The truth about nikki – pt10

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The Truth About Nikki – pt10 – ever changing lives

Note: Again, I have changed the names of the men that I dated from the time that I moved to Seattle and thereafter. These diary posts are intended to tell my story, not to embarrass the men whom I have spent time with over the years.

The next morning around 8 am I retrieved my son from the neighbors house, took him home for his favorite breakfast before filling the tub for his morning bath. After washing all of his dirty spots I left him to play while I went to unpack my overnight bag and repack it with clean panties etc. As soon as I unzipped the side pocket I saw the wad of cash, which I had already forgotten about. It stunned me at the amount that Stu had given me. I figured that it was either a 100% tip or a mistake on his part. I folded the agreed upon amount and put it in my wallet and stored the remainder in case he called saying that he had made a mistake. In only two nights out I had made enough money to pay all of our bills for two months with a bit left over and if Stu didn’t call about the other cash then I was set for three months. That settled any cash flow problems that I may encounter.

My boy finished his bath and I helped dry him off and dress then popped a cartoon movie in for him to watch. I had planned on a day at the beach but it was pouring down rain so it was going to be an inside day today for us. Now that my only TV was filled with cartoons, I decided to call my few friends and say hi.

I called my old roommate Anna first and after chatting for just a minute or so, she told me that not only was she pregnant by Michael but that they were getting married and wanted me to be her maid of honor at their wedding. I was terribly happy for them and decided to take that entire week to be down in Portland to help her out because I would be finished with school by that time anyway. We spent at least another hour talking about arrangements and such. After the wedding She and Michael would be moving to Denver as he had now graduated from college in Portland and had been recruited right away. Besides as she noted, there would be little chance of running into one of our old customers in Denver. As we hung up It hit me that I was fucking myself up right here in Seattle by getting back into the business, what if I got a job offer right here local when I graduated in another year or so. Which brought the question to mind of how many hospitals or laboratories would hire a prostitute, if it became known. What if one of my clients worked in that hospital or lab, wouldn't that cause a mess.

I sat and began to re-evaluate my decision to "work" part time. On one hand, I was unwilling to become celibate again, yet on the other side of the card I didn't want to destroy my reputation before I could even establish one. It seemed like I was in a catch 22 situation. I sure didn't want to try picking up guys on the fly at clubs and bars, which was playing Russian roulette as far as I was concerned. The men I had been dating for the last few years had all been vouched for as being clean and disease free. Men in the bars were an unknown, one that I couldn't risk.

I decided that I really needed some fatherly advice so I picked up the phone and called Kevin. Hearing his voice calmed me but I still almost broke down when I explained my situation and thoughts. After I was through venting my woes on his shoulder he calmly explained to me that he would fix it, he didn't know how right at this moment but not to worry my pretty little head about it. My fears now put away because my black daddy was now in control again, I moved on and began to talk about other things. Soon we worked around to whom I had dated if anyone and I told him in brief terms about my 2 dates so far. Kevin's voice was very soothing to me and when he asked me to go over me dates in minute detail I didn't hesitate to tell him every thing that had happened during both dates. When I had finished he said that he wished that I were there with him because at that moment he had grown a huge fucking hard on, which now needed tending to. Every tiny detail of his superb cock flashed back into my head, I could almost feel the heat and smell it's musk. Of all the men that I had ever bedded, Kevin had by far the most magnificent cock that I had ever seen or felt between my legs. I told him that I was getting wet just visualizing his beautiful cock in my hands again and he told me that he was sitting in his office stroking his cock thinking of my white pussy stretched around his cock too. I began telling him how much I missed his touch and the feel of his cock within me and he said that he missed me terribly too, that I had been his favorite slut of all times. I had of course heard of phone sex before but had never thought that I could get into it, but I was now so wet that I peeked in at my son to make sure he was ok, then slipped into my bedroom so I could finger my pussy while listening to Kevin's strong voice. I described just how I would suck his beautiful cock and was rewarded by hearing his voice change even before he grunted and came. His voice seemed to boom in my ears as he told me that he wanted to fill my hot nasty cunt with his seed instead of shooting it in his trash can like he had just done. I couldn't take it any more and came too, with the visual of his thick hot sperm spraying from his huge black cock. When I told him that I wanted him to fuck me too, he said that he just might have to make a little trip up north. As soon as he said it, my hunger for him multiplied and I almost begged him to fly up and stay with me. I had just fucked 4 men the night before but the thought of having Kevin between my legs again made my entire body ache with lust. There was a minute of silence on the line before Kevin asked what my schedule was like for the up-coming week. After I had given him my entire class schedule for the week he signed off and said that he would get back to me. I punched the end button on the phone and stood to head back into the living room only to find that I was trembling from head to toe. Kevin's sexuality had been such a part of my life for these last few years that I felt like a schoolgirl just because of the possibility that he might come to me.

