Trailer trash teen ch. 9

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Chapter Nine: Tina on Her Knees
(M/f, M+/f, drugs, oral, petting)

Tina Carlson was sitting in the corner of the room, her knees pulled up to her chest. Through blurry eyes she stared into the mass of bodies, the large gathering of people at this party. They were oblivious to her presence; completely oblivious to her misery. Either they didn’t see her, or they just didn’t care.

It was nearing eleven, and the house was packed. Tina had been at the party since 9pm or so, having received a ride from Lengths and Melissa. When the three teens had arrived there they’d all felt awkward and self-conscