here about 6 months ago and I knew he'd wanted to fuck me from the minute
he'd laid his eyes on me. I liked him instantly, he was funny and charming although he didn't have the sean connery accent
I assumed all Scots had, he had a proper Scottish accent as he put it.
"Wow" said Sean "You're either off out to see some customers or you have a meeting with the boss" he laughed.
"Put your eyes back in" I said "I'm out meeting customers this /> I had on a tight white blouse which showed off my 34d breasts perfectly, a short, tight black skirt and stockings.
"Do you want me to come with you?" he said "I've not got much on today"
"Only if you promise not to talk to my customers" I joked.
"Deal" He said smiling
"Be ready to go 12, we'll pick some dinner up while we are out"

Sean's phone started ringing before he could answer, I noticed he couldn't keep his eyes off of my breasts.
Then an email poppd up from him
"You're not wearing a bra" he put
I replied "I'm not wearing any /> I could see his mouth drop as he read the email and he mouthed "I don't believe you"
I spun in my chair so I was facing him, made sure nobody was looking and spread my legs a little, just enough for him to
see my bald pussy.
His mouthed nearly hit the floor, I think he forgot about person on the phone and was lost for a moment or two. I had to
do the phone sign with my hand to bring him back.
"Sorry, sir the phone started breaking what did you say?" I heard him say
I loved having fun with Sean, it was easy to get him flustered. I waited until he looked at me and licked my lips and ran
my hands down my blouse and over my breasts. I actually thought he may have cum in pants there and then.
"Erm, ok I'll get that sorted sir" he said and put the phone down, still staring at my breasts.
My nipples were now visable through my blouse as I was getting turned on.

I moved from my desk and into the corridor, Sean followed me. As he came through the door I pushed him up against the wall
and pressed myself against him. My lips brushing past his, I could hear his heart almost popping out of his chest. My lips
went to his ear and I whispered "Follow me, big man"
I pushed off of him and ran up the stairs with Sean following me, I opened the door to our bosses office, knowing he was away,
and sat on the desk facing the door with my legs open waiting for Sean. He walked in the door with a big smile on his face,
he turned closed the door and made his way over to me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him on top of me,
kissing him passionately I felt his hands make their way to breasts. I ground my crouch into his hard cock as he undid my
blouse and started pinching my nipples. I pushed him off of me and pulled him around to the chair sat him down and straddled him.
I pulled his head into my breasts urging him to suck and bite on my nipples, which he did as I unbuttoned his shirt and ground
myself onto his hard cock which was held in by his trousers. I pushed his shirt off of his big arms as he continued to suck
and bite on my nipples. I ran my hands through his hair as his hands cupped my bare arse, squeezing and even slapping it.
I slid off of his lap kissing down his neck and down his body, I undid his belt and pulled his trousers down releasing his hard
cock. I took hold of his cock wanking his long shaft, licking and sucking on his balls. I could hear him moaning as I licked up and
down his long shaft. I licked up to the tip of his cock and looked up at him, he looked like the cat that got the cream.
I spat on his cock and rubbed the spit in before taking him in my mouth, I worked his cock in my mouth taking him deeper and
deeper until I took him to the back of my throat. I felt his hands on top of my head as I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft.
He pulled me off of his cock and into his lap, I slowly sat on his big cock it easily slid into my wet pussy.
"Mmmmmm so wet from just sucking of my cock" he said
"Yeah" I said as I kissed him and fucked him faster and faster. I pulled his mouth onto my nipples as I ground down on his cock.
I could feel my orgasm building as he sucked and bite on my nipples, grinding down harder on his cock and bit into his neck
trying not to scream as my orgasm hit me. My whole body started to shake as I stopped grinding on his cock just sitting on it
enjoying the sensation.
"You enjoy that?" Sean asked
"Mmmmmm yeah" I replied
He pulled me off of him and bend me over the desk, rubbing the tip of his cock against my pussy before entering me again.
He fucked me slowly while spreading my arse cheeks and spitting on my arse hole, first one then two fingers entered my arse
hole. It felt wonderful him fucking my pussy and fingering my arse. He started fucking me faster and faster, he pulled his
fingers from my arse and held them to my mouth. I starting sucking on them eagerly, licking them one by one. He pulled his cock
from my arse and put the head to the entrance of my arse. I relaxed my body as he entered me, fucking me slowly at first. As he
slowly got further in inch by inch, until he had his full 8 inches in my arse.
"Stop, just let me get used to you're size" I asked
He stopped and waited for me to tell him it was ok, after a minute I said "Ok, I'm ready"
He started fucking my arse again, slowly at first then faster and faster. My hand went underneath me and I started rubbing
my clit feeling my second orgasm building as Sean slapped my arse repeatedly. My second orgasm hit and I'm sure I blacked out
for a moment or two.
"I'm gonna cum" he said
I pushed back reached out and slipped him out of my arse, I turned and dropped to my knees sucking his cock for all I was worth.
Then it hit the back of my throat, my reward, I swallowed his load and sucked the last few drops from his cock. He callopsed
into chair and for the next few minutes I knelt in front of him licking his cock clean.

Once I'd finished I put my clothes back on and left him in the office while I went back to my desk. He came down about 10 minutes
later, still looking flushed. We exchanged sly smiles as he sat down and carried on with his work. I cancelled all my appoitments
for that afternoon and we went back to Sean's flat. But thats another story.

story by: gemma21

Tags: male/female job/place-of-work fantasy ass to mouth sex story written by women

Author: gemma21

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