The touch

sex stories

Ed went to his window to investigate the noise he heard outside and discovered an old man in the alley, rooting through the trashcan for something to eat. He felt a little sympathy for the old guy, and opened the window.

“Hey, do you want to come in here and have some real food?” he asked. The old guy looked up, startled, but then he nodded and dropped the empty can of beans into the cavernous pocket of his ratty trench coaat.

He brought the older gentleman into his apartment and got him a frozen dinner into the microwave, then sat down in the living room with him.

“So, what’s your story?” he asked. “Why do you have to dig through garbage for food?” The old man looked at him and chuckled.

“What makes you think I don’t have any other options?” he said in a gravelly voice. “I can make anyone do anything I want, using only the power of my mind!”

“Yeah, right!” Ed scoffed. “If that’s true, then get the brunette that lives across the hall to come in here and do us a />
“Is that all you want her to do, tease us?” asked the old man. “Or should she let us use her body any way we want?”

Ed said wryly. an avowed lesbian, she told me. She’ll never come in here, let alone do anything!” The microwave dinged.

your dinner.” Ed said. “It’s okay to eat it in here, as long as you don’t make a mess.”

“Very kind of you, young man. May I have something to drink, as well?”

“Of course.” Ed replied. “Would a beer suit you?”

“Oh, that would be lovely!” he sighed. “While you’re getting it, perhaps you should answer the door, as well. I think you’ll find your lesbian neighbor there, ready for anything you want to give her.”

“Yeah, right! I wish, because I haven’t been laid for over a month.”

Ed went to the kitchen and brought the old man his food. The tray was taken gratefully, and then the old man looked pointedly at the front door.

“I don’t think you should keep her waiting. It’s not polite, you know.”

Ed went to the front door and opened it, and to his great surprise, his beautiful neighbor was standing there! He stepped out of her way, and she went right into the living room without a word.

“Her name is Michelle.” the old man told him. “Tell her to do something. She’s yours to />
“You really weren’t kidding, were you?” Ed asked in disbelief.
“Michelle, tell me, why are you here?”

“I don’t know.” she answered. “I just felt like coming over, I guess.”

“Ed, tell her to do something! I want to know what you will do with such a beautiful woman at your disposal! What sort of man are you?
I’m dying, and I need to pass this gift, or curse, this Touch I have, but I need to know that it’s going to the right person!” said the old man. “Tell her to do whatever you want her to do, so I can see if you’re the right one!”

Ed looked at the strange old man, then at Michelle. She was standing in the middle of the room, wearing a blue summer dress that tied at her neck. He really wanted to see her take it off, but somehow it seemed wrong to make her do it when he knew she would never do any such thing if she was in control of herself.

“Michelle, you should go home.” he said quietly. “I’m sorry that I got you involved in this.”

“So, he has a the old man smiled. good to know, but it doesn’t really tell me what I want to know about you. Tell her to do />
Ed gulped hard, then went over to the woman in his living room and stood in front of her, looking into her eyes.

“Michelle, I want you to disrobe.” he told her. She lifted her hands to her neck and untied the string, letting the front of the dress fall to her waist. Not a flicker of concern entered her expression as he ogled her smallish breasts.

“Get on your knees and open my pants.” he said, and watched in disbelief as she obeyed. “Stroke your fist on it until it gets hard, then take it in your mouth and suck on it.”

Michelle did as she was told, taking his cock deep in her mouth without choking once. After a few moments of the best head he’d ever gotten, he groaned and pushed her face away.

“Any more of that, and I would have come in your mouth!” he said. “What do you think of that?”

“If that’s what you want.” she said, casually. “Should I keep sucking it?”

“Not yet.” he replied. “I thought you were a />
“I am.” she said. “The idea of doing anything sexual with a man terrifies me. My brother raped me when I was fifteen, and my cousin Penny found me and took care of me. Ever since then, I’ve just been more comfortable with women, and scared of men.”

“Well, what about right now? I’m a man, and you just sucked my cock!” He helped her stand up and led her over to the sofa.

“I don’t know.” she said, looking a little confused. “You told me to do it, so I did.”

“What if I tell you to get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind? Would you do it?” he asked.

she said, getting down on all fours.

“Pull your dress up so it’s out of the way.” he said, so she did. He saw her lovely ass exposed, clad in only a silky pair of green thong panties. “God, you have a great looking ass!” he exclaimed. “Pull your panties aside so I can see your pussy!”

She reached back and pulled them to the side, then put her hand back on the floor. He could see her clit peeking out from its hooded sheath, but her labia were still closed.

“Touch yourself.” he told her. “Get your pussy all wet for my cock!”

She reached back and rubbed her pubic mound with her hand, then worked first one, then two fingers inside and frigged herself until she was moaning a little.

“Look at me, Michelle.” he said. She turned her head and looked at him over her shoulder. “Are you ready for me?”

she nodded. He grinned at her wickedly.

“Beg for it.” he instructed. “Beg me to fuck you.”

“Ohh, I want your cock inside me!” she said. “I want you to put your big cock in me and fuck me until I come! Give it to me; I’m ready for it! Fuck me, fuck me now!”

“You got it, Michelle, get ready, ‘cause here it comes!” Ed put his erection right up against her wide-open labia and pushed it inside, burying half his length inside with the first push. She was really tight and hot on him, and it felt incredibly great. He put his hands on her hips and sank it the rest of the way in, then lay down over her back and whispered in her ear.

“You have a man’s cock all the way inside you. “What do you think about that?” Before she could reply, he began fucking her with strong, steady strokes that used every one of his seven inches.

She was moaning in ecstasy as his prick buried itself in her repeatedly from behind, but then it slipped out accidentally.

“Oh, God, give it to me!” she begged shamelessly. “Put it back in and make me come!”

“In your ass, Michelle. I’m going to fuck you in the ass, now. You’ll get even more pleasure from that, won’t you?” he said. She nodded her head and turned to look at him again.

“Oh, yes, in my ass! Fuck my ass and make me come that way.” He took himself in hand and fitted the head of it against her brown backdoor, then pushed it inside. She screamed in delight as he penetrated her anally and met every one of his thrusts with a backwards push to get him deeper. A few moments later, she quivered and gasped as she experienced one of the most powerful orgasms she’d ever had.

He pulled out of her and rolled her over onto her back, then sat astride her chest and stroked his cock in his fist. He pushed it at her mouth, and she opened right up and sucked on it eagerly.

“I’m going to come.” he warned her. going to swallow every drop I shoot, right?”

She nodded frantically, pleading for it with her eyes as her cheeks hollowed from the force of her sucking. Only a moment later, he shot his wad and she gulped at the load of hot, salty musk until it was all gone.

“Oh, God, Michelle, that was fantastic!” he said, he said, helping her to her feet. “How do you feel?”

“I- I think I she said, distractedly. “I need to lay down. I feel sort of weird.”

“Do you want to go home, or do you want to stay here?” he asked, putting his cock away. Her hair was a mess, and her dress was rumpled and still undone. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“She needs to go home.” said the old man, standing up with an effort. “We have things we need to discuss, you and me.”

“Did I pass the test, then?” Ed asked, turning to face him.

“You did everything I would have done myself, my boy, and with a bit more concern for her well being than I would have shown her. Indeed, I’ve had a few lesbians myself, and mostly I just grudge-fucked them with no remorse whatever. Its nice to see you have some moral fiber; it wouldn’t be right to give this power to some one without a soul.”

The old man came over to Ed and reached out, touching his face with almost a loving caress, then collapsed to the floor. Ed went to his knees beside the old man, but his body was emanating a cold mist and fading.

“Wait, there’s so much more I want to ask you!” Ed cried, but the old man was dead, and moments later, his body had disappeared into nothingness, like he’d never been there at all. Even the empty bean can was gone.

“What do I do now?” he thought to himself, and noticed that Michelle was still there, although she’d straightened up her dress.

“Do you have anyone in your apartment?” he asked Michelle.

“Just my room-mate.” she answered. “I think she was going to have company over soon, though. She might even be there by now.”

Ed had definitely felt a tingle when the old man touched him, and wondered if he really did have the power to control other people. He reached out with his mind, thinking about Michelle’s apartment, and suddenly he could `see` in there. He was astonished to find that there were two women in there, and he sent the idea that they should come across the hall to his apartment. A moment later, there came a knock on his door, and he opened it to find a stunning blonde standing there with a very disgruntled look on her face and her hands on her hips. There was another girl there as well, looking hard at the floor and trying to melt into the wall.

“Who are you?!” the blonde demanded. “What have you done with my roommate, Michelle?

he asked, innocently. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

give me that shit!” she said, elbowing him aside. “I see her in there!” She went right into the living room and looked Michelle up and down. “Oh my God, you raped her!” she said, accusing him.

“I did no such thing!” he denied, mildly. “She was a willing participant in everything we did.”

screeched the blonde. afraid of men; she’d never do anything willingly with you. It was rape, all right, and I’m going to call the cops!” She went towards the door, but he put out his arm and stopped her.

“I can prove that I didn’t rape her.” he said. He raised his voice, slightly. “Michelle, come over here and suck my cock again, and show Amanda how good you are at it, okay?”

Michelle didn’t answer; she just went right up to him and got down on her knees, opening his pants without hesitation. Amanda watched in stunned disbelief as her room-mate got out this stranger’s cock and started sucking on it like she’d been doing it all her life.

“What have you done to her?” Amanda whispered. “It’s not />
“Sure it is.” he smiled at her. He flexed his mind, using his strange power once more. “And as soon as you’re naked, you may get on your knees and help her.”

crazy.” Amanda told him, shaking her head as she unbuttoned her blouse. “I’m never going to do that! I hate men and their cocks!” She dropped the shirt to the floor, revealing a black lacy bra. Then she opened the snap and zipper of her denim skirt and let it drop, stepping out of it. All she had on was skimpy lingerie, and looked very sexy in it. “God, I hate men and their `take the world and everything in it` attitude! Is this okay, or do you want me totally nude?”

“Well, I had Michelle with most of her clothes on; do you want me to have you the same way?” he asked. Somehow, he knew that that would inspire her to strip the rest of the way.

She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, revealing twin mounds of tit, capped by tiny pink nipples.

“Hold on a moment!” he told her, pulling out of Michelle’s mouth to go over to her. He took one of her pointy tits in his lips and suckled on it for a moment as he pushed her panties down with both hands.

As her moved his mouth to her other nipple, he fingered her with one hand, using the other to steady her as her knees grew weak. Finally, he let her slide down through his arms until she was kneeling before him. “Suck it, honey. Take my cock in your mouth and suck it!”

“Mmm, I don’t do this, you know.” she told him, letting him rub his cock all over her face and lips. “I hate men and their penises. I’m a confirmed lesbian. I’ll never let a man put his filthy thing in my mouth. I’d rather die than let any man do that to me!”

“Open up, Amanda, I’m going to fuck your mouth with my filthy cock. I just got done fucking your girlfriend, and now I’m going to do it to you, too.” he said, then pushed his cock head between her lips.

“Oh, yeah, baby, just like that! You’re really good at this, for a fucking dyke! Are you sure you haven’t done this before? Take the whole thing, now, all the way into your fucking throat and suck it like the whore I know you really are!”

“Oh, God, I am a filthy whore!” she said, then went down on his whole length. “I am, I really />
“I don’t said a mousy little brunette. She was Amanda’s guest, who’d been standing by the door, meekly trying not to be noticed. “I just came to Amanda’s because she seemed like the woman to dominate me, but now I see her doing this… I think I’ll just go.”

“Hold it right there!” Ed ordered. The girl froze in her tracks, apprehension written all over her face. He used his new power and made her come closer. She couldn’t meet his gaze, so he took her chin and lifted her face until she was looking straight into his eyes.

your name?” he asked her. She had no choice but to answer.

she whispered. “My name is Anne.”

“Ever had sex with a man, Anne?” he asked, gently. She pulled her head back and looked at the floor.

“No.” she mumbled. “Please, mister, please, don’t make me do that.” She was staring helplessly at Amanda, who was still bobbing her head up and down his cock.

“Correct me if I’m mistaken, but didn’t you just say that you like being told what to do?” he asked her.

I just want to go home! I only thought Amanda was… Please let me go home!” she begged, her eyes misting up. “I just wanted to try sex with another woman, but I wasn’t sure. It would have been easier if she took a little of the choice away, you know? I definitely don’t want to have sex with a man; I’m saving myself for my />
“How quaint,” Ed smiled. “Saving yourself. Doesn’t that seem a little old fashioned to you?”

“It’s how I was brought up.” she replied, simply. “I know it’s not fashionable anymore; but my parents were pretty strict with me.”

“I see. Hold on just a moment, okay? I’d love to finish this fascinating conversation, but I’m about to come in Amanda’s mouth.”

“Oh, uh, sure.” said Anne, nervously. “Should I wait outside, or />
he gasped. you curious about it, though?”

“Well, yes, I guess so.” she replied. “I guess I’m curious about every sort of sex. I’m a little scared, too.”

natural.” he told her, pushing Amanda’s head away. “Watch me shoot my stuff all over her face. Get down on your knees beside her, so you can see it really close up!”

“I can see it just fine from here.” she said, wryly. “How are you getting them to do this?”

“I- I, uh, uhhh, OHHH, YEAH!!!!” he shouted, bursting a huge spray of come directly into her open mouth. It contained an easy quarter cup of fluid, and the second was even larger, shooting in long, ropy splatters all over her nose and both cheeks, making a mess of her perfect make-up and the third one went into her hair. She was a dripping, gooey mess, and a small smile touched the corners of her mouth as she licked her lips and swallowed to clear her mouth.

“God! That was amazing!” said Anne, in a small voice, almost a whisper. “What the hell did you drug her with?”

“No drugs.” he said, putting his cock away. “I can undo everything I’ve done to her.” he said, putting his arm around the girl and leading her away. He stopped suddenly and looked her right in the eye.

not afraid of me, are you?” His voice had almost a hint of wonder in it. not afraid of me at />
“Should I be?” she asked. “You won’t hurt me, will you?” She shook her head, answering her own question. “Of course you She took his arm and walked with him into the living room.

“But you haven’t seen a full demonstration of my power.” he said. “Uh, here, sit on the sofa.”

She sat and watched him walk over to Michelle, who was still on her knees in the center of the room.

“How do you feel, />
she sighed. “Inside, I’m seething mad about what you just made me do, but I somehow can’t DO anything about it. It’s like you have control of my mind or something.” She let out a little screaming laugh, an obvious sign of someone who is close to cracking. “I’m thinking I’ll suicide when I get out of here; I can’t live like this.”

Anne let out a small gasp and covered her mouth.

“Come in here, Amanda.” Ed called out. She came in right away, still covered in his sperm. “How do you feel?”

“Oh God, I don’t know what to feel!” she wailed. “I feel like I’ve been made so dirty I can never get clean, ever again.” She broke down, sobbing.

“Stop that crying, Amanda, right now!” he ordered, and she stopped at once, not even sniffling. Her face was blank, not showing any emotion at all.

“Do you want to go back to the way you were before?” he asked gently. “The way it was before you ever came in here?”

“Oh, yes, more than anything!” she sobbed desperately, looking up at him hopefully. Realization that it could never be hit her a moment later, and her face fell as she looked down at the floor.

“Is there anything about yourself you would change, Amanda?” he asked her, gently.

“No.” she said. “Well, maybe I’d like my ass a little smaller, and I’ve been struggling to quit />
“Well, both of those things should be no problem.” he said. “I’m going to let you go, now, and when you get out of the shower, you’re going to find that you have washed off all your cravings for nicotine, the five pounds of lard from your ass, and everything that happened to you will seem like a bad dream, barely remembered. Would you like that?”

“Oh, God, this is all a dream, right? I’m dreaming, and all this is a nightmare!” Her voice had a hysterical note of relief in it, the sound of someone who has just been given the logical explanation of some miraculous wonder that had baffled the scientific community for centuries

right, Amanda, you have just been dreaming.” he said, reassuringly. “Now, you are going to go get Michelle, and take her back to your apartment, take a shower with her and get her all cleaned up, then you two are going to lay down on the bed together and fall asleep. When you awaken together, you are going to compare the dreams you had and find the similarities remarkable, and a sure sign that you two are truly meant for each other. This was all a bad dream.”

Amanda wasted no time, going into the other room and collected Michelle. “Come on, honey, we’re going to get you home and cleaned up, then we’re going to sleep, and when we wake, it will all be okay.” She gave the brunette woman a small kiss on the face, then shuddered as she noticed that some of his come had been transferred to her friend’s cheek as she did so. “Come on, Michelle, we both need to get cleaned up.”

“Okay, how did you do that to them?” Anne asked, after the two women had left. “WHAT did you do to them?”

“I used the power of my mind on them.” he said. “I invited some old homeless guy in, and he touched me, than died, and now I have his power.”

“Yeah, right!” she said scornfully. “Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?

“Oh yeah?” he challenged? “How else can you explain what you just saw here? Got a better />
“No, but you have to admit, it is a little she said. “Can you prove it? Make me do />
“I don’t want to.” he said. “I want you to do something of your own free will.”

“All right.” she said, heading towards the door. “Of my own free will, I’m />
“Is that really what you want to do?” he asked. “Are you sure? You will never have another opportunity like this again in your whole life.”

She paused. “No, I don’t want to leave. But I do want to see a real demonstration of your power.”

“So what you’re saying is, you want me to demonstrate my power on someone else, other than you.”

“I guess so.” she answered. “Or you can use it on me, if you want. Just don’t make me do anything like what you did to Michelle and Amanda, okay?”

“Really? So I have to leave all your clothes on?”

“Yes, please.” she said, primly. “Although, if you can do what you say you can do, I really won’t have any choice about it, will I?”

he said smugly. “Take off your sweater and jeans.”

but I’m not wearing any underwear!” she said, her eyes opening wide.

he said. be one less thing for me to tell you to do.”

“I’m not taking anything off unless you make me do it.” she said defiantly. “I don’t believe you have any power at all.”

he asked, raising his eyebrows. “Well, I already told you I don’t want to make you do anything, and I still don’t but you’ll believe me if I prevent you from stopping me from doing whatever I want, right?”

“Well, yeah, I guess so.” she said. “What do you mean?”

“Would you let me take your sweater off myself?” he asked.

“Normally, you’d try to stop me, right?”

she whispered. “No. I don’t know.” She looked confused. “I might let you do it.”

“Well, let’s just put you to the test, then.” he said, coming over to her. He put his hands on her hips, then pulled her close and kissed her softly on the lips. As he did, he wormed his hands under the hem of her sweater and onto her bare skin, sliding them up her ribcage and pushing her garment up with them..

“Raise your arms.: he said, cheek to cheek with her, and she did, letting him take her sweater up and off.

“Oh, oh,” she said, feeling his hands caressing her naked breasts.
“I didn’t stop you because I didn’t want to.”

“I know.” he said. what I like about you so much.” He took a deep breath. “I’m going to take your jeans off now, and then I’m going to eat your pussy.” He kissed his way down her torso, pausing to kiss each of her nipples, then his hands were unbuttoning the top button of her jeans. “You can stop me whenever you want.

He pulled the zipper down, then slid his hands into the waistband and ran them down to her ass.

“You weren’t kidding about no underwear.” he said, feeling the naked skin of the globes of her ass. Her jeans were down around her thighs now, and he skid one hand around, over her hip, then down her lower belly and tried to insert it between her legs. She squirmed her ass back away, closing her legs tightly together and shivered.

“I… I’m not ready for that, yet.” she murmured.

“Then here’s the test.” he said, grinning as he looked into her eyes. “You will go over to the couch, take your pants the rest of the way off, and open your legs wide for me, so I can eat you out.”

“No.” she said, then a look of disbelief came over her face as she proceeded to do just exactly as he had told her to do. By the time she had reached the couch, her jeans were on the floor behind her, and she sat down with her ass at the edge of the cushions and her legs spread as wide as they would go. “Please, please don’t do this to me.” she begged, seeing him coming closer. “I’ve never been with a man before, and I’m scared.”

“It’s okay to be scared.” he said, going to his knees in front of her. He slid his hands up the insides of her thighs as she shuddered and let out a gasp of fear, almost a sob.
“I’m not going to hurt you.” he said, kissing her belly button. “Just the opposite.” He kissed the top of her wispy pubic hair.

“Please stop this!” she begged him. “Please? I’m only />
“I know.” he said. seventeen, a Junior at Franklin High, and this is further than you’ve ever gone in your life.”

she begged. “Please let me go! I’ve changed my mind about this whole thing!”

“Do you believe me?” he asked. “Do you believe me when I say I have the power to make anyone do anything I want?”

“Of course I do” she sobbed. holding me here, open like this, and all I want to do is get dressed and go home!”

“You believe I can make you want what I’m about to do next?”

“Oh, God, please, please don’t do anything to me! I don’t want you to change me at all!”

“Nor do I want to.” he said, gently. “I want to have you just like this. And I am going to have you like this. You’re my reluctant little sex doll, and any embarrassment you feel is just going to increase both our />
He let out a stream of air over her pussy lips, and she began crying for real, knowing that his mouth was going to soon follow, and she was right. She felt an amazing liquid touch lick up the whole length of her slit, and her sobs turned into moans as his tongue found her clit and made several small circles around it.

Her belly heaved as she grew more and more excited as he continued his tongue lashing, and soon her hips were bucking into his mouth as he thrust his tongue deeply into her. She soon began bucking her hips into his mouth as he was lapping her, meeting each of the strokes of his tongue with eager anticipation. Just as she was about to come, she felt him stop and get up.

Why did you stop?” she asked, trying to control her breathing. “What are you doing?” He could hear the alarm in her voice as she saw him drop his boxers to the floor, exposing his cock to her once more. This time, she wasn’t seeing it from the side; she was looking at it head on, and much closer than she had been before.

“No, please.” she begged. “No more, please don’t do anything else to me! I just want to go home.”

“I already told you, I’m not making you do any of this.” he said. He sat on the couch next to her, and turned to kiss her on the lips again. “You know what you want. You know what you want to do next. I’m just going to let you do it. Go ahead and do it now.”

She moaned in denial, but she was moving on the couch, moving to straddle him as she reached down and took his cock in hand. Their kiss continued as she put it between her legs, rubbing it back and forth over her slit until he was seated at the opening to her body.

“Please? I’m still a virgin.” she begged. “Please make me stop this.”

“Anne, do you really want me to impose my will on yours?’ he asked, fondling her breasts. He could feel her rocking her hips back and forth, letting him enter her a fraction, then pulling back. He waited for her down stroke, and thrust his hips up a bit, getting the whole head of it into her.

she hissed between her teeth, feeling her virginal opening stretch to accommodate him. She left it in, and adjusted her rocking motion so that the head of it slipped in and out repeatedly. “I…I just she said, half sobbing, and on the next down stroke, she took more of it into herself. “Please, you have to make me stop!!”

“I don’t want to.” he grunted. “God, you feel so tight and hot!” He thrust his hips up again, gently, and now he was halfway into her.

“Feels so good! I don’t want this to ever stop!!”

“I’m going to…” she gasped, feeling him slide deeper into her. Why a loud cry, she threw herself to the side and curled into a ball on the couch, sobbing loudly.

He moved over next to her and gently pried one of her hands away from her face. She took one look at him and put it back, sobbing even harder.

“Anne, look at me.” he said, softly. She shook her head and turned away. “Look at me.” he said, a little more firmly.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked, obeying him. “Why are you making me feel like this?”

“Anne, I’m not making you do anything. I’m not making you feel anything, either.” he told her.

“But you can.” she said, tearily. “You can make me do anything you want, and feel anything you want. So why are you letting me feel like this? We almost… I almost did it!”

“What I want to know is; why did you stop, Anne?” he asked. “You wanted it, I could feel how much you wanted to.”

“I was scared.” she said, softly. “I was scared of how much I wanted it. I asked you to take those feelings from me; why didn’t you do it?”

