The rocky horror picture show part 1

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I was dating a hot little redhead. She was a nymph if I’ve ever met one. We lived 40 minutes apart and only really got to see each other on the weekends. We would meet up on most Fridays at one of our places and not come out again until Sunday night or sometimes on Monday mornings just in time for us to make it to work. Everything worked better at her place as she actually had her own house to herself whereas I shared an apartment with a roommate.

One Sunday evening as we are finishing up our long romp from the weekend and I’m getting ready to head home she tells me that we are going to see the Rock Horror Picture Show at one of the local theaters in two weeks. I wasn’t thrilled about it, but I honestly hadn’t taken her anywhere in a month or so. and thinking to myself what the hell, we’ll be out of the house for a couple of hours and come home and hop right back into bed.

The next Friday I’m back at her house, already finished up round one of fucking and we’re enjoying dinner. She was almost as good of a cook as she was in the bedroom, so I really preferred being at her place instead of mine where we would only ever have Ramon Noodles. “We have to go shopping tomorrow to pick up a nice new dress for the show” she told me between bites.

Crap, I had almost forgotten all about our “Alright, we can go around noon tomorrow to the mall.” I was a bit annoyed, because the most shopping that I ever wanted to do was at the local porn shop for new toys to keep things nice and interesting. What the hell though, if she wants a little extra, I can give in a bit. I’ll just make the stop by our shop on the way back to her place after.

We went right back into our routine of finishing dinner, fucking, having a drink, fucking again, and sleep. The next morning she wakes me up in good style. I’ve got a coffee that I can smell on the night stand next to me. The nice warm sun is already coming in on me. Oh, and I have her lips wrapped around my cock. It really is the best way to wake up in the morning.

I look down at the top of her head as she is bobbing up and down on my cock. God, she is good. She has her hand wrapped up under my balls, stroking them gently as she strokes the bottom of my shaft with her tongue. Her lips have a nice tight seal all the way around my shaft and just a hint of suction that gets tighter each time that she draws up toward the head of my cock. She’s already convinced me that she doesn’t breathe the entire time that she gives me head or she wouldn’t be able to hold the suction like that.
I give out a little moan as she heads back down to the base. On the next stroke up she comes off of my cock and finally looks up at me. “Good morning sleepy head. I thought I was going to be all by myself here. I mean that’s not entirely a bad thing since your cock was already hard enough to take care of me,” her voice is so soft and seductive that it makes my balls tight up a little more. As she starts to lick the head of my cock like a lollipop they get even tighter.

“Christine, I’m sure that you could always take care of yourself whether I’m here or not,” I banter her just a little.

“Sure I could, but it’s always more fun with you here. More fun yet when your head is in the game.” With that she drops back down fully on the head of my dick. I love her sense of humor. It always seems to work out in my favor. And with her, I always win in the end.
She plummets right to the base of my cock and I can feel the head of my dick right at the entrance to her throat. Her tongue is working around the base of my cock and right to the base of my nut sack. She glances back up to make eye contact as she rattles her throat sending vibrations through the length of me. I can’t help it as my head hits the pillow behind me. Oh, FUCK! She starts to bob back up and down. Constant with her suction and running her tongue around my shaft she’s making my sack pull in tighter and tighter.

She ups the ante as she increases her speed. Oh man, she is trying to finish me quickly. It feels so good that I’m inclined to let her. She let go of my sack and runs her hands under my ass. I can feel her nails begin to dig in as she pulls herself down tighter on me. She is fully face fucking herself on my cock now and I’m in love with the feeling. “Oh fuck.” She moans an uh huh while never slowing her pace. A second later I was blowing my load straight down her throat.

She swallowed the first three jets and then had to back off as she couldn’t swallow quickly enough. She kept her mouth over the top of my head so that the stream couldn’t get too messy. I could feel my own cum dropping back down my shaft and running down my balls. The heat and sensation of the stream was driving me nuts. She reached down and began to stroke me again using my own cum as lube.
Another jet of cum drizzled out of my hole as my entire body began to quake from the feeling. Her hand was gliding up and down my shaft with almost no friction due to the coating. I looked back down at her smiling face. “Um, fuck. I do love to get my required intake of protein first thing in the morning.” She stopped stroking and licked her fingers clean. “Come on Mr Man, into the shower. In case you forgot, we have somewhere to be.”

