The slavery series: chapter 3

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I thrust forward hard and pulled Michelle’s head toward me with both hands. My cock slammed into her throat, blasting it wide open, and she gagged up gallons of sloppy throat juice. I had planned on easing Michelle into the world of throat fucking, but she had tried to escape, so I punished her mercilessly.

“You fucking cunt! Don’t cry you bitch! This is your fault!”

I thrust and pulled vigorously, harder than I’d ever fucked any hole in my life. Last summer’s slave hadn’t disobeyed me like this and neither did Amanda, but Michelle was stubborn. My balls slapped so hard against her chin, it hurt but I didn’t care, this wasn’t about pleasuring me, it was about putting this fucking bitch in her place.

I pulled out roughly and Michelle fell to the floor, a gush of saliva spilling out and pooling up on the floor. I grabbed the back of her head and slammed her face down into her puddle. Tears were pouring out of her but her throat was too raw to produce any cries. I sat on the couch and dragged Michelle to me on her knees, between my legs.

I shouted. She did and I pushed her abused mouth back down on my cock. My cock is enormous, as thick as my forearm and nearly as long. I didn’t need any tools or toys to abuse my slaves, my cock was punishment enough. Michelle had a sweet little mouth that didn’t look anywhere near big enough to wrap around my cock. Before her escape attempt I had been satisfied with her stretching just her mouth around it but now I was determined to wedge my cock into her tiny throat hole.

I grabbed the other leash and pulled Amanda to us. I wasn’t upset with her but she looked scared anyways.

“Push that whore’s head down, hard as you can, don’t stop for anything unless I say!”

Amanda nodded and placed both her hands on the back of Michelle’s head. She pushed down and Michelle gagged and spurted. My cock burrowed into her throat and her eyes shot open wide. Michelle began flopping and swinging her arms helplessly as my meat cut off her air supply.

I reached to the table and grabbed my cell phone. This was just the warm up for Michelle’s punishment. I placed a call in to my landlord and told him I was ready for him to come and collect the rent. Lazio was a greasy, fat, balding, disgusting old Italian guy in his late 50’s at least. He was also a pervert and didn’t give a fuck if his bitch enjoyed any of his perversions. That made him a perfect punishment for cunty little Michelle.

When I finished my call I signaled Amanda to release Michelle, who popped up and gasped for air. Her jaw hung slack and slime rolled out of her. I saw her trying to form words but her busted mouth was no use.

“This isn’t your punishment, whore, that’s on the way.” I pulled her slutty face back down and she screamed into my lap, unable to handle anymore.

“Come here cunt,” I said to Amanda, “turn around.” She did, her big naked ass before me. I pinched it and spanked it gently. “Sit down,” I ordered. Amanda looked at me with horror in her eyes. “Sit your fat ass down, cunt!”

Amanda did, slowly, until her heavy ass came into contact with Michelle’s soft hair. Michelle screamed around my cock again. At that point I grabbed Amanda’s hips with both hands and sat her down, her full weight pressing Michelle’s throat onto my cock. Michelle erupted with gurgling screams and her body convulsed as overwhelming pressure forced her throat to accept me. I felt my cock expanding her opening, stretching places that had never been touched before, and her chin dug into my balls. My cock had never been this deep before, in anything or anyone, and I reveled in Michelle’s abuse.

The sight of Amanda’s luscious ass sitting there, sitting on Michelle’s head, reminded me that I wanted to fuck her badly. Also, Michelle had misbehaved, she didn’t deserve my cum. So after a minute of heinous abuse I told Amanda to get off and Michelle flopped off of me and onto the ground.

I pulled Amanda down next to me on the couch. been a very good slave, did you know that?”

Amanda nodded and smiled a tiny smile. “Thank you, master.”

I kissed Amanda tenderly and she returned my affection. We kissed for a long time, Amanda growing noticeably hornier and wetter as we did, until the door bell rang.

I stood up and opened the door for Lazio. He was ready, his cock was already out of his pants, and he smiled when he was Amanda.

“Is that the bitch?” he sneered.

I pointed to the heap that lay next to the couch. “Fuck as you see fit, my good man.”

Amanda was visually turned off by the disgusting Lazio. His cock was laughably small, probably a welcome sight to Michelle right now, and he was hairy all over. He stripped quickly and chuckled when he got closer to Michelle.

hairy than I am,” he said, pointing to her dense jungle of pubic hair. He reached down and grabbed a handful of it with his fat fingers and pulled. Michelle screamed as Lazio dragged her across the floor by her bush. Amanda watched in horror at what the consequences of really pissing my off were.

Michelle was laid out on her back and Lazio hunched his sloppy fat body over her. He sat his fat ass onto her face and spread his cheeks with both hands.

“Tongue it! Tongue my asshole you cunt!” he shouted. I can only assume Michelle complied, sticking her tongue into Lazio putrid asshole, because Lazio shook and moaned with joy. He started jacking his tiny cock with one hand and was roughly fingering Michelle’s pussy with the other. Amanda was repulsed, as was I, and I took her by the leash and led her to the bedroom.

“Oh God, master, please,” she stammered.

“Shhh. Never disobey me, never question me.” She nodded vigorously. been a good slave, and today I’m going to reward you. Keep it up, and you’ll never be subject to that, okay?”

“Oh yes, master, yes, I promise master!” I pulled Amanda to me and we kissed deeply. Our tongues danced as I explored her soft skin. My erection grew against her and Amanda began stroking it passionately.

“Did I say you could touch my cock?” Amanda looked at me with fear. “Ha, ok, kiss it nicely and I’ll forgive you.”

Amanda smiled and dropped to her knees. She milked my fat cock with both hands and began eagerly kissing and sucking it. I let her suck me for what felt like hours, completely lost in her warm and sweet mouth. Amanda sucked me with true passion and hunger, and I knew I owned her now.

I laid back on my bed and instructed Amanda to climb aboard and spread her pussy over my face. She did, her warmth smothering me, and she reengaged my cock. As she did I dove in, lapping and sucking up her sloppy juices. Her pussy was delicious, and I reached a hand up to dig a finger deep into her cunt. Amanda rocked and moaned as I pushed her towards orgasm.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum,” I told her. Moments later she slipped my cock out of her mouth and cried. As her orgasm began to flow, I jammed a finger halfway into her ass. The pleasure sent her sprawling, she fell on me and came wildly. I dug at her asshole as she came, and Amanda’s ass and pussy jiggled uncontrollably. She was screaming, but her cries were overpowered by the verbal abuse Lazio was laying on Michelle.

“Take it you cunt!” If I had to guess he was probably inserting something in her, anything he could find. I tried to remember what I had left laying around in the living room: a beer bottle, the TV remote, a book, who knows.

Amanda had resumed sucking my cock but I pulled her off and threw her violently onto the bed.

“Now, just because you’ve been a good slave doesn’t mean I’m not going to be rough with you. You’re still my slave, I just won’t put you through that abuse,” I pointed toward the living room, “if you don’t deserve it.”

Amanda nodded in understanding. I grabbed her leg, wrapped her leash around it, and pulled it tight. The leashes weren’t very long, so when I clipped the free end to her collar her knee was up near her face. Amanda screamed in pain, the fat pig wasn’t nearly flexible enough for that move, and it opened her sloppy pussy wide to me.

I pressed down and her pussy gave way, wrapping around my cock. Her pussy was wet, warm, and well fucked, but it had never tried to accommodate a cock as large as mine. She screamed obscenities as I sank in, but her torrent of cries was interspersed with proclamations of love for my fat cock.

I railed her pussy with long, deep, and strong strokes. I started rather slowly but I was thorough, making sure each thrust reached maximum depth. Amanda was such a whore. Four pumps and her pussy was quaking with another orgasm.

Next I moved down to devour her fat tits. Each glorious globe was the size of a basketball and the pair smothered me. I squeezed them both hard against my face and I began thrusting violently. Amanda’s pussy was a soaking mess, and each pump produced a wet, sloppy sound. After releasing from her heavenly tits, I decided to give Amanda an orgasm she would never forget, one that would firmly break her and ensure that she was completely mine. I wanted to ruin her for any other cock.

I wrapped both hands around her throat and squeezed. I was careful not to completely cut her off, but I restricted Amanda’s air supply down to a trickle. As I did I slammed my cock down, repeatedly, with thunderous force. Amanda’s pussy was split in two and sloppy juices poured out with each thrust. I watched her eyes roll, I held her just at the edge of blackness, and I smiled as she experienced a disorienting orgasm. I buried myself in as far as I knew how and howled as I came. My cock flexed and fired, a veritable fire hose of cum, quenching her thirsty pussy. Amanda’s fat shivered and quaked and I rocked forward just to see it shake some more.

I released Amanda’s throat and watched her struggle to stay conscious. I left my cock planted in her long after the final spurts had fired and savored the twitches and clenches of her pussy as it tried in vain to shrink back to a reasonable size.

