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He realized that it was not a house, but a mansion. As he looked around the general area he saw that the mansion was completely alone atop the bluff. This sudden thought gave him a cold chill like no other. Thoughts raced through his mind. How much did he really know about these women? Also he thought back to the e-mails he had been receiving for months. He had been chosen by a mistress and she wanted complete control over him, so she told him to pack his stuff, dump his girlfriend and go to the isolated location that he was currently at. Ironically he had met his first mistress on the internet while looking for strapon information for his girlfriend who wanted to try it out. He was very reluctant of the strapon idea in the first place. This thought made him even more nervous about what was to come. “You sure this the place mac?” Harry looked around to the taxi driver and gave a nod. As he walked up toward the door he began feeling better about his situation. It was summer after all and his college was only a short drive away, he thought. I mean I have a full summer before the classes resume. He arrived to the door and knocked. Within minutes a young beautiful brunette arrived at the door. With Harry at about 5'9, 5'10 he was taller than her. She was only about 5'5 or 5'6. But her height was not what caught his eye. It was her outfit. She was in some kind of latex-maid outfit with a gold collar around her neck. She noticed he was staring but did not comment on it. She merely said, “Follow me slave” Fearing what he had read about mistresses on the internet he dared not question her use of the word and once again held his tongue. They walked through corridors until the came to a flight of stairs. The maid spoke “This mansion has a very large basement. It is also the main training room.” She the walked down the stairs and came to a large metal door, with what looked like rubber around the edges. that Harry?” All of the training room doors, personal rooms and the Isolation rooms are sound-proofed. The Isolation rooms are code-locked as well.”
Harry let sarcasm slip into his next comment. that just kinda paranoid” The maid spoke quickly with anger, “I will tell the mistress of your insolence slave!” She then turned back to the door and unlocked it. She stepped through and Harry hesitantly followed. She spoke again in a much casual manner, “There are also cameras on every corridor turn and on the stairway. Oh and by the way I am a gold-collared slave and Mistresses most loyal servant. And my name is Jessica but you will always refer to me as well as any other woman with a collar level higher than yours as Ms.” “So Ms. Jessica, am I a servant such as yourself?” “No slave you are a slave not a servant. There are six other servants in this house, they are all indicated by the gold collar” With this she tug at her collar. Harry could now observe the collar more carefully: the whole collar was made of a ruber and on the inside it had a foam to prevent choking when pulled hard, and on the back was a loop though which rope or chain could go through. With all the talking Harry hadn’t noticed much about the hall he was walking in. It was black and plain with nothing in it but led to another door ahead. “When we enter this door you will not spoke unless spoken to” Ms. Jessica opened the door and led the way through he heard screams of orgasms of pleasure and pain. He looked around: Many women were nude or in latex. They all had collars of varying colors. On the walls were many tools of torture and pleasure. There were whips, chains, red ball gags. And then there were rooms that had labels such as uniforms. His eyes glazed across one particular called “dildos an strapon harnesses” This made him both nervous and sick to his stomach. He was then filled with curiosity as he saw another armory called “The Machine Room” He also noticed that this room was larger than most of the others. Harry continued to look and noticed how large the basement really was. The ceiling was very large which meant that this basement was lower in the ground than a normal basement. Also the basement appeared like the first floor. There were several corridors that branched off further from this main room that he could not see all the way down, as they became darker along. “Here we are slave” Ms. Jessica pointed at the end of the training hall to an office like room. “After you. Mistress is /> Harry walked forward and open the door. The inside was very different from the training room. The inside looked like a teachers office at school. In a large office wear was the most beautiful women that Harry had ever laid eyes on. And so young too, he had expected someone older, but was much better. Harry felt some of his fears wash away. But then he glanced over to a black sofa in the room and saw a young girl. Very young, probably only twelve or thirteen at most. She was dressed in some a mini-leather dominatrix outfit but it was not as sexual as the others it was more like a school costume. The girl spoke, “ Is that him mommy, is that him!?” Her voice was full of shrill excitement. The Mistress looked up from her desk and said, “Ahh, he’s finally here.” She turned to the girl and replied, “Yes Dear, it is him” The Mistress looked back at Harry. “But be quiet for now dear while mommy goes to work” You are Harry I presume?” “Yes /> “Well I am the Mistress Angel, and this is my daughter Angelica.” “I don’t understand Angel cut him off with a cold tone, “Have you been spoken to slave? No then well that’s what I thought” She continued her introduction as if the interruption had never you may have noticed slave there are no other male slaves here. You see I have been mistress to males before but my purpose here is to train future mistresses. The collars you have seen the other slaves and servants wearing are part of my collar system. Black is the lowest color, followed by red, blue, green, purple, orange, and on the top is gold. The other color is known as a punishment collar and it is a hot pink. Anyone in this mansion can punish you for how long they like, by any means if they see you wearing it. But rest assured I will be the first and most harsh to punish you. Also you are probably wondering if all the other women are your mistresses. They are not. Anyone with the same color collar as you or below you is your sister. Anyone with a higher collar you refer to as Ms. Now with the basics out of the way you may ask questions.” Harry spoke, “Mistress if your purpose is to train other mistresses, then why am I here?” As Harry finished his question, he noticed Angelica was getting bored. “Well slave my young daughter Angelica has learned much from me and will surpass my skill in the art of Dominatrix. But she has only learned how to be a mistress to the women. A proper dominatrix has power over men and women. Angelica has finally became a woman so close to today, which is today, and that is why when a few months ago Angelica started showing the signs, I had begun planning her present. When I met you on the internet I knew you were perfect. You are Angelica’s now. Of course I will still be in total control, that control will be shared with my young daughter, and you will mainly answer to her.” Angelica burst with excitement “Really Mommy he’s mine, all MINE!!! Mistress Angel Gave a nod. “Servant Jessica will be attending and giving advice during your sessions at first though” “AWWW MOMMY I LOVE HIM!!!”