“You want to know why?” he asked. “You really want to know?” She nodded dumbly, tears halting.

“Because as good as fucking Michelle felt, it was like fucking a robot.” he answered. I was controlling her emotions, her movements, everything. It was like jerking off with her body instead of my hand.”

He looked deep into her eyes. “I wanted you to fuck me.” he said. I didn’t want to just jerk off into your body. It wouldn’t be right.”

“Why not?” she whispered. what I wanted you to do. That’s why I was seeking someone like Amanda in the first place, to take away my choice in the matter and make love to me. I’m scared of the way I feel; of how deeply I feel.”

nothing to be afraid of.” he said, tenderly. “Most people would give all they have to feel that deeply. I think mostly, they are secretly afraid of how shallow they really are.” He smiled at her.

“Now, would you like to try it again? This time, with />
she said, smiling now. “But, can I ask one favor? Please?”

“You can ask.” he said, smiling back.

“Can I have you on top?” she said, in a small voice. “Please? For my first time?”

“I think you know why not.” he answered, shaking his head. “But if you like, I’ll be on top for your second time.”

He moved back over and sat reclined on the couch. “Come here, Anne, it’s time to give yourself to me.”

she said, then uncurled and got back into his lap. “I’m really going to do it this time.”

“I know.” he said. “And thank you for this.” She once again took him in hand and guided the tip into place. She sat down on it, sighing as it slid smoothly into her well lubricated depths. She put her hands on his chest for balance and started her up and down motions with her hips.

“You had no hymen?’ he asked, feeling her taking his whole length fully into herself.

“I…I guess not.” she said, a look of concentration on her face. “God, this feels />
“I know.” he agreed, tipping her over onto her side. He got between her legs as she opened them for him, and began fucking her with long, deep, powerful strokes. She smiled up at him, her eyes half lidded with pleasure as he stirred up her deepest feelings and sensations that she had never felt before. “Oh, God, Anne, this is so good, so tight, so hot, so wet!” He grunted deeply, then abruptly pulled out of her and spurted several bursts of come onto her belly.

It was so intense that the first one jetted up and splashed against the undersides or her tits, the rest of it coating her belly with long strands of hot, ropy come.

“Oh, God, I just couldn’t hold it anymore.” he said, rolling off her and gasping for breath. He watched with amusement as she toyed with his come, the first she had ever experienced.

She rubbed her fingers through it, feeling its texture and brought it up to where she could see it. She tentatively brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them off, savoring it’s texture on her tongue and tasting it for the first time.

“What do you think, baby?” he asked. “You like it?”

“It’s not so bad.” she said, getting another fingerful, bigger this time. She licked this one off, too, then a third.

“You want to try it straight from the source?” he asked, sitting up. “I’d love it if you sucked me off.”

“I’m not supposed to.” she said, in a small voice. “Good girls don’t do that.”

“Who told you that?” he said, wonderingly. He saw the answer in her mind an instant before she voiced it aloud.

“My mother.” she whispered. “My mother told me good girls don’t do that.”

Right then and there he made up his mind to give her mother a visit that day.

“Well, there’s one thing about you I’m going to be changing.” he said. She looked at him with fear in her eyes.

“No, please she said. “I don’t want to…” her eyes fell to his crotch, and she felt herself moving down towards it.

“Please, I’m she said. “I want to be a good girl!”

“Yes, you are.” he replied. “It’s okay, Anne, lots of girls do this.”

“I know.” she said. “But not me.” She went to her knees in front of him, then looked up at him, her eyes pleading. “Please? Don’t make me do this!”

“You know what I want, Anne.” he said, putting his hands on his hips. She nodded, then reached up her hand and took him in her grasp.

He watched as she leaned her head closer, closer, then it brushed against her tightly closed lips and smiled at the resistance to his lightest command of her mind he could give her. “Open up, Anne, take it in your mouth and suck it.” he told her, not changing the amount of control he was exerting.

She started crying and turned her head to the side. “Please, don’t make me!” she sobbed. “My mother told me to never! Please? I don’t want to be bad!”