I returned to the kitchen and made lunch for my son and I and we sat down at the table just as the Disney cartoon quit and ejected from the VCR. After lunch we played games for a while then took a walk between rain showers before dinner. At about 8pm I put my boy into his jammies and tucked him in to bed. Not thirty seconds after I had closed his door, the phone rang. It was Kevin; my heart jumped hearing his voice, hoping that he was going to tell me of his plans to visit me. Instead he asked where he could park his car as it seemed like all the slots had apartment numbers on them. I ran to the window and looked down, there was a car in the middle of the lot motionless, and it had to be him. I told him where the visitor parking was and watched as he pulled into an empty slot. I ran from the apartment, down the stairs and rushed to his arms. Our embrace almost became X rated right then and there as I kissed him deeply he shoved his hand down the back of my sweat pants pushing them off my hips and grabbed my ass firmly. As our mouths parted he smiled and said that he had decide not to wait to come up and service me before I went out and fucked some other nigger boy. I couldn't contain myself and almost drug him up the stairs and to my apartment and into my bedroom. Kevin had let me lead him to the bedroom but now he took total control. He sat on the foot of my bed and told me to stand before him and strip like the little cock whore that he knew I was.

I stood before him, my hands trembling with anticipation, what I wanted to do was to tear his clothes off and fuck him silly but he was in charge. So I began by slowly pulling my sweatshirt over my head and tossing it aside before releasing the clasp of my bra and letting it slip from my shoulders to the floor. At this point Kevin motioned for me to come closer and as I did he cupped my breast with one hand and slipped his other hand between my legs, resting his thumb on the mound of my pussy. He began to kneed my breast and roll his thumb back and forth over my breast and pussy before asking me if I was still his cock hungry little slut. My heart felt like it was going to explode but I assured him that I would always be his little slut, whenever he wanted me. He smiled and said that he knew I was horny for some fine black meat because my nipples were diamond hard and my cunt was already swollen and wet. With that he removed his hands and leaned back on the bed before telling me to turn around and pull the rest of my shit off so he could see my nasty little fucking ass. I could feel the juices leaking from my pussy hole and my belly had already began knotting up, and he had barely touched me yet, but I did what I was told and turned away from him, slid my panties and sweats down and stepped out of them. Kevin let out a low growl and said that my hot little ass looked even better than the last time he had seen it. He then sat up and told me to take his shirt off like a good little bitch, my shaking fingers fumbled with the buttons but I finally slid his shirt over his broad shoulders and off. Kevin was in his fifties but he still had strong muscles covering his chest and I rubbed my fingers over it feeling his thick chest hair while looking into his twinkling brown eyes. He had saved the best for last and finally told me to remove his trousers. His huge cock was stretching the fabric of his pants and as I rubbed my hand against it while grasping his zipper he again released a low guttural growl. He lifted his hips and I slid his trousers off revealing my prize, his massively thick 9-inch cock, just as I remembered it. Kevin quit giving orders now; he looked at me, straight into my soul and asked me if still I wanted his big nigger cock in my nasty white pussy. Just hearing him say it almost made me cum but I answered him by gently grasping his fat cock and lifting it 's drooling cock head to my mouth. He knew what was going to happen next, so he just leaned back again and watched me as I used my tongue and gently licked up the thick clear pre-cum that was flowing from the wide slit in his cock. His cream somehow tasted better than any of the men that I had just serviced and I savored its musk and salty tang. His massively thick cock pulsed in my hands as I engulfed his entire cock head in my mouth and began rolling my tongue around it and under it's foreskin. I could still taste the left over sperm from his earlier ejaculation into the wastebasket and felt a wave of heat flush through me because of it. I could take no more; I desperately needed his cock to split my dripping pussy wide open. I released his cock from my grasp and stood up between his legs, he knew me so well that without speaking he slid up on the bed allowing me to move in beside him. His hands pulled us together and we kissed as he rolled smoothly between my legs, his cock gently rubbing over my aching mound. Even before our kiss was broken my hand was guiding his blackness into my dripping pussy. As he rocked his hips forward, driving just the first few inches of his manhood into me, I could feel an orgasm urgently building within me. My hands went instinctively to his hips and as it broke over me I gripped his ass and drifted into heaven. Kevin held his place until I began to recover before driving even more of his huge cock into my very center. As he drove himself deeper into me with each stroke he moaned and said that he loved fucking a black cock loving slut like me. He said that there was nothing better than fucking a slut who loved cock. At that very moment he was absolutely correct in every respect, all I wanted to do was to service him with my entire being. It had been so long since Kevin’s massive cock had been inside me that every time he pressed himself deeper within the folds of my womb it felt as if it was going to split me open. Kevin was a master with his cock, he would slowly press his tool into me then stroke his cock back and forth a few times allowing me to become comfortable with his girth before again forcing his cock even deeper. His hips fell into such a perfect, slow rhythm of fucking, stretching, fucking, stretching, that I came hard again on his cock before he even pressed his manhood fully into my willing womb. This time he didn’t stop fucking me while I came, he drove himself deeper and deeper within me with each of my spasms until I felt his huge tight ball sack press tightly against my ass. As I began to recover I felt the wonderful feeling of being completely filled with man cock moving back and forth within me, the firm muscles of his back flexing as he drove into me and withdrew, and his slow breath on my cheek with each thrust of his cock into my pussy. I opened my eyes and looked into his dark brown twinkling eyes and told him that I had missed being his personal slut so much, that I loved spending time with him more than anyone else in the world. He kissed me, told me that I was his favorite piece of ass, and that he truly missed having my tight cunt handy to milk his cock every day or so too.

