Stephs intro to sex chapter 2

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Stephs Intro To sex Chapter 2

It has been over 2 months since i first done something sexual ever since then ive been looking
up stuff on sex on the internet.

I now have a boyfriend who is 16 his name is Hal he has had sex many times and he smoke
like a chimney and deals in drugs , he may be a junkie but i love him. We met at a party
i remember it like it was yesterday i was getting smashed of my head (getting drunk) and Hal
began chatting me up to cut a log story short we were pashing behind a building and we shared
a blunt together.

I was home alone for once and i thought id take the opportunity to have some alone time with my
boyfriend. I got myself dressed up in a tight sleeveless top and short shorts ready to see Hal.
I heard my doorbell rang i rushed over to the door and let Hal in i kissed him as he came inside
we headed to my room we sat on my bed and he pulled to blunts out of his pocket and asked me
if i want a hit i was like HELL YEAH! we lit our blunts and just layed down and played with our
smoke we werent getting really high from it but it was putting me in a mood thats when it got me
thinking im finally alone for once im never gonna get an opportunity like this in a long time im a bit
horny, not on my period and i knew i was gonna have to do this at some stage so i guess tonight is
the night. I went into my parents room and went into their bar fridge and took out a bottle of red wine
and 2 wine glasses i read on the internet wine is ment to put people in a lust mood then i walked back
into my room with Hal waiting i held the wine bottle in my arm and 2 glasses in the other and asked him
if he wants to get drunk with me he just gave me a funny a look and giggled and told me u cant get drunk
of a bottle of red wine only a bit tipsy i just told him it will do he just gave me another funny look and said y,
for a guy who has had sex many times he is clueless i just told him "y do u think" and winked at him thats when
he lit up a slight smurk crossed his face and told me he wants to hear me say it i just groaned and poured myself
a glass right now and chugged it down in one gulp then through the glasses away i thought fuck it drink straight
from the bottle i went up to Hal and told him in a soft tone "babe i want you to have sex with me" thats when he
moved himself onto me but i hesitated and told him this was my first time and held the wine bottle in front of him
and told him to get tipsy with me first. We took turns sharing the wine bottle i chugged the last of it once done
i dropped the bottle gently on the ground and looked straight into his eyes as he did to me without saying a word
our faces smashed together making out or tounges went crazy exploring eachothers mouths i felt his hands
all over my boobs i pushed him back and helped him take my top of he did the same with his. We layed back on the
bed and i went between his legs and began to unzip his jeans once his jeans were down i reached into his undies
and took out his cock and fuck it was big it was bigger than my friends (the one i sucked of) i took it all the way
down my throat and sucked up and down on his huge cock it must of been 8 inches or something it was so big
and juicy he began to moan and unclip my bra and god he was fast with unclipping my bra he began to cup my tits
as i sucked his cock i could feel a bit of his precum drip into my mouth it was so sour i took my mouth of straight
away well i knew precum was always sour due to the things ive read on the internet i just made an excuse that i
wanted him to eat me out, i layed back as he practicaly ripped my pants of and dived his tounge into my hot wet
pussy his tounge was so big i could feel it penertrating it me the faster his tounge moved the louder i moaned
i just couldnt take it anymore i yelled to him "FUCK ME NOW!!!!"
He went to reach for a condom i told him not to use one i dont care if i get pregnant. I knew i was taking a huge
risk but i loved him and i want him to be my first and last, Hal moved on top of me trying to position his cock
at my pussy but because i was so small and tight he was having trouble finding my hole so i grabbed his cock
and guided it to my opening i felt his head rub against my hot pussy lips along the way.
I felt his head push inside my lips he kept on muttering "your so tight" he pushed slowly my mouth opened wide
and my head tilted back as he pushed inside me his head hit my hymen thats when i really felt a sting inside me
i told him i need some lube but all i had next to me was a jar of lip balm but it will have to do i scooped up a
large amount on my finger and rubbed it on the inside of my outter lips and on the remaining shaft of Hal's cock
i told him to go ahead, he pushed into me a bit more and pushed right into my hymen i groaned lightly it was like
having a pin shoved under my finger nail then i felt something break then i felt full once Hal shoved the remaining
inches inside me until he was all the way inside me he just looked into my eyes and kissed me i told him i love him
but he just kept thrusting into me, soft moans were escaping my mouth as his cock slid in and out of me he went
slow then fast all at different times. We decide to change positions i bent over the bed frame and Hal mounted me
and fucked me from behind in a doggy style position this position was way more powerful i began to moan louder
i gripped the bed frame harder with my sweaty palms i felt his cock rattle inside me at the same time my orgasm
was about explode in seconds we came together my juices coating his cock his cum coating the inside of my pussy.
We layed together in bed panting and sweating all i could say was "that was amazing" he just cuddled me closer
and we layed together until my alarm rang i woke Hal up and told him u gotta go before my folks get hom
he understood we got dressed and sprayed the room he asked me what i was gonna do and pointed to the cum
pouring down my leg i just kissed him and told him ill take care of it, we kissed and he left the house.
I tried my best to push the cum inside me i wanted to get pregnant bad i grabbed a tampon and pushed it inside me
and went to bed.

I woke up and the first thing i did was remove the tampon from my pussy and noticed the cum had dissapeard
i was so excited i knew i was gonna be pregnant i thought this was right i knew it was gonna take me 2 weeks
to find out if i am pregnant or not. 2 weeks have passed i bought a pregnancy tester during my lunch break i
wagged my next class to go to the park toilets to take the test i pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet
and put the tester under my pussy and began to pee on the stick…


story by: Captain Boner

Tags: blowjob consensual sex first time fantasy sex story

Author: Captain Boner

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