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It all started in the 8th grade when i had just moved schools i met a few friends but none of them were in my english so none of them could get my back well in english was this guy called bradley.Bradley was the same age as me me and bradley got very close to each other everyday after school me and him would go down to the park together we was friends till the 10th grade when everything went wrong.
Finally i was in the 10th grade,but the down side was there were some new guys at are school the were very dirty they have had sex with nearly all the girls half way few the 10th grade and well they couldn`t get close to me cause of bradley so after school bradley said he couldn`t go out because some guys wanted him to come over.
The next day at school bradley was different he was smacking my bum winking at my and i liked it but i couldn`t understand that wasn`t him well with bradle of my back the guys could try and have sex with me the main one of the guys was called connor the others would get his old sex girls.
After school me and bradley went to the park like normal after school when we got there connor and the others were there i said i was going but bradley said come on give them a try while i was there bradley went to the guys and connor came up to me took me arm i look at bradley he said go so me and connor went down to this old house he opened the door took me inside and upstairs and slowy stripped me of pushed me on the bed he started to take his clothes of got on top of me he started to kiss his way down till he got to my pussy he then started to like my pussy he then fingered me sat up and pushed his dick in and slowy pushed in then out in the out while he was doing that he started to suck my nipple but then he stopped walked out but then bradley came in he jumped on me and covered me in hot cum he then stuck his dick in my mouth and started pushng in then bringing out he shot his first and last load of hot cum in my mouth i drank it then he got up and left i got dressed i couldn`t find them /> the next day at school well the rest of my time at school i never saw bradley connor or the boys again i wish i could just see bradley again just to feel his large dick in my mouth again or maybe for him just to stick it in my pussy would be nice but well wishs never really do come true sorry my story is to short so just going to do this of u guys like short stories so here you hopped you liked it

story by: KayxXsexy

Tags: boys/teen female true story cock & ball torture sex story

Author: KayxXsexy

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