Dream machine (with correct paragraph spacing)

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I thought about incorporating the idea of Ben Bova’s “Duelling Machine” with a variation of the Sex Education proposed in Jean M. Auel’s “Earth Children” series and the following is the result: –

Chapter 1: The Machine

My fingers shook as I unwrapped the package. Finally. My own Duelling Machine.

Actually, I mused as I skimmed the instruction manual, “Duelling Machine” is a misnomer, it should be called a Dream Machine but the wrong name stuck. Unlike Bova’s conception which was brought to life in the DM-90 model and allowed two people to share a dream as a virtual battle, the more advanced DM-92 allows the sharing of a dream without violence and this one, the DM-100, allows one or more people to control a dream on their own.

“An extended fantasy, as subjectively real as the chair you are sitting on” the manual proclaimed, going on to say “you will be experiencing all the sensations of touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing as though the dream was actually />
According to the manual, the machine would monitor my energy levels, my blood pressure and heart rate, taking me out of the dream if they reached dangerous levels. However, it also stated that the danger levels were set at a default minimum to start with and, by the end of a short time, not more than three hours, would have automatically adjusted to take into account my own physical capacity that, according to the manual, was usually a lot higher. The timer did the same and could be set for up to six hours in each twenty-four hour period to start with, increasing to a maximum of twelve, and the option to include a clock and stress level monitor into the dream was available. I would be told the maximum allowable stress level compared to the default and the maximum duration available before the start of the dream.

Although the Dream Machine could be used to experience any activity in complete safety and, according to the manual, was originally intended for those involving an element of extreme danger like mountaineering, racecar driving, surfing or even space travel, it was usually used to live out fantasies which, for most people, meant six or more hours of sexual ecstasy before returning to the real world.

Hey, I thought, space travel…sex in zero g. That could be good. If the machine doesn’t select that for my first dream then I’ll certainly have it when I get to choose.

The actual device didn’t quite “blend right in with my home entertainment centre” as the ads had promised because the chassis was a different colour, but if it lived up to expectations, who cares? Still, it was fairly innocuous in appearance being a black metal control box the size of a vcr with an LCD display showing the safe stress level as a percentage of the default minimum and the dream-time available. Also provided was a skull cap with blindfold and an arm band for the blood pressure monitor connected to the control box by a long coiled lead. The box had a cartridge slot for the pre-packaged fantasies the company planned to release and another slot for me to insert the Personal ID card on which my own physical data was recorded, a card which nobody else could use as it was “security locked” by being tied in with my own brainwave patterns.

It was fairly straightforward, according to the manual, and I decided I just had to give it a try straight away. First, power on, insert PID and set the timer – I’d give it half an hour for now. Then don the armband to monitor my blood pressure and the skullcap with its sensors, ensuring the short, needle-like electrodes were in contact with my skin – a bit uncomfortable but no problem. Seated comfortably; press start…

Chapter 2: The Dream

I was suspended in a featureless grey void. After a moment of disorientation, I remembered the instructions.

“The initial environment is chosen to be as neutral as possible. You will have no control over the content of the dreams for the first few hours of use as the Dream Machine will be using this time to measure your involuntary responses to certain situations and the biochemical changes caused by them, calculating your unique physical capacity – just let the dreams develop on their own. There will be a short delay the first time of use as the Dream Machine discovers your most secret desires and compiles an appropriate situation to give them reality. Do not try to consciously influence the first dreams until you are notified that the Dream Machine has completed it’s assessment. After that you will have full control over the content and development of the dreams.”

I wonder what the first dream will be, I thought, will it be sex in orbit?

After what seemed like ages, the dream started and the featureless grey void resolved into a carpark in front of a three storey building in a park surrounded by trees.

It turned out that I was sitting in a car, the noise of the engine just dying down.

I got out of the car, a brand new Ferrari, and locked it.

I then felt a twinge of anticipation as I left my car and walked past a large signboard proclaiming that this was “Miss Leonora’s Finishing School for Girls”, getting a vague idea of what the dream would be about.

The path towards an imposing arched entrance went along beside a high wall over which I could hear the sound of girls voices raised in laughter. These, along with the sounds of splashes and girls screaming in laughter, told me there must be a swimming pool the other side of the wall.

Then the path led past a low part of the wall and I saw a lot of bikini-clad girls kissing and fondling each other.

When I stopped to watch for a few minutes, some of them took off their bikini’s, and the progressed into a full-blown orgy using vibrators, dildos, fists and tongues…and I got an instant erection.

Hmmm, naked girls swimming and sunbathing. Looking good if that’s it.

I didn’t bother about trying to conceal the huge tent in my pants as I now knew this dream would involve a lot of sex, it was just a matter of when and how much.

I was just considering jumping over the wall and joining the orgy when I heard a female voice calling from my right, ‘Dr Richards, Dr Richards, come in, quickly please, you’re late.’

I carried on along the path and went up the steps to the front door of the large brick building.

‘Come on, />
Chapter 3: Sex Education – The Teacher

‘Ah, Dr Richards I presume,’ said the beautiful woman at the door.

I noticed her glance at the tent my erection made in my trousers before she smiled, obviously delighted at the sight, and continued, saying, ‘I’m the Principal, Miss Leonora. I see you’ve already seen some of the girls at this school, but those aren’t the girls you will be, er, teaching today.’

My erection subsided a little until she added, ‘Although you will be giving them a few lessons at a later date. Come and meet the girls you will be teaching this time. You just wouldn’t believe how keen they are for your lessons and we must hurry so you can get started with them as soon as />
I glanced at my watch and saw it was less than three minutes past the hour so I understood they must be enthusiastic, but “get started” doing what I wondered.

I studied her as she yanked me in through the doorway and then pulled me along with her down the hall, running all the way. She was slim, in her mid-twenties and beautiful enough to be a porn star, with long blonde hair and a very small halter-neck mini-dress. The front part of the dress, it didn’t have a back, consisted of two elongated triangles which left much of her full breasts uncovered, and I wondered if she was wearing knickers as I couldn’t see a panty line through the thin material of the ultra-short skirt.

My erection got harder as I suddenly realised that the dream would almost certainly involve demonstrating sexual activity, and I was pretty sure I would be doing so by fucking this superb woman in front of a class of horny girls; she had selected just the right clothes to promote the idea that she wanted to be my assistant in this demonstration and I could tell from the lumps of her erect nipples that she hoped she would succeed.

As we sprinted down the corridor, she commented, ‘I’m so glad you could take time out of your busy schedule to run this course for the next few months, Dr />
Few months, huh. So perhaps this would be more than just one demonstration.

How she managed to stay in that dress as we ran was a mystery to me, but we soon came to a door with a room number, “04”, stencilled on the frosted glass and paused. The voices of young girls could be heard on the other side of the door, talking quietly and somehow sounding both nervous and excited at the same time.

Miss Leonora turned to me, slightly out of breath, and said, ‘The twelve girls in this class are ecstatic that an expert such as you will give each of them their />
Twelve of them? First what? I wondered, but held up a hand to cut off her remarks, deliberately before she could complete her comment and motioned to the door.

‘I’m sorry I couldn’t be here on Monday as planned, I was called away at short notice. I hope the girls weren’t too disappointed. Let us begin.’

She nodded and preceded me into the room saying, ‘I think you will notice that the delay has served to increase their anticipation of your />
Classes plural? I thought, so perhaps I would get to fuck her more than once.

‘They were all extremely disappointed at having to wait a few days, let alone five, and what you’re going to do with them, or rather to them, in this class has been the only thing they have talked about all week. That’s true even of the girl who can’t join the class until she’s sixteen in four weeks. Their anticipation has really been building in the last few days to an almost unbearable pitch and the tension caused by the delay has meant that they are all eager, almost desperate really, for each of them to have their first chance to actually experience the subject of your lessons first hand. That is particularly true of three or four of them, especially the youngest girl in the class at the moment whose birthday was on Monday and was really hoping for her first ever, er, encounter then.’

What I’m going to do with them, or to them? To experience first hand? First ever encounter? This dream was looking better all the time, although I still wasn’t absolutely sure of what was going to happen – if she was talking about sex…and virgins.

When I entered the room I saw an even dozen girls seated at chairs arranged neatly in a small arc close to a desk at the far end of an otherwise empty classroom. I looked around at them as Miss Leonora was leading me to the front of the class, and saw the sweet innocent faces of twelve stunningly beautiful young girls. They were all dressed the same in short pleated skirts, no bra’s and gossamer-thin white cotton blouses open to the navel through which their ample and perfectly-formed breasts and erect, rosy-red nipples could be seen clearly. All but two, one a gorgeous blonde, were matched in hair colour as well with jet-black tresses in bunches tied with yellow ribbons. The blonde had her hair in bunches like the others but hers was tied with red ribbons instead and her blouse, also very sheer and open to the navel, was far too small and rather tight, exposing her deep cleavage and huge E-cup breasts nearly as far as her swollen nipples.

She blushed as I caught her eyes, the red tinge of her skin covering a lot of her chest and her nipples swelling up more.

I was suddenly certain of what this dream would be about and it was obvious that she was one of the girls Miss Leonora had just referred to, my cock giving a twitch as I thought of what she will look like in a few minutes with her lips around it as I pump my cum down her throat…and my cock throbbed even more at the thought of knowing that this gorgeous virgin will soon be convulsed in orgasm from my cock pumping cum into her cunt as well.

The girls quieted as Miss Leonora and I approached the desk where she stood beside me on my right and addressed the class.

‘We have set up this class to take into account recent changes in the curriculum for sex education, changes due largely to Dr Richards work. Sex education lessons will now include extensive practical instruction and you will all gain personal experience in this class of how to ensure that both you and your partner, Dr Richards, get the maximum enjoyment from actual participation in various forms of sexual activity. For instance, you will learn how to enjoy deepthroating his cock as well as being fucked by him. We are very lucky to have him joining the teaching staff from today as he is the author of several leading clinical studies in the field. I believe he is rather well endowed and he is very experienced with girls such as yourselves, virgins, as you all know, so he will ensure the first few sexual encounters for each and every one of you over the coming weeks are very pleasurable. You, likewise, are to do your best to ensure his enjoyment when it is your turn to have sex with him because that is how you will increase your own sexual />
With that, she turned to me and said, ‘Dr Richards, the class is yours. These girls are all sixteen years old and all twelve are virgins, as you specified. Although it has been difficult in the last few days, I have managed to ensure that none of them have had any sexual experience whatsoever, not even an orgasm.’

I wondered what part of my subconscious mind this dream came from because even one girl as desperate for sex as these evidently were far exceeded my wildest expectations, and I knew that with twelve girls this horny, and all virgins anticipating having their first sexual experience with me, I would really enjoy this dream; I had never met any girls as eager to get fucked as these incredibly beautiful virgins who were all so desperate for my cock…and I was due to fuck all of them more than once each.

I placed my briefcase on the floor behind the desk, moved round to the front to face the class next to the Principal and greeted them with, ‘Good morning, girls.’

I turned to the Principal beside me and asked her, ‘Miss Leonora, will you assist me, please? As you probably know, I find it’s always best to start the first lesson by making an initial demonstration of the subject to show the virgins in the class, in this case all of them, what I will be doing to each of them and the pleasure they will get when I fuck them.’

She smiled and nodded, />
‘Good, would you stand in front of me and I’ll take your dress off?’

The Principal stood in front of me, facing the class, and I slipped my hands under the front of her dress at her waist to cup her heavy breasts, and then up to squeeze her swollen nipples. I gripped the tie at the back of her neck with my teeth and tugged it undone, letting her dress fall to the floor and revealing her gorgeous naked body as she was not wearing any knickers.

I felt her nipples swell up a little more as I said, ‘Miss Leonora will now show you how to suck my cock deepthroat and then I will fuck her so you all know what you will experience when it is your turn.’

She turned round, knelt down at my feet where she undid my belt and unzipped my pants. Then she pulled my pants down, releasing my cock from its imprisonment, and I stepped out of them as I removed my shirt as well.

Although she knew I had a big cock, I don’t think she was quite prepared for the size of it, gasping when it came into view and hesitating slightly before taking the head into her mouth.

She sucked lightly on the head and I turned us sideways so the girls could all see. Then she took my cock deeper into her mouth, sucking harder, and I could see and feel it sliding all the way down her throat until her lips were around the base.

She drew her head back and forth a few times, pumping my cock into the soft liquid heat of her throat, but I stopped her before I could cum and pulled her to her feet.

‘Miss Leonora, if you would lie on the desk?’ I asked her.

She took her place on the desk and spread her legs as I moved into position between them. I bent down to lick her clitoris, coating her pussy with my saliva and her juices, until I judged she was ready, and then stood upright with my cock at the entrance to her cunt, pushing the head in slightly between her hot, moist labia.

‘Now, Miss />
‘Oh yes, Dr Richards. Fuck me.’

I eased my big cock partway into her cunt and started pumping in and out slowly.

‘Faster. Please faster?’

I kept going at the same slow speed, gradually sending my cock a bit deeper on each thrust as her pleasure built but I stopped moving when I sensed her orgasm was nearly upon her.

stop, make me cum. Oh please, let me cum.’

I started again, pumping in and out of her cunt even slower, again hearing her beg me to move faster, and glanced round at the girls to see them all watching intently, a few openly masturbating.

I suddenly switched to high gear when I felt my own peak arriving and pounded my cock all the way into her cunt at a fantastic rate, the powerful jets of my cum bringing her the immediate release of an orgasm that had her screaming and shaking as it crashed over her.

I pulled my cock out, glistening with the mixture of her juices and my cum, turned to the class and said, ‘That was an orgasm.’ I saw many of them masturbating harder when I continued, saying, ‘You will all experience a great many of them in my class today and in the very near future when I fuck each one of you.’ I paused and then added, ‘And all will be at least as good as that one.’

Chapter 4: Sex Education – Introductions

I returned to stand in front of my desk where I stood with my arms clasped behind my back, giving them all a good look at my hard cock.

‘Before we go any further,’ I said, ‘I would like each of you to stand up and introduce />
The first virgin, to my right, stood up, said ‘My name is Donna,’ and sat down.

The second virgin stood up and introduced herself, saying ‘I’m Jilly.’

The next, her equally beautiful twin sister, stood up and smiled shyly at me as she said ‘I’m, Jane,’ and sat down again.

And so it went with Samantha and Joanne.

Patricia lifted her hands to cup her breasts and squeeze her nipples through the cloth of her blouse as she introduced herself and Linda flipped the front of her skirt up, giving me a quick flash of her smooth naked pussy. Barbara stood up next to her chair, put one foot on it with her knee out to the side and pulled the front of her skirt up to tuck it in the waistband. Then she put a finger in her mouth to wet it and stroked up and down her slit as she said her name.

Mary didn’t even stand up, she just leaned back, parted her legs and pulled her skirt up to show me her bare pussy while she stroked her erect little clitoris and said her name.

My own erection was getting harder, if that was possible, at the sight of each of these cute, very provocatively dressed and very young girls, and knowing they were all virgins, that each of them was going to deepthroat my cock and that they were so desperate for me to fuck every one of them.

The next girl, the blonde, stood up and said ‘I’m Angelina,’ as she lifted her hands to her blouse, pulled the edges apart to bare her breasts completely, and squeezed her nipples.

The next-to-last one, a really dainty little girl, couldn’t take her eyes away from my fully-hard cock as she stood up and said, ‘I’m Louise.’

She paused, looked up at my face and then back down again at my huge cock, and blushed as she asked, very nervously, ‘Are you really going to fuck us?’

‘Yes, I’m going to fuck you,’ I replied.

I noticed a slight shiver and a blush at the small emphasis I put on the word “you” so I added, ‘I am going to fuck your brains out.’

The last to introduce herself blushed as well as she stood up and said ‘My name is Rachel, and I want to suck your cock as well.’

I continued, saying, now begin with Part One of this course, the basics of foreplay, oral sex that is, and one of you will deepthroat my cock. Then we will move on to Part Two, the more advanced subject of full sex, and I will fuck one of you. I’ll need two test subjects. Miss Leonora, now that you have had time to recover, whom would you recommend for Part One, oral sex?’

She said, and indicated the girl to my left who jumped up, ran forwards and was about to kneel down at my feet when I stopped her and told her to take her blouse and skirt off first.

Rachel was so eager to get her hands on her first erect cock and suck it down her throat that she obviously couldn’t be bothered with any buttons and just ripped her clothes off and flung them aside.

Everything suddenly faded out.


I tore off the blindfold in annoyance, my erection painfully tight in my trousers, looked over and saw the “time available” display on the DM-100 blinking />
‘This time I’m setting it for 1½ hours and I’ll dream a clock as well,’ I muttered. Hell, the instruction booklet said I could manually exit the dreamworld at any time by hitting the clearly marked button but I didn’t realise it would just blink out like that on its own. I got undressed and laid down on the bed before I re-entered the dream, draping a towel over my crotch so it wouldn’t get too messy.

Chapter 5: Sex Education – Teaching

Right, 1½ hours. Here I go…

After a momentary glimpse of the grey featureless void I was back in the classroom just as Rachel was tearing her clothes off.

Now naked, she dropped to her knees in front of me. The delicate looking girl reached up to grasp my massive cock with both hands, one above the other and had to stretch her mouth wide in order to accommodate my girth as she took the head into her mouth. Once the head was in she moved her hands to my hips and fed the rest of my great length between her lips and down her throat immediately.

My entire cock slid easily through the ultra-tight constriction at the back of her mouth, almost as though it was greased, and on into the liquid heat of her tight throat…and I could tell she liked the taste of the mixture of my cum and Miss Leonora’s juices with which it was coated. Then she drew her head backwards and forwards, taking my cock down her throat again and again.

I held her head securely, my hands over her ears, pumping my cock all the way down her throat a few more times, then withdrew most of the way and paused, holding her still with just the bulbous head of my cock in her mouth. She sucked hard, her cheeks puckering in with the incredible vacuum she was creating, until I was overcome with the pleasure and suddenly rammed my massive cock deep into her throat.

I came with her lips tight around the base of my cock, her chin against my balls and her nose squashed hard against my pubes.

My second orgasm seemed endless and I moved my hands to hold the back of her head, pushing my massive cock even deeper with each spurt and her nose squashing harder against my pubes.

She swallowed every drop of my sperm, even licking my balls with my cock deep in her throat and not even seeming to breathe. I released her head when it was done and she drew back slowly, sucking all the while and her tongue almost vibrating against the underside of my shaft, until the last of my cock emerged from her mouth with a plop. Then she licked my remaining cum from my still-hard shaft with the tip of her ruby-red tongue.

The gentle tickling pressure of her tongue on the skin just below the head of my cock urged a last spurt of cum to shoot out, landing on her quivering tongue in a single white line. Smiling beatifically, she closed her mouth, swallowed it and looked up at me.

‘Can I be your next subject, Dr />
‘Well, I don’t know.’

‘Oh, please. Will you fuck me next? />
‘The next lesson will be next week and yes, I will give you your first fuck then.’

‘Oh goody,’ she said with childlike delight, ‘thankyou Dr Richards, />
God, she was eager. I’ll have to see if I can make use of that.

Turning to the Principal, I asked, ‘Miss Leonora, may I have the test subject for Part Two, full sex?’

She nodded, moved behind the waiflike Louise and said, ‘I think Louise here. She is the youngest in the class at the moment, the girl I told you about whose birthday was on Monday.’

Louise blanched at the sudden realisation that this was the moment of truth, that my big cock would soon be in her virgin cunt, and then stood up, shivering in anticipation of her first ever fuck.

‘Come here, please.’

I smiled at the girl and she smiled back shyly as she approached me, drawing closer until my hard cock was just touching her skirt.

I caressed her cheek, getting another shy smile in return, and told her to remove her blouse.

She lifted her hands to undo the remaining two buttons on her blouse, pulled it down over her shoulders and let it fall.

Her breasts were beautiful, and I tweaked her swollen nipples.

‘Now your skirt.’

She undid the tie at the waist of her short skirt and let it fall as well.

Like the rest, she was not wearing any knickers and my cock was now touching the skin of her shaven pussy just above her clitoris.

‘Excellent, Miss Leonora. I appreciate suitable clothes,’ I said as I put my hands on her shoulders and admired the cute face and dainty figure standing naked before me.

The principal beamed.

I moved my bum back a little and relaxed my cock, so the head dropped slightly, and then moved my bum forwards so the head of my cock was pushed between the warm wet folds of her swollen labia.

I flexed my cock, pushing up against her clitoris and she looked down at my huge member touching her sex, then looked up at my face and blushed nervously.

‘It’s all going to be inside you in a minute,’ I said quietly, moving my hips back and forth to slide the head of my cock along her slit between her juicy wet labia, and she blushed again.

I decided I would get this little girl to deepthroat my cock next week but for now I told her to bend over, resting her head and shoulders on the edge of the desk for support.

She obeyed immediately and without question, and gave another shiver of anticipation.

Very good I thought, Miss Leonora has prepared her well.

I began to finger her pussy, ensuring she was well lubricated with her own juices, and the “test subject” trembled but held her position as she approached but did not pass her first ever orgasm.

Two near orgasms later, with her copious juices now dripping down her thighs, I said, ‘I think you’re ready, Louise, but I want you to lie on the desk so I can see your face as my cock goes inside you.’

She stood up quickly, turned around and jumped up onto the desk, lying down flat with her bum at the edge as I positioned myself betweeh her legs. Then I leaned forwards and reached out to hold her breasts, squeezing her nipples while I flexed my huge cock, stroking the head along the lips of her pussy.

The girl realised it was about to happen, she was about to be fucked for the first time ever, and moaned in anticipation, even though she could feel the head of my large cock throbbing between her streaming labia at the entrance to her virgin cunt and must have been a little concerned about the size.

‘Normally, I go quite slow when breaking in a new subject,’ I said as I stood up straight, lifted her legs to put her feet over my shoulders, moved my hands to her thighs and eased the upper part of the head of my cock slightly deeper between her labia until I could feel it pushing against her hymen.

I looked into her eyes as I said, ‘I think this time, />
I thrust my hips forwards and rammed my cock through her hymen into her hot wet pussy as fast and far as it would go, first encountering resistance as I smashed through her maidenhead and then finding slight difficulty as my big cock squeezed into the vice-like grip of her hot, wet and incredibly tight vagina.

She screamed at the invasion as I smashed through her hymen, but the look on her face was exquisite as the muscles of her virgin cunt stretched to the limit and clamped tightly around my thick shaft until, at the last, when I couldn’t get any deeper, there were still over three inches remaining outside.

I continued, pushing all the way in, as she looked at me with lust in her eyes until I finally felt the bump of her cervix and reached the end of her passage.

I pulled back and thrust into her again and again as she screamed with the pleasure/pain of my big cock in her tight cunt, pounding her fully until she had stretched enough to take almost the entire length of my huge member inside her. The other girls looked on, enraptured; some began to pant and many slipped their hands beneath blouses and skirts.

The Principal moved to the other end of the arc of chairs where she grabbed Donna, pulled the student out of her chair and took her place. Then Miss Leonora pushed the girl to her knees and shoved Donna’s face between her legs onto her pussy. The girl had obviously been paying attention as she knew what to do and began licking Miss Leonora’s cum-filled pussy with wild abandon.

Miss Leonora immediately started to cum again and, as soon as the the other girls saw, they all went crazy. Buttons went flying as they ripped off their blouses and skirts, firm breasts, shaven pussies and moist, swollen labia coming fully into view. Manicured fingers plucked, teased and pulled at erect nipples and clits – sometimes their own, sometimes those of the girls next to them now that they were all naked. Girls (those who could tear their eyes away from my pistoning shaft) kissed their neighbours deeply, young tongues moving wetly against one another, or licked and sucked at their own or their neighbour’s erect nipples.

The blonde, mimicking Miss Leonora’s pet, turned to Mary, the girl next to her, knelt between her legs and started to lick and suck at her engorged clitoris.

My first test subject never looked away, though. Her eyes were fixated on my cock as it journeyed deep into the ever-so-tight cunt of her squirming classmate. My cock went in and out, relentlessly plunging into that vice-like tunnel, provoking gasps and cries of pleasure from the innocent victim of my lust.

My hips moved unremittingly, my great cock thrusting powerfully between her perfect thighs. She was mine completely and when my scrotum bounced against her ass with my pubic hair sandwiched between her labia and my pubes, I knew I couldn’t get much deeper.

I drew my cock half-way out and paused momentarily, the expression on Louise’s face one of pleading desperation.

Then I suddenly arched backwards, pushed my hips forwards and pulled harder on her thighs, thrusting my cock all the way in and then just a little bit deeper, her head came up and she nearly deafened me as she screamed with the force of her orgasm. I couldn’t hold back any more and shot my third load of cum deep into her pulsing cunt.

I withdrew and Louise returned to her seat, walking a bit unsteadily with my cum trickling down the insides of her thighs, and I looked at the clock to see that I had enough time left for another one.

‘I’ve got time for one more,’ I said. ‘Who would like to be next?’

Ten hands shot up immediately and ten girls cried out, ‘me’, ‘fuck me’ and ‘I want your cock.’

All except the blonde who had now returned to her chair where, with her eyes closed and legs wide apart, she was lost in her own private world as she masturbated very close to her orgasm.

I gestured for the class to keep quiet as I went over to stand in front of Angelina, put my hands on the sides of her head with my thumbs over her eyes, keeping them closed, and pulled her head forwards until my cock was just touching her lips.

I moved my thumbs, she opened her eyes to see my huge cock so close.

When she opened her mouth in surprise and began to speak, I quickly shoved my cock between her luscious lips.

‘Oooooh, Dr. />
The rest of her sentence was lost as I eased my cock to the back of her mouth.

I pulled her head forwards more to feel my cock sliding down her throat until it was all the way in and her nose was pressing against my pubes.

‘You told me I would be your next subject, Dr Richards,’ wailed Rachel.

‘Next week,’ I responded as I pumped my cock further down Angelina’s throat. ‘You will have your first fuck next week,’ I continued, knowing that the prolonged anticipation of the event would ensure she would be really desperate for me to fuck her by then.

I withdrew, pulled the naked Angelina to her feet and forwards with me to stand in front of the class.

I knew immediately she stood up that Angelina was a good choice. She was only about 5 feet 3 inches tall and slim with it and her large breasts were capped by perfect pink nipples as round as my pinky, looking be at least ¾” long.

I climbed onto the desk, laid back and invited her to kneel over me in a 69. When she was in place, she bent forwards to hold my cock with both hands, one above the other, and lowered her mouth to the tip, her tongue playing around the glans. Angelina closed her lips around the bulbous head and started sucking hard, taking my cock to the back of her mouth with her lips tight around the shaft and going down almost as far as her top hand. Then she took her hands away from my cock, put them on my hips and began moving her mouth all the way up and down the shaft, taking the head of my cock deep into her throat and then withdrawing. While she was sucking me, I put my hands on her hips and pulled her ass down towards my face, signifying my clear wish to reciprocate.

With her warm and wet pussy beckoning to me, the lips dripping moisture just inches from my mouth, I didn’t hesitate but pulled her ass down further and spread her labia with my tongue. I didn’t have to lick her for more than a few seconds before she came, violently, shaking all over with her screams muffled by my cock still in her throat and the vibrations of her larynx almost setting off my fourth orgasm.

‘Now, turn around, Angelina. It is time for my cock to go into your pussy.’

She turned and balanced herself with one hand on my chest, reached down with the other to guide the head of my cock to her opening and inserted just the tip of it into her slippery box.

‘God, it’s so big,’ she said as she manoeuvred on my member, hunching down to get into the right place. Then, with a loud scream, she dropped down quickly, forcing my rock hard cock in as far as it would go until I felt the head hit her cervix.

‘Ooooh mmmyyyyyy she cried as she began to move up and down very slowly.

She began moving up and down faster and faster, her breasts bouncing and pumping my cock in and out of her pussy until her orgasm hit her and she dropped down hard, the pulsing walls of her tight cunt setting off my own orgasm.


I awoke bathed in sweat. My heart was pounding wildly and the high-pitched stress alarm emanated from the machine. My face was flushed and I felt as though I’d just run a marathon.

Oh, shit, the stress alarm. Never mind, it’s a weekend. I’ll just have something to eat and then go for the whole 4¼ hours remaining.

My heart rate went down in a minute or two and the noise shut off.

God, my balls were sore. I felt my crotch; it was soaked and sticky. My cock was completely flaccid and my emptied testicles were tight against my groin.

After snapping the machine off and removing the the skull cap, I dragged myself into the shower. I decided to have my dinner and go back to that dream in an hour.

Chapter 6: Sex Education – Bondage

I set the timer for as long as possible, noting that the maximum allowable stress level was 85% above default, indicating the incredible level of sexual pleasure I could get from these girls. So the Dream Machine had finished it’s calculations of my physical limitations and it was now fully up to me what would happen in the dream. I decided I would dream it to be a month later, thus ensuring that the imaginary would be truly desperate for her first fuck.

I was so excited at the prospect this implied that I forgot to look at the clock, and entered the dream after covering my crotch with a towel again.

The classroom materialised around me and this time all twelve beautiful girls were naked apart from stockings, suspenders and small, sheer g-string panties. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that I had 10¼ hours, not the 4¼ I had thought it would say…I was really going to enjoy this. I looked down at my clothes and they disappeared.

‘Girls, sorry the last few lessons had to be cancelled. I’m afraid I was called away />
I looked along the line of twelve gorgeous, expectant girls ending up with Rachel on my left, and felt my cock getting hard.

I nodded at her and winked. When I mouthed the words, next,’ I saw her nipples swell and she moved a hand down to start caressing her already wet pussy through her g-string. I turned back to face the rest of the class, glanced at Rachel again and saw her slip a finger under her g-string to caress her clitoris.

