Story of creation chapter 1

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*Authors Note* Im planing on this being a long standing story so expect more, well expect more only if i recieve reviews for this, and good ones at that. As feedback is important to any writer. Also please enjoy ^_^ and dont just skip the story for the porn >.> pervs. 😛 i mean… i love you all ^_^ *Authors Note*

Chapter 1 part 1 – The Story of Creation

Long ago, before the dawn of intelligent life, before the wills of petty and miserable gods, before the stars and their giving light, before creation itself, there was Oblivion. A solitary and lonely being, content to float in the eternal black abyss without the chaos of emotion or thought, for in the unending abyss there was nothing, and thus nothing to feel for, nothing to think about. This is how it was for eternity, this is how it should have been for eternity ever more, but even in the dark of the abyss chaos stirred and a light began to form. At first it was just a spark but soon turned into a blazing light as the whole of the abyss began to shine, exposed its nothingness to the light of the all illuminating entity. This beckon of mystery was not unnoticed in the void as Oblivion was near, it making her eyes squint to its bright glory, it made her wonder, it made her think. Awash with new, her first emotions, she id feel fear, she felt joy, she felt curious. Moving towards it, she floated threw the black abyss to inspect this intruder and felt upon her skin the warm glow of it and did bask in its warmth. But the closer she got towards the light the warmer she became, became hot in its glow, a discomforting feeling but a tolerable one. “Maybe it is afraid”, she had thought, to give off such a discomforting sensation. So reaching out to comfort the thing her eyes did see, her hand, she had a hand to see, she could see. A novel thing yes, but ever so important as she ignored the light once more to see upon herself, and know herself. Her hands, her feet, her body, she inspected it all to know it all and found it interesting, she had never before seen herself to known herself to be anything but a consciousness in the sea of the void. Becoming more aware her mind was a flood with new thoughts, questions, more so of the light then herself as her curiosity again peaked. Reaching out once more to comfort the light she meant to caress it with her hand but instead was burned by it, made her skin hurt and renew her fear as she did run from the light. Retreated back to a safe and warm distance as she did cradle her hand, screaming and crying in her agony, a pitiful thing, she knew now of pain. A pain that despite her attention would not cease, would not go away, it filled her with such emotions of fear, such sadness, but more so such great and fearsome anger. She was kind yet this light did harm her, she was innocent yet this flame was so violent, she hated the light and wished it gone. Charging the entity she meant to scare it with her roars, claw at its form and send it away, but for each attack did it burn her skin and make her scream, make her all the more angry. And as her pain grew, so did she become more violent and lashed out with all her might, but to no avail. It was when her arms did become tired and her pain became too great that she did make one final attempt to destroy it and swallowed the light whole. As final attempt to vanquish the miserable light forever, as it did seem to work, the light had gone. But in her innocent stupidity the light took place inside of her belly, shined through, and forged new, more devastating pain. Deep inside her the light did burn like nothing she had felt before, it was pure and unending agony as she did cry out and scream to make it stop. Roaring and vomiting from the agony, the light did spew out from her, it flew across the void before shattering and becoming dim. Creating in its place a vast galaxy of stars, planets, moons, life, Oblivion had unwittingly, unknowingly, devoured the very flame of creation itself.

With this her agony was not over, as she did still hold the flame within her, and roared out in pain, spewing out more and more light, more and more flame. Creating in her wake the very universe itself, thousands upon thousands of galaxies before the flame within her belly did finally settle and grow calm, the pain inside replaced with a feeling of dull fullness as she did burp and groan from the ordeal. The pain upon her skin having vanished as the flame inside her belly did become tame, no longer the bringer of agony and hate she had once feared, she felt victorious and proud. This feeling of pride however was soon forgotten as she did see new lights, so much smaller then the one she had consumed, she did not fear such small lights, she felt powerful. But more then this Oblivion was again curious, “What had the flame created?” she thought, as she moved forward towards one of these lights and peered upon it. Seeing in the small form of these galaxies the many stars, their worlds, and the life they held, ever growing and evolving, she felt overjoyed from it as she watched it so. Watched as little bugs became large beings, those beings created societies, and begrudgingly the gods. Petty and weak things that coveted the souls of those who worshiped them above all else, much to the annoyance of Oblivion herself as these gods did spirit away the lives of these many beings for power and pride, their prayers and worship making them strong. But Oblivion would not let the whims of miserable gods sour her joy at this entertainment, ignoring them as she watched only the life she had created grow and change before her eyes. And as these many beings grew and learnt, so did she, Oblivion absorbing the knowledge and ways of a million worlds as she peered on in only growing amusement and amaze.

