The way i dreamed it part 1 chapter 6

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“Normal speak”
/> Written by Dragon of the Underworld
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/> The Way I Dreamed It
Part 1
Chapter 6
Hinata began to stir and open her eyes. She saw the Hokage sitting in her chair by the desk looking at her. She smiled at her and she couldn’t help but smile back at her, Tsunade had saved her and her baby.
up . . . . . . Good morning, you woke up just in time, I got new from the hospital that your sister just woke up as well and doing fine, come lets go see her” said Tsunade.
Hinata nodded and got up, and headed to the hospital with Tsunade.
When they entered the hospital room Hanabi quickly saw Hinata.
/> she ran to her and hugged her.
“Hanabi get back in bed, you suffered a good amount of head trauma” said the Hokage
“Yes /> “Hinata are you ok?” said Hanabi.
“Yeah, what about you?” asked Hinata.
“I’m fine” said Hanabi.
“Hinata I . . . . I don’t want to go back” said Hanabi.
“You said Tsunade.
“She asked Hinata.
“No, I already talked to you father, neither of you will return to the Hyuga compound, however your father has denounced both of you” Said Tsunade.
“Were will we live and how?” asked Hinata.
“I haven’t thought about that, but for now just rest” said Tsunade, at that moment the door opened and in came Sakura, Ino, and Tenten with smiles on their faces that said we want to know everything.
“What are you three gossips doing here” asked Tsunade.
“Well we just came to uhhhh . . . check on Hanabi and Hinata” said Ino.
“Right (eye roll) . . . . . . Hinata come we need to talk” said Tsunade.
“It’s ok we can talk here” said Hinata.
“But” she said as she looked around the room.
“It’s ok . . . . . . Hanabi already knows and I guess they’ll eventually find out plus there my friends they should know” said Hinata, as she looked at the people in the room.
“Hinata . . . . . . This was so irresponsible of you” said Tsunade as she saw Hinata a bit sad that Tsunade was disappointed in her. Hinata had more respect for Tsunade then her father, she didn’t care what he thought about her but it was different with Tsunade.
“Hinata . . . . . . I thought . . . you know . . . you loved Naruto,” said the Hokage thinking the same thing as Hanabi, “You didn’t just go to someone else, because you thought that Naruto might never noticed you right” Tsunade hoped that this was not the case, but it was what she thought probably happened, she hadn’t seen Naruto and Hinata together nor did she see anything from them that would give any indication that they were together..
“Naruto is the father” said Hanabi as everyone turned to look at her; they quickly looked back at Hinata.
“Is that true asked Tenten.
Hinata nodded with a huge blush on her face, Tenten and Ino let out a scream of joy for Hinata, while Sakura looked to be indifferent.
. . . But . . . . . . How, he didn’t you know take advantage of you did he?” asked Tsunade.
Hinata told them how it happened from when she met up with him by the cliff side the night of her birthday, she didn’t tell them about what they talked about, then she told when he gave her the present, then she told them that he said he loved her, she told them that he told her that he would be going on the mission, she told them that he asked her to be his girlfriend, and then she told them that they made love.
I DON’T BELIEVE IT, my little Hinata is finally together with Naruto” said Tenten.
‘So it is Naruto’s, I’m so relieved and happy, these two are made for each other’ thought Tsunade.
“Are you going to tell him?” asked Ino.
Hinata nodded.
“But Naruto is not going to take this seriously, he’s immature” said Sakura.
“He’s probably going to run away and leave you when you tell him you’re pregnant” said Ino.
Hinata couldn’t believe what was happening, the people who she thought would support her were now making her feel terrible, everyone was saying bad things about Naruto and to her, Naruto was apart of her.
“STOP IT!!!” yelled Tenten, “How can you guys say such things, Hokage-sama how can you say she was being irresponsible, they love each other and they are together, they made the decision together knowing full well what could happen, you said it like being pregnant is a bad thing. Hinata is happy and she wants to have her baby. Sakura, Naruto is not immature, I know sometime he could be annoying and goofy and other things, but he is a good guy and when things get serious Naruto always steps up to the plate. Ino I know just like Hinata knows that he will not run away, because ever since he was born he’s never had a family, something that he’s wanted and now he has one of his own, he’s not going to run away from that” Tenten finished as she was quickly hugged by a sobbing Hinata.
Tenten was Hinata’s closest friend, her best friend that is why she thought of her as a big sister, she definitely knew her the best. Hinata was so happy that she was sticking up for her like always, especially at what she said because everything that she said was true.
“Hinata I’m ganna go see how much longer Hanabi needs to be here and I’ll get some paper work ready for when she leaves ok” she said as she left the room.
“I still don’t think he’ll take it seriously and probably mess things up” said Sakura.
“Really? Or is it that your jealous that Naruto doesn’t like you” said Ino.
“Like I care if that idiot like me or not, he probably just settle with what was left cuz he couldn’t find anyone else that Sakura never got a chance to finish as she got a huge slap across the face from Hinata, the other two were shocked not from the slap but from what Sakura said.
“Or maybe he finally figured out that you were just a waste of time . . . . . . your probably the reason why Sasuke left, cuz he was tired of you” said Tenten angry.
“Sakura that was way out of line!!” said Ino.
“Sakura I think you need to leave” said Tenten.
Sakura stormed out of the room as the comment about Sasuke got to her.
Sakura was jealous, not that Naruto loved Hinata but jealous at what Hinata had. She was supposed to have that; she was supposed to have that with Sasuke. She surely thought that Naruto would never figure out that Hinata liked him and would stay obsess with her, and Ino, she really didn’t know of any guy that she liked or was after, and Tenten, she really didn’t know of any guy that she like either, all that was left was her, she had always loved Sasuke, why, why didn’t she get Sasuke, she was supposed to be the one who got her loved one, this is what was eating her up. Not only did she not get him, but he left her.
/> It had been now an hour, Hanabi was now sleeping in the bed while the other girls and Tsunade who had come back slept on chairs or couch as they waited.
Everyone was their waiting, Hanabi still couldn’t leave till she was cleared one hundred percent but that was an hour ago and Tsunade said that Hanabi would be clear to leave in about an hour, which was already time. Everyone fell asleep waiting for the hour to pass.
The door opened as someone came in then walked towards Hinata.
/> Hinata was dreaming she and Naruto were in bed they had just made love.
“We should do this every night” said Hinata.
“I don’t see why not” said Naruto.
They both then leaned in to kiss each other; Hinata loved the feeling of having him inside her whether it was his tongue or something else. All of the sudden her vision started to go dark, and then she realized that she had her eyes closed but the kissing did not stop, so she opened her eyes, they continued their kiss for a while before releasing it.
“Naruto-kun . . . . . . That was amazing” said Hinata as she was thinking about their love making.
“It was just a kiss” said Naruto.
“I meant the sex” said Hinata.
Naruto looked at her, and then he remembered what she said to him.
“Hinata were you dreaming about us having sex” asked Naruto.
said Hinata a bit confused, and then she noticed the surroundings. They were not in bed, and they were not naked. She was in the couch in the hospital sleeping just like the other girls. Then she remembered they had fallen asleep waiting for the hour to pass.
‘What a minute if I’m awake, then that means . . . . . . He . . . He’s’

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Author: darkcloud75

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