The ride of her life (part 5 of 5)

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She awoke to the sound of music. As she came more awake she also recognized the sound of the van as they drove. She felt very relaxed as she lay there. She thought about the day’s events and a shiver ran up her back.

As the shiver worked its way up she started to stretch. It was then that she realized she was not in the front seat. In fact, she was lying down in the back of the van and she was still secured. The handcuffs were around her wrists. She was curled up with something over her and her hands tucked in close to her chest. As she lay there she began to feel around. She found that she was on a mattress. And that her bathrobe was covering her like a blanket.

She raised her hands up and slipped the blindfold up to look around. It was dark outside. She didn’t know how long she’d been asleep. As she looked around she noticed him looking back at her.
“So you’re awake,” he said, gonna make a stop in minute.”
she replied, “I need to go pee.”
As the van began to pull over she sat up on the mattress. She tried to put her bathrobe back on, but realized that would be impossible with her hands cuffed. So she just sat and waited.

When the van pulled in and stopped she watched him get out and walk around to the side door. He opened the door and climbed in, crawling back to where she sat. When he reached her he took hold of the handcuffs and raised her hands above her head. Slowly he pulled her hands back over her head and down onto the mattress. She could not help but follow and found herself lying on the mattress again.

“So you decided to peek.” He said. “Now I’m just gonna have to punish you.”
she tried to reply, but his mouth covered hers in a deep kiss. As he kissed her his free hand slid over one of her breasts and down toward her pussy. His other hand kept a hold on her wrists and held them pinned down. As his hand reached her pussy one of his fingers slowly slid over her clit. Her back arched and she sucked in breath as his finger continued into her still wet pussy. She didn’t realize she was that wet already. In went the finger without any trouble. Her breathing picked up quickly and a second finger entered along with the first. Again her back arched as a ripple of pleasure shot up her spine. She couldn’t believe how responsive her body was being. She had just experienced the must powerful series of orgasms of her life just a short time ago and now her body wanted more. It was incredible that she could be this sexually charged so quickly. As her breathing continued to grow more rapid his mouth moved down to her breast. While his fingers were busy below, his teeth, lips and tongue began teasing and sucking and biting her nipple.

Now she could feel her yet another orgasm building. She couldn’t believe how fast this was happening, but she didn’t care. As her breath began to grow stronger and deeper his fingers began to pickup their pace. As she felt herself starting to slip into that euphoric state of pleasure he stopped. She cried out as his teeth let go of the nipple and his fingers came out of her pussy.

are doing.” She demanded. “Why are you /> “One, because you removed your blind fold.” He said. “And two, because you have to pee.” She watched in the semi-darkness as he readjusted the blindfold back over her eyes.
“But I’m so close.” She protested. “Please finish this, I can pee /> “Nope, call this your punishment for removing the blindfold.”
“But that’s not fair,” she stated, “you never said I couldn’t remove the blindfold.”
“True, I never said exactly what you could or could not do on this trip.” He admitted. “But I did say something about, ‘requiring your total Yes, I believe that was the term I used.”
“But I’m so close,” she whispered.
“Well, after you pee we’ll see what we can do about that,” he said as he pulled her out of the van.

As they stepped out of the van she suddenly remembered that she was totally naked and about to walk into a public rest room, again. She didn’t even have her robe over her shoulders this time. As she stood there listening to the traffic nearby she felt her nipples harden in the cool night air and a slight shiver went up her back. When he finally shut the side door he took her by the arm and walked her to restroom.

He opened the door and led her inside. They kept walking until he opened a stall door and led her in. He gently turned her around and began removing one of her handcuffs. Again, when he had removed the first cuff he immediately locked it on one of the rails.

“Now let me know when you’re done.” He said, as she heard him walk off.
“I’m done,” she said when she had finished peeing. She finished wiping herself, flushed the toilet and waited for him to return. When she didn’t hear anything she called out again. She waited a few minutes and began to get a little nervous.

As she was about to call out again she heard the door open. Since she didn’t hear him leave she had no idea whether or not he was still inside the restroom with her. She hesitated, not sure if she should call out to him again. Then she heard footsteps coming her way. They walked toward her stall and stopped right outside of it. She realized that she had forgotten to make sure the door to the stall was shut, again. She was sure it was shut, but maybe not all the way. A stranger could be watching her through the door right now. Slowly she reached up to make sure the door was closed.

As she reached for the door with her free hand, she heard it suddenly swing opened and a hand caught her wrist. She gasped her surprise as her wrist was forced down to the other rail and another pair of handcuffs secured it in place. A strong hand then grabbed and lifted one of her ankles up to one of the rails. She felt something like a rope quickly wrap around her ankle and secure it to the rail. Then her other ankle was lifted to the rail on the other side and secured in the same fashion.

Her breath was already coming in short gasps as she sat there with her legs spread open, and her pussy and ass fully exposed to who ever had just secured her ankles to the rails. “Is that you?” she asked softly.

Then she felt something thick slip between her pussy lips. Two hands grabbed a hold of her thighs. Just as she realized what was happening the hands pulled her forward and the dick sitting at the entrance of her pussy lunged into her. In one smooth stroke she took the entire dick. As her breath left her in a sudden gasp, the dick pulled out and then plunged back in again. Again and again she felt it enter and almost leave her body before entering again. She cried out in surprise and passion as she felt her body began to respond to this sudden assault.

As the dick kept fucking her she felt a wave of pleasure race through her body. It began as a shiver racing up her back. But then she felt the wave grow stronger as she began to thrust her hips forward in time with the rhythm. As the pace picked up she felt one of the hands let go of her right thigh. Slowly it traced its way around her thigh and down over her ass. Again a wave of passion washed over her and sent her head spinning.

As the hand slid down to the crack of her ass she felt another series of shivers begin. And when the hand began to trace the crack of her ass, from her pussy down past her asshole and back again, the shivers once again became tremors.

She gripped the rails with both hands for support. She began pulling herself into the thrusts. As she felt yet another orgasm building, she remembered that he never did answer her. She knew this had to be him, but she didn’t know for sure. And at this point she didn’t care. Who ever it was, he was about to bring her over the edge and that’s all that mattered. Again and again the dick plunged into her sending her higher and higher. Her body was already sensitive because of the foreplay in the van.

She heard something that almost distracted her, when suddenly the finger pushed its way into her ass. The jolt of electricity that shot through her was incredible. Her back arched and her hips began to buck as a tremendous wave of passion crashed into her. As she felt herself begin to cross her threshold of pleasure he pulled out, just as suddenly as he had entered her.

She couldn’t believe it, or explain the immediate sense of loss she felt. She tried to call out to him, but she was still trying to catch her breath. As her body quivered with need, she realized that the sound she had heard earlier was now blaring outside of the restroom. As she began to gain control of her breathing she recognized the sound.

Several motorcycles had pulled into the rest area. She couldn’t tell how many, but she knew these weren’t the crotch-rocket bikes the kids all liked. These were the big, loud cruisers that the bikers all rode. She heard them rev up several times before they all turned off. Her breathing had finally slowed to the point where she could control it again.

Then it hit her that he hadn’t shut the stall door. She couldn’t see it, but she knew she hadn’t heard it close as he left. And she didn’t even know whether he was still in the restroom or not. And she couldn’t even reach out to shut it herself now.

As she sat there waiting, hands and feet spread and secured to the rails on either side of her, she heard the restroom door open. She heard several pairs of boots walking around the front of the restroom. Then she heard someone peeing in the urinals and some low, rough male voices. They weren’t talking loud enough for her to here what they were saying. She heard water running and some more shuffling of boots.

Then she heard footsteps coming toward the stalls. Her breath began to quicken. If he came even close to her stall she was caught. The door on the first stall slam opened.
Came the gruff male voice.
She waited. There was nothing else she could do. She couldn’t believe the mess she was in. Where was her boyfriend? How could he leave her like this? There was no way she could hope to explain this. What would these men do when they found her?
Then she heard another stall door slam open. He didn’t sound happy.
What would they do to her? A small shiver went up her spine as the thought froze in her mind. ‘No.’ She thought as she realized her body was still turned-on from the fucking she was getting only moments ago. When she heard the third door open she felt another shiver go up her back. ‘NO.’ She realized she must still be wet from her current state of passion. She didn’t know how many stalls there were. Or which one she was in. But he was getting closer with each one he opened. Again a shiver ran up her back and this one was strong enough to cause a sharp inward gasp. She froze. Her heart was pounding a mile a minute. He had to have heard that. She couldn’t believe how wet she felt. Any moment now she could be gang raped by who knows how many bikers and her body was responding like a nymphomaniac in the boy’s locker room. As she heard him step closer she realized he was at the stall next to hers. She waited for him to open the door. When the pause continued she realized, ‘OH MY GOD, He sees me.’

The door next to her stall never opened. She heard him take two more steps and stop in front of her. Her body began to tremble as she knew he was standing there watching her. She couldn’t say a word. Her body was on fire and she believed she would probably do anything to quench her need, but she couldn’t say anything. Her mind and body fought over her feelings of fear and lust. Again her body began to tremble with a mixture of fear and passion. She didn’t know what he was doing, or what he planned to do, but he had to do something. The suspense was making a wreck out of her.

Just then he walked away. She couldn’t believe the feelings that fought over her mind. A mixture of relief and regret caused her to tremble once again. Her need was unbearable now. Then she heard the guy.

“You guys ain’t gonna FUCKING BELIEVE what I just found.”
She heard the footsteps approach and still had no idea how many men there were coming toward her. At least three or four by her count, maybe more. Maybe a lot more.

Her heart raced as she heard the group of men walking toward her. When they reached her stall and stopped, her breathing was heavy and deep. She could hear them breathing as they stood there watching her. She could almost feel their eyes moving over her body. Like a lamb before a pack of wolves, she sat there trembling.

“Lock the door,” was all one of them said. She heard someone walk to the front of the restroom. At the same time she heard the sound of a belt buckle as someone in front of her began undoing his pants. Then the guy stepped into her stall.

The guy grabbed her legs and she felt his weight as he lowered himself to kneel over her. A shiver ran up her back as his hands slid down her inner thighs. A finger entered her roughly. Her breathing quickened again and another shiver went up her back. As wet as she was it didn’t hurt at all, but it surprised her all the same. It moved in and out of her several times before leaving her pussy. Just as soon as it left her two fingers replaced it. A slight moan escaped her lips. In and out they worked, twisting this way and that, feeling the entire inside of her from top to bottom and from side to side. Even though it wasn’t hurting her, she could tell this stranger was making no effort to be gentle, and she didn’t care. As soon as he touched her she felt her body respond. She felt that familiar feeling that told her she needed to be touched. And now the feeling was telling her she needed something else.

He suddenly pulled both fingers out of her. Again her breath drew in quickly. ‘No,’ she thought, as she felt suddenly empty. She was confused about the situation for a moment. She couldn’t want this, not like this. But before she could think further she felt something touch her pussy again.

Then she felt the dick ram into her without the slightest hesitation. Before she could even draw in a startled breath, it pulled out and was ramming into her without pause. Again and again it pounded into her pussy. She could not believe the savage need she felt as he continued without mercy. He pumped into her over and over again. No style, no technique, just thrust after thrust. This took her completely by surprise as she felt his need with each desperate thrust. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was by this literal assault on her body. His animal-like passion was turning her on. He wasn’t trying to please her in anyway. He was just using her like an object without even a second thought about her. Her body began to tremble. His need was so desperate, so self centered that she felt her own orgasm building in response. As he continued to pound into her she grabbed the rails for support and began rocking her hips in time with him thrusts. An orgasm was coming fast. He kept pounding as she got closer and closer to her own relief.

For a moment she remembered where she was and what was happening to her. She was tied down in a public restroom and as naked as the day she was born. And a total stranger had walked in on her and was now using her body for his own pleasure. And that several of his friends were behind him watching her, waiting for their turn, their turn to use her. That thought was all it took. Her body shook as the wave of pleasure rocked through her. She held onto the rails as her ass lifted of the toilet seat to meet his every thrust. She couldn’t believe she was enjoying being used like this. Being forcibly used without her consent. Being raped by total strangers in a public restroom at a rest-stop right off the freeway. But as her orgasm hit her she was beyond caring and for now that was all that mattered. As a second wave crashed through her she again lifted her ass to meet his every thrust. She didn’t care who he was or what he looked like. She just wanted him to keep fucking her.

As the third wave began to build, and without warning, he suddenly pulled out of her. She sat there trembling as she heard him stand. Then he grabbed her head and she felt his dick press against her lips. Still somewhat in a euphoric state, she automatically opened her mouth. As he pushed himself into her mouth she tasted her own juices again. Without thinking about it she began to suck the dick in her mouth. As he began to stroke himself in and out of her mouth she licked him as she sucked. It didn’t take long before he suddenly stiffened, and began to cum in her mouth. He pulled her head toward his crouch and held her there as he unloaded his cum into her. She swallowed as quickly as she could and was quite pleased with herself for managing to swallow it all.

She continued to lick and suck on his dick until he pulled it out of her mouth. By now her body had stopped trembling and the realization of her situation hit her again. She was stark naked and tied up spread eagle on a public toilet. A complete stranger had just fucked her and made her suck his dick, cumming in her mouth. And now she was about to be gang-raped by who knows how many of his friends.

As the panic began to well up inside of her she felt another pair of hands grab her thighs. Before she knew it, another dick entered her. All thoughts of her situation fled her mind as she felt her orgasm building again. She couldn’t believe that her body was betraying her this way. She was actually being raped and she couldn’t stop cumming. As this new dick fucked her she felt the next wave of pleasure hit her. She started rocking her hips automatically to meet the thrusting of this new dick. ‘OMG’ she thought as her body responded with wave after wave of passion from her new assailant. She began bucking her hips as her pleasure reached its peak. She didn’t care now what the circumstances were, she just wanted to cum. Again and again she thrashed about as her passion overwhelmed her. When her orgasm began to subside she realized the man fucking her hadn’t slowed his pace. As her body began to come down from its natural high she felt the stirrings of pleasure again. Deep within her the sensations were causing her body to respond yet again. Suddenly the man fucking her picked up his pace. And his thrusts came faster and harder as her own pleasure begin to build. She could feel it coming when he began to give her hard, short strokes. As he fucked her hard to finish his own pleasure, she willed herself to come too. But before her body could reach that plateau again he pulled out of her. Again she sat there trembling. Only this time it was out of need, instead of spent pleasure. Her hips bucked, as if her body were trying to reach for another dick.

“Please she whimpered softly, before she realized what she was saying out loud.
“Well, you heard her boys,” the man with the gruff voice said. “She wants it, so lets give her all she can take.”

Just as quick as the last guy left her, the next was there to take his place. Without hesitation another dick plunged right into her and started fucking. She felt her breath quicken as the orgasm began almost immediately. It didn’t need to build, her body was already excited enough. As she began to buck her hips again she felt the mad rush of passion surge through her. She cried out as she through her head back and rode out the pleasure coursing through her body. As the passion started to subside she kept having little tremors race through her as the next guy kept right on fucking her. When he finished he just got up and the next guy jumped in.

This new guy took his time, like he was actually trying to please her. But her body just kept having the occasional tremor. They weren’t full-fledge orgasms at this point, but they did feel good. Maybe she was just too tired to go through that again. Or maybe she was just so relaxed that she didn’t need the release any more. She couldn’t believe how wet she must be to be taking this much fucking and still be fully lubricate. But as many times as she had cum already this day, her pussy could probably go all night.

Again, as soon as one guy finished another took his place. This one set a pretty good pace. Not too fast, but enough to keep the tremors going. After a few minutes he picked up his pace. She thought she felt another orgasm start to build, but he slowed down again. After a bit he picked it up again. As she started to feel her excitement build he slowed down again. This went on for a while, but she really couldn’t tell how long. But every time he quickened his pace she felt herself get a little bit closer to the edge. But the last time he did this he didn’t slow back down. After a few minutes of the faster pace, instead of slowing back down he just kept going. And as he kept on fucking she felt herself coming closer and closer to the edge. By the time her breathing had picked up she had good grip on the rails again. She couldn’t believe her body was cumming again. She felt like she had next-to-no energy left, but she could feel another orgasm building. As her hips began to rock slowly back and forth and her breathing started coming in shorter gasps, he pulled out.

She held her breath as her body shuddered. She was so close that she thought she that her own trembling might take her over the edge. But before she could even slow her breathing down, he entered her mouth. At first she could only breathe around the dick in her mouth. Then she closed her lips and began to suck. She needed to cum now more than ever, but she knew the next guy couldn’t take his turn before his friend finished. It didn’t take long. As tired as she was she was starting to get good at this. She swallowed his cum with no problem and licked him clean in no time. When he pulled out she waited.

She heard a couple of guys chuckle as another guy walked into the stall. As she listen to the new guy kneel down, she heard the stall door creak and what sounded like several people gather to watch.

Then she felt the next guy begin rubbing his dick along her pussy lips. She felt her chest rise and fall as her breathing got heavier. As he continued to rub his dick up and down her slit she realized that everyone had quieted down. What were they waiting for? Why were they so intent on watching THIS guy?

