The stone part 2

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Part 2
Chapter 4
Back to School. Monday.

I was sitting at my desk in English Class. My desk was the last in the third row, Lulu was the third deskin the first row. She glanced around at me at least twice and each time I smiled at her.

After a few minutes she seemed to be restless and was moving around in her seat.. I decided to help her …If I could. I reached into my pocket and grabbed the stone and thought…In my mind I was grasping the crotch and rear of her panties, I began to saw back and forth.Lulu's finely shaped ass was bouncing all over her desk seat.

The teacher Mr.Baron was starring mouth agape. “Miss Vance.Sit still or go to the office.”

Lulu stopped and sat still her cheeks were flushed one hand was stroking her cheek while her other was shoved into her crotch as though trying to hold something down. I smiled and lifted her panties and took a large sniff. Wonderful aroma.

A half hour later the bell rang announcing the end of third period. Everyone arose quickly heading for their last class before lunch. Lulu was the last to leave the classroom, Mr Barron watched her all the way out the door. It was obvious he had something on his mind but decided to let it go.

I watched her stop by her locker she opened it and leaned into it … She was still embarrassed but trying to hide it. I walked up to her standing where my front couldn't be seen. I smiled and said . “Hey Lulu, you might need these. '' I dropped her panties in her locker.

As I walked away I said, “Oh ! And Lulu they really smelled nice. See you at home later…” Her face was ablaze as she grabbed her panties, stuffed them in her shirt and headed for the restroom.

Numerous times I felt a dagger like stare pointed at the back of my head. I would turn to see Lulu looking my way, I would just smile. At lunch My mother called, Grandpa was worse so they weren't coming home yet. If I needed more money I was to go to Dad's office and see his partner.

After school I watched baseball practice and used the stone to make a Cheer leader's boobs to bounce out of her blouse, I decided it was time for Lulu to finish her soccer practice so it was time to go home. I walked up the drive and heard the porch swing squeaking.

I half expected it to be Joni but I knew she had gone back to college. I smiled when I realized it was Lulu. “How did you beat me home?”

“I skipped Soccer practice. I think we need to talk.”

“Oh ! We do? What about?”

“Quit being a jokester how did you do it?” I looked at her with a blank expression.

“ I don't know what you are talking about?”

“ My Panties, dumb shit, How did you get them?”

“Why surely you felt me pull them off of you.”

“I felt them being pulled off of me …But that doesn't explain how.”

I blew on my fingernails and smiled, “Just good I guess, besides I wanted to see how you smelled and it was good.”

She actually snarled at me and ran to her house. I could have used the stone on her but I wanted her to want me. I could play around with others but I wanted Lulu to be mine, so I didn't stop her. I just sat there smiling…Until I felt like I was being watched… I turned around…

“Hi Tommy,” There stood Mrs Holden, a vision in a white Tennis dress and Tee Shirt.

Instant red face, gulp, “Hi Mrs Holden.”

“Call me Coral.”

Gulp, “Okay… Coral.”

“Tommy I need your help” I nodded and she started around to he side gate. I stumbled along behind her.

When we arrived in her back yard I noticed she had a 12' extension ladder laying on the ground.

“I was bouncing a tennis ball with my racket and it bounced to high landing on the roof. It rolled back down but got hung up in the gutter. I need you to put the ladder on the roof and steady it while I climb up and get my ball.”

The image that came to my mind, I guess she thought I was goofy, all I could do was nod my head..I picked up the ladder and leaned it on the roof. Before I could offer to get the ball she started to climb.

“Now hold the ladder.”

I grabbed the ladder and looked up….My face was no longer just red…it was on fire. Mrs Holder was not wearing panties. I began to sweat. The stone … I never even thought about it. I stared at her pussy it was red like it had been rubbed quite recently.

I knew her husband didn't do the rubbing. He worked overseas in the oil fields of the Mid East…he only came home every three months. I was responsible for the yard work and any thing else that was needed, Looking at her pussy made me feel like I had gotten a promotion..

I leaned forward to get a whiff of her aroma, I vaguely heard her say, “I've got it.” She turned around and took a downward step causing the short skirt to pass over my head.

Her pussy passed over my nose and came to a stop right in front of my mouth. It was impossible to stop my tongue from grabbing a taste. I ran my tongue as deep as I could and tried to suck in as much of her tasty pussy in to my mouth. I heard her say oooh and felt her place her hands on my head and pull me in as deep as she could.

I realized what I was doing and pulled my head up and said “ I'm Sorry.”

She pulled my head back into her pussy and said, />
Sounded like a green light to me. I began to lick her pussy lips first the outer then the inner. But the most response was when I found her clit. I worked her pussy over relentlessly.
My balance was beginning to go and I didn't wish to make her fall. She had managed to get her legs over my shoulders and now had those legs wrapped around my head. Her butt was resting on one of the ladder rungs. She was beginning to slip when she began to really twist her hips her orgasm was nearing and so was my endurance . She had my head pulled in so tight I was losing my breath. Then her heels began to beat up and down on my back and than she went limp… All the time she had been silent other than a few soft moans.

I let her down to the pool apron and momentarily just admired her. I lifted her tee shirt to view her fabulous breast encased in a sports bra. I pulled one out and groped it and pinched the nipple then took it into my mouth and rolled it around. I looked at her face, Her eyes were open and she was smiling.

“Thanks Tommy, wish I had more time but have a Tennis lesson.”

“ Are you going like that?” I nodded towards her bare pussy.

She blushed and said , “No, I have Tennis Shorts I wear just haddn't put them on as yet.”

I smiled and she said , “We will finish this later.”

story by: Wolfen1

Tags: fiction consensual sex mind control male / older female sex story

Author: Wolfen1

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