The first time for a pair of first time lovers

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The First Time for a Pair of First Time Lovers

“And Luke you will be paired up with, J.C.” Mrs. Bellows said as she checked off the names from her list of Honors English students.

I looked over at J.C. at her desk next to mine, smiled, and said “Alright, high five!” as we high-fived each other. I was in tenth grade at the time, 15 and feeling good about it. I was tall, about 6’1” with an athletic build because I was running on the cross-country team. I was also a little bit nerdy which is why I think I was attracted to J.C.

She was 15 as well, but a bit shorter than me; she was also just as smart as me, which made me like her even more. She was a sort of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl who didn’t care as much about how she looked, but if she really tried to look good, she was gorgeous. With her auburn hair shiny with the light coming from the windows in the room, I felt attraction more than just friendship towards her, but I couldn’t tell if she felt the same.

“You and your partner will analyze the poems in this packet for literary devices and answer the questions on the last page. You will have the entire weekend to get together and work on it, so I don’t want to hear any excuses about how you couldn’t find a time or place to meet. Meet at the library if you can’t meet anywhere else, Lord knows none of you go there enough.” Mrs. Bellows said leaving the class to discuss who would meet where.

“We could meet at my house, my parents are going out of town for the weekend and I’ve got nothing else to do but J.C. responded when I asked where we should meet. My heart almost skipped a beat, J.C. and I, in the same house together, all alone! I thought it was too good to be true! Then I realized that it was. My parents would never, in my life, leave me alone with a girl unsupervised for any period longer than a few minutes. So I decided I would see how far J.C. was willing to go to get the two of us alone.

“That would be awesome,” I said “we could get the project done then hang out and not have to worry about anyone bugging us to do anything. But I don’t think my parent would be too keen on me hanging out with a girl alone, you know what I mean?”

J.C.’s cheeks blushed a deep red as if the thought of what my parents might think we were doing all alone had never occurred to her. But she recovered quickly and said “I know, I have an older sister who is 25, and lives right around here. She looks like she could be my mom, we could have her come and pick you up and your parents would be none the wiser.” She concluded, smiling at me, looking very content with herself at having come up with such a devious plan.

brilliant, but I have to ask, why are you so intent on getting me alone with you?” I said half jokingly, expecting her to falter at the question and try to stutter some incoherent response to which I would say that I was just messing with her, but what she really did almost sent me through the roof. She blushed heavily again as if she had been found out, looked around to make sure no one was watching, and said, see” in a soft, seductive voice.

Then suddenly the bell rang, she grabbed her book bag and her papers and hurried towards the door, when she got there, she looked back and called to me “See you on Saturday!” Leaving me glued to my seat, stunned and wondering what would await me at her house.

The next day I sat on my couch watching TV, waiting for J.C.’s sister to show up. After school on Friday I had to call her because I had forgotten to ask what time her sis would be picking me up, she told me sometime around noon, then hung up before I could ask her anything else. This left me even more anxious about the day to come, so I found myself pacing around in my room that night before I went to sleep. For I was a virgin, and I knew that there was a legitimate chance that I could lose my virginity that very next day. So before I went to bed I grabbed my favorite pair of jeans put a couple condoms in the pocket, set them on the chair in my room and went to bed.

So I sat there nervously watching T.V. at 12:05, my dad just feet away on the computer playing solitaire, knowing that if he knew about everything that had happened in the past 24 hours, that he would do everything in his power to stop me from going to J.C.’s. I had only told him that I was going over to J.C.’s to work on a project and that her mom would be there the whole time. He had seemed cool with it and had said that I could go. Suddenly someone knocked at the door and I almost jumped out of my skin.

J.C.’s sister had arrived and instead of beeping the horn so that I could go out to the car she had walked up to the door where my father could scrutinize her in full. I thought that this move was a little risqu?ut I figured what the hell, this whole plan was risqu?My dad opened the door and, luckily, she did not disappoint. When J.C. had said her sister looked like she could have been her mother she had not lied. Her sister looked more to be in her 30’s than in her 20’s, but in a good way, she had a motherly look about her, which was complimented by her very well developed figure.

“My name is Janet,” she said, using J.C.’s mothers name. “You must be Mr. Roy, I’m very pleased to meet you, I’m J.C.’s mother.” She finished. She and my dad talked for a couple of minutes, her even procuring a few laughs from my father.

Finally she said, “Well we must be going time’s a wasting, it was very nice to meet you Mr. Roy.”
“It was nice to meet you too.” My father said as we left out of the door and got into a typical blue soccer mom mini-van.

“Wow I can’t believe that you actually pulled that off! My dad’s one tough guy to fool, but you where so good that you almost had me fooled!” I said

“It was nothing, I lived around my mom for so long that I swear I have almost become her anyway.” She said, laughing all the while.