As he began to push inside her, she suddenly knew why. The head of his dick opened her like no one ever had. As he slowly pushed forward she felt as if she were sitting on a pole. He stopped after the first push and waited. She realized she was holding her breath and slowly began to breathe. She couldn’t believe how thick he was. He couldn’t have more than an inch inside her and already she felt as if she were about to split open. The pain was just manageable to the point of her being able to keep from crying out. But she was afraid of what was going to happen. Surely he didn’t plan to just stop where he was, but she knew she couldn’t take much more of him.

As she sat there she felt hands begin caressing her inner thighs. The hands were rough, but then she realized he was wearing gloves. As his hands continued to trace a path along her inner thighs she felt her breath begin to quicken. One of his fingers brushed along the outside of her pussy lips and up and over her clit. Her back arched slightly as his leather-clad finger again brushed over her clit. He slowly traced circles around her clit as he slowly began rocking back and forth. When she realized he wasn’t trying to push farther into her she relaxed somewhat and even began to tremble as his finger continued to tease her clit. As he continued to tease her clit, and his dick continued to rub gently as he rocked back and forth, her tremors began to come more frequently. She could feel her body respond to his touch. Her feeling of being split open began to ease as she began to gently rock her own hips in time with him. Her breathing began to quicken again as she continued to rock against him.

Suddenly his dick slipped another inch or so into her. A wave of pleasure coursed through her body as she felt her pussy open up even more. Though she felt stretched tight, she didn’t feel anymore pain. She paused for only a moment before she resumed her rocking motion. He never even slowed his pace. He just kept teasing her clit and rocking his hips. As she started to relax again he slipped in another inch or two. Again she paused, to let her stretched pussy adjust to his size. And again a ripple of pleasure raced through her.

Several more times she had to pause as another couple of inches slipped inside of her. And each time a new and stronger wave of pleasure moved through her body. She had never felt this full before. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Though she had no idea how big this guy really was, but by the way he stretched her he had to be huge. She knew she had never seen a man this big before, but she had seen pictures. When he slipped into her this time she felt several inches worth enter her. By now she knew he couldn’t be any thicker, but she had no way of knowing how much longer he was. Her body was so sensitive that every movement produced a tremor. In fact, she could no longer tell where one ended and the next began. As she continued to tremble she tried to remember the last time she had seen a picture of someone who might feel this big.

Suddenly he jerked forward and she felt the course denim of his jeans on her inner thighs. He was all the way inside of her. She realized she was holding her breath again. He wasn’t moving at all. When she started breathing again she felt the movement that each breath caused her body. She was so sensitive right now she didn’t know if she could move. Her body was trembling and she couldn’t control it. After a few minutes he began to move. At first he just rocked his hips slightly. But when her breathing began to even out he started to slide in and out of her about an inch or so.

She could feel her body respond and she started to rock her hips in time with him again. He kept a slowly easy pace, but she wanted more. She could feel her passion gathering as this immense cock continued to slide back and forth inside of her. Her breathing was coming in fast, hard gasps when he pulled out of her. She sucked in air and held her breath as her hands locked onto the rails while she felt the entire dick pull out. She couldn’t believe the want and need she felt at that moment. Just then he began to push himself back inside her. As he pushed further and further into her, she realized how long this guy must be. It just kept coming and she couldn’t believe she had just had the entire thing up inside of her pussy, only a moment ago. As she felt the cock moving up into her she felt her passion begin to rise. But as he kept pushing into her she felt panic take over. She just knew that this time it would be too much and the pain would hit her. But when she finally felt his jeans on her thighs she was holding her breath again.

She began to breathe as he began to withdraw from her again. But when he started pushing into her the same thing happened again. Her passion was so strong she was trembling each time he pulled out of her. Several more time he pulled out of her and pushed himself back in, but each time she tensed up before her passion could reach its climax. She was so frustrated that she wanted to cry. She was so close to orgasm she couldn’t believe it. She tried telling herself that there was nothing to fear. But she kept tensing up each time he entered her.

Then he entered her and didn’t pull out. He held himself all the way in her for several minutes before moving again. When he did move he only pulled out of her a short way before pushing back inside of her. As he did this she began to relax a little. And as she began to relax she felt her body start to respond again. Slowly her passion began to build as he continued to her. As her breathing got deeper and started coming faster she grabbed onto the rails again. She could feel the passion rising and she needed to cum soon. She just couldn’t take waiting any longer.

Suddenly she felt his gloved hand slide down her inner thigh. By now she was rocking her hips in time with him. As the hand reached her ass, one finger began to probe the crack of her ass. Her breathing quickened again as the finger started rubbing over her sensitive asshole. She felt the orgasm building now and it wasn’t far away. She started rocking her hips with greater force now. As her body started once again to respond, she gripped the rails even tighter in anticipation. But as he started taking longer strokes she could feel herself starting to tense-up and her hips began to falter in their rhythm.

Then she felt the finger press against her anus and a shiver ran up her back. It didn’t seem to be moving on it’s own, but her ass pressed against it every time her hips rocked forward. As another shiver ran up her spine she began to get back into rhythm with the guy fucking her. He was still taking short strokes, but the finger was really starting to do the trick. She concentrated on the finger as she felt her orgasm building. She got her timing right with his, but kept her mind on the finger at her ass. She was too close to tense up again. She needed this too badly, wanted this too much not to have it.

As she kept on rocking her hips she soon realized that that she was doing most of the work. The guy was just barely moving. In fact, he might have been holding still. But she couldn’t stop now. She was too close to climax now and she was not going to be denied. She rocked forward as far and fast as she could. His finger kept pressing against her ass and his dick was filling her more than anyone ever had. As she felt her orgasm continue to build she picked up her pace again. She knew now that he was holding still, but she didn’t care. She pulled back as far as she could and pushed forward again. She was getting closer now. Again she pulled back and pushed forward. This time she felt his finger pressing harder against her ass. As she continued her motion the finger pressed harder and harder each time she pushed forward. And she kept getting hotter and hotter with each push. She was feverish now as she pushed and pulled and pushed her hips on and off the pressing finger.

