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My wife's new lover on Tuesday night had turned out much better than she had though, for her and then myself, as normal she met her regular lover on Wednesday night at the motel, spending 4 hours or so with him, although he is a bit older, he really knows his way around Lyn's body, she always comes home fully satisfied.

I spent the evening with my regular girl friend at our house, telling her about our fun the night before, as she has been in 3 some'
s with us, her eyes lit up when I told her how big his cock was, asking could she join in when we met him next, she didn't know I was fully bi, so I had to tell her that we did get kinky in bi 3 some's with guys, she asked like what.

Seeing as my toys were in the drawer next to us, I pulled a couple out and showed her, she sat up grabbing the big dildo, saying who can take a toy this size, I gave her a sly smile and said me!.

She was in total shock now, just minutes ago, she had a normal sexual lover who fucked her for hours, now she had a bi sexual boyfriend who can take a bigger cock or toy in his ass then she can take, a quietness hit the room as she took in the news.

It took Kerry a few minutes to get her thoughts around what she had just been told, then she said, "can I watch you get fucked by him", I told her yes, and if Lyn is ok, then possible you could join us when we meet him Saturday night, and his mate, Kerry hugged me hard and said yes please.

I told her that we both did anal, and Lyn loves to take two cocks at the same time, Kerry up to now did not do anal sex, nodded and said of course she wasn't going to do anal sex.

After giving Kerry a good fucking, she went home to bed, as she has to be at work very early, I waited for Lyn to come home, and watched some porn.
Lyn arrived home about 1 am, her pussy and ass full of cum as I went down eating his juices from her holes, her orgasm getting her wet ready for my cock to fill her with more cum, I took turns fucking her pussy then ass, trying to decide which one my seed was going to fill tonight, then as I was pumping her ass, her legs over my shoulders, my balls made my mind up for me, 4 or 5 reams of cum flooded her ass to over flowing.

As I lay resting Lyn sat over my face and with one good push shot my seed and John's out to fill my mouth and cover my face with warm juices, I licked her clean then we cuddled, kissing to share cum and sweat.

It was while we rested I told her Kerry now knew I was fully bi, and wanted to join us with Lewis and his mate next time, I look of disappointment came on Lyn's face, she told me she had wanted them both to herself, but if Kerry was ok watching, and maybe be fucked later, she was cool with it.

Thursday night we had a 3 some arranged with Frank our regular bi guy, I told Kerry and asked if she wanted to join in as a warm up, to see some bi sex, she jumped at the invite and came over just before Frank arrived.

Frank has a nice 8 inch cock and loves fucking us both for ages before filling us with his baby seeds, when he came in and saw Kerry naked on my lap, his eyes lit up, and quickly we all began fucking , Lyn taking Frank's big cock, while I opened Kerry up with my cock, when Frank slid his monster in Lyn's ass, Kerry pulled me over closer to watch, Lyn's orgasm let Kerry know she was enjoying it all.

Frank lasts about 90 minutes in each of us, at one time I did a dp in Lyn's pussy while Frank kept her ass full of cock, Kerry looked on seeing her friend taking us both, Lyn's orgasm urged us both on, trying to outdo the other.

I left Frank to carry on with Lyn and went back to fuck Kerry once more, hearing him grunt louder, we knew Lyn was taking his juices, both gasped and collapsed in a heap after he let her go, Kerry was surprised when I went down sucking his cock clean, then Lyn's ass.

I continued fucking Kerry for awhile longer, Lyn playing with her tits and Frank now grabbing a hand full of boobs and feeling up her pussy, this was enough to blow Kerry's mind as a orgasm bigger than any I've know her to have rang out.

Frank's cock started to grow, I sucked him back to full hardness, I knelt in front of him, his cock found my opening and slipped straight in, Kerry let out a gasp, as all 8 inches fucked me hard, Lyn licking Kerry kept her juices going, later I got Kerry under me her mouth around my cock, gave her a very close up view of my ass being fucked.

Up to now Frank had only touched Kerry's body, so I told him to try her mouth, moving forward to allow his cock to drop out of me, I saw Kerry at first wonder what to do, here's a cock that has just been in my ass, right at her mouth, then she took him in and sucked him for awhile before he shoved his cock back into me.

Lyn had our toys out now, and the 12 inch vibe began its way into Kerry's pussy, she nearly bite my cock off as Lyn rammed it in hard, soon Kerry went wild her orgasm made her shake and squirm under me, as Lyn kept up her assault on her pussy.

Frank was now alternating between my ass and Kerry's mouth, as her orgasm kept rolling on, I knew Frank would want to fuck Kerry to, what man wouldn't, but I wanted his cum in my ass, so working him hard, I felt his cock jerk then his seed fill my ass.

I waited for him to finish then sat up over Kerry's face, with one good push, his cum shot out over her face, I just love seeing this happen to any woman, Kerry ate some but most went over her , so turning, Lyn and myself kissed and licked her face clean, Frank stuck his cock in her mouth for her to suck him dry too.
No sooner had we swapped around, than I got Lyn to fist my ass, Kerry's eyes couldn't believe what she was seeing, as Lyn worked my ass and pushed in until I was nearly to her elbow, Frank was wanking his cock, looking at Kerry's pussy right in front of him, she was in total awe of my anal abilities, then with one good push, Frank's cock slide right up to his balls in her pussy.

Kerry looked at me with a "what the fuck look" as Frank worked her hard and quick, then Kerry let out a grown, and her first orgasm with Frank hit her, that was all it took, she pushed back hard, my cock trying to find her mouth to give her, her first spit roast.

Still with Lyn's arm up my ass, my cock was going balls deep in Kerry's mouth as Frank pushed her forward onto me with each thrust, Kerry rocking between the two of us, was lost in sexual lust now, Lyn let me loose, then moved to lay under Kerry working her clit, of course Kerry went into one long loud orgasm, as we all tried to hang on.

We know Frank can always cum twice when we play, but up to now not three times, but here he was with his cock in a new pussy , and no doubt feeling her gripping his shaft with her muscles every time she orgasms, could he go three cum's.

Kerry was now a total mess, sweating and making all sorts of noises, Frank seemed to be struggling to get the third orgasm to happen, but he wasn't giving up, he had been fucking her for well over half an hour now, I whispered to Kerry to talk dirty to him, she did, telling him what a good fucker he was, and how her pussy wanted to have his cum in it, then she told him she was going to suck his cock dry, with Lyn,

That was all Frank needed, he grabbed her hips, Kerry was lifted of the bed, as his cock jerked and shot seaman deep inside her womb, that sent Kerry over the top again, knowing a strange guy had just shot her full of cum, I shocked Kerry, just as her orgasm hit her, I slide my middle finger right up her ass, she went ballistic, wriggling hard on Franks cock and my finger.

As their climates subsided, they both slumped and lay exhausted on the bed, Kerry gave me daggers, but also smiled, saying I was naughty fingering her ass as she came, Lyn spoke and said " but your orgasm told us you like it too", then we all turned and sucked Frank's limp cock dry as he lay panting, but with a very happy smile on his face.

Lyn pulled me up and slipped the strap on around her waist, my favourite toy going in my ass first push, Kerry was to buggered to really move but watched as I took it all, my anal orgasm going strong, as Lyn worked me for all I could take, this toy was one I showed her, 12 inches long and three inches across, Frank has seen me take this one, and as Lyn moved back, Frank stuck his fist in, my orgasm went wild with his big hand in me.

I saw Lyn chat to Kerry, then Frank pulled his fist out, another fist, started to enter my ass, this one took it slow and steady, I knew it had to be Kerry, Lyn was guiding her, talking softly to her as more went in, my first anal orgasm with her fist shook my body, I gripped her wrist tight inside me, then with more confidence she pushed further in.

Kerry made me orgasm 3 or 4 times, her fingers feeling around made me cum again, I needed a rest so pulled forward to slide of her arm, and thanked her for making me cum.

The girls lay between Frank and I, Kerry still with a huge smile on her face, suddenly sat straight up looking at me and said, "Oh shit, I forgot I'm not on the pill", then swung around to look at Frank, as she knows I have been fixed.

Frank, held her arm, smiled and said "it's cool I've been fixed too, so no problems from my side", a sigh of relief came on Kerry's face and she lay back down, we all laughed at the funny side of what had just happened.

Frank got cleaned up and left for home, Kerry said not being on the pill of course would be a problem for Saturday nights fun, Lyn said if you wanted to watch and so on, she was still welcome to come along, but the guys of course would want to fuck her.