I ran my hands down his back, he had given me two wonderful orgasms already and he hadn’t even started to sweat yet, I decided to change all that. I tightened my grip a bit on his flexing as muscles and asked him in more of a begging tone to fuck me hard with his big cock. He chuckled in my ear and whispered back that he was going to fuck the white off my nasty little ass and with that he began to fuck my hole with long, full strokes, smacking his balls hard against me. It felt incredible to be speared like this, as he would pull from me it felt as if his huge cock was sucking my guts out only to be jammed back up my hole into my belly. It took only a few short minutes before I knew that I was going to cum again, but Kevin could read me like a book, so before I could even tell, he whispered in my ear “cum on my cock Nikki, milk that fucking cock with that cunt”. I came so hard, lost for long moments in my special world. As I became aware of being beneath him again, He was chuckling in my other ear and saying that he missed the way my cunt sucked his cock every time I came.

I could feel sweat pooling between us, smell it’s scent, mixed now with the pungent musk of our mingling sex, it smelled perfect to me, everything in my life was perfect at this moment and I told Kevin so. We kissed again and he said that he felt the same way too. I had finally made him sweat which pleased me, his breathing becoming a bit raspy and his fucking a bit harder and faster. I loved cuming on his magnificent cock but I now felt the overwhelming need to feel his black baby seed flood my womb, filling every fold and crevice with his being. I whispered this message into his ear and tugged at his hips, beckoning him to slam that huge cock into my depths. Kevin and I locked eyes for a few seconds as he began to slam his cock into me with ever increasing power, the low squishing sound of our fucking soon became a load wet smacking sound as his cock and balls slammed into me, bouncing my hips down into the mattress with every stroke. His raspy voice in my ear told me to cum on his fucking nigger cock, almost as if on command I was overwhelmed by another huge gut wrenching orgasm, slamming me like huge breakers pounding against ocean rocks. I became aware that I was gasping for breath, clutching this man to me and feeling yet another orgasm rolling up my spine like thunder. As this climax hit me, my last conscious memory was of my sweet Kevin grunting, “breed my little bitch, breed for me”. I opened my eyes as the waves of ecstasy subsided Just as my lover, mentor, friend, and yes pimp, groaned deep down within his chest and bucked into me. His huge cock pulsing with each inward thrust, his huge spurts of semen gushed into me, filling my hole within seconds and forced it’s way around Kevin’s cock and ran from me like a river.