We rolled through the showering and I went to get dressed as she finished in the bathroom. I was ready to go and walked back in to the bathroom to see where she was at in the process. The sight of her took my breathe away. She was bent over the counter at her tiny little waist. Her D breasts were hanging freely out in front of her. I could trace the curve of her spine all the way down to the luscious curve of her ass. She was a tiny little thing at only 5’5” and 130 lbs (most of the weight was in her chest). Thankfully though she wasn’t a mini Barbie with ribs sticking out and hip bones protruding. She was healthy and due to the constant walking that she did, she remained in good strong shape.
She looked away from the mirror where she was finishing her lipstick and smiled knowing that she had just caught me checking her out. “Almost done. Go pick me out a nice bra and panties to wear out for the day.” Hmmm. I get to pick out the sexiest things that I want on her. I love doing that to her. There were things that I could have her wear under her clothes that would have her thinking about nothing except sex until we got back into bed.

I went to her dresser and pulled a bra with red silk lining that would keep her nipples perky all day long. It was wrapped on the outside with a black lacy design so that some of the red still showed through. I quickly located the matching thong to go with it. Her ass always looked best with a piece of string between her cheeks. “Alright Christine, your all set out here.” She sauntered out of the bathroom and smirked looking at the set on the end of the bed waiting for her. She pulled them on and made sure to bend over to the bottom drawer to pull a pair of pants out. She knew what she was doing when she bent over at the hips. I was staring at the full string as her cheeks parted slightly. The outline of her pussy lips were showing through the thin material as well.

I could feel that familiar twitch as my cock started to come back to life. I made a quick exit from the room. If I got any hornier I was going to end up fucking her again and I could tell that she was toying with me. There had just been too many small hip sways in there. She walked through the bedroom door a few moments later sporting a very tight v neck tshirt that showed off her ample cleavage and a pair of blue jeans that hugged her hips and ass very nicely. Yup, she was going to have me going all day long. She walked right on by and pulled a pair of her favorite black heeled boots out of the closet and slid them on.
“Well, are we ready for her curious little pause didn’t go unnoticed, but I figured that she was talking about the fact that we were leaving the house in the middle of the day for something other than lube, toys, or food. It was quite the change in pace for us. Something in her smile though, oh well.
We pulled into the mall parking lot and as expected on a Saturday it is packed. We make our way through a couple of stores and she is checking out lots of different dresses and skirts. All that I was checking out was that nice rack and ass that I would be savoring later. While we are in the fourth or fifth store she finds a black pleather mini dress and holds it up. It’s not very low cut so there wouldn’t be a huge cleavage display, but it is very short and her ass would almost be on display. She looks over at me and I gave her a big smile and nod of approval.

She smiles and puts it back on the rack. “Maybe we’ll get that one for another occasion.”
“Whatever you’d like.” She leads me over to another set of racks and starts rummaging again. She pulls out another dress. This one is white with a blue floral pattern. It’s not very flattering and is long enough that she would be stepping on the ends. Actually, it is big enough to fit two of her in there. She walks right up to me and holds it out in front of me. WHAT THE FUCK? “Um, whatcha doin?”
“I did tell you that all of the guys at the Rocky Horror Picture Show will be in drag right?”
Blood is gone from my face. Brain is stalled. Mind is not rolling over. “Uhhhhhh, no. No you /> “Oh, well… Guess what.” Her smile is just a bit too big. “Come on, we never do anything outside of the house. It will be different and fun.” She steps closer to me. “And I will make it worth it all when we get she purrs into my ear. Damn, this girl was entirely too good wielding the art of seduction. I stepped back and took another look at the dress. It would come down to about my calves. What the hell, I’ve done the crossdressing thing for Halloween. What’s the difference? It’s not like anyone that I know will be there.

“You are going to owe me some serious kink for this one.”

Her face lit up and there was some coloring in her cheeks right away. “I promise that I will give plenty of kink for this.” She tiptoed up and kissed me lightly on the lips. “I’ll pick out some shoes for you later this week after payday.” Shit, shoes too. What have I gotten myself into? We paid and grabbed some lunch. We were on our way back home and I was about to detour off to the porn shop to get some new toys in order to get this kinkfest started early, but she convinced me that we just needed to get on home.
As soon as we rolled through the door there was a pile of cloths, hard cock, wet lips, and a juicy pussy. Back to my normal weekend gig. We finished up the weekend in normal fashion through many orgasms, lots of fucking, lots of oral, some food, lots of Gatorade, and back to more fucking. Oh, and we slept in there somewhere too.

The next Friday I finish up work on time, regardless of how hard I tried to get out of there early. I stop by the house for a shower and my weekend bag. Next I’m on my bike and making tracks to get my kinky weekend started. I pulled into her place at about 5 and roll my bike up next to the garage to keep it safe. I tried the back door, but it was locked. It was a little bit odd, because I normally just head in through the back. Her car was in the driveway so I could tell that she is at home.

I made my way around to the front, but it’s locked as well. I rang the bell and could hear her making her way across the hardwood floors. Click click click with each step as she makes her way over. She opens the door and my jaw hits the floor at the same time. I’m really glad that she keeps a clean house, because getting dust bunnies on my tongue as it rolls out across the floor would have sucked. She is standing almost eye to eye with me on top of four inch black stilettos. She is wrapped in a black leather corset that has been cinched down with red leather ties. The black and red is a perfect match for her skin tone and fire red hair.

She looks me top to bottom and then back up to my crotch. “Looks like you like the outfit.” It must have happened quickly. I’m standing rock hard in front of her. I still can’t manage a single word out as I continue to take in the sight. She had the dark eye accents from the mascara, her lashes were drawn out longer, but the most striking thing was the fire engine red lips. There was a layer of gloss over them so that looks soaking wet and beckoning me to take them.

I dropped my bag just inside the door, pulled my shirt off and kicked the door shut behind me. She was already stalking off with the click, click, click as she sauntered over to the breakfast bar. Her hips were swaying the entire way. Holy hell, I am looking forward to getting some of this. She turned and leaned and elbow on the bar. “ Whoa, I like the enthusiasum, but I’ve already made dinner and that will be the first thing to enjoy tonight. After that, then we can enjoy everything else.”

I glanced over at the table that was all set with candles, nice napkins, a wine bucket, and very large very full glasses of a dark red wine. And there was food, I’m not sure of the food, because at the time it was an obstacle to get through for my main course. She came over to me, still stuck at the door without a shirt and a raging hardon trying to make its way out the top of my pants.

“Come on now, don’t be rude,” she says in a slow seductive voice. She takes me by the hand and leads me to one end of the table and sits me down. She takes my napkin and places it in my lap and makes sure to smooth it out over the bulge in my pants. A little smile tells me that her plan is playing out perfectly. She saunters back down to the other end of the short table and takes her seat. She raises her wine glass and says, “To an amazing night, leading into an amazing weekend.” She brings the glass to her lips and takes a very large drink. I notice as her glass is placed back on the table that there is no lipstick ring on it and her lips are still clear coated and shining.

I take a big gulp from my glass and mimick her as she takes the first bite of steak, or pasta or whatever it was that we were about to eat. Damn, this woman has me in a trance. I can’t focus. Every little morsal that she puts into her mouth and disappears is having an effect on me like she is physically toying with my body. I can’t help but to succumb to her hypnotic presence. She takes a drink, I take a drink. She takes a bite, I take a bite. I’m completely on autopilot right now. I can’t take my eyes off of her.

Her normal hot look has been taken up to smoking hot. Instead of the normal toned down makeup, she has the small cat’s eyes of eye liner coming slightly off to the side accentuating her already smoldering green eyes. Her eye brows are freshly lined and slightly thinner than normal. Her ever so red lips are more defined with a slight black pencil line going around them and then that clear coat over the red was making me think that she was the fire crew there to put out the flames that she was setting to everything in the room. Her cleavage was tight enough that had she dropped any of that wine down on them, then it would have ran down along the crevice without a single drop making it inside. Oh my, I was a lucky man.
She finally brought her napkin to her lips and then placed it on the plate. My sweet torture was over. I was ready to pick her up and carry her to the bedroom for my main course. “That is the quietest that you’ve ever been. If you weren’t constantly staring at me then I would have wondered if you had fallen asleep.” She rose slightly from her seat to grab the wine bottle in between us to refill her glass. Her full bosom almost coming out the top as she leaned forward. “Would you like some more?” I looked at my glass and realized that it was completely empty. I didn’t even know that I had taken a drink or two of it.
“Yes, I think that I would like to have something sweet to drink,” I tried to lay on some sort of charm. I stood from my chair and bumped my legs on the table hard enough that if she didn’t grab her glass quickly enough, then there would have been wine everywhere.

“Easy killer,” she lets out a small giggle knowing that I’m all hers and can’t even stand without making a scene with as enthralled as I am right now. That is saying something, because I am not the type to a klutz. I’ve done sports all my life and run at least 4 miles a day and 45 minutes of gym time. I know my own body and how to control it. However, this evening it has betrayed me and decided that it will do whatever it feels like doing.

I walk down to her glass in my hand and she pours me more, filling it almost to the brim. “Thank you hun,” and I lean down in for a kiss. Our lips touch and part slightly as our tongues begin to caress one /> She pulls out of the start to a great long kiss, “We haven’t had our desert yet. And I have a sweet tooth tonight that I’m going to have to satisfy. Sit back down.” The last of it was a bit more of a command than anything. I’ve never heard that tone from her and my cock came to life with a little bit of a twitch hearing it. I make my way back down and she clears the table.

