Summer camp with connor (part 1?)

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I couldn’t help sneaking glances over at the sink next to me. Connor was standing in front of the mirror shaving shirtless with long dark bottoms on. So hot… Connor had nice tight pecs, a sexy 140 pounds, and had sexy dark hair on his arms and legs. He brushed his free hand through his messy black hair every once in a while, trying to make sure it stayed messed up. He finally noticed me and I flushed red in embarrassment when his dark blue eyes looked at me curiously. going on man?” he asked me, grinning. Oh my gosh! He’s talking to me. I stammered out, Noth.. nothing.” He grinned even wider, shook his head, and turned back to shaving. I breathed deeply. This can’t be happening… I’m standing here like a fool stammering and red-faced in front of Connor. I breathed deeply and tried to calm down.

Connor finished shaving and started walking towards me. My heart was really racing now! Connor grinned again, walked behind me, and leaned in right behind my left ear and whispered, “If you want to get a closer look at my body, why don’t you meet me in the Counselor’s Cabin at noon tomorrow?” He walked out smirking and leaving me dumbfounded. What the hell was that? Was he coming onto me? Sounded like it. I would never have imagined that Connor, the hottest freshman at the high school, would be interested in guys, let alone me, a 7th grader. I mean I was pretty good looking with wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes and a decent body. I was 14, 5’8”, 135 lbs, and was essentially hairless except for my armpits. I stood there for a few minutes and calmed myself down, went out to the sleeping area, and layed down in my bed.

That night I didn’t sleep well as I thought about Connor. Was he serious? Or joking? Or maybe he’s going to reveal me to everyone or prank me if I show up? I finally convinced myself he had to be serious. Connor wasn’t the type to be malicious or prank people. Okay then… but will I go? I mean I have been fantasizing about hooking up with Connor ever since I had met him a year ago… I’ve gotta do it. Ever since the experience with Mac and Tommy in the hot tub, I had been curious about guys. So I decided to go.

The next morning I got up and went to breakfast and my other camp activities. But my head was elsewhere… I nervously watched the clock as 12 inched closer. Finally I was able to slip away for lunch around 11:30 and I practically ran to the isolated counselor’s rest cabin. As I drew closer, I slowed down and watched for Connor or others, but didn’t see anyone. I opened the door and peeked in… Noone was in here. I quietly walked in hoping no one would come in and catch me in the counselor’s cabin. I sat down on the bed and looked out the window looking for Connor. “Hey sexy!” I heard behind me. My heart jumped! I turned around and saw Connor standing in the bathroom door, naked except for the bath towel around his waist. Oh my… He was glistening with water and his hair was wet. He had just gotten out of the shower. I felt my dick stir a bit as I inhaled deeply. Fuck! Look at those abs… His muscled arms… His pecs.

Connor quickly walked over to the door, locked it, and turned around. He grinned as he slowly walked over and we took each other in. He sat down next to me on the bed and my hands instinctively reached for him. I placed my hands on his strong shoulders, ran them down his corded arms, up to his pecs, and finally down to his tight abs. He grabbed my wrists, pulled my arms over my head, and then seductively pulled my shirt over my head. “Dang you’re in great shape man!” he told me sheepishly. “Thanks Connor… Uh… you I quietly added.

He leaned in and pushed his soft lips against mine as he began stroking my thigh with his right hand and grazing my smooth back with his left. Gosh he was a great kisser! As we continued to make out, I ran my fingers through his dark thick hair and he moved his hand to my dick. This took me by surprise and I sighed deeply as he began stroking my cock through my athletic shorts. I started to stiffen as he continued to stroke me. He pulled away from kissing me and looked me over.

Connor hungrily pulled my shorts and underwear down. He smiled down clearly satisfied with my now-hard 6 inch rod. He returned to jacking me off and I finally reached for his cock. He was semi-hard like I was. He stood up for a second and ripped his towel off. Wow. He’s not even hard all the way and he’s already around 6 in. We kept jacking each other off and Connor groaned and then grabbed my wrist and stopped me. He lightly kissed my mouth and then my neck. “Have you ever done anything with a guy Ryan?” Connor questioned. Well no” I said.

He continued, “Ok let’s try something then.” He got up, stood in front of me, grabbed my hands with his own, and pulled me up to stand in front of him. He put his hands on my shoulders and massaged them for a couple seconds and then he began pushing them down. As I lowered down took his right foot and forced my knee to cave in. As I was finally forced to my knees, he grinned down at me and then commanded, “Suck It!” as he moved his now-hard 7 inches within inches of my mouth. I started to get back up and nervously muttered, “Well I don—“ Connor pushed forcefully down on my shoulders and confidently ordered, “Do as you’re told Ryan.” Yeah Ryan! Do as you’re told. This is fucking Connor here. You’ve been fantasizing about this for ages!

I opened up covering my teeth like the girls in porn I had seen do. I wrapped my mouth around his thick cut head and then moved up and down his shaft. Connor put his hands on my shoulders and began taking sexy deep breaths. I kept going up and down realizing this wasn’t half bad; he tasted great – a mixture of his body wash scent and his salty precum and I loved watching Connor’s reaction as I moved up and down faster and faster taking in a little more each time. “Oh yeah Ryan! Connor moaned out. Then he grabbed the back of my head with his hands and began lightly and slowly face-fucking me. He reached the top of my throat and I gagged at first but started breathing through my nose and calming down, allowing me to relax enough to handle Connor as he sped up. I’m glad he wasn’t any longer because I enjoyed Connor’s thrusts barely entering my throat and then pulling out. Connor continued to sigh and quietly groan as he lightly face-fucked me.

After a few minutes I started swirling my tongue on his tip with each thrust in. Connor exclaimed, “Ah yeah Ry… Ohhhh…. Gotta… Gotta Stop!” With that he did stop and he grinned down at me. “Ryan you’re quite a great little cock sucker! Wanna try something else?” What does he want? Connor continued, “Let me fuck you!”


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