I had forgotten the incredible reality of being fucked by this man, his cock was so thick that I couldn’t help but feel the pulse of his cock as every spurt of his hot sperm filled me. I had only had a handful of men between my legs who had girth to allow me to feel this finality of a mans satisfaction. I lay there now, holding him to me, feeling the last pulses of his cock within me, his hot raspy breath against my breast, and thought about his last words to me. I had volunteered to carry his child once after he had uttered those words to me during our lovemaking only to be strongly rebuked. Yet now, I lay here, holding him to me, wishing that the seed filling me were even now attacking fertile eggs within my womb. I loved this man in some strange way, he could be a hard man, but could also be completely gentle and loving too. I knew the reality of this situation, that in his eyes, I was a whore, a commodity to be sold for profit, and there was nothing that I could ever do throughout the rest of my life that could ever change that perception of me. But I still couldn’t get that thought out of my head as he finally slid his flaccid cock from me and rolled to his back beside me.

I shivered as the air struck my sweat covered body and I rolled to my side resting my head on Kevin’s hairy chest and watched his cum coated cock as it rested there upon his belly, sperm still dribbling from it’s massive head, forming drools of stringy white forming a small puddle on his belly and flowing into his navel. Its beauty beckoned me, I had to touch it, so I slid my right hand to it and ran a single finger from its base to it’s tip, watching it twitch as I did. Kevin let out a small moan and said that it felt so good. I began running my index finger up and down his thick shaft occasionally rolling it around that massive black cock head. I was surprised to see it begin to thicken within just a few minutes of this treatment and was just about to replace my finger with my tongue when again Kevin beat me to the punch by telling me to quit playing with it and suck it.

I slid down his hairy chest and positioned myself between his legs, looking up and into his eyes as I licked the bottom of his twitching cock from its base to its head, rolling my tongue all over that big round cock head until it was free of any speck of his heady sperm. As my tongue ran over the oversized cum hole of his cock his eyelids fluttered and he squirmed and moaned. I knew that his cum hole and the deep slit on the bottom of his cock head were very sensitive so I grabbed his cock with both hands and lifted his heavy cock straight up and drove my tongue deep into that black crevasse. The results were instant as I began to wiggle my tongue around inside his hole, his cock thumped in my grasp and he moaned deeply. His big strong hand caressed my cheek as he told me that I was a natural born cocksucker, that some girls could learn to be good, but that sluts like me were just born with the gene. I answered his remarks by running my tongue up the deep cleft on the underside of his cock head and driving my tongue deeply into his cum hole again, bring more thumps from his massive cock and a deep guttural moan from his lips. I ran my tongue all the way down his bottom of his cock and then down his hanging ball sack making it twitch and begin to pull up a bit. Kevin was uttering his approval of every lick and kiss that I placed on his rapidly hardening cock. I had watched this mans cock harden many times but it always amazed me at the hardness that Kevin’s cock achieved. It became rigid, stiff as a 2×4, my hands that wrapped not quite all the way around him could plainly feel the steady thump, thump, thump, of his heartbeat. A few more long licks around his cock head and ball sack completed his transformation. His cock stood almost straight out from his belly, his balls were now pulled tightly up against the base his beautiful cock, and a small bead of precum was filling his cum hole before overflowing and running down the cleft of his cock head.

Without asking what he wanted, I slid up over his belly and sat upon his cock, driving it fully into my cum filled and already stretched pussy, making us both moan in satisfaction. He felt totally wonderful inside me again, I put my hands on his chest and began to rock forward then back on his thick cock. I could feel the heat of his cock warming my pussy to the boiling point even after only a few minutes of my gyrating. Kevin lay below me, watching me service him and telling me how good it felt to have his cock in my hole again. He laid there for maybe 10 minutes or so, hands clasped behind his head, just watching, and saying fuck that cock girl, milk that black meat, and numerous other things. I had almost fucked myself to climax when Kevin suddenly gripped my ass with both hands and began to pound my hips and pussy against his belly. It pushed me over the edge into a wild orgasm on his massive cock. As my climax subsided Kevin patted me on the ass and told me to slid my slut hole off his cock and get on my knees.

