The fun we had back in the day- part one

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We were nine, and we gravitated toward each other as cast outs. The place in which we grew up was full of kids, a little younger and a little older, but it seems like there are always the loners, and more often than not they find each other.
And in spite of the circumstances that drive them from the pack, they find solace in each other…
That’s how Korky and I found each other.
As we did every other day, we walked up the railroad tracks by where we lived, but this day was different. She put her little hand on my shoulder and asked if I would be her boyfriend. I was floored, because I was crazy about her. Red hair cut in a Dutch boy style, freckles across her nose, ice blue eyes… well, I was in love with her.
“Yeah, I’ll be your boyfriend! I wanted to ask you, but I was afraid you’d say no.”
so silly! Hey, do you want to do what boyfriends and girlfriends do to show each other they love each other?”
I said, “what is it?”
“Well, first you kiss and lick my cunny, then I suck your peter, then you put your peter inside my cunny and slide it in and out – Daddy and me do it a lot. It feels really neat.”
“What do you mean? I’ve never done that before.”
go to my house.”
Her dad was raising her by himself because her mom ran out on them she said. I thought that was sad. She introduced me to her dad and said I could sit on the couch and she’d get us something to drink. She brought us all beers, which, being completely green at the time, I thought was beyond cool. I had never had it before, and got buzzed after the first one. She had three and I think her dad had six. We were giggling like crazy then her dad asked if she wanted to show him now.
“Yeah, he’s my boyfriend now, so he wants to do it”
She got up and went to her dad and he pulled his shorts and underwear off , and at first I was uncomfortable, but I got over it. Kids- amazing!
“Show him how you give head, /> “O.K, daddy.”
She called me over to sit next to her and watch.
“Son, you’re gonna like this a lot.” He started petting her hair, then mine, and I liked it.
Her dad scooted his butt way down to the edge of the chair and spread his legs open and she kissed his dick and said, “ if you want you can try it with me”, so she sucked his dick for a while, and it got really big (to my little nine year old eyes), and said , “just do what I did.”
I felt weird at first, but I started liking it.
After a while he said Korky and I should take off our clothes and sit on the couch together. My little wiener was a tiny stone, and I told her it was real hard and she said it’s supposed to be. So, we took off our clothes and her dad came in and asked if I’d ever fucked a girl before. I told him I didn’t know what he meant. He looked at Korky and she giggled and he told her she did good.
So, her dad sat down on the floor and Korky lie down on her back with her skinny little legs open and her dad told me he’d show me what to do. He sat me down next to him and took my hand and rubbed it on his little girl’s sweet little hairless pussy, and told me to keep doing it myself.
“He don’t do it like you, daddy.”
“Well, honey, he’s never done this before. We’ll show him how.”
Her dad told us to trade places and Korky would suck on my dick. Maybe she sucked me off for thirty seconds but no more and I had my first orgasm. It changed my life. She never took her mouth of my little wiener and it was so intense I almost couldn’t stand it. My hips were raised up off the floor and finally it subsided and I fell back to the floor gasping.
“Daddy, he cummed! But I didn’t get boy juice.”
“Honey, he won’t make any for a couple of years. It was just as fun, though, right?”
“Yeah, but I like to swallow boy juice.”
“ Sit on his lap and stick his dick in your pussy. He’s gonna love it, and he’s still hard.”
“O.K. daddy”
She straddled me and rubbed her bare slit up and down my dick and then asked if I was ready. I said that if it was like her sucking me then yeah. She said it’s better. And she was right. I was able to last much longer that time and her dad asked if I liked it. Well for Pete’s sake, what else? I said Duh!!!, and he laughed and went down the hallway, and when he came back he had a camera. Korky said, “Oh, cool, yeah- take pictures of us! This is neat”, she said to me. “I’ll show you other pictures daddy took. He’s also got a movie camera. I’m in some movies.”
She stopped talking and went about riding my tiny pecker while her dad walked around us taking pictures. And then the magic happened- she started cumming, and I felt her cunny throbbing and pulsating and it triggered my own orgasm. As we came together her dad got good pictures of us cumming.
Korky fell on me and we lie there gasping, and I started giggling, then chuckling, then I was laughing.
“I said “That was so cool! I want to to this a lot!” Korky said we could every day, and that summer going into fifth grade was the beginning of one of the best periods of my life.


story by: Dr.Nightshade

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Author: Dr.Nightshade

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