Summer vacation part 4

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Ever get a thought that wakes you out of sleep no matter how deep the sleep was? I bolt up out of bed sitting up and covered in sweat, my mind racing with a plan. I start chuckling to myself because this is a win plan, all win no loss. I mean I would have been all for a plan that makes me cause people to suffer but why not use greed to get exactly what they’d never think to bribe me with. I grab my phone and see it’s two thirty in the morning, I should go to sleep or at least try but I can’t I’m to hyped up. I grab a coin from my jean’s pocket and flip it, heads for Abigail, tails for Bethany. Tails it is. I creep out of bed and down the hall to Bethany’s room and checking the door and noting it’s unlocked. I can hear her lightly breathing.

I close the door and as soon as it clicks I watch Bethany stirs in her bed, she looks over to see me and I move over to her bed and crawl under the covers. I push my hand inside Bethany’s panties and start rubbing her clit.

“Oh Guy what are you doing… oh that’s good,” Bethany says shifting her hips so I can get a better angle.

I can tell she changed after our sex session a few hours ago and has a plain pair of panties on and a tank top with no bra, I only have my shorts on but they’re loose enough that Bethany’s hand can go right in as she grabs my cock and starts jerking me hard. I pull her legs apart and push a finger inside her pussy; it’s warm and wet as Beth bucks her hips to get my full finger inside. I let Bethany pull my shorts down and move up onto my knees as soon as their off letting her move her head and take my cock in her mouth.

The blowjob I had from her earlier was good and hot but this is more foreplay for the main event to come as she shoves most of my cock in her mouth and rapidly bobs it in and out. I take the pace of her blowjob and shove another finger in her pussy before matching her pace and fingering her. I feel Bethany moaning on my cock and stop bobbing her head, I take my free hand and lightly face fuck her.

I feel she’s wet enough and pull my cock out of Bethany’s mouth and yank her panties off, throwing them on the floor. I position myself between Bethany’s legs and she takes my cock and lines it up with her pussy and I shove in as deep as I can. Beth is wetter than earlier and I don’t waste any time and just start hammering in and out of her pussy. I kiss and nibble on Beth’s neck with my teeth, she starts moaning louder and digging her nails into my back. I like the feeling but I want harder, I take one of Bethany’s and pull it up to push deeper into her pussy.

“Oh god that’s too deep, go slower,” Bethany tells me gasping.

I could but I’m feeling great as I pull back and start hammering into her pussy hard and fast. Bethany starts squeaking out and pulls her pillow over her face to muffle the sound. I pull Bethany’s pillow out of her face, she has an angry look in her eyes until I slam my cock all the way into her pussy and dump my load deep inside. Bethany starts thrashing against my cock with my orgasm setting off her own. I let Bethany finish cumming and shaking before slowly pulling out and rolling off her bed, I find the panties I threw and clean our cum off my cock.

“Shit why didn’t you go softer when I asked,” Bethany asks cleaning up.

“Probably because fucking you harder is what made me cum then you came hard too,” I reply smiling.

I see her shake her head but she’s smiling and once she gets all cleaned up I put my shorts back on and duck out of her room and back into mine. It was a good half hour I ate up and I decide to tuck myself in for a quick nap before working out.

Five thirty in the morning never felt so fucking good as it has this morning; I get all my gear for working out on and head out for my run. It’s a crisp morning and after a while I can feel the warmth of the sun as I shift again from my run to my pushups and sit ups. I don’t have Loretta staring at me this morning but I see Rosa moving around inside and decide to get a different perspective as I head into the kitchen.

“Hey Rosa, can we talk for a minute,” I ask taking a seat.

“I don’t normally talk with the family,” Rosa tells me a little confused.

She’s a plain Latino woman in her thirties with her hair in her tight bun and a grey skirted uniform with an apron.

“You like working for Loretta and Mr. Delauter,” I ask plainly.

“Mrs. Delauter is nice, it was good when she moved in here, I didn’t really talk with Mr. Delauter much other than to stay out of his den someday,” Rosa tells me cleaning the counter.

“So Loretta is the house boss and Mr. Delauter pays your check,” I clarify.

“And it’s a better check than some of the fucking putas get in some of the other houses in the Rosa says then catches herself on the swearing.

“It’s okay, I’m cool with rich people being called what they are,” I reply chuckling.

We chat for a little bit before I decide to get to my first meeting of the morning, Mark Jr. I head out of the kitchen and check his bedroom door and like Bethany’s the night before it’s unlocked. As I sneak inside quietly I notice Mark’s room is a jock paradise. Posters of either football players or the women in underwear and bikini’s who sleep with football players, clothes on the floor and a computer desk with a probably abused hard drive full of paid for porn. I pull the chair around to where Mark is facing and wait perched up with my feet on the seat and my ass on the top of the back. It takes a few minutes but finally Mark Jr. wakes up and has his freak out moment.

“What the fuck are you doing in my fucking room man,” Mark says loudly flying out of his bed and falling on the floor.

“Well I thought we should talk and decided that I’d wait for you to wake up,” I reply smiling from my hood.

“You sat there watching me sleep, that’s messed up,” Mark says pulling a robe around himself.

“Well if you didn’t want an uninvited guest in your room you should lock your door,” I reply looking around,” and probably your windows too.”

“Okay well I’m up so talk,” Mark says finally awake and on the defensive.

“Alright, well I thought about yesterday. Yeah that blindsiding me really suck but I can say that positions reversed I’d probably do the same, however I say that I want something and you can help me get it and if you help me I’ll help you out,” I tell him from my perched position.

“Okay so either I help you and you fuck me over or I don’t help you and you tell people I beat your ass,” Mark replies not as excited as I am for the idea.

“I figure you don’t want to go on some stupid fucking vacation to calm down or get away from what happened and I’m cool with telling your dad that I don’t want you to head out so we can bond,” I tell him still enjoying my early morning I will convince him that we can all win big from this then you and me bond, and by bond we both head into town a couple times a week and spend some fucking money.”

I see Mark’s face as he mulls the idea over. I let him leave the room; apparently he has his own bathroom. When he comes back out he’s got a smile on his face and throws his pants on.

“Okay, we go spend money and try to like each other. I’m guessing you have something planned for what you want to do,” Mark asks.

I smile as we both head out of his room and into his dad’s den. We continue chatting for about an hour, I show him pics of the girls back home and he shows me his conquest pics from college. Big guy on his freshman year and it’s not bad the women he got, I can tell he saw something in Katy and we are starting to compare stories when his dad walks in.

“What happened and why do I think I’m going to need my checkbook,” Mr. Delauter asks us taking a seat at his desk.

“Well we decided to bond Dad,” Mark says smiling.

“I know what you’re thinking sir so let me explain,” I start in,” Mark doesn’t want to spend time away from his friends and family and it’s messed up if I go along with it cause I’m not with my friends and family. So we’re going to bond while I’m here and we’ll need some spending cash when we head out, probably three days a week starting today, and my silence on what happened yesterday I’m going to request something really special from you sir.”

“Okay so either I spend a lot of money on the two of you or lose my son to the police when you press charges,” Mr. Delauter explains,” How is this going to benefit the family, that’s my problem with this />
“Oh no, I’m not going to do anything with the police or contact my Dad about what happened yesterday. What I’m saying is Mark and I bond, I’ll really sit down and Loretta and I will do the whole therapy/Dr. Phil bullshit. I’ll even hang out with your daughters,” I say smiling with my past two nights in mind,” I’ll give you the whole happy family package and like it and in five weeks and five days and some change we can say the whole thing was good and I’ll even discuss coming down again voluntarily. You get to be the husband who got his wife her son, or whatever title you want to put on it.”

I can see he’s wondering what the scheme is but I’m genuinely offering him what he wants, peace in his home. I see him hopping on his computer and quickly discuss the budget with Mark Jr. who settles on a grand a week. I’m really spinning but I stop myself cause I have to get my fucking cherry on this sundae of awesome I have planned. I take a piece of paper off Mr. Delauter’s desk and write out my special request and hand it to him. I watch him read it over and I think this is the one thing that he actually wants to give me.

“Okay, so you have the money and the special request is fine but my girls either like you or you leave them the hell alone,” Mr. Delauter says adding a level of finality to the deal.

I smile and nod then Mark and I get up from our chairs and head out into the kitchen. It’s about seven in the morning and Loretta is already making pancakes for breakfast. Mark and I sit down next to each other at the counter and keep chatting while she looks confused between the two of us. The girls come down all sleepy eyed and freeze when they see Mark and I talking as well.