In their mutual ignorance of one another, Oblivion did ignore the gods, as they did ignore her, both willing to stay out the others way as long as Oblivion could watch, as the gods could steal and covet the many souls. This is how it was for millions of years, how it was to be for billions more, if not for love, Oblivion feeling inside her the stirring of a new emotion she could not account for. Knowing of it only, having never experienced it first hand, as smart as she was she was still very unaware of herself. But what was the source off this love? A tiny and insignificant thing, an unimpressive soul that lived like any other yet held Oblivions attention to no end. She had now felt love, and did covet this being more then any other, feeling now the same covetous joy the gods did feel. She longed to hold it, to embrace it and give it all the joy and love she could, but restrained herself to only watch it grow and live, not wishing to disturb its development, like a ripening fruit upon a tree. But then did said fruit become full and ripe, and pass its time, coming to the end of its life as it did live and was now about to die. Oblivions eyes widened as the god of its world did beckon said soul to it, it would like so many others steal the soul away from the eyes of Oblivion, never to be seen again. Realizing this she did growl, did roar as she reached out her hand and stole away tiny soul from the god and brought it to her side, not willing to part from her love and joy.

This action however was not ignored, the god had become furious, had sounded its call to war against the mighty Oblivion for such a tiny soul, as in its pride it was a foolish and petty thing. Attacking Oblivion in its anger the god was in comparison a speck of a thing, even with its many souls to call its army. So bellowing out with a single roar Oblivion did scatter the god and its many souls into the endless cosmos like dust in a gust of wind. And this should have been the end of it but for the fears and insecurities of the gods, seeing now the power and might of the once docile Oblivion they now wished only for its destruction. Banning together under a pact of war the gods did rally and attack, crashing into oblivion with all the force they could muster. Yet still in comparison to the flame of creation, their pain was nothing more then an annoyance as Oblivion roared out once again and scatter many of the gods and their warriors to the cosmos. But the forces of the gods were many, if not endless, as they attacked without end. Knowing this Oblivion did hatch within its mind a plan, and struck out finally at the many gods, destroying billions upon billions of their kind as the bodies did float about the void. Showing her glory and her might as she struck out again and again until the horns of retreat were sounded, surely the gods were not finished with their petty war, but moved to plan and scheme their next strike in the safety of their havens. In this moment of peace did Oblivion rest and gathered to itself the many bodies of the gods to it, piled in its palm a mountain of the dead, and breathing out a spark of flame did she imbue these dead with the power of creation, and molded them to her liking. Creating in her hands a grand and vast sphere, yet empty and hollow, the surface of which was created with the morbid stone figures of the many naked bodies of the slain, the gods who once thought themselves Oblivions betters. Placing her coveted soul inside this morbid globe she did then crawl inside with it and sealed themselves away from the universe and the vengeful plans of the gods. Inside this home all her own did she spew out light and create from her love, a galaxy all of their own. Made sure that nothing grew, that no life took place, and no gods other then her own visage took precedence. Finally having time to admire and embrace her tiny soul, that which she coveted above all else, Oblivion placed the soul upon a singular world and grew upon it all manner of bestial life to amuse and entertain. Still a soul without a body was nothing more the an observer to the corporeal, and thus gathering up the many weapons and armors of the gods she had once slain, oblivion did forge at the center of a sun the body of her beloved. Made it perfect and beautiful, powerful and yet flawed, breathed into her own dark power and made it her own, and once it was finished placed the beloved soul inside. But not before removing from her beloved a tiny sliver of its essence, its soul, and placed it inside of her womb so that she would never lose it, her beloved. Then Oblivion did reach inside her self and tear out a small part of her own essence and melded it into the larger portion of the soul, made it in a sense, her very own. In this way even if her beloved did ever die, that he would return to her and be reborn within her womb, forever and always, without fail, without falter. As thus was the nature of her love, one of unyielding motherly embrace, and yet one of unending desire, as if from a lover. Wishing to pour upon her now awake and curious son, all of her love, she formed from her being a woman to whom he could call mother, could call lover, and wife. But as she did try to create for him a single solitary woman, someone to hold him and guide him along his new life, her love was to great and in her attempt she did instead create six wives, six mothers, six separate and yet linked personalities and selves. These women nothing more then an extension of Oblivions very being, much like a finger or toe to any other, they would move and act to her whim, yet each a representation of her, separate from her to be her will and yet a part of her.

Outside of their morbid home, their paradise, the gods did strike and clamber against the surface of the morbid orb. Their rage and desire for Oblivions destruction becoming dull and dim only after countless millennia of pointless strikes upon the faces of their fallen comrades. In their begrudging defeat the gods would finally disperse, ignoring again the existence of Oblivion as she would not emerge from her abode, a welcomed alternative it seemed. Inside the morbid globe however, while the gods did indulge themselves with petty useless violence, Oblivion had found peace, love, as both her and her son did create their own paradise undisturbed.

Chapter 1 part 2 – A New World

What was it he felt first? The chill of the wind upon his skin? the grass beneath his naked form? It did not matter as when he awoke, opened his eyes for the first time in his new life, the first thing he noticed was the clouds, like any other they were a familiar sight, the sun surely hidden behind them but safely so from his new virgin eyes. Standing to his feet all he could do was think, mind ablaze with questions. “Where am I?” he thought, “Am I dead?… I was dead, I died, I remember that much at least. Then if I am dead is this heaven or hell?” looking around he saw nothing but lush greenery, the sound of wild birds, no fire or brimstone to speak of. hell alright.” He thought sarcastically. In life he was a good man, thought of himself as such anyway.

His line of thought however was cut short as from his head did fall the whitest of hair, curtained his eye as he became perplexed. Reaching up he felt it and saw his hand, it was not his own as it was much to pale, much to slim, finger nails were but claws, this revelation kicking him back and onto his shapely ass which he also did discover. His body, the one he used to have anyway was no more, instead replaced with a far more feminine and fit one. If only he could have seen his face at that moment he would have known but if not for the cock between his legs he was surely more female then male. But the exploration of his body, his train of thought, was lost again as all at once his senses seemed to take hold. It was for lack of a better explanation, as if they were possessed, At one second he could taste the very air and all it carried, the next his eyes flew away from him as he could hear every rustle and heartbeat of every animal within a mile’s radius, his nose smelt such things he could not describe. Indeed this new form of his was something demonic, he thought, “Maybe I am in hell.” He thought. he shouted, taken aback once more by the sound of his voice, it to like his body sounded undoubtedly feminine, no it was feminine, “h-Help me! Somebody!” he shouted again. He wasn’t going to let his current form distract him from the task at hand. But after several minutes of this with no avail he finally stopped and sighed with unhappy He was alone.

Closing his mouth and eyes he shut off these senses as best he could and tried his best, for the time being, to tame his ears, then his nose, if he was stuck with this form, then he wished it to be his own in that regard. Standing to his feet once again, it was getting darker, he had to find some form of shelter before nightfall, and wasn’t a survivalist in any regard. So taking stock of himself and heading out into the wild he had hoped to find a cave of some sort… but all the hope in the universe would not make such a thing happen as it had son enough become nightfall. Yet in the dark he was not lost, the stars were bright yes, but more surprising was his eyes, he could see perfectly. Like a cat his eyes reflected the light, he was not more lost then as if in pure daylight. His senses were a benefit as his ears did lead him to a stream at least, drinking from it the taste of it was delicious to his new tongue, gulping down with abandon. Still a meal it would not make and he wasn’t going to find food any time soon, resolving to walk down the stream in hopes that it would lead him to a river, fish, maybe civilization.

He must have walked for what seemed like hours, looking to the moon to judge the time he was again, like before knocked upon his ass… two moons. One large and green, the other much like the one he was accustomed to, his chest heaved, heart raced. “Where the fuck am I?” he spoke out loud, finding is voice again, as he just took in the sight of what he could only cal hopelessness. Wherever he was, be it heaven, hell, if it was even the afterlife, or just some distant world, he knew from the sight before him that he was undoubtedly not home anymore, this wasn’t his world. Contemplating the worst, depression gripped his body and mind as he was on the very verge of tears, ready to give into the hopelessness and misery of the moment, and possibly death. Or at least he was about to, but on the edge of his ears something sung to him, well maybe not to him specifically, but it might as well had. The sweet sound of other people as all he could hear now was the song of several siren voiced woman singing something akin to a angelic tune, which might as well have been a rescue siren to his ears. Not wanting to waste time, he got to his feet and with an almost frightening speed, ran threw the forest like a panther, he wasn’t going to let salvation escape him.

Having run for several minutes the sound of song did not fade, if anything the closer he got towards it the better it did sound to him, he didn’t care who it was, as long as it was some form of intelligent being. And like the wind had carried him he was there, bursting out of a tree line as the edge of the path turned to an edge in and of itself. Falling face first into a lake as all he could see was water, splashing into it with the accidental force of a cheetah running at full speed. Finding his footing he lifted himself out of the clear clean water to beg for aid, “P-please help me, I don’t know what’s going on here. I woke up in the forest, there are two moons which im pretty sure shouldn’t be there, and… and” As he cleared the hair from his eyes and swept away the water from his eyes, his eyes did greet them, the singers of angelic song, six vixens draped in nothing but moonlight. All of them compared to their visitor were giants, standing at what he guessed was between seven to nine feet tall from shortest to tallest, and compared to his five and a half feet tall, he was the shortest f the lot.

From what he could see from is waterlogged eyes, the shortest of them was pale skinned, black hair, slim, and had… four arms. Widening his eyes at this visage of an oddity, he would find a loss for words as they came closer to their intruder on what had been their bath. The one closest to him was much more normal… he had hoped, looking to a moderate sized blonde bombshell she had a kind blue eyes and huge… horns… what? The one behind her was the tallest of them, seemingly hiding behind her shorter companion, this one also sported horns, his had bright pink eyes and brunette hair. In front of her to her was another. This one dark green hair, olive tinted skin and huge, gigantic milk cannons…. WHAT? He had had enough of them, he feared them, intending to run his slipped fro his footing and fell backwards into the water. Clambering to his feet he moved to run, but instead of the shoreline he had fell from, he was instead great by both heaven and hell as he pressed himself into- no slammed into two sets of very large, very warm breasts. Yet with the force of his charge his body was propelled backwards, bounced from the very melons he had plowed into, and into the larger chest of the dark haired howitzer titted titan. Still looking forward he could see those who blocked his escape, one was dark skinned, like chocolate, had white hair, and bright yellow eyes, and antlers, the other was a red headed, pale skinned woman with ram horns. Still none of this mattered, he was doomed, for if these women were not demons who would surely eat him for breakfast, then he did disturb their bathing, and he in another sense was doomed. Closing his eyes to accept his fate, he awaited what he surely imagined would be his untimely, unwarranted, inescapable demise…. Again.

“My my my.” He heard from behind and above as the big breasted green haired demon wrapped her arms around his chest, surely to keep him still. “Such an energetic one aren’t we?” she would say.

The dark skinned miss speaking up, having a much more energetic and outspoken voice, she laughed. “Look at him, he is so cute! I wonder how he tastes.” She would say with a devious smile.

The blonde one spoke to reassure as from the chocolate ones tone did seem to scare. “Now now, Kagura, don’t scare him. He has had a long day.” Leaning down gently clear the hair from the prey’s eyes she spoke. “Do not fear us young one, we will not harm you. I, Lilith, promise it so.” She would say before the arguable male visitor felt his capture fall backwards and into the water as the green haired vixen prompted herself against a large rock. Looking down she spoke “You may call me Minerva my young morsel.”

The red haired one spoke up as the six woman seemed to circle and come closer to their now well entrapped individual. “This ones name is Gethwen little bird, heehee” she spoke in a odd demented manner. The shortest speaking next, “And I am Sophitia, as you may call me such if you like.” And then speaking for the tallest, who also seemed to be the shyest, “She is Althea.”. Not seeming to happy with her introduction being taking from her as she spoke up in a shy manner I could have told him myself sister.” She said stammering.

It would be mere seconds before our protagonist found himself surrounded, all he could see was the stars, faces, and the many tits in front of him. “My my, what do we have here?” Minerva spoke, reaching out a hand as the pressed her fingers edge to the tip of a rather engorged male member, much large then what he was previously used to. Making him blush and shudder from the stimulation.

“Now Minerva don’t be so rude vulgar and rude.” Lilith would say, making Minerva retract her hand and pout. “What is your name young one?” she asks.

he strains to think “I don’t remember, I remember a lot of things, the names of others, who I am, where I am from… why cant I remember my name?” he asked with annoyance in his voice “Who forgets their name of all things?”

“Well it will com back to you… how about for now, we call you… Cidius?” she would say before moving in closer, laying in beside his form. The boy nodding his head at this reluctantly, but still needing something to be called.

Still even this depressing thought was whisked away as he fell something press against him, press against his hairless nutsack. Looking down into the water to see Kagura, sucking lovingly at his balls as her tongue lashed out and licked along it, her hand reaching up and stroking vertically up his blood engorged shaft which only served to make it harder.

Lilith speaking up at this vulgar display, “Kagura! You slut, no restraint at all.” She would say sighing before giving into to her own growing desire “Well, no use in holding back now.” Lilith would say sporting devious and delighted smile as she moved to his lap and took firm grip on hard cock. Opening her mouth as she licked lightly at the head of it, lovingly at the tiny slit poking out from the uncut foreskin. Any and all reluctance taken away from their now meat puppet as on either side Sophitia and Gethwen took place, taking his hand in their and guiding them downward to their mounds, sliding their fingers along is as his did feel the moist regions of their pussies.

Any vocal protest son lost as when her opened his mouth, it was soon given pause by the inserting of Gethwens nipple. And would have removed it if not for a sweet taste… milk… breast milk, it was so delicious, so warm, it was like drinking heaven itself. Still one was missing, as looking from the corner of his eye, he saw near them, leaned against a tree, with just her feet left to dangle into the water was Althea. Spread eagle and exposed, she pulled upon a nipple as her hand worked furiously rubbing at the pussy lips and clit, gasping and moaning at the sight of such erotic behavior.

Lilith’s head bobbed up and down in the water as she took his member deep, what he felt was almost a foot long, his cock was entirely engorged and inserted deep into the throat of this blonde vixen. She didn’t even come up for air, neither did Kagura, who was still lovingly cleaning his nutsack, sucking in and washing one nut at a time in her warm wet mouth. Maybe they didn’t need to, but for Cidius… his new name, still unsure of it, it did not matter, he was in sexual heaven.

All of his thoughts, his worries, and misery’s faded soon as on the edge of think a finger was placed at the edge of his virgin asshole and slide inside with such ease and slow form. Instantly he was set over the edge as his body stiffened and from base to bell he came, spurt after wonderful spurt. Lilith moveing her head from base to bell as well to taste the love juice he had so preciously given her, drinking it down, swirling her tongue to taste it. And when it was finished, lifted her head from the water, as did Kagura, the finger from his rear sliding out as she did so, naming her the culprit, both pausing before Lilith did give Kagura the most in depth and deep of cum soaked kisses, saving for her a taste of what she had savored.

Despite this however all was not done as while ejaculation was over, the orgasm was not as it writhed still within the body of Cidius. Tongue hanging out as his body shook, snuggling deep onto the bodies of those around him. Milk running down his chin as Sophitia moved in and licked it away, and into a deep entrancing kiss. Never in his previously life had he felt such pleasure, such wonder. Yet more was to come as the bodies of the vixens moved aside to give full view of Althea, her arms out stretched and body spread. she begged, him, it was heart breaking as not only her but her eyes seemed to beg his affection. And who was he to say now, still rideing in the orgasm of before he was of only one thought, sex. He needed to fuck them, he wanted to fuck them. It was going to be a long night.

Crawling towards the spread vixen before him he was far to cum drunk to function beyond humping at the air. Minerva coming behind him as she gripped and guided his shaft, giving it a few reassuring jerks before placing its head at the entrance of Althea’s honey pot. And as she did let go, so did he, planting his eleven inch monster, balls deep into the now gasping beauty. Only set for a second it seemed before his hips began to work, the wet slapping of flesh against flesh was all that could be heard in the night air as Cidius ravaged her, pounded away like a dog in heat. On the faceoff Althea however was one of pure bliss as her tongue hanged loose, expression that of a fucked silly whore. Her hands reaching around and griping the firm yet femininely round booty of her consensual rapist.

But with this new opening came a new sensation as Kagura, the dirty thing that she was, placed lips and tongue against his exposed dark cherry. Lips kissing the dark mark as her tongue found home in the reaming of his anal passage, tongue fucking his ass to all her delight, fingering her soaking wet pussy with index, middle, and ring finger as to better find her pleasure.

Althea once the shy sister found perverted voice in the nonsensical ramblings of a fucked silly slut “So good, Fuck me baby, pound that worthless pussy. Fuck me good and hard baby. Fuck me! Fuck~!” Her orgasms were more frequent then his, a male versus female biological difference as she was far more sensitive and thus far more likely to cum, wave after wave, then he was.

Yet coming to his senses minutes ago he did not stop, his previous orgasm lasting what seemed like forever, he assumed it must have been six or seven minutes long at least. Ad yet he wanted more, pounding hard into the first pussy he had ever felt, he was a virgin before this world, a virgin in his old life, but now, now he had six beautiful bombshell babes wanting every inch of him. And again he felt the still feeling in his body and balls, pouring again more and more cum into the open and accepting cunt of this brunette bitch in heat. He didn’t care if he made her pregnant, and by the way her arms held in ever so close, with face planted firmly into her round warm tits, she didn’t either.

Resting a moment he felt a familiar tongue leave his anal passage as the waters behind him moved about. A set of arms reaching out and pulling him the limp grasp of a well fucked Althea. His semi hard cock pulling out from massacred cunt with a noisey pop as all Cidius could to was shutter and writhe in ecstasy. Finding his body placed firmly into the arms of chocolate skinned Kagura, moving now to the side as before his eyes was presented to him a very round and large posterior. Minerva exposing her rear with all the intention of being the next to receive Cidius’s monster cock, shaking and wiggling her large rear intot eh air to excite and entice, Cidius’s cock growing harder at the sight. Made all the more hard with her words, “Come on abby, do you want to fuck mommies ass? Hmmm? Stick that big cock up mommies guts? Momma needs her baby’s big hard cock.” She would say, her words being all that he needed. Kagura placing him at the end of Minerva, sliding him onto her back and his cock firmly and easily into her ass.