We talked all the way to J.C.’s house, mostly about little things like the weather and sports and other such pleasantries, it almost made me forget why I was so anxious about where we were going. But when she pulled into the driveway and stopped the car, the conversation took a U- turn to that very same reason why I was so anxious.

“Now, I going to tell you this straight out because I think you a good kid, J.C. has been talking all about you ever since you two became friends. She is crazy about you; I have never seen her like this before because to be frank she has never really had any boyfriends in her life or even friends that were boys. She says that she is going to try to make a move on you; she says that she doesn’t want to be a virgin anymore and she wants to lose it to you. Now I’ve tried to talk sense into her, but once she decides on something she’s dead set on it, so let me tell you, if she makes that move on you and you ruin this for her your dead, got it?”

“Got it.” I responded softly, now afraid for my life.

“Good, now go in there and have a good time.”

I got out of the van and watched it roll away down the street; I looked at the door to the house in front of me, took a deep breath, and knocked. I heard J.C. call from within the house, “It’s open!” I opened the door and walked into the house of the girl that would change my life.

The house was very nice on the inside; it was a two-story house with me in what seemed to be a large living room, with bedrooms most likely upstairs and a kitchen clearly visible through a door across from me. There where a few paintings on the walls, a television over by a couple of couches, and a computer in one of the corners, but that’s not what was occupying my attention. No what was drawing my attention was J.C., standing some 10 feet away at the foot of the stairs wrapped up in nothing but a bath towel and dripping wet as if she had just come from the shower. The bath towel seemed far too short for her, just barely covering half of her sumptuous b-cup breasts and only just barely reaching her thighs; it didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“I’ll be down in a moment, just go ahead and start without me.” She said as she fled up the stairs, blushing as she went.

Just by this sight I was extremely turned on and harder than a rock, I was barely able to concentrate as I started working on the project without her. Even not being able to concentrate well, I still managed to get at least half of it done by the time J.C. returned downstairs.

“What do you think?” She said as she came down the stairs showing off her current outfit.
I was stunned; she was wearing a t-shirt and skirt combination that left about as much to the imagination as the towel. The skirt didn’t come down much further than the towel and even though the t-shirt covered more of her it was so tight that it was readily apparent that she definitely wasn’t wearing a bra.

I said, “you look stunning!”

She said, blushing, standing at the foot of the stairs awkwardly as if she didn’t know what to do.
“Why don’t we get this project done then?” I said, while cursing myself for being so inept and not making a move.

Surprisingly, she didn’t look rejected, she seemed eager to work on the project with me, probably so she could get closer to make her own move. After that the anxiousness in the air seemed to brake. We became ourselves again and we spent the next hour or so finishing the project and goofing around with each other. By the time J.C. decided to make her first move, we had long since finished the project and we were watching “The Princess Bride” together (it was a movie we both really loved).

We were sitting together on the couch our bodies touching, just sitting together like good friends. Suddenly she slowly laid her head on my shoulder, resting it there and snuggling even closer to me. I decided it was time I finally made my move, I took my arm and wrapped it around her shoulder and, feeling no resistance, I hugged her in closer to me. Her next moved surprised me simply because it was so forward. She took her hand and put it on my chest, letting it wander all the way down my chest, then down to my pants where I was already experiencing a raging hard-on.

She let out an involuntary gasp as she felt how hard my seven-inch cock was against my pants. She slowly began to stroke it through my pants, neither of us moving except for the slow rythmatic motion of her stroking my hard on.

After a few moments of this, after which I felt as if I was about to go crazy, she looked up at me and said in an impassioned voice, “Luke I’m so horny right now, I’ve never been this way with anyone else, please take me!”

I knew that I was in pretty deep and that there was no going back once I did what I was going to do, I was almost ready to run out of the house but my resolve harden itself.
go upstairs.” I said to her sealing my fate.

She understood, getting up she pulled me by my hand hurriedly up the stairs to her room. We stopped in front of her bed. I looked at her and slowly took in her beauty as I lifted her shirt over her head. As her breasts bounced free because there was nothing to support them I got my first real life look at a girl’s chest. Let me tell you I had seen a lot of porn at that point of my life but nothing I had ever seen to that point had prepared me for what I saw then. Her breasts were beautiful, perky and perfect sized, with nipples already hard showing just how horny she was.

I took them in my hands and began to play with them, massaging them in all their soft, sensitive glory. I leaned my head down and licked each of the nipples, taking each one in my mouth and swirling my tongue around them making her moan and shutter with the previously unknown pleasure of someone else’s mouth on her skin. I moved on from her breasts and moved to her skirt pulling it down and off of her body. She stepped out of it and laid down on the bed, legs apart, revealing the whole of her nude body to me for the first time.