“Listen to me very carefully, Anne.” he said, relaxing all his hold on her. “I don’t think you’re a bad girl, and you won’t be a bad girl for doing this.” He moved his right hand and stroked her cheek. “Open up your mouth, take the head of it in, and suck on it. It’s very simple, really.”

“I’m not like them.” she whispered. “I’m not like them.”

he asked, and when she shook her head instead of answering, he looked in her mind and saw the answer there. He could see a group of girls sitting together at a cafeteria table. They were dressed in identical short red cheerleader outfits with a white “R” on their chests.

“What do they do?” he asked. “What do they do that you don’t like about them?”

Again, she didn’t answer, and he looked into her mind for the answer once more. He saw a dirt road with a line of cars parked, and then all the doors opened at the same time. A girl wearing one of the red cheering outfits got out of each one and got into the car adjacent.

“Oh, my.” he said. “Are they doing what I think they are doing?”

“The boys in the cars are the football team.” she whispered. “They took the State title last year, and as a reward, they all got a blowjob from every />
“Except you.” he said, suddenly seeing her wearing one of the red outfits. “And they kicked you off the squad because of it.”

she said, fresh tears streaming down her cheeks. “I’m scared. Please don’t make me. I’m not like them.”

“No, I agree, Anne, you’re not like them.” he said, coldly. “I’m sure they didn’t want to go from car to car, from boy to boy, but they did.”

She looked up at him, astonished at the tone he took with her.

“They made a pact, they gave their word, and they kept their honor, even if they gave up something else.” He looked down at her sternly. “I’m not sure I want to keep you />
she whispered. />
“Look, Anne, I picked you today because I saw you were different than other girls, you are unique. But now I see that you’re a liar, just like all the rest of them. You can go, I don’t want anything more to do with you.”

Now she began sobbing in earnest. “No, please, I’ll do it, please don’t send me away.” She turned her face back to the front, opened her mouth, and hesitantly took the head of his cock in her mouth, shuddering with revulsion as she did.

“Anne, I don’t want to do this if you don’t want to.” he said. “I can make everyone do anything I want. You are special to me because I’m not going to make you do anything. So don’t do this if you don’t want to.”

She took her mouth off him and looked up at him. “I don’t want to go. If doing this means I get to stay, then I want to do it.” she said.

“What if I said you could stay even if you don’t do it?” he said.

“Would you still want to?”

“You really want me to do it, though, don’t you?” she asked. “I’ll do it because it will make you happy.” She took him into her mouth again, sucking lightly on his cockhead. He groaned, feeling her mouth working on him. She went down deeper, sucking lightly as she did.

“Ohh, yeah, Anne, just like that.” he sighed, feeling her begin a slow bobbing motion up and down on his length. “Keep doing it like that, and I’m going to come.”

She increased her speed a little, maintaining her steady suction by swallowing the copious amounts of saliva her mouth was producing. She could feel him getting closer and closer to his orgasm, and sped up even a little more.

“Ohhh, GOD, get ready, Anne, get ready!” he said. it… comes!!” he groaned loudly, and his cock began spewing jet after jet of come into her mouth. She continued the steady suction by swallowing each spurt as it erupted, not missing a single drop.

Finally, he had to push her mouth off him, as she refused to stop, even after he’d stopped producing.

“Ohhh, Anne, that’s nice. “ he said. a good girl, a good girl.” he said, stroking her hair soothingly. “Ohh, yeah, such a good girl.”

He knew that telling her this would help undo the early programming her mother had instilled in her. He could have removed it instantly with his new power, but again, he wanted her to be the one person in his life he didn’t sway, mentally.

“Is this guy all satisfied, now?” she asked, patting his cock with her hand as she got to her feet.

“For the now.” he said, smiling at her. “I can get it ready again whenever you want, though.”

she said. “I like that idea.” she said. go out and have some fun.

“What kind of fun?” he asked. “Fun with my new power?”

she said. “I’ve got some people I’d like you to meet.”

he agreed. “Do you want me to change them, too?”
“I just want you to meet them, first.” she said. “You can decide what to do on your own.”

story by: Impax

Tags: blowjob fantasy mind control male / females male domination sex story

Author: Impax

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