“You can rest for a while, you’ve earned it. I’m going to check on that bitch.” I left Amanda on the bed and left her leg tied up tight.

Lazio did not disappoint when it came to perversion. I spied the fat bastard standing in my living room with Michelle on her knees behind him, her face buried between his fat ass cheeks, and her hands stroking his cock and squeezing his balls. Lazio bucked and shot a thick glob of spunk onto my floor. It wasn’t much, but what would you expect from such a tiny cock.

Lazio forced Michelle down hard and instructed her to lap up his cum. As she did he quickly moved behind her a slid his hard but dying cock into her asshole. Michelle hardly yelped, it was such a small insertion. Still, when Lazio had sufficiently softened he pulled his dick out of her ass and stuffed it in her mouth, screaming at her to eat her own ass off of him.

Lazio threw Michelle down and slumped his fat ass onto my couch, exhausted.

“Alright, alright, get up, you’ve had your fun,” I said, trying to usher Lazio out. He dressed reluctantly and made for the exit. “I’ll call you if I need you again,” I said, staring at Michelle as I did.

I grabbed Michelle’s leash and dragged her to the bedroom. She could barely crawl and she looked horrible. I picked her up and threw onto the bed next to Amanda. I tied Amanda’s leg and told them both to rest for a while.

Hours later I woke them and ordered them to shower and clean up. Michelle was sullen and sore, but the rest had revived her some. I reentered the bathroom just as the girls were toweling off.

“So, did everyone have a good day?” I asked. Amanda smiled at my joke, but Michelle’s gaze dropped to the floor.

I moved closer to her, “what have you />
Michelle broke out into uncontrollable tears. “To never disobey you master, I’m… so, sorry, master,” she stammered and threw herself towards me. She buried her head against my chest and sobbed into it, muttering repeated apologies.

“I don’t like having to punish you,” that was a lie, of course, “but you give me no choice.”

“I’m sorry, master, it’ll never happen again!” she cried. I stroked her dark hair until her sobbing subsided. When she quieted down I eased her away from me and leaned back against the sink.

I said, “Amanda, stand right there,” I ordered, pointing to a spot a few feet in front of me, “and you’re not allowed to move a muscle. Michelle, I’m not going to move a muscle either. I was so angry with you that I took out some of my frustration on this chunky slut, so you owe us both an />
Michelle began, but I silenced her with a firm slap.

talk, just show us how sorry you are.”

Michelle nodded weakly and looked back and forth between Amanda and I. Amanda was naked, her hefty breasts bulging from her chest, while I had on shorts and a t-shirt. Michelle started with Amanda. She stepped in close and kissed her firmly, forcibly parting her lips and plunging her tongue into Amanda’s mouth. Amanda moaned and instinctively wrapped her hands around Michelle.

“Ah ah,” I corrected, slapping her hands back down, “only Michelle moves, it’s her turn to do some work.”

Amanda complied and Michelle began groping and exploring Amanda as they kissed. Michelle slid down Amanda’s neck and landed on her heaving chest. Each one of Amanda’s tits dwarfed Michelle’s head, and Michelle hesitated before she indulged, as if not knowing how to handle such mammoth tits. Michelle engaged, clamping down hard on a nipple and squeezing each tit with her tiny hands. To do this she had to lean forward, bending her ass towards me, and her bare beautiful ass pushed up into my crotch. My cock was growing steadily and Michelle began grinding and gyrating her ass gently against my member as she licked and sucked Amanda’s giant tits.

After sufficiently soaking Amanda’s glorious pair with saliva and squeezing and fondling them until Amanda was breathless, Michelle turned to me. She stepped to me and began nibbling on my neck, her body pressed into me. Amanda was staring at Michelle’s cute ass with lust, the slut wanted to be inside Michelle badly now, and she ran her hands over Michelle’s round cheeks. I shook my head and looked at her sternly and Amanda stopped, looking sad that I wouldn’t let her play.

Michelle slid my shorts off and freed my erection. She dropped immediately to her knees and clasped both hands around it and looked like she was praying to me. She twisted and stroked both hands around my fat shaft, the whole time staring at me and pleading forgiveness with her eyes. She dropped down and began to tenderly lick and kiss my balls while both hands still pumped my shaft.

For a girl who had little experience sucking cock and claimed not to like giving blowjobs, she sucked me wonderfully. She was eager and loving, working her tongue over every inch of me and devouring my head. She was no doubt sore from the vicious throat abuse I had given her hours earlier, so she didn’t take me very deep, but she made up for it by giving me the most skillful and heartfelt suck job I’d ever felt.

