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This is my first first time publishing, but I wrote this story while I was still in high school. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. Enjoy!

My name is Emily. I am 26 years old and I live in Madison, Wisconsin. I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Tyson, since I was 18 years old. Everything was good and our life was perfect until about 6 months ago when I found out Tyson had been having an affair. I’m not the nosy type or anything, but I found out when I went to use the computer and his email was logged in. The messages that were on the screen said how much they both enjoyed fucking each other and how they were in love. I never confronted my husband about it. I just decided that two can play that game.

A few weeks later, he told me he had to leave town for two weeks on a business trip to Milwaukee. I knew he was going to see his little slut but I just told him to have a nice trip and hurry home. Within the few weeks between the time I found out about the affair and my husband leaving for his trip, I had become friends with my new neighbor, Amber, who just so happened to be a lesbian. Ever since I was in middle school, I had been attracted to females but never acted upon it.

I’m not a bad looking woman. I’m five foot five, 150 pounds with curves in all the right places; I have 36 DD breasts and a nice ass. I have red hair, green eyes, tan skin, and a smile that can light even the darkest places. I have never had a problem catching the attention of any man, or woman for that matter. I decided that I would seduce my neighbor and start a secret sexual relationship with her. Amber was taller than I was, standing at five foot eight inches, and weighed about 135 pounds. She ad 34 DD breasts, long, curly reddish-blonde hair, and crystal blue eyes. I knew seducing Amber would not be a problem because I saw the way she looked at me when she thought I wasn’t looking. Truth be told, I looked at her the same way and I think she noticed.

I decided to carry out my plan as soon as my husband left. I was getting wet just thinking about sucking on her beautiful tits and kissing those full lips of hers. I was still in my pajamas when he left so I took a quick shower and shaved my pussy. When I got out, I put on some jean shorts that hugged my ass really tight with a tank top. My breasts practically had no sag at all, so I decided to go without a bra. I quickly walked across the street to Amber’s house and rang the doorbell.

When she opened the door, she looked even more amazing than the last time I saw her. She had on a tight little dress that stopped just below her perfect little ass and pushed her tits up almost to the point where I could see her nipples. She was happy to see me. I could tell from the look she was giving me. I could feel her undressing me with her eyes.

She invited me in and I sat on the sofa as she walked into the kitchen. She returned with two glasses and a bottle of Moscato, remembering that it was my favorite wine. I hadn’t noticed, until she came back, that a lesbian porno was playing on her big flat screen TV. Two Puerto Rican girls were in the scissoring position rubbing their clits together and kissing each other. She saw that I was watching it and apologized for it. I reassured her and told her it was fine because I was into lesbian porn. She was surprised by what I said and downed her entire glass of wine while I giggled quietly.

We talked for a while and had glass after glass of wine with the porno still playing in the background. I wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation anymore. I was staring at her tits, which looked like they were about to jump right out at me. The moans from the two women on screen were making me wetter than ever. My hand unconsciously started to rub her thigh and slowly went toward her pussy. She let out a soft moan that snapped me out of my trance and I pulled my hand away.

I stopped and looked at her. She told me to keep going, so I continued toward her pussy and was happy when I found out she wasn't wearing any panties. She was just as wet as I was. My fingers found their way to her hard clit and I began to rub it in a circular motion. She began to moan seductively. I stopped and decided to go for her boobs. I told her to take off her dress. Once she was naked, I took the juices from her pussy and rubbed it on her nipples and sucked it off. Her sweet nectar tasted better than I imagined it would. I felt like I was over dressed, so I took my clothes off. She laughed when she saw the wet spot on the front of my shorts.

Once I was naked, we began kissing and she laid back while I was on top of her. I broke our kiss and began kissing down her body. I finally made my way down to my prize, her sweet, fat pussy. I French kissed the outside of her pussy lips and I felt her body squirm under me. Then, in a split second, I shoved my tongue deep inside her pussy. I slowly began to tongue fuck her and picked up my speed as time went on. Simultaneously, I was rubbing her hard clit.

After about 5 minutes, her legs began to shake and she came in my mouth, I swallowed every drop that she had to offer. She laid there shaking for about 2 minutes before her orgasm subsided. She hungrily looked at me and said it was her turn. She pinned me down, remembering that I loved rough sex, and passionately kissed me, allowing her to taste herself. She licked down my body and took my nipples in her mouth. She flicked her tongue slowly across my nipples before softly biting them. I didn't think my pussy could get any wetter. She finally made her way down to my waiting pussy.

She ran her tongue down the entire length of my pussy. She then spread my pussy lips and sucked on my clit. It felt so good I could feel myself close to cumming already. She stuck 2 fingers inside my dripping wet pussy and began finger fucking me as she continued to suck on my clit. Within a minute, I felt my body tense up as my orgasm hit me. I moaned loudly but she didn't stop. She kept fingering me faster and aggressively and sucked harder and I came again in two minutes and I had to beg her to stop. She smiled at me seductively and kissed me, allowing me to taste myself. I tasted just as sweet as she did. After that, we were exhausted.

We fell asleep together on the sofa and went at it again when we woke up and everyday for the next 3 years. I divorced my husband and moved in with Amber. We live together happily and we are planning to move to California to get married soon so we can be together forever. I can honestly say revenge never tasted so sweet!

story by: nympho_momo

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Author: nympho_momo

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