“Did people come in the middle of the night and rewire your brains,” Abigail asks sitting down at the counter.

“Yes, they woke me up at two this morning with a special message,” I lean in and whisper in Abigail’s ear,” I’m going to violate your baby maker in the nicest way later.”

Abigail’s face turns the best shade of crimson and at that point Mr. Delauter finally gets out of his den and calls the rest of us to the table so Rosa and Loretta can serve breakfast. We actually talk like a normal-ish family unit with the girls in a state of confusion and the guys all ‘everything is fine’ attitudes.

Breakfast goes off smoothly and I head back up stairs and shower then get to my room for a quick change of clothes. I decide to chill out for a few hours before making the final call on my ‘master plan’.

I do the hours peacefully when I notice it’s finally after ten, I pull my phone off the nightstand and dial up Kori’s mom.

“Hello Guy, why are you calling me did you misdial for Korinna,” Mrs. Patrick says to me as a greeting.

“Hi Mrs. Patrick, I’m not calling for Kori I’m calling to ask you for a big favor,” I start in.

I go over my idea which isn’t received well at first but I turn on the begging and pleading portion and get her to agree mercifully to my request.

“So don’t tell her just make some crappy story up and you’ll handle the rest,” Mrs. Patrick asks confirming her part of the scheme.

“Yep, I’m not gonna tell her so it’s a surprise and thank you so much Mrs. Patrick,” I reply ending the call.

I put my phone away and head down stairs to find Mark Jr. so we can head into town. I find him chilling out in a family room and he gets up when he sees me.

“Time to go finally,” Mark asks.

I nod and we head into the garage, I see the Mercedes that Mr. Delauter drives and the hatchback that Loretta drove me around in yesterday but it’s the red dodge challenger that Mark has the keys for. As soon as we’re out of the driveway Mark decides to punch it fast down the road.

“Okay so I figure I’m being set up to take the fall for something, what is it,” Mark asks as we get into the city.

I show him my phone and the address from my GPS, he shrugs and we peel into the downtown area. After a good thirty minute drive we are not in the best end of town but we’re defiantly right where I want to be, best rated tattoo parlor in the city. It had great reviews for some guy named and you tell them what you want.

“Oh god I thought they were kidding when you said you were gonna get a tattoo,” Mark says as we get out of the car.

I head inside and go from sunny day to dark cold barbershop with some upright chairs and dental chairs. The people inside are busy with work but I can see most of the full color tattoos on the arms and a woman getting one on her ass. I girl about Mark’s age greets us at the counter.

“Hi are you getting some ink today,” she asks Mark while ignoring me.

“Oh no, he is,” Mark replies gesturing to me.

“Okay, how old are you,” she asks turning her attention to me.

“I’m old enough to know I want a tattoo from here instead of some kid with a ballpoint pen,” I reply smartly.

“Yeah that means minor. Listen kid, we don’t tattoo minors here it’s against the law,” she informs me.

“Okay, you mean to tell me that I have money to spend and you don’t want it? Really?! So you just turn away decent business cause ‘you don’t want to break the law’, really,” I ask her sarcastically.

I can see she’s not impressed with my attitude and I start to leave but get stopped by an older guy.

“Hey kid, get your smart ass over here,” he calls to me from one of the chairs.

I head over and get a better look at him; I think he’s older than my dad. White man with a graying goatee in jeans and cowboy boots, a t-shirt and denim vest. He leans forward as I get to him.

“Why the fuck are you giving my granddaughter a hard time kid,” he asks me.

“I know what I want and I want it from the best place to get it, everything I looked at says here and some guy named I reply honestly,” and throwing the age thing at me seems like a copout sir.”

He stares me down for a minute then starts chuckling, the girl at the desk comes over to walk me out but he waves her off.

“Smitty is my boy, and I’ll tell him to give you some ink but I don’t want to hear any crying kid,” the old man tells me plainly,” and no but gonna take too long' crap, you get it in multiple session you little shit.”

I nod in agreement and watch him get up and head to the back then come out with probably the most tattooed man I will ever see in my life, he’s got a full beard and head of oily brown hair to his shoulders. He stands about 6’5” and is built like a wall, no shirt on and only some cargo shorts and boots for clothing, the rest is all ink.