Then the finger slipped into her ass, and all hell broke loose. Just as fast as she pulled back she immediately threw her hips forward. The first wave of pleasure hit her like a freight train. It washed over her as again and again she thrust her hips forward onto his waiting finger and dick. She so badly wanted to wrap her legs around his back to pull him even deeper into her. Her head thrashed about as she heard herself cry out in pleasure. She started feeling faint as wave after wave of passion continued to sweep over her.

As her orgasm continued she felt her body begin to thrash about on its own. She could no longer control her own movements and didn’t even care. As she thrashed about she felt hands moving over her body. She couldn’t begin to count the hands as they grabbed, stroked, pinched and touched her all over. One hand even grabbed the back of her head and held her by her hair.

As they continued to touch her body she felt one of her feet being released from the rail. She wrapped it around the back of the man fucking her as he continued to thrust deep inside her. She didn’t realize until now that he had begun to fuck her with deep, long strokes. Again wave after wave of passion washed over her as another orgasm hit her. As she through her head back she felt her other foot slip from its ropes. She immediately wrapped this foot around the man’s back and locked her heels together just as another orgasm began to rock her body.

As the feelings of pleasure began to subside, she realized her hands were being released from the handcuffs. Then she felt the hands lift her up and carry her out of the stall. As small shiver raced through her body as the hard dick still inside her shifted while they carried her toward the front of the restroom.

When they finally stopped she felt herself being lowered. She let out a loud gasp as the dick inside of her slipped out. And when her back hit the cold tile floor she let out another gasp.

Her hands were handcuffed again and someone was holding them down above her head. Then hands began rubbing all over her body just as someone else climbed between her spread legs. The guy entered her easily and began fucking her hard. This was definitely not the guy who had fucked her last, but he was big enough to give her some pleasure. As he continued to pound into her he kept rubbing against her clit and she felt yet another orgasm starting to build within her.

Suddenly the guy on top of her pulled out and shouted, “Damn it Bull, you’ve ruined her. That pussy ain’t gonna be right for week or more. Now what are us normal guys suppose to do.”

She could hear people whispering as she lay there trying to catch her breath. After a few moments someone started whispering to the guy holding her arms down. She heard him chuckle and then there was movement around her. Then she felt someone climb between her legs again. Rough hands began to caress her inner thighs. By the time she felt the head of his dick push against her pussy, her breath was coming in gasps of anticipation.

She shuddered as he began pushing his way inside her and soon realized it was Bull. She couldn’t believe he was hard again already. She arched her back as he continued pushing into her. By the time he got all the way inside her, she was gasping for breath. He paused long enough to adjust his hands and hips, and then he started fucking.

As she matched his slow, steady pace she felt her exhausted body responded yet again. She just couldn’t believe her body could still want more, but it reacted as if she hadn’t had sex in a week. Once again her breath began to quicken as her hips started rocking all on their own. She forgot about the cold tile, and the fact of where she was and what she was doing. And once again she no longer cared about anything but her body's need. Just as she started to really get into the action, hands grabbed her and she felt herself being pulled and lifted. In her excited state she lost all sense of balance.

As her body stopped twisting she realized what they were doing to her. She was now sitting upright, straddling Bull. The move had caused him to pull out of her a little. But that wasn't a problem as he began to rock his hips upward. When he pushed up into her she automatically pushed her hips down onto him. Then she pulled her hips up and dropped them down again. She found her pace and began to pound down on Bull's dick again and again without realizing Bull wasn't even moving now. She felt her body begin to come alive as the pressure built inside of her. Gloved hands began to grab and pull on her breasts. She doubled her efforts as she felt the leather rub roughly over her nipples. She couldn't believe how excited her body was as she continued to pound down on to Bull's huge dick.

She hadn't realized how hard she was breathing, with her mouth wide open, until she felt another dick push easily between her panting lips. She sucked on it between breaths as she tried not to lose her rhythm with Bull. It was salty and by now she recognized her own taste on it. This renewed her excitement as she began to work on dick in her mouth. During this little adventure, she had discovered that she really enjoyed making a man cum orally. It gave her a sense of control that she had never experience during sex.

As she continued to pound her hips downward and suck the dick in her mouth she suddenly felt hands on her ass. The hands on her breasts began to pinch and pull on her nipples. A shiver raced up her back and caused her to falter in her rhythm. As she recovered she began to push even harder on Bull's dick. Then she felt a finger sliding down the crack of her ass. Again a shiver raced up her back and threatened to cause her to falter her pace again. She tried to concentrated on the dick in her mouth as she continued to ride Bull, but the finger kept working its way downward.

The dick in her mouth was taking long strokes, almost matching her downward strokes on Bull perfectly. The finger had finally reached her ass and was teasing her as it traced little circles around the rim. A massive shiver shook her whole body as the finger's tip entered her. It took her several minutes before she realized that nobody was moving and that she was just breathing around the dick still in her mouth. When she had caught her breath, she lifted her hips upward again while closing her lips around the dick in her mouth. She started pumping downward on Bull as the man in her mouth began pumping into her again. The finger in her ass also began to slowly push inward. Another shiver raced through her, but she kept her pace and continued toward her own pleasure.

As the finger in her ass pushed into her as far as it could, she felt the rest of the hand came down against her ass cheeks. She also felt an orgasm building. And as the finger began to pump in and out of her ass, she felt her release growing even stronger. Once again she felt that electricity building inside of her. She began to increase the pace of her hips as she felt her pleasure mounting. She heard herself moan as she sucked on the other dick. As the pressure continued to build she felt herself slipping into that euphoria that always preceded her orgasms. Suddenly, like a wave it hit her. She bucked her hips downward again and again as the overwhelming feelings washed over her.

