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Spending the night at my friend Dawn’s house was pretty standard weekend fun. Dawn was my best friend since we were 10 and we’d been having sleep overs since then. Dawn’s mom recently moved out – she is such a horrible woman. She basically abandoned them to go fuck some young guy with a start up and a huge pay check among other huge things. I felt really bad for Dawn’s dad. He is old and not cute like he used to be. He seems lonely and is always wanting Dawn and I to hang out with him and stuff. But the other night it got weird. Dawn had gone to bed and in the middle of the night I had to go to the rest room. When I walked out it looked like her dad was still up watching tv. I went out to see what he was watching when he changed the channel and shot his head around. “What are you doing?!” he said – his eyes were popping out of his head.

“I just came to see what you were gonna go to the bathroom” I thought he was acting so weird and he just stared at me as I walked down the hall to the bathroom. When I turned around he was standing in the door way. Steiner …what are you doing?” he started to slowly walk into the bathroom – gently motioning my body into the room with him. He closes the door behind him. “Mr. He wasn’t saying anything…I was getting more and more scared as he started to seat me on the counter next to the sink and he started to drop to his knees. I realized what he was doing but it was too late to do anything. His face was plunging between my legs. I felt his teeth move my underwear to one side and his tongue started to lick my pussy lips. My whole body started to freeze. Who the fuck did this old perv think he was licking my pussy! I started to push his face away even though it actually felt really good. I was not some slut that lets my best friend’s dad eat my pussy.

He looked me dead in the eye. It looked like he had turned into an animal. He grabbed both of my wrists with one hand and with his eyes told me to stop that fucking shit. I was frozen with fear. His head went back between my legs – I struggled to push my knees together but it didn’t help. Frustrated he let me go only to practically rip my underwear off. I can’t believe this is happening! What the fuck has gotten into Dawn’s dad. He threw my legs up on his chest and when I saw what he did next my jaw dropped to the ground. He said “I’ve been wanting this for years” as he pulled his giant cock out of his boxers. He slowly rubbed his big hard cock over my slit – making it so wet you could see my juices all over him. How could someone so old and gross have such an amazing looking dick. To my horror I was about to be raped by my friend’s dad and part of me wanted it…I felt so bad for him and his horrible wife and I thought about how hard his dick was and how bad he must have wanted my pussy – needed it…

He was about to put it in and his first thrust shook my whole body. He groaned with pleasure and started to pump up against me …my ass slidding closer and closer to the mirror with each pump. I yelped and his furious face told me I better stop that shit. But his dick was so big and I couldn’t help the small sounds escaping my mouth. He pulled me down and turned me around slamming my body back down on the counter so he could take me from behind. He shoved himself back inside me and my yelp must have upset him. He wrapped his hand around my mouth and pumped harder. I didn’t want to but I started crying…It was so humiliating and at the same time I was enjoying his big dick and he was good he was really good. I didn’t want this but maybe I had for a long time. What was wrong with me? I suddenly realized that my tears where making it better for him. He started to lick my tears.

“Your pussy is better than I thought, it’s so tight and wet and I knew you’d like it – I knew you would – don’t you?” I nodded my head only because I thought he might hurt me more – but I think I did like it. He stopped and started pulling me over to the toilet – he put the seat down and sat and said “Sit on it” at this point I was in so much shock I just did what he said, I sat facing him and he bounced my almost lifeless body up and down on his dick. He didn’t seem to care that I was limp, I just held on and he pumped and pumped. He licked my face and my tits. I prayed that Dawn wouldn’t come in – I could never let her find out about this. She loves her father – she can’t know about this. He laid me down on the floor and climbed back on top of me. He put his big throbbing dick back inside of me and with each pump I knew what was going to happen – I could feel it shaking inside of me, I started to cum. I felt the rushing blood in my body ripple from my head to my toe – he knew he made me cum because then I felt his body shake and I knew he had cum in me. I thanked god in that moment I was on birth control and I started to cry in his arms.

He grabbed a hand full of my hair and started to slowly pull it harder and harder as he whispered in my ear “You better never fucking tell anyone about this – your ass is mine and I know you liked it – so if you want more you better keep this a fucking secret…do you understand” I nodded. He lifted me up – stood up and turned on the shower “get in – we gotta wash you – you dirty little girl”.

I laid on the floor covered in our cum. He turned on the shower and started to drag me up and into it. I felt like I could barely stand. I was so disoriented from my very confusing orgasm. He placed me in the shower and came in behind me. His hands were all over me – but he wasn’t using soap…so I asked you going to use soap?” and he said “No, I’m going to use my tongue”. Before I could ever think about what he means by that he bent me over and had his face deep in my ass. My eyes were wide and my cheeks flushed immediately as I realized he was licking my asshole. Not just my asshole but his tongue plunged deep into my pussy. He shook his head and tongue all around and then back up to my asshole – flicking it with just the tip. He sat on the tub floor so he could shove his face up between my legs. Each lick made me cringe and shake at the same time.

“Please stop “I begged I just wanted it to be over. I didn’t know how I could like this – he was so gross. He looked at me and said “Not until you cum”. I couldn’t believe this man I knew for half of my life was licking my pussy in the shower – forcing me to cum in his mouth. sick! Please stop! I’ve known you since I was 10!”. His made him push his face deeper into my pussy.
“Get down here!” he grunted as he pulled me down onto his rock hard dick. He pushed my whole body up and down as the water poured down on us. I cried as I said “your daughter is my best friend please”

“I wanted your pussy so long – you like it, you like my dick don’t you?” He started to stand and pull me up with him. He turned me around and entered me again from behind. He knew I was close because my body was trembling, trying so hard not to cum for him…it made me feel so gross. But I couldn’t help it and after I cried more. He slapped my ass got out of the shower and threw a towel at me. “Best pussy I ever had” he smiled as he left the bathroom. I stood there – scared, shaken, and yet his last comment made me want to throw up and touch myself at the same time.

story by: bae_xo

Tags: fantasm older male / female non-consensual sex sex story written by women

Author: bae_xo

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