From experience I knew what was coming and how Kevin liked it so I put a pillow under each of my knees and lowered my head to the mattress. In this position Kevin could kneel upright behind me and drive his cock as deeply into my upturned pussy as he pleased. He slid in behind me and patted my ass once again, slipped several of his fingers into my sopping wet pussy hole, before rubbing his fat cock against my slit. The attentions of his cock and fingers made me mew and squirm my hips around and around until I finally begged him to fuck my pussy. As he withdrew his fingers from my dripping hole he wiped our cum over my ass and inner legs until his hands were nearly dry before placing his cock head just inside my waiting womb. With one smooth roll of his hips that wonderful black cock slipped fully into me again making my pussy muscles twitter and flex in response. His hands slid up and down my lower back, gripping my hips to him with each full entry. His hands held my hips gently in place as he set the pace of our fucking. He continued to tell me what a fine, natural, black cock slut I was and how my body had been perfectly designed for thick black cock like his. I was in complete agreement with him, I felt like I had been molded around Kevin’s cock like a condom on a form. Bent over this way, I felt as if his thick pulsing cock was fucking its way through me and into my chest, I could almost feel it rubbing on the inside of my ribs as he steadily drove his cock into me. I moaned that he was going to make me cum again and his grip tightened on my hips and he smacked that big fucking cock against my pussy even harder, instantly pushing me into quivering oblivion, shaking like a rag doll on his pounding cock. Kevin was fucking my stretched mount harder and harder, grunting that he was going to flood my cunt with seed as I began to recover. He was fucking me with such strength and urgency, his balls making a loud wet smacking sound each time he would slam that wonderful fucking machine into me. My guts were boiling and I was barely able to ask him to fill my hole before I felt his cock explode within me, forcing me from my used pussy and could hear Kevin commenting again on the way my pussy seemed to milk the seed from his cock.

I was soaked in sweat and now became aware of the trickles of sweat running down my back to my shoulders. Kevin remained fully seated within my womb, gently rubbing and patting my ass as he caught his breath and touted my talents as a fine black cock slut. I finally lifted my sweat soaked body from the wet sheets and slid forward until Kevin’s limp cock dropped out of my dripping pussy with one final slurping sound. I turned around and walked on my knees to Kevin, kissed his flushed face, and told him that he was still and always would be my favorite black bull. We held each other and gently kissed in silence for a few minutes, savoring the bliss that follows a hard, hot, nasty, fulfilling, fuck session like we had just enjoyed tonight. I whispered into his ear that we needed a shower and volunteered to bathe him if he had the energy left to climb off the bed.

We finally slipped into bed about 2am and within minutes Kevin was snoring peacefully. I snuggled against his strong back and thought about how perfect this was; having a man beside me, stay with me, after he had finished with me. The next thing I remember was waking, with the early morning sun peeking through the curtains, Kevin snoring softly by my side, it was going to be a wonderful day.

I turned and pressed my breasts against his back, kissed him gently on the nape of his neck and slid my right hand around him and ever so gently, cupped his flaccid cock in my hand. Kevin didn't stir, his soft snoring continued unabated, but his cock began to slowly fill with blood as I gently slid my hand over its length. From the very first time that Ray had pressed his cock into my hands all those years ago I couldn't help but be amazed at the sheer power that exuded from a mans cock. To say that I worshipped their power would be a totally true statement, here and now being a prime example, it was as if they were a separate entity entirely, here was Kevin sound asleep and yet his cock had instantly responded to my gentle caress. As I continued to run my fingers gently up and down his swelling tool it lifted itself from the sheet and began to throb in midair. My fingers ran little circles around his large testies hanging loosely in his sack and I felt privileged to feel them slowly pull up toward the base of Kevin's bouncing manhood. His balls now tightly packed below his pulsing cock, I wrapped my hand around his member and began to stroke it slowly, applying only enough pressure to let that beautiful cock know that my hand was still there to serve him. Thick pr-cum began to flow from the gaping hole of Kevin's cock head and I rubbed it over his head and down the length of his shaft until it slid so easily in my grasp. Kevin finally began to stir from his slumber and his strong hand wrapped around mine on his cock before he finally said with a chuckle in his voice "You just can't get enough cock can ya gurl". I kissed him again on his neck and merely told him to fuck me as I rolled from him.