Angelica ran forward and began poking all over him until her mother said, “Well Dear after we examine and collar him , you’ll have him for the rest of the day” Angelica looked back at him and said, “ Alright, Slave, strip!” Harry was still confused by the revelations of being given as a sex toy to a little girl. Harry didn’t move at all. Mistress Angel arose from the chair, walked up to Harry and slapped him hard across the face and shouted in a cold angry voice, “ I THOUGHT I WAS CLEAR, SLAVE! YOU DO EXACTLY WHAT MY MISTRESS ANGELICA SAYS, BITCH!” Harry looked at her and replied with fear in his tone, “Yes Mistress Angel” He started by taking his shirt off. A small gasp came from Angelica, and her mother knew what she was thinking. “Yes Angelica he is a very lean and fit slave. Slave do you work out? “Yes /> want to keep you in this shape everyday you’ll make use of the mansion gym.”
Harry had never before thought about being very fit but as he looked upon himself in mirror on wall in the Mistresses office he realized what they mean. His abs were well toned into something similar to those men on workout machine promos. And his arms showed outlines of un-flexed large muscles. “Slave continue” Angelica had noticed him staring at himself in the mirror. Harry chose to continue instead of recieveing another hard slap. Harry raised a foot up and took off a shoe and sock and did the same with the other foot. Then he slowly unzipped his pants and pulled them down along with the underwear. Both Mistresses were taken aback especially Angelica who gasped louder than when Harry had taken off his shirt. “Well, well, this was a very fine slave indeed. Harry knew that he was bigger than average with his 8 and ½ almost nine inch cock. Harry was lucky at the age 18 to have such maleness. Harry was now completely nude and his whole body was red from all the attention his body was receiving. Angelica kept poking and pulling at his cock and balls until they were becoming erect. “Look at that mommy, it likes all the attention” “Yes it does dear” With that Mistress Angel grabbed his cock an began poking open the hole. This stung Harry and he flinched. Mistress Angel brought her hand hard on the back of his ass and he flinched again. “Angelica Dear, be sure to punish him for flinching later on.” Angelica nodded and smiled. “Slave you wouldn’t happen to be a virgin would you?” Mistress Angel looked into his face before he answered and said, “Ah what a pleasant surprise for you, Angelica. Now you can pop both his cherries as you please.” Harry wondered what she meant by this, but dismissed it as a joke. “Slave your special-made uniform is in your room. I have your collar here.” She walked over to the desk, retrieved a black collar and gave it to Angelica. Angelica told Harry to kneel, and he did so. She properly attached the collar to his neck and kept it comfortable but firm. She looked pleased with herself and looked up to her mother. “ Very good Angelica. Now slave, this collar is never taken off even in public. Once the summer is up you will even wear this during your college terms.” Harry looked up surprised. “Oh yes slave you will be here a long time. Now Angelica take your slave to whatever training room you want and you may have three hours with him.” Angelica looked down slightly disappointed at such a small time. “But not to worry darling, you’ll have him the whole day tomorrow. Alright get Servant Jessica.” Angelica wasted no time in grabbing a chain off her mother’s desk and attaching it to Harry. She pulled him along like a leashed dog and said, “Come Slave” Harry was still nude as he was pulled into the main training hallway. He was deeply embarrassed as all the women looked at him. “Where to first slave?” Angelica looked around thinking until Ms. Jessica spoke up, “Why not teach him the art of discipline with a good flogging” “Excellent Idea Servant Jessica”
Angelica pulled the leash with Harry to a door with ‘Flogs and Whips’ written on it. Angelica pulled him inside and several of individual whipping post were already occupied. All the women looked up as Angelica said, “Look at my very own slave!” Angelica Ms. Jessica pulled Harry to a part of the room with two polls sticking up side-by-side. Each poll had one foot strap and one wrist strap on it. “Servant Jessica, tie him up.” Ms. Jessica walked forward and attached his feet and wrists to the cuffs. Then she tightened the straps so that he was held in mid-air by the straps. All the other women had stopped what they were doing and began watching what was going on. Angelica went to the wall and chose a flogger, then she picked a bottle of oil and began splashing it on his back and ass. Then she splashed it on his chest, stomach, and cock and balls. “Now slave this will teach you She brought the flogger back and struck him. It hurt like hell, Harry jumped forward. “ If you do that again I do a lot worse.” She then slapped his ass with the deadly whip. The pain was intense and he heard Ms. Jessica speak, Mistress Angelica you bled his ass on your first hit.” Harry looked down and saw a drop of blood fall from his leg onto the ground. Angelica worked his entire body over and even his cock during the next three hours. His whole body seemed blistered and sore. He a woke early the next morning by Angelica squeezing his balls and slapping his ass. “ Good morning slave, now its time to start your strapon training.


story by: Submissive

Tags: fiction domination/submission bondage and restriction discipline female domination bdsm cruelty sex story

Author: Submissive

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