Kerry fell asleep between us, waking early to go home and get ready for work, we took our time and had a early morning fuck to start the day of right. That night Kerry came over again, she still wore the same smile, she had last night.

Like most times it didn't take long before we were naked and playing, Kerry seemed more confident now, touching our ass's and even fingering us both, we told her that whatever she wanted to try or do was ok with us.

I fucked her for some time while Lyn licked her clit, then Kerry told Lyn she wanted to fuck her pussy or ass with our toys, this kind of shocked us, but quickly Lyn was on her knees with the 12 inch dildo right up her ass, her orgasm soon followed.

It was so hot seeing the girls like this, my cock buried balls deep in Lyn's mouth, soon swapped for Kerry's pussy as she kept fucking Lyn, after going at it for some time, I told her to fist her ass, Kerry gave me a strange look, but eased back, swapping the dildo for her fist, sent Lyn into another good orgasm, I slipped my fist into Lyn's pussy, feeling Kerry's hand though the thin inner wall, between us we gave Lyn a nice load of orgasms, then let her rest.

Kerry then told me to change places, she was going to fuck me and fist me again, I was on my knees quick smart, this time she didn't hold back, the dildo went right in first go, bringing tears to my eyes, I forgot to tell her that it does take a bit to open my ass for the big dildo first time, but the pain soon turned to pleasure as I got into it.

Kerry enjoyed fucking my ass, then her fist went in and this time she knew what to do, my orgasm told her that I was really into her fisting me, she pushed half her arm inside me now, her fingers dancing inside my body.

Lyn took my cock in her mouth as the two girls worked me, then with Kerry twisting her arm inside my ass, my balls could hold back no more, Lyn took a huge blob of cum deep in her mouth, Kerry dropped and kissed her sharing my cum, then I too turned and shared my cum with them.

Kerry said she had never thought that anal sex could be so sexually exciting for us, then surprised us by saying she was tempted to try it one day, when we had time to show her, we told her come along and watch Saturday night, and then your lessons will being after that.

Kerry sucked my cock as Lyn fucked her pussy with our 10 inch vibe, soon the room was singing with sexual lust, I knelt in front of Kerry my cock buried deep in her mouth as her orgasms with Lyn's efforts in her pussy started to work, now it was time to get devilish with Kerry, I motioned to Lyn to get the smallest dildo out, its only 6 inches long but thin.

She handed it to me with the lube, Kerry was busy sucking my cock to see, as another orgasm ripped though her body, my middle finger shot up her ass, Kerry jumped but quickly pushed back onto me, this was all I needed, as Ii worked my finger slowly around inside her ass, she wriggled and orgasmed again, the second finger went in, she shook but again held firm.

Now Lyn really ramped up her efforts, going as fast as she could, the vibe setting Kerry of again, it was time, the little dildo slid straight up her ass in place of my fingers, I don't think Kerry realised it was a dildo, as her orgasm got stronger again, Lyn was tiring, so with stiff cock in hand, I took her place, my cock slid balls deep first push, as Kerry got her first dp.

Now I was in her cunt, my cock made her hotter still, so being naughty again, I took out 8 inch soft vibe out of the drawer, lube it up and got ready, just as she went wild with another orgasm it was time, swapping one for the other, she knew this was bigger, but held firm, my cock was so close now to exploding,
each time I pushed into her cunt, I would push the vibe deeper still, now it was just about right in her ass, and still she took more, so this thrust was going to be the finisher, with one huge push the full 8 inches went up her ass, just as my balls let fly, she went wild, some was orgasm some pain, but my cock was gripped so tight my cum had trouble flowing though it.

I fell onto her back, my cock held firm by the vibe, as Kerry panted loudly, still shaking from her last orgasm, then she turned and smacked me hard, saying that's for what you just did to me, as she watched I pulled out the 8 inch vibe, and held it for her to see, a look of pure shook filled her eyes, then she said " no way". I told her she had taken it all, and my cock easy.

As Kerry wobbled her way out to go home, she told us she was looking forward to Saturday night, and seeing my ass being fucked by two big cocks, I told her with luck both at the same time too, Kerry smiled and said "you would too, wouldn't you" Lyn said "of course I so will I".
Saturday night looks like being a great night for us all.

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