I felt my cock growing harder as I turned back to the class and asked, ‘I’m curious. Last time when I arrived you were all wearing skirts and blouses. Why are you not dressed like that this time?’

Jane answered with a little giggle, saying, ‘Last time we all just ripped our clothes off so Miss Leonora decided there was not much point in wearing anything in the first place. After all, the idea is for us to get naked as quick as possible so you can fuck us.’

‘Ah, yes, I can see her point.’

I paused.

‘Now, the original curriculum timetable, which I have decided to keep to, called for the second lesson to be about mild bondage. That is the purpose of this apparatus,’ and I turned slightly to indicate the contraption at my side.

The girls looked and saw a board at table height, 4 ft long by 2 ft wide, with two more narrow boards, also 4 ft long but only 3” wide extending out of one end and joined to the first at two pivots 6” apart, enabling them to be spread open in a “v” by however much was desired. Each board had three straps around it at 1 ft intervals and all were padded.

I turned back to my left to see Rachel rip her knickers off, spread her legs apart and bury two fingers in her pussy.

God, she was eager.

I nodded.

She squealed, jumped up and rushed forwards to fling her arms around my neck.

going to fuck me,’ she cried out, delightedly.

I embraced her, my cock pressing into her stomach and my hands caressing her back, moving down over her pert little ass and gently massaging the cheeks. She melted into my embrace with a soft sigh and pressed her entire body against mine, her breasts against my chest where I could feel the hard lumps of her nipples pushing against my skin.

She moved her bum back and reached down to push my cock down so it would go between her legs, and then moved her hips forwards and backwards slowly, sliding the her wet labia along the length of my cock.

I just held her gently like that for a moment, lowered my lips to hers and gave her a slow, deep sensuous kiss. Then I pulled her arms from around my neck, took a half-step backwards and placed my hands on her shoulders, admiring her lithe, elegant beauty, the head of my cock pushing up hard between the lips of her dripping pussy.

I dropped to my knees and moved my hands downwards over her skin, first squeezing her nipples and then caressing every inch of her bronzed flesh, her breasts, her stomach, her hips, her thighs and across to her pussy where I licked her labia and clitoris and inserted a finger into her pussy.

I stood up when I heard her breathing quicken.

‘Rachel, lie on the board with your arms at your sides.’

When she had done so I blindfolded her and proceeded to connect all the straps up, across Rachel’s shoulders, stomach, arms and hips, and three more around each leg: upper thighs, knees and ankles so that she was unable to move. Then I parted the boards, pulling her legs wide.

I stood between Rachel’s legs and bent over to lick up and down the folds of her pussy.

‘Oh, Dr Richards, that’s nice.’

I directed twins Jane and Jilly, the next two I planned to fuck (though they didn’t know it yet) to come forwards to suck a nipple each.

‘Are you ready, Rachel?’ I asked the beautiful girl as I worked a finger around in her cunt.

‘Oh, please fuck me, Dr Richards, I’m ready. I want you to fuck me now.’

I carried on stimulating her almost to her orgasm and then easing off repeatedly for a good twenty minutes or more.

‘Dr Richards,’ she cried, almost sobbing now with her need to cum. ‘Please. Please fuck me?’

I stood upright just as I sensed her orgasm was almost upon her again and held the head of my cock at the entrance to her cunt, running it along between her folds.

‘Oh yes, Dr Richards, I can’t wait any more.’

I eased my huge cock into her cunt slowly, feeling her barrier breaking and her tight cunt stretching to accommodate the size of my member.

She let out a scream when her barrier broke as my cock entered her pussy and she felt the fullness of a cock filling her narrow channel for the first time.

I started moving in and out, slowly at first.

‘Why don’t all of you come and help?’ I said to the rest of the class.

All nine other girls still seated rushed up and to caress, lick and suck whatever part of Rachel’s body they could get at.

I could feel Rachel’s peak approaching rapidly, now that all eleven other girls were working on her as well, and increased the speed of my cock pounding her cunt, beating it into submission, and came myself when the walls of her cunt clamped down on my cock, pulsing as she exploded into a screaming orgasm.

The girls returned to their places as I untied the straps restraining Rachel, picked her up and carried her to the cot which appeared in a corner of the room; she would need a short rest.

I walked over and hit the imaginary button I saw on the wall.

The dream faded out and I was once again in my own room, the towel covering my crotch soaked in cum.

story by: AveryTomDeaconHarry

Tags: science-fiction sex story

Author: AveryTomDeaconHarry

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