This time it was me who gasped involuntarily, I had never before seen another girl’s pussy in real life and her’s was a sight to see. Above it was covered by beautiful curly auburn pubic hair, pointing in a somewhat triangular shape, to her pretty pink pussy dripping wet with her own juices. I spread the lips apart eager to continue my exploration of her body. Hidden within her tight inner lips I saw her hymen, fully intact, having never before been touched or even seen by man. I leaned forward and began to attack her pussy with a series of licks and slurps from my tongue and mouth, making sure not to push to hard against her hymen.

Her pussy juices tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before; salty and sweet at the same time it was incredible. I swirled my tongue around in her pussy listening to her moans of pleasure and making sure she was enjoying it. As I drew my mouth away, her pussy glistened with the combination of her juices and mine.

I stood up from the bed admiring her body as I lifted my shirt from my own. I tossed it to the floor, and began to undo my pants. By this time J.C. had recovered from my stimulations and was sitting up on the edge of the bed staring at the bulge in my pants, intent to see what would be her first glimpse of a man’s cock. I did not disappoint, removing my jeans and boxers, my seven-inch cock swung free and almost hit her in the face.

She seemed to know what to do, she grasped my swinging cock in her soft hands and with an unsure smile at me, she took the head into her mouth. My body shook with pleasure as she began to suck on my 15 year old cock. She took most of it into her mouth, her tongue moving up and down my shaft driving me crazy. She caught on quick to what was turning me on, licking and sucking me thoroughly. My cock had never experienced so much pleasure at once! Her faster and faster sucking and licking on my cock was driving me closer and closer to orgasm! Finally I couldn’t hold back anymore I released my pent up pleasure in an orgasm like no other I had ever experience, I let flow stream after stream of cum into her waiting mouth.

I was worried that she might be repulsed by all of the cum, but she seemed to be eager to swallow every single drop of it as if it was the best thing she had ever tasted. After she was done swallowing she let my wet and sticky cock fall out of her mouth. I suddenly became worried that I would not be able to keep my erection now that I had already cum so much, but as soon as I looked at J.C. now looking more horny than I had ever seen her, with a small amount of cum now dripping from her mouth and her pussy dripping wet,
I felt my cock grow stiff and raise like a flag pole.

J.C. laid on the bed spreading her legs and placing herself so that her pussy was at the very edge of the bed facing me.

She spoke softly but with certainty, “I’m ready”

I took a step towards her ready to lose my virginity and take her’s when I suddenly realized that I was about to make a terrible mistake. In a move that seemed to have confused J.C., I grabbed my pants from the ground. From inside the pocket I removed a condom and prepared to put it on when J.C. actually laughed.
“You don’t need that, I’ve been on the pill for at least a year now, my mom has been so worried that I would decide to get pregnant the she made me take the pills.” She said. “Now take me, and please be gentle.”

Glad that I didn’t have to worry about getting J.C. pregnant I placed my cock at the opening of her dripping wet pussy.

“This may hurt, let me know if I should stop, ok?”

She nodded in agreement, her body tensed in preparation for the pain. I let my cock slowly enter her soft outer lips, feeling her body shudder with anticipation and passion. I felt my cock suddenly stop, a barrier blocked my way. I look at J.C. as if for permission to continue, she nodded her head, I understood. Taking a deep breath I pulled my cock back ever so slightly and pushed the rest of the way through, ramming my cock through her hymen hoping to get the pain out of the way quickly.

She let out an involuntary squeal of pain as her deflowered pussy constricted on my cock. Her pussy felt amazing, tight and wet, I felt its convulsions against my cock. Once she recovered somewhat I began to move in and out in strokes of only a few inches in her tight pussy, it was driving me insane. Back and forth back and forth my body began a driving motion that soon I felt I had no control over. Back and forth I drove the both of us closer to a mind-blowing orgasm. Faster and fast we both rocked against each other not wanting to stop the insane pleasure we had discovered. Suddenly we both burst forth in a mind-blowing orgasm that shook the both of us to our core, as my cock filled her pussy with cum which combined with her orgasmic juices and the blood of her defloweration.

I removed my now limp and sticky cock from her convulsing pussy. J.C. had begun to recover from the orgasmic waves that had been ravaging her body; she patted the covers next to her on the bed, beckoning me to lie next to her. I threw my naked body down next to her on the bed.

As we were both recovering, I looked over to her and said, “Wow, I think that that was the best night of homework I’ve ever had. We’ll have to do that again sometime.” I said. Kissing J.C., while savoring the moment and the taste of her of her lips, I thought of what a story this would make should I ever write it down….

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