“Hey kid, pops says you want ink from me do you know what you want or should I just settle on a fucking unicorn or something,” Smitty asks me in a joke.

I pull my shirt off and show him exactly where I want the first one and when I tell him what I want it to look like he just shrugs and has me lay down on one of dentist chairs in the back of the store. I’ve lost sight of Mark Jr. and I’m not gonna lie about the fact that this will probably hurt like a son of a bitch. I don’t know how long I’m in the chair but I figure after the first hour I’d go numb to the sensation, no chance in hell on that. When it’s finally over Smitty rubs some goo on my side and cover’s it with a bandage.

“Be back in five days and we’ll start on the color then another five days and we’ll do the final black Smitty tells me tossing me my Anti-Social shirt.

I get it back on and am handed a jar of goo and some instructions on how and when to apply it by another artist at the front. I look around and can’t see Mark anywhere, or the old man’s granddaughter. When I get out front I can see the car is gone and the old man follows me out.

“Your friend left about a half hour into your tattoo,” he tells me.

Confused I text Abigail and Bethany and tell them that they need to get in touch with their brother and tell him that I need him to pick me up. After the barrage of questions they tell me they texted him but he’s not responding. The old man tells me it was paid for before he left so I don’t have to worry about an asskicking.

I pull up the GPS on my phone and start walking towards what I think is a shopping mall. After about an hour of walking I discover that my final destination is not a mall, it’s an old parking lot and I’m standing in a Latino hangout. I’m expecting a major asskicking when I see Carlos and some of his boys hanging out around some cars. I don’t have my coat but decide to take a risk and say hi. As I approach however I get greeted by Hector.

“What the fuck are you doing here pendejo,” Hector asks me.

“Hector, good to see you man, how’s the throat,” I reply cheerily.

I see him and the boys get confused but Carlos recognizes me and starts laughing.

“What are you doing all alone out here man,” Carlos asks getting up and greeting me with a half handshake half hug,” I thought they weren’t going to let you out of the castle.”

“Nah, I made a deal with the warden and got visitation rights,” I reply smiling.

We both laugh and he invites me to sit down with his boys. After a few minutes of chatting they finally warm up to me a little and I finally get a text message from Mark. Apparently he’s getting some ass and will come back to the tattoo place to pick me up when I’m done, I reply that I’m already done and get no response.

One thing that I don’t have back home is guy’s I can talk to, Carlos on the other hand is a breath of fresh air but I can see that Hector is still pissed about me hitting him. I decide to give the guy some pointers.

“Okay Hector, I think you need to learn how to fight,” I tell Hector getting up from the bench,” Go ahead and take a shot at me.

I can see he’s confused but after checking with Carlos gets up and starts taking some of the widest haymakers I’ve seen in my life. Stepping out of the way of Hector’s shots is easy and after about a minute of swinging and missing I wait for his wide right and blocking with my left forearm throw a straight punch just past his ear freezing him in place.

“First off your fists aren’t hammers; you don’t swing them around and hope the weight makes them more accurate. Also it makes it really easy to see where your punch is coming from,” I tell him pulling my arms back and keep your fists up and in front of your face, strike from the shoulder in a straight shot.”

I keep giving him pointers and he takes it well, we get back to talking some of the crew heads off and after an hour it’s just me and Carlos left. I tell him about why I’m down here and a little about the history with me and my mom.

“Okay I know it’s messed up but why give her a chance man,” Carlos asks.

“Honestly I don’t know, my girls think that I should and either way I’m here for over a month,” I reply,” I mean she’s not what I remember and just being here makes me want to at least get some sort of closure from her about how shitty it was growing up around her.”

“Well you gotta love your moms I guess, she didn’t kill you by drinking while pregnant so that’s something,” Carlos tells me chuckling.

I finally get a text from Mark and he’s back at the tattoo place and tell him where I went. After giving me a ‘what the fuck’ followed by ‘on my way’. I put my phone away and get back to chatting with Carlos.

“Okay man do you lock your sister up on the weekend or something because she’s pretty hot,” I ask casually.

