Stephanie's fun with amy part 1

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It was a dark and cool night in Houston as I was getting ready to go over to the Johnson’s to baby sit their little 12 year old daughter named Amy. I myself am 15 and developing quiet nicely, with 38C breasts and a tight round ass, I could get just about anyone even if I only wanted the girls. Now I am no virgin in fact far from it, but I have only ever done it with girls not boys. As I walked to my destination I began to imagine me and little Amy together. The thought of it made me soaked so I formulated a plan to get into those tiny pants of hers. I had been baby sitting Amy for about 2 years and she was a very stunning 10 year old, in fact she was about a 36A and had a tiny ass. Her hair was a chocolaty brown with nice blue eyes.

She wasn’t interested in boys, because all she ever talked about was girls. How pretty and hot she thought they were and even said she wanted so bad to kiss them. I let her know that the thoughts she was having meant that she was a lesbian and it was perfectly natural because I am one to. A few times I caught her staring at my breasts whenever I had to baby sit over night. Amy was going be mine tonight and nothing could stop that. I knocked on their front door and smiled as they let me in. I saw Amy laying down on the couch watching T.V in her pajamas, the sight made me leak a little. Her parents said they wouldn’t be back till about 10:00 am and it was only 8:00 pm. After their goodbye hugs to Amy they slipped out the door and drove off.

“Amy have you had your bath yet?” I asked.

“No but I don’t like to bathe myself mommy does it for me,” she answered.

“Oh well um do you want me to wash you?” I questioned hoping for a yes.

“Of course I want you to wash me Stephanie!” She replied with a smile.

With that we went up stairs and down the hall to the bathroom. Never had I felt so excited, this was going to be my first time seeing her wet and naked. She had some trouble getting her shirt off so I did it for her and undressed the rest of her. Amy blushed a little when she was totally naked, but I said she looked beautiful and helped her into the tub. I began to reach for the soap when all of a sudden she grabbed my hand. I looked down at her and noticed she was biting her lip and blushing even worse.

“Are you ok Amy?” I asked very concerned.

want you,” she whispered.

“Truth is Amy I want you too,” I confessed to her.

“But I’m scared because I’m a admitted.

“It’s ok Amy I’ll be very gentle…I promise,” I said with a grin on my face.

She raised her head and brushed her lips against mine, and I complied by kissing her. I pressed my tongue against her lips and I guess she knew what I wanted because she opened her mouth and let my tongue enter. My tongue took up a lot of space in her tiny mouth and it felt great. I felt Amy try to slip her tongue into my mouth so I let her in happily. Soon I was drying Amy off and she was leading me to her room. Amy laid on her bed and looked up at me with pleading eyes. I told her to relax and that it won’t hurt too much. Amy smiled and spread her legs as far as they would go.

I gently rubbed her clit and sucked on her tiny tits, which made her gasp with pleasure. I could feel her pussy start to moisten, so I decided to try and slip a finger in. I told Amy to take a deep breath as I pushed my finger into her, it was about an inch in when her hymen stopped me. I put a little more presure until i felt it break. Amy screamed in pain but soon those yells turned into moans. I lowered my mouth onto her clit and fingered a little deeper searching for her g-spot.

Amy began to moan louder once I pressed against it, I could tell her orgasm was building so I rubbed her g-spot and sucked hard on her clit. Her hips began to buck and her vaginal walls tighten as she squirted her love juice, I quickly pulled my fingers out and locked my jaw on her squirting slit. She tasted heavenly, so much better then any other girl I’ve had. Her orgasm soon left her and she lie there panting and sweating. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Amy smiled at me and told me that she wanted to make me feel better than I had made her feel. I stripped and laid on my back, while she straddled herself onto me. Amy began massaging my breasts and licking the nipples a few times, to let her know she was doing a good job I moaned. I told her if she really wants to get me off then she should go down on me. She must have known what I meant because she soon became level with my dripping pussy.

Amy licked it and sucked on it a few times then put two of her fingers inside of me. As she was slowly fingering me I told her to go faster and add one more finger. She complied and used her free hand to rub my tit. It felt so good that I was going to orgasm right there, but decided to let it build. Amy adjusted her fingers and began to pump very fast and hard. I moaned loudly and began to match her movement with my hips. I screamed her name and said I was going to cum which caused her to take her fingers out and shove her tongue in and pump it in and out like I had done to her.

My body stiffened as my orgasm washed over me and coated her face in my juices. She lapped my pussy up like a starved kitten lapping it’s mothers milk. She climbed up beside me and we fell asleep in each others arms kissing. When we woke up it was 9:30am which meant her parents were going to arrive very soon. I got her dressed and feed just in time, because her parents walked in. I gave her a hug and promised we could have more fun next time if she wanted. The parents told me I did a great job and paid me. I left with a smile on my face and a satisfied pussy.

story by: Lizzie_535

Tags: fiction young consensual sex mature female / girl virginity lesbian sex story

Author: Lizzie_535

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