It took him a moment to adjust, to calm his empty mind long enough to stand on his own two feet, that as soon as he did so was he again fucking away. This time however taking the time to enjoy what he was doing, taking it slow, sliding in and out with slow ease. Minerva could be heard moaning and panting, moving in time with her fucker, pussy juice running like a river down her legs. So focused was he that all the others were a second thought, looking around he watched as Sophitia and Gethwen pleasured each other, a 69 of pure bliss, but for their eyes fully fixated on Cidius himself. As so to was the eyes of Lilith and Kagura who were placed, ass first against the face of a tree, fucking themselves on the smooth somehow carved branches of the tree, one branch for each hole. Splinters… apparently weren’t a concern… and Althea? She was still reeling from having her pussy pounded, her hands frantically working at her pussy, both to make pleasure and to keep the milky goo inside her battered twat.

This view alone was enough to send him into high spirits as he increased his pace, his strength, pounded are Minerva’s ass as he had with Althea’s cunt. “Pap, pap, pap pap” was the song of their love making as Cidius held back none of his lust, slamming into Minerva like nothing more then a welcoming cum dumpster. She beneath him moaning loudly, screaming even “Oh FUCK! OOOOOOHHHhhhh yeah~! FUCK MY ASS! Oh GAWD! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” not the glazed over fuck slut that Althea had been but more the screamer.

Minutes passed before Cidius finally felt familiar welling in his body, sticking her deep and he planted his metaphorical flag deep within Minerva’s bowels and came. Making her collapse and fall flat into the grass as Cidius came tumbling down after her, both him and her moaning and shivering from the pleasure.

Catching his breathe Cidius turned and fell from his mattress, his cock pulling out with a loud pop as this made Minerva moan again before groaning in ecstasy. Still, he was done Cidius was spent, he could take no more, he wished to sleep, closing his eyes to do so he felt the cold air blanket him as he started to drift into sleep. Or rather so he had hoped if not for a familiar feeling of pussy propelling itself down sem hard shaft, opening his eyes to see above him, Lilith, smiling down at him with his cock firmly planted into her cunt. Laughing before she spoke, “heehee now darling, don’t you dare fall asleep yet… you’ve only fucked three of our holes tonight, and there are fifteen more to go. Heehee” she said with beautiful smile, masking behind an entire night of fornication and love making… it was going to be a long night.

It was a blur, last night, all of it, at least to the groggy morning of one so steadily and relentlessly used. Waking up in what he could only think of, at least I his dazed morning state, as a cave. He made his way out of it and to the surface, finding the mouth and the entrance. Moving to the bushes he took a very long, very well deserved piss, the product of the night’s events without rest. So then wakeing up, or more awake then he had been before, he stammers back to the cave and into it. Takeing in the sights as before him laing on mattresses of animal furs lay his conquerors, Minerva, Lilith, Kagura, Sophitia, Althea, and Gethwen. Finding a firm and pleasant place between Lilith, and Sophitia, he cuddles in, slides into them without worry, for if this was hell, then it was alright with him.

A half asleep Lilith, with eyes half opened smiled down to her bed mate, shifted closer and cuddled, place his lips along her breasts and begged with the taste of her nipples warm milk to suck. And he did, planted his lips around her breast he drank from her his breakfast, cock growing hard as he did so… Maybe… just a few more times before he got up.

story by: Cidius

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Author: Cidius

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    We had finally reached the pinnacle of our lives when we finally had the 2 kids out of the house and off to their own careers. Being married for 20 years had afforded us the chance to raise two successful children and allowed us to become the ?empty nesters? that we have looked forward to. Peace and quiet along with starting to regain the one on one relationship that temporarily took the backseat to fulfill our obligations to family. Don't...

  • Tami

    we usually go to the local club each wed nite. she usually dont have to work on thursday so she can recooperate she says. the club usually has a pool tournament, however this nite there were few there and no one wanted to play pool. they all were there for the texas holdem poker. tami and i began to play pool. tami was dressed in a very short dress, black thigh highs and boots. each time she bent over to...

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