“Hey man that’s mi familia you’re talking about,” Carlos starts all but yeah, she doesn’t get to go out much since most people don’t wanna deal with her big />
“He scary or some shit,” I ask jokingly.

“Hey man it’s not like you’d let one of the girls you live with go out with me homes,” Carlos retorts defensively.

“I would in trade, make me an offer man, but you only get to go as far as I do and I can talk them into some good shit man,” I reply smiling.

Carlos sis a little stunned but after a few seconds he’s into the idea but he needs to get it past his folks and really past his sister. Mark finally shows up and we exchange numbers before I get in the car and we head off towards home.

“Okay since I’m probably gonna die we got a problem, you are fucking sunburned to hell,” Mark tells me poking my skin.

I didn’t notice it before and usually don’t get much sun but I’m warm to the touch and I can tell I’m gonna hurt tomorrow if not sooner. I text home to Loretta and inform her of my new condition, she says she’ll get everything ready for me when I get there. It takes me a minute but I’m not sure what she has in mind.

“So is she gonna kill me when she sees the tat,” Mark asks.

I shake my head and try to relax on the ride. We get back home about six and as soon as Loretta sees me I get a feeling of mothering that she hasn’t given in years. I’m pulled into the back bathroom get peeled out of my shirt and my arms and head get covered in aloe. Once she’s done she pokes my side and I cringe a little but she ignores it. I get back to the main area to see Abigail and Bethany staring at either my burn or the patch of gauze on my left side.

The rest of the night goes really smoothly, Mark Jr. makes up a story about what we did after the tattoo parlor without mentioning the tattoo I’m sporting on my side. Loretta goos me up again and leads me to my room.

“Okay, I talked with Mark senior and he told me that you are going to give him peace but I don’t want some story and you playing like things are okay with us for six weeks,” Loretta tells me sitting down.

“Yeah, it’s kind of the deal. I am bonding with Mark Jr. too,” I reply calmly.

“I don’t want you to act like I wasn’t a good mother to you when you were younger. It’s a lie and the reason I wanted you down here is so we could try to work on things between us,” Loretta explains.

“Okay, so we talk. We talked yesterday, I told you about what my life was like this past year. You showed me your charity work and I know the girls like you and so does Rosa. I don’t know what more you want,” I ask confused.

you mad about how I was when you were nine when you and your dad left,” she asks.

I remember the last year I saw her, kind of blurry but mostly filled with late nights of her fighting with Dad about parties and spending some nights in a bar. I remember watching her talking to people and generally ignoring me.

“Yeah, I don’t like it but what can I do about it now,” I start in,” you’re not a drunk flirting for a free drink anymore and I’m not building a fort under a pool table. I’m but we’ve got a therapist thanks to your />
“Okay but I was a bad mother when you were little and I just don’t know what to do to help it,” Loretta tells me exasperated.

I don’t know what to do either honestly. She tried to show me all her ‘charity work’ but it’s not me she’s was helping. I got a mom back home that was there when I had real questions and loved me when I didn’t even trust her.

“I remembered that you don’t take sun very well and need a bucket of aloe to recover from a burn,” Loretta says meekly breaking the silence.

“Yeah, you did. Thanks,” I reply smiling.

It’s the first actually pleasant moment we’ve shared since I got here. She leaves me to my burns promising to reapply the aloe before bed. Once she’s gone I pull my bandage off and take a look at the new art on my body, four hours of worth it. I shoot a text to Carlos asking him if he’s decided on who he wants to double date with, after a few minutes he replies back I pause for a second, honestly didn’t see that choice but she’s pretty good and defiantly has cute nerd going for her. Gotta figure out how I’m going to get her to agree to the date.

“Hey Guy, Wednesday we hit the gym man, I know you work out so I figure we can bond at the gym with some weights,” Mark tells me bursting into my room a little to enthused.

“Okay, great. Weights could be good,” I reply a little shocked.

I watch him smile at the idea and head out the door. I honestly didn’t see him wanting to do something with me so proactively. I figure it’ll be okay once I get my burn healed and try to relax. I got to figure out how to survive a workout in a few days and get Abigail to agree to date Carlos. Could be worse right?

Not done with the series but will allow anonymous comments to be posted for now, honestly saw the ratings drop and almost changed this part and ended the series. PM if you want.

story by: P.O.I.

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Author: P.O.I.

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