Ordinarily I would have helped her, but this gave me another opportunity to take in the sights. I was staring at her ass wiggle back and forth. The stern and very tight hold that the corset had on her breasts. The way that her calves were stretching even more in the heels. Ummmmmmm. Without dinner I could have simply filled myself just by drinking in her image.

The wine glass was empty against my lips. Holy shit, I hadn’t even realized that I had been drinking it. That was a very large glass of wine gone in the last 2 minutes. Crap, I was going to be drunk soon. We had almost emptied the entire bottle just by refilling the two glasses earlier. “Bit thirsty there big guy?” She had a huge smirk and must have noticed me trying to drink from the empty glass. She brought her glass over and took a drink while standing in front of me. I slid my hands up onto the little bit of exposed hip and tried to pull her onto my lap, but she resisted.

As she finished her sip she said in a very innocent voice, “I don’t want to be a bad host, so how about I share part of my drink with you?” She poured half of her drink into my glass. And slid back out of my grasp to finish emptying the table. I watched as everything was removed from the table except our glasses as they were the last to be moved to the bar. Then she went to the fridge and began to take items out. A couple of items went directly into the microwave for about thirty seconds. Others were brought directly to the table.

The can of whipped cream, jar of cherries, and butterscotch were all lined up to the side of the table. Then she retrieved the jar of honey and chocolate syrup from the microwave. They were the last of everything set next to rest of the She came to me and sat in my lap with both feet hanging over one side of my chair. She reached behind my head, pulling my lips into hers and into a deep kiss. The taste of the wine from her was even more intoxicating along with my new found knowledge that she was going to be my dessert. The head of my cock was now pushing out from under my belt. The strain was the most intense that I’ve ever felt.

She was running her free hand up and down my chest from my neck to my happy trail. I’m not a hairy guy so the only bit of hair that I had was the nicely trimmed happy trail leading down to her happy stick as she liked to call it. Her other hand was still holding my head in the embrace. She relaxed slightly so that there was a quarter inch in between our lips and held me there. “It’s time for my dessert. Now strip!” She pulled me back in for a more brief but deep kiss before she dismounted me and sat on the edge of the table.
I stood up and kicked my shoes off to the side. I unbuckled the belt and unbuttoned my pants releasing my strained cock. It almost hurt it was so engorged. It was standing straight out so that when I bent to pull my pants from around my ankles the head touched my belly button. I’ve never had issues with size by any means, but this was larger than even normal. When I was stripped as required I stood and looked down. I even had an extra half inch of girth and was standing proud at least eight inches. The veins were a dark purple and very full. My cock all of a sudden looked like it had been juicing steroids getting ready for a competition.

I tried to make eye contact with Christine, but she was openly staring at my cock. “Oh my, you really are a happy guy tonight aren’t you? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so full.” She reached down and wrapped my cock in her hand and gave it a couple of strokes. “On your back on the table I’m still hungry.”
Oh shit, I’m the dessert. I slid my body onto the table back down and tried to center myself so that I wouldn’t make it lean one way or the other. “Hands behind your head so that you don’t get into my way.” I complied and interlocked my hands behind my head so that they propped me up to see down the length of my body and what she had instore for me.

She sprayed the whipped cream on my chest around my nipples and just a bit on the head of my cock. A small swirl of butterscotch went around the whipped cream on my nipples. The hot syrup began to drizzle down my cock. The warm enveloped all of my senses especially when she reached down and began to stroke it into me. I felt some of the hot liquid run down to my balls and start to drip. The sensation was like nothing that I had felt before. It was hot, but did not burn. It was lubing me up, but so much thicker.
She placed a cherry on all three piles of whipped cream. Then the licking began. She started by clearing the butterscotch and then began licking around the whipped cream. Her outstretched tongue clearing the dessert and flickering across my nipples slowly made them harden enough that I was afraid that they may cut her. She took the cherry in between her lips and swirled it around the exposed nipple. And then bit into it so that the juices would start to run. Quickly swallowing the cherry she used the tip of her tongue to begin cleaning the rest of the juices away.

She must have been using the other hand while I wasn’t looking because a fresh hot sensation began pouring down my shaft again. I was coated so well in the syrup now that if I didn’t know better I would have thought that I had a huge black cock raging between my legs. She moved to the other side of the table, her eyes never leaving my body as she made her way. She began to devour the other nipple in the same way as she resumed her stroking of my strained cock. When she finished with the left nipple she leaned across my body and took the honey in her hand.

She poured a T figure across my torso connecting my nipples and then a straight line down my abs to the base of my cock. This liquid was even hotter than the syrup and sent chills down the rest of my body. She began to lick and suck alternately at the golden honey and take it slowly into her mouth. Half way down my abs she rose over the top of me and gave me a mouthful of the honey and mixed it into my mouth with her skillful tongue. I wanted to pull her on top of me and start fucking her right then, but I was enjoying all of the added attention and sensations.

She resumed her feast and worked down to my belly button flickering her tongue in and out cleaning out all of it the same way that I would have used my tongue on her. Below the belly button, she had to straighten my cock out to have room for her lips to continue exploring. She pulled me upright so that the head was standing straight out from my hips. I was so hard that I could feel the strain and the work that it took to get me there. She slowed her stroking so that she could concentrate on keeping me in that position. When she had cleaned the honey away all the way down to the base she released me all at once. My cock thudded into my stomach with the sudden release smearing chocolate syrup and whipped cream all over me. The cherry rolled into my belly button.

She moved up and picked up the cherry between her luscious lips and brought it to my lips. She crushed it between them as we embraced. My head was swimming from the wine and lack of blood flow due to the ever hard dick. I was on an ultimate rush. We embraced briefly with the cherry kiss and then she went back down to clean my stomach again. Her masterful tongue and red, red, red lips keeping my entire body tense the entire time.

Finally she was down to her main course. She alternated getting a little whipped cream from the head and some chocolate from my shaft or balls for an eternity only touching me with the very tip of her tongue. She moved her body from the left to the right and between my legs so that she could get almost all of it and never impeding my line of sight. She never looked up at me the entire time. She cleaned off my balls by sucking them into her mouth one at a time repeatedly and running her tongue over them until they were satisfactorily clean.

Without warning or notice she took me into her mouth. The entire length of me was taken with no pause, no hesitation. I could feel the head of my cock enter her throat and she stayed there for a moment. There was no gaging sounds or massive amounts of drool leaking out. She had trained herself well on my cock. But the internal gag reflex couldn’t be stopped and I could feel the opening of her throat constrict around the entire head of my cock. She rose back up slowly about half way and then back down with the same results.

There was no more chocolate or whipped cream and the cherry was long gone, but she was still enjoying her treat. One hand was rubbing my balls while the other was exploring my stomach and chest. She began to bob faster and faster, the pace ever increasing. My cock felt like it may split at any time from the amount of growth that it was taking on. The suction that her lips and mouth were putting on me were almost too much to bare. “Oh fuck My head had already kicked back and I couldn’t keep my mouth open. She continued sucking like she always did, but with a renewed sense of urgency.

I felt the first shot rocket out the head of my cock. It felt almost like a gun recoil as my hips bucked from the intensity. The next one was just as powerful. Stream after stream of cum erupted into her mouth. Finally, she had to back off so that just the head was still in her mouth so that she didn’t spill any. Her suction increased on the head and it felt like she was trying to suck the cum straight out of my balls. Finally, she brought her head up and continued stroking my shaft.

I looked down as she siphoned the last couple of drops out the slit of my cock. “I love my dessert.” She lowered her tongue down to scoop the last bit and stared me straight in the eyes. “Tonight is going to be amazing for both of us trust me. I already know how the night is going to go, so follow my lead and I promise that you won’t be She moved down my body and held out a hand to sit me up at last. I didn’t realize how played out I was until I had to use her to help get me upright. I was sitting on the edge of the table and she was standing between my legs. With her heels on she was slightly taller than I was so I actually had to look up at her. She ran her hand behind my head again and held on firmly to the back of my neck.

“All that you have to do for the rest of the night is everything that I tell you. You don’t have to make any decisions, and you don’t have to put any thought into it. I will be doing all of the work. Your only responsibility is to do as I say.”

“Yes She stared me hard in the eyes at my sarcasm.

“I’m serious. You don’t even have to worry about staying hard. I’ve even taken care of that.” She wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked up and down a couple of times to show me how hard I still was after I’d just cum. “That wine that you guzzled down had three Viagra in it. And you drank much more than your fair share.” I glanced over at the empty bottle. My once again empty glass and her quarter of the way full glass. “Do you know the actual reaction Viagra has on the body? It makes blood fill in all of the fun places of your body. For guys that means a rock hard cock. I drank some too though and I can tell you that for women it makes us very sensitive down there as well. And that is going to move us on to the next part of the night. It’s time that I get taken care of.”

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