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It’s a Tuesday afternoon when I hear our favorite local poet is going to be giving a reading to the public and so I call my girl to ask if she’s free, she says oh no, I have to work that weekend, she’s a nurse at the local hospital, I said any chance of switching with someone?
She says nope, seems everyone is going there I guess.
I said awe damn it, she says look go on and see if you can record it on your phone for me ok?
I said it won’t be the same, she giggles saying softly but we can listen to it nude and you know what her poetry does to me.
She giggles as do I saying ok, ok I’m in then damn it and we say our byes and we hang up.
Well being a bachelor I’m never have clean clothes and this is no exception, if it wasn’t for Cheryl doing it for me I think I’d be going commando all the time because of that but tonight is not that lucky so I pulled up my trousers wiggled some to get my cock to fall the right way and off I go after finding my shoes and socks to head out.
When I got there a half hour before it started there was no seat left and only standing room only left so I looked around and seeing a place in the corner with a small potted planter next to it I figured I could at least lean up against the wall and put one foot on the planter while recording the reading.
So as the poet got up her name is Susan Wheeler she makes this announcement that no audio recordings allowed and that security will be making sweeps to make sure, sorry people it’s my publisher’s idea not mine and again sorry so I whisper sorry honey you heard her I’ll buy the book ok and I turned off my phone the lady in front of me giggled softly at my talking to my recorder.
Well she started up and it was very, very good, it was heated and a bit racey.
Then after maybe half an hour the woman in front of me the one that snickered at me for talking to my girl starts leaning back against me, she’s not moving she’s got her ass crack smack dab in front of my cock and staying there so I pushed forward thinking she’ll move and she doesn’t.
I can’t see her face real well but what I do see is nice and she’s got some nice tits to boot.
I pushed forward and she never moved up, she stood there letting me push my hardening cock against her ass crack.
So I took it to the next level, I slid my right hand that was up against the wall along her butt and she never said anything or moved.
I however did notice her breathing getting faster and that was a good sign for me.
When my hand found the bottom of her skirt I lifted it up slowly, she in anticipation of this lowered the left side of her shawl she has draped around her shoulders slip down around her lower waist to cover up the fact that I’m raising the other side up.
When I get it up to her waist I take my left and hold it, I take my right hand and seeing her little panties I run my hand along the leg band and under it straight into her what I find is very wet pussy.
She moans softly as I’m fingering her and she’s not moving, or saying anything but moans.
I slide one then two inside her and she takes then both eagerly, as I’m fingering her she tilts her head down, shakes and I feel a flood of juices cover my hand and she’s having an orgasms right then and there all over my hand.
When she’s done I unzipped my trousers with my left hand, now that was a trick I didn’t know I could do but I did it and pulling it out under her shawl I pulled out my fingers with an awe from her lips, lifted her right leg and placed it on the planter and sliding my hard shaft along her pussy lips and straight into her wanting hole I went in fast and easily.
She groaned as shook once more as I went in and as we stood there with all eyes on the poet I started fucking this unknown woman right there with hundreds of people all smashed beside us but not paying attention to us but the poet instead.
I fucked her for a good five minutes with slow and steady strokes, soon I felt the urges coming and I sped up some, she could feel the anticipation of my load and when I tensed up she reached around herself and grabbing my hips as I unloaded a huge load into her hot box she tilted her head forward and moaned softly as I pumped three good healthy streams of my cum into her body.
When I was done she shook one more time, she stood there as I left my cock buried inside her, when the poet said we’ll take a small break now and I’ll be back to finish this reading and as the applause came rumbling thru the crowd I pulled out and he fell forward some moaning softly to herself letting her hem back down and me putting my dripping wet cock away she turns, thanks me for some very incredible sex and kisses me and leaves where I never see her again or so I think.
Well I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, I bought the book and when I returned she was gone, she was nowhere to be found, so I left and keeping the thoughts of her face in my mind knowing I’d never ever see her again but that wasn’t the case.
One day while visiting Cheryl I wanted for her in the small off room near the locker room, that’s where she told me to wait for her.
When out of the blue there she was, it was one of Cheryl’s co-workers and we recognized each other immediately.
She smiled saying fancy meeting you here.
I said likewise, why did you disappear like that?
She says I had what I came for a romantic fuck with a total stranger and that has been a fantasy of mine for a long time and what better place than a crowded room with my favorite poet reading to me.
I smiled and at that point Cheryl comes in and sees us, I says hi baby, she says hi I see you’ve met Denise, she’s a co-worker of mine, I said yes we’ve been talking, nice to meet you, she says like wise.
As we’re standing there Denise is writing something on a chart it looks like, when Cheryl says I’ll be right back baby she rips off the paper hands it too me saying call me, I would really like a repeat of that fucking but face to face this time.
She leaves me standing there wondering what to do and Cheryl comes back out saying so, did you enjoy fucking her the other night or weren’t you going to say anything about that?
I looked at her, she giggled saying she told me about this man that was talking to his phone and I knew it was you, but I wanted you to tell me, so, tell me step by step what happened and I might even let you fuck her again if I can watch it that is.
I told her all about how and each step of the awesome fuck there in a crowded room.
When I was done she says I need you to fuck me now, pull over or I’m going to crawl atop you now and fuck you while you’re driving so I pulled into a darkened warehouse parking lot and she nearly ripping my clothes off me we fucked hard and furious while in that parking lot and when she pulled away from me she licked my cock clean saying I bet you she didn’t do that for you?
I said well there were a few hundred people there if you must know and she giggled as we got dressed and drove off.
Later that night I called Denise, she says oh yes I remember saying something about that evening to a few of my co-workers why?
I laughed saying well one of them is my girlfriend and she says oh my god, sorry about that, I had no idea.
Did it cause any problems?
I said well unless you count having to pull over and fuck her brains out or she was going to crawl on my lap and have me while I drove a problem, she laughed saying so she’s ok with what I did and you of course.
I said oh yeah in fact she wants to watch me fuck you if you’re down with that.
She giggled saying umm, you just fucked me with hundreds of people right there, why wouldn’t I be ok with one woman.
I said good point and so we set up a date and as I fucked Denise face to face this time Cheryl sat there fingering her pussy until I came in her once again and then they got together and as she was licking Denise’s pussy I filled her’s up for Denise to enjoy.
We’ve been together now for nearly three years and we’ve done several other sessions like that first one and even with Denise a few more times too.
Seems my lady loves to watch then join in after I’ve filled them up.
I must admit it’s kinky but I love having all this strange pussy to fuck and then her’s after that.

story by: wewillywonker

Tags: true story sex story

Author: wewillywonker

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