Amanda was shivering, she wanted to be part of the action that bad. Michelle finally released my cock and shifted to face Amanda. Her hand still rhythmically pumped my shaft, but as she did she used her other hand to ease Amanda’s legs apart just enough to give her access to Amanda’s dripping pussy. Michelle leaned in and sucked hard on Amanda’s clit, lapping at her little button and nearly dropping Amanda to her knees from pleasure.

When Michelle returned to my cock, she left one hand behind, two fingers pumping up into Amanda’s cunt. She alternated like this for a long time, sucking my cock and eating Amanda’s pussy until we both were teeming with lust.

Michelle finally stood up and turned to face Amanda. As she did she bent forward and spread her legs, giving me a view of her dark pussy hair. It occurred to me that I hadn’t yet fucked Michelle’s pussy. Since she’d been here she’d received constant punishment, which I chose to administer to her divine asshole and her poor throat, and I hadn’t yet deemed her deserving of any pussy pleasure. While she still wasn’t deserving, I realized I was desperate to get inside her cunt for the first time.

She reached a hand between her legs and opened herself, and I saw her pink folds spreading deep beneath a forest of hair. She arched up and gently placed herself onto my rigid cock, pausing to line her tiny opening up with my substantially wider cock, before slowly lowering herself onto me.

Her pussy was tight and wonderful, clearly less fucked than slutty Amanda’s, and it barely stretched around me. She screamed and panted as she slid down onto me, her slick juices shining on my cock. I wanted so badly to thrust up into her, to fuck her stupid, but I restrained and let her work my cock with her cunt.

Finally, after much screaming, Michelle’s ass rested on my hips, my cock crammed up against the deepest inner walls of her vagina. Michelle’s legs trembled as she sat on me, and she couldn’t hide the wide smile on her face as she enjoyed being impaled on my cock. After a few moments she began to bounce on it, stopping repeatedly to shake and swear with pleasure, until finally she had massaged her cunt enough to move happily on my cock.

Once she felt comfortable, she bent forward so her back was parallel to the floor, her magnificent athletic ass spread to me, and she was again pushed against Amanda. Michelle reached both hands up and restarted fingering Amanda, this time jamming her fingers with the rhythm of her strokes on my cock, and groping at Amanda’s legs and ass as she did. Amanda broke the rules some, slouching her back against the wall to both get better support and to allow her to open her legs slightly further for Michelle.

The bathroom was filled with screams and echoes as all three of us experienced immense pleasure. Michelle’s pussy had a vice grip on my cock and I regretted waiting to fuck it until now. Amanda, the slut, was worked easily to an orgasm, shuttering and nearly falling.

Michelle, too, began to quake and lose her balance as a deep, cunt shattering orgasm rocked up from deep within her. Her slick cum soaked my cock and her pussy clamped spastically as she wailed.

Michelle disengaged from Amanda and carefully pulled herself off my cock. My throbbing rod glistened, soaked in her juices, and she spun around and climbed up onto me. She knelt awkwardly on the sink, straddling me, and lowered herself back onto me with a deep moan. She pushed herself down as deep as she could and crammed her face up next to mine.

“You don’t deserve my cum, whore,” I whispered to her.

“Oh, please, master, let me have it.”

“Beg, you fucking slut.”

Michelle chanted into my ear as she rocked on me, “please, master, please let me have your cum, fuck, please, I’m begging you, I want your cum so />
Her begging and fucking had brought me to the edge, and I ordered her onto her knees. I pulled Amanda close to me and dropped her to her knees as well. She opened her mouth and I crammed my thick cock inside, cum launching from me just as I crossed into Amanda’s waiting mouth.
Michelle protested and I slapped down on her violently.

“Hey! You don’t get rewarded for giving us the apology that you owed us.” I arched and kept firing, pumping thick ropes into the red-headed slut’s mouth. Amanda swallowed hard and often, barely keeping up with the flow, and once again proved herself to be a serious cum slut.

I pumped out the last thick wads and pulled free, slapping my spent but heavy cock down onto Michelle’s face. “Now, if you can be a good girl like that again, then you’ll get />
Michelle was sullen but she nodded understanding and nibbled as much leftover cum off my cock as she could find.

About a week went by and my slaves had started to show better behavior. I still beat them and fucked them mercilessly, but each girl was good enough to be allowed to swallow torrents of fresh cum daily. After a week or so I decided they were ready for the big event, and I arranged a special party for the approaching weekend…

story by: metropolis

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Author: metropolis

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