As I rolled onto my back I slid my pillow under my ass and kicked the covers down before watching Kevin roll toward me a slip between my legs. He smiled down at me and told me that he loved the way I had woken him while gently maneuvering his massive cock to the entrance of my womb. As he pressed himself into my already wet pussy I pulled my legs until my knees were almost in my armpits. With my pussy full of his sperm and my fresh morning flow, his cock slid fully into me with one long push of his hips forcing a satisfied moan to escape my lips. Kevin groaned and told me that my cunt was steaming hot as he pressed his balls tightly against my ass. He wasted no time with gentle fucking, instead he began slamming his cock into me with slow full strokes, his big balls slapping against my ass with every stroke. It felt so wonderful having Kevin's huge cock fucking me with such intensity that my stomach began to flutter within moments. I begged Kevin to fuck me, to make me cum, and he responded by pounding his throbbing cock into me even harder and faster. I exploded in a huge orgasm beneath his onslaught, clawing at his shoulders and seeing spots before my eyes. Gasping for breath I could hear Kevin above me telling me to fuck that cock, to milk that fine nigga dick, and telling me what a fine little cock whore I was. His continued hard fucking had my guts churning again before I even fully recovered my breath from my fist climax and I whimpered that he was going to make me cum again. Spurred on by my comment he intensified his fucking, telling me to cum on his cock, to milk his fucking seed like the good little slut that I was. I opened my eyes just in time to see Kevin's jaw clench, the muscles of his neck tighten and feel his cock jerk deep inside my womb. As his second or third gush of seed flooded my hole I came again, gripping his flexing ass and holding him tightly locked inside me while I reveled in my bliss of orgasm.

His cock was still thumping deep within my pussy as I became aware of my surroundings again, his body still tensed and relaxed as each spurt of his fertile sperm flowed into my belly. Slowly his body relaxed and he pulled from me and crouched on his knees between my legs. I felt spent but wonderfully happy at the same time. I caught his eyes with mine and told him that he was an incredible black bull. He wiped some sweat from his brow and told me that I was the most incredible fuck that he had ever had. He had told me this before and even though I had never believed him I still felt my face warm with a sense of pride that I had satisfied this magnificent man.

Kevin moved again to my side and I rolled to him and took his cock into my mouth. His fresh warm sperm tasted so powerful and I gently milked every drop of it from his cock head before licking the rest of his cock clean of seed. I slid up and rested my head on his chest and told him that yesterday had been full of wonderful news for me, that first my best friend Anna was getting married and was also pregnant and then my favorite man in the whole world had chosen to visit me. Kevin chuckled and said that it had been our hot phone sex session that had caused the booty call because after we had talked he just couldn't get my hot little ass out of his mind. He petted my hair and said that the plane ticket had run the cost of pussy up some but that I had been worth every cent that he had spent to get here. Kevin went silent for a moment then asked if I could still keep secrets. His tone was such that I sat up and looked into his face before assuring him that I would keep his secret.

Kevin then spent the next 10 or 15 minutes explaining to me that Michael and Ray (the father of my son) were in reality both his sons. That both of their mothers had worked for him way back when and that he had not only gotten them out of the business but had tried to be involved with his sons lives by hiring them both on. He said that they had both mowed the yards of his rentals etc when they were young and eventually became drivers for his ladies. He said that he had just heard about the wedding himself but hadn't been invited yet. I could see a trace of hurt in his eyes and assured him that Michael and Anna would not forget him. It hit me that Kevin was my son's grandfather and it set me back a bit, when I looked back down at Kevin he was staring into my eyes. He asked what I was thinking about and I told him that it just seemed a bit weird that I had been fucking my baby's granddaddy. He laughed and asked, "so how does ol grandpa stand up in bed gurl?" His question made me smile and laugh too, which broke the serious mood we had just been in and we both got up and headed for the bathroom and a hot morning shower.

After we showered and dressed I started breakfast and woke up my son. Trev was excited to see Kevin, as they would often play together at my old apartment in Portland. I now understood Kevin's interest in Trev and sat back and absorbed the scene of them horsing around while I finished cooking our meal. My son was excited to have Kevin here and asked how long he was going to visit. I waited for the answer too as Kevin and I hadn't even talked about that last night. Kevin told Trev that he had to leave today but would come back whenever he could which satisfied my little boy's curiosity.

When Kevin had to leave for his flight home, I sat down and called Anna. As soon as she said Hi, I asked who she had in mind to walk her down the aisle. She said that she didn't have anyone so I asked her to ask Kevin to give her away. She said it might be awkward, beings as she was quitting the life and I assured her that he would jump at the chance to walk her down the aisle. She finally remarked that it was a good idea after all because he had really been a better father to her in many ways than her real one had and would call him today and ask. We chatted for a few minutes more before I had to break off, get trev to the neighbors and head for school. As I left the parking lot I was proud of the way I had kept Kevin's secret and still worked him into the wedding party.

My next diary post will be "The Truth About Nikki – pt11 – New Things

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