Again and again she drove herself down onto Bull with a vengeance. She tried to shake her head back and forth, but a hand held her onto the dick in her mouth. And she just didn't care as her body shook with passion. She didn't want it to ever stop as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body once again.

She woke suddenly from her dazed state of confusion as the finger in her ass began to pull out. She didn't know if she had dozed off because of exhaustion or simply passed out from pleasure. What she did know was that she was still on her knees, Bull was still inside of her, and he was still as hard as a rock. As she lay there she felt a hand begin to caress her ass. A sudden shiver raced up her again as her back arched and her hips pushed down again on the own accord.

"Damn, this girl is ready for more," someone said.
As her hips began to rock back and forth again, she felt another dick press against her lips. She couldn't help herself as she took it into her mouth and began to eagerly suck on it. As she got her rhythm down with both dicks, she felt a hand on her ass again. Her body felt more relaxed than she could remember, so she wasn't in a hurry to bring on her next climax. She knew it would come in it's own time, so she just went along with the feelings as they came.

As she continued to ride Bull and suck the dick in her mouth she felt something start rubbing up and down the crack of her ass. She realized that the hand on her ass cheek was positioned to hold her ass cheeks slightly apart, with the thumb pressed very close to her anus. After couple of minutes she realized that the thing rubbing up and down between her ass-cheeks was someone dick. And as it brush passed over her sensitive asshole again it sent a slight shiver up her back.

Suddenly the thumb next to her asshole slid over and started pushing inward. Her breath quickened as it pushed just hard enough to cause her ass to open slightly. The dick running up and down her crack continued its path, but slid around the thumb now. The thumb pushed a little farther in, opening her up and sending another shiver up her back. Then it began to rub the rim of her asshole in small, slow circles. Her breath began to get deeper as she started focusing on the thumb in her ass. She even lost track of the dick in her mouth until she started gagging on the new load of cum pumping down her throat. As the dick in her mouth withdrew and she licked last bit of semen from her lips she let her hands drop to help support her weight.

Since her hands were still handcuffed together she couldn’t place her hands on the floor so they ended up on Bull’s chest. Once she could better support her weight she arched her back just enough to get a better position. Though Bull’s dick was touching every part of the inside of her pussy before, now she could make it press just where she was the most sensitive. Just then she felt the thumb that was probing her ass pull slightly out and to the side, opening her asshole up. She knew what was about to happen so she spread her hands as wide as the handcuffs would let her.

As she let her weight settle again on hands she realized something felt wrong. Not the fact that she was butt-ass-naked, in the men’s room at a rest stop on the freeway, both handcuffed and blindfolded. Nor the fact that she had been discovered by at least four or five bikers, and was even now on her hands and knees, on the cold, tile floor, straddling a man who had his huge dick farther inside her then anything had ever been, and his buddies had cum in her mouth more times than she could remember. What now had her head racing was the fact that Bull had boobs. She immediately brought her had up, trying to balance herself on “his” dick without touching “his” chest. She was straddling “his” hips, with a dick that felt like it was the size of her forearm shoved so far up her pussy that she thought might taste it any second, and there were breasts where “his” chest should be. She stopped moving completely. Balanced with only her knees (and “his” dick) holding her up, she tried to decide what to do. What COULD she do? She felt Bull begin to shift slightly below her and heard what sounded like fabric being adjusted. She had no idea what was going to happen next or what she thought she could do about it. Bull couldn’t be a woman, but there was no doubt that a moment ago her hands were resting between two breasts. And they couldn’t be because the person she was straddling was way too slender to have that kind of body fat.

It was then that she felt the thumb press against her asshole again, and begin to push inward. She held her breath as she braced herself against the invading digit while trying to maintain her balance. She still didn’t want to put her hands down again as she tried to figure out what was going with Bull’s breasts. As the thumb pressed into her ass ever so slowly, she almost lost her balance trying to stay upright.

As she knelt there, trying to control her balance, she felt a second hand grab her from behind. It grabbed her hip opposite the first. And as both hands adjusted their grip on her hips something hit her. It wasn’t a thumb pushing its way into her ass, it was a dick. A shiver ran up her back and caused her to tremble slightly as she waited for the inevitable. Both hands tightened their hold as the dick slowly pushed inward. It only pushed in about an inch, but she found that herself pushing back against it to keep upright. It pause a moment, but then began to push farther inside of her. Again she found herself having to push backwards to keep from being pushed off balance. Another shiver shot up her body and caused her to tremble from pleasure.

As she fought to control her body’s response to this new invasion she was caught off guard by a new movement. Bull’s hips suddenly thrust upward. She just as suddenly drew in breath she didn’t realize she was holding. A new shiver raced up her back and she almost lost her balance again. Slowly Bull brought his hips back down, but then thrust back up again. As Bull continued thrusting up into her and dropping back down again and again she found herself now starting to match his movements. And each time she pushed downward the dick in her ass slipped farther inside her. She felt herself starting at lose her balanced and she found that she was falling forward.

Suddenly gloved hands grabbed her wrists and held her upright. As Bull continued his upward thrusts the dick in her ass began to push forward on its own. She realized her breathing was starting to deepen as her body once again started building toward another powerful orgasm. She also realized that she was pushing back onto the two dicks inside more and more. As she shifted her body, to better receive the two dicks, she found herself leaning farther forward and the hands holding her upright began to lower her. A moment later both of her hands came to rest on top of a very soft, warm and very real breast.

She froze, fingers half curled, as the gloved hands held her own hands in this position. She knelt there for several heart-beats not knowing what to do next when she realized that both dicks had stopped their movement as well. Her body trembled slightly as she tried to figure out what to do next. She tried to pull up, but the gloved hands held her in place. As she sat there she realized that both dicks hadn’t moved since she froze in this position. She tried to lower herself, but the hands on hips held her in place. By doing that the guys in her ass ended up shoving the rest of the way in her and a massive shudder ran the length of her body. She thought at first he might hurt her, but soon realized this had turned her on much more then she cared to admit.

So there she was, on all fours, with a dick up her pussy and another in her ass, and with her hands being held against a very real breast. Without thinking she started to uncurl her fingers. Just then Bull raised "his" hips upward slightly and penetrated further into her pussy. As she sucked in her breath at this pleasurable surprise Bull's hips slowly dropped back down again. With just that slight movement her breathing had quickened enough to make it obvious that she enjoyed it. And she knew it was obvious because of the chuckles it drew from some of the men standing around her. She felt herself blush deeply as she remembered the others standing nearby. How could this happen to her. She had no idea whether her boyfriend was here with these men or had left her to this fate. She had no idea how long this was going to go on or what they would do with her once they were done.

As she knelt there an "ich" deep within her loins caused her to squirm. She couldn't make it stop and desperately wanted to satisfy it, but the hands on her hips held her firmly in place. She began to squirm and despite the firm grip on her hips was able to cause friction against both dicks inside her. She began doing Kegels and this also increased the pleasure she was feeling. The only problem was that even though this did start to bring her to a more heightened state of arousal, she soon figured out she wasn't going to get the kind of friction she needed to bring her over the edge. And the more she tried the more frustrated she became.

She continued trying to bring herself to orgasm despite the hands holding her in place. But try as she might her frustration continued to building to the point that she felt like she was going to cry. Worse yet, she was desperately afraid that if they didn't take petty on her soon she would be forced to shamefully beg them to make her cum. She tried to stop squirming in an attempt to ease her suffering, but her body kept twitching and causing the problem to worsen. She clenched her fists in frustration.

Bull's hips suddenly shot upwards as her fingers brushed against the soft breast. A wave of pleasure raced through her body as Bull's dick plunged further into her body. And when she opened hands to better brace herself her fingers again brushed softly over the breast below her. Bull's hips dropped downward only slightly before thrusting back up into her again. She almost fell forward from the thrust of the Bull's dick, but the hands holding her hips and her own hands stopped her. As Bull continued this new assault, her body was rocked back and forth and she felt her breath start to speed up and deepen. She tried to lower herself to meet Bull's thrusts, but the hands holding her hips held her in place. As she continued to focus on Bull's movements she realized she was grasping and relaxing her hands with each of his thrusts. Then it hit her that she was grasping and massaging the breast below her hands. Immediately her hands shot open with only the heels of her hands still in contact with the breast. Almost as quickly Bull stopped thrusting up into her and let his hips drop back down. And even though several inches of him were still inside of her she felt a tremendous sense of lose and longing.

Again she found herself trying to catch her breath while being held firmly in a kneeling position. When her breath slowed down enough for her to think she decided to try something. Slowly, she let her finger-tips drop down and come to rest on the warm soft breast. As she did this she felt the tip of Bull's dick slowly push its way further into her body. When the dick stopped moving after only a short movement upward, she slowly, softly drew her fingers up the breast. Again the dick began to penetrate her deeper and she felt Bull's hips raise up against the inside of her thighs. As her fingers approached the top of the breast she reversed their movement and began softly stroking back down the front of the breast. Bull hips thrust up as far into her as he could before slowly dropping back down.

When her fingers reached as far as the gloved hands would allow she began to trace them back up to the top of the breast. All the while Bull continued to slowly raise and lower his hips pushing his back and forth over the entrance of her pussy. This pattern continued for several minutes until her sense of pleasure got the best of her and curiosity began to take over.

As her fingers once again reached the top of the breast she continued curling them inward. Suddenly they found the nipple sitting squarely between the palms of her hands. Slowly she began to trace the tip of one finger around the areola. Just then another tremor of pleasure shot through her as the dick in her ass began to slowly pull back. As she continued to trace the outer edge of the areola the dick pulled back until the edge of the dick’s head was touching just inside her asshole. Another bolt of pleasure shot through her at this new sensation. She continued to trace the areola, but the dick in her ass remained where it was. With Bull still thrusting up into her the level of arousal continued to build, but now she needed to be fucked completely. Slowly, she traced her finger and when she came to the nipple she began to run that finger up and over its top.

The dick once again began to push its way back into her ass. She stroked her thumb inward and soon had the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. As she slowly began to squeeze the nipple the dick pushed in even faster until it was fully buried in her ass again. And as she began to twist and squeeze the nipple, the dick pulled back and then pushed forward again. Now both dicks were sliding in and out of her slowly, but steadily. She couldn't describe the rush of pleasure that shot through her body as both dicks found a common rhythm and began fucking her in unison. Her breathing once again started coming fast and deeper. As she continued playing with the breast beneath her she felt a different hand grab her handcuffs. A second (or fourth, she was losing track) began to fumble with something, and then she heard a click. Suddenly one of her wrists was free of its cuff. The two gloved hands that still held her in place pulled one of her own hands off the breast it was massaging and slid it across to a second breast. As she adjusted her weight she just knelt there for a second thinking about what just happened. But as both dicks inside her started to slow to a stop she immediately began groping, pinching and caressing both breasts. At that moment both dicks began to pick-up their pace, first the in her pussy and then the one in up her ass. A moment later they were in synch with each other’s thrusts. She soon figured out that the more attention she gave to the two breasts, the faster the two dicks fucked her. And when she decided to play a hunch and slow her attention on the breasts slightly both dicks slowed their pace. Again, first the one in her pussy, then the one up her ass until it was matching the pace of the first.

As exhausted as she was she was way too turned on to not to continue. And when her legs felt like she just couldn’t keep up the pace, the hands gripping her hips help support her. In fact at one point she realized that she wasn’t moving much at all. As long as she kept caressing the two breasts, and pinching and twisting their nipples the two dicks just kept right on fucking her. She could feel her orgasm slowly building and she knew at that moment she wanted this more than anything she could ever remember wanting. She no longer cared about where she was or what was happening to her other the fact she was about to cum again.

Suddenly she felt the dick in her ass start to lose its rhythm with the one in her pussy. As its pace faltered it suddenly slammed into her ass and held on. She then realized by the twitching movement she felt in her ass that the guy was cumming. And as excited as this made her, the feeling of it pulling out of her almost made her cry. She was so close now, and as large as Bull was she felt a sense of loss. The hands gripping her hips let go for a moment before grabbing her again. Then she felt the head of another dick probing her well fucked asshole. Her breathing quickened as this new guy pressed the head of his dick against her anus and began to push. As the head forced its way in she discovered that though this guy was no Bull, but he was larger than the last guy. Once he got the head of his dick just inside her ass he pause a moment. With Bull still thrusting upward the new guy started slowly pushing forward and pulling her back at the same time. She felt as if her whole body was being pricked with little electric needles. She was beginning to having a hard time breathing as the dick in her ass just kept pushing itself inward. By the time she felt thighs touch the bottom of her ass her senses were on fire. She no longer felt the gloved hands holding her own hands to the breasts, but she wasn’t about to stop stroking them for fear that she would never reach her orgasm. She just kept grabbing and pinching and massaging and caressing. By the time the new guy got up to speed with Bull she felt the first wave of her climax hit her. She threw back her head and tried to match the pace of the two dicks with her hips. But she just didn’t have the strength to keep their pace, so she held as still as she could while the second wave hit her. By now she realized that the deep throated grunts of breath she was hearing was her own and she just didn’t care anymore. Fuck what these people thought of her, she just needed to cum! She found herself gripping both breasts with all her strength just to keep upright. Suddenly there were hands all over her body. Two were grabbing her own breasts, pinching and groping as she had done the two below her only moments ago. Hands were caressing her back, buttocks, stomach and even reaching up between her legs. As the third wave hit her she just couldn’t stay still any longer. She didn’t care whether she could match their rhythm or not, she just couldn’t stay still any longer. She pushed back, forward and even from side to side as the two dicks inside her and who knows how many hands lit her body up like lighting racing up and down her spine. As she continued to thrash about she started losing focus a little bit at a time. Soon all she could hear was her own breathing and the pound of pleasure coursing through her body. Soon all faded into a euphoric, soft dream passion spent and pleasure received. And then the soft gray turned to black…

She woke to sunlight gently touching her face and the feel of soft, satin sheets. Slowly she raised her head and realized she was in her own bed. As she sat up she discovered someone had dressed her in one of her night gowns and put her to bed. She felt a little sore, particularly down below, and needed to pee. As she slipped her legs off the bed she saw that she was not wearing panties and quickly jumped off the bed. As she was heading to her bathroom she looked back at her sheets. If she remembered even have of what happened to her she had probably leaked everywhere. But the sheets were clean and she didn’t feel anything leaking out of her. She quickly sat down to do her business and found that she wasn’t leaking at all. In fact, other than being sore it looked like someone had cleaned her thoroughly. She blushed as the thought settled in her mind. She had never had someone take care of her in such an intimate manner before. When she finished she washed her hands, then reached for her brush and looked in the mirror. To her surprise her hair wasn’t the tangled mess she expected and looked as if it had brushed already. Well at least he hadn’t brush her teeth for her because that would have been just too weird.

As she finished in the bathroom and walked back into her room she noticed something on the floor. Walking over she discovered a trail of rose petals leading out into the hallway. She followed then half expecting to find someone waiting for her in the living room. That thought sent a slight shiver through her. But the trail went into an empty room and ended at her couch. On the couch sat three items. A large bouquet of red long stemmed roses, an envelope, and her universal remote. She picked up the roses and inhaled their fragrance as she sat down. She set the roses down beside her and picked up the envelope. It had that old fashion look of parchment look to it. When she turned it over she was surprised to find a glob of red wax sealing it shut. She couldn’t make out the symbol imprinted on the wax, but it looked almost like a “Y” with a split tail. She opened the envelope, pulled out a folded piece of yellowish parchment and began to read.

/> My dear sweet lady,

I send you greetings and thank you for a very exciting day! I was most pleased when your sponsor asked that you be considered for membership in our special, very exclusive Club. I was particularly pleased with his deion of your ability to so thoroughly enjoy the more sensual pleasures in life.

Your initial went very well and I look forward to your continued participation in the initiation period of your membership. Any and all activities associated with the Club as well as the privacy of its member are strictly guarded from disclosure. In your VCR, DVD or computer you will find a recording of your initial interview. You have one of only two copies of the interview and I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as you enjoyed making it. Please be assured that the other copy is safely secured from all eyes until after your initiation. Only recordings of full members can be entered into the Club’s archives. Should you choose not to join us then any recordings made during your initiation period, in the Club’s possession, will be destroyed.

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed your first encounter with our Club and look forward to seeing you again.

If you would like to continue please inform your sponsor. Also, please feel free to wear the pin enclosed with this letter as your commitment to enjoying the more sensual pleasures in life.
Again, I look forward to seeing you again!


The Grinning Gators
She looked back into the envelope and sure enough there at the bottom was a flash of gold. Turning the envelope up a small pin slid into her hand. As she inspected it she saw what appeared to be two alligators, one mounted on the back of the other with their mouths open and their tails swinging in opposite directions. Then she remembered the remote.

Picking it up she turned on the TV and then the DVD player. As the video started she recognized herself standing by her front door, wearing her robe and the blindfold. As the scene continued she realized that this was how the whole day started. She felt herself blush at the memory, but couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. As the video continued she felt her breathing start to deepen and her body growing warmer. The remote slipped from her fingers as her hand slowly made its way to her leg and began to slide up her thigh. Suddenly she realized she was about to relive the day’s events, but this time as an observer, or voyeur. As her hand found its way to her soft mound her mind quickly fast forwarded through her recent experience and she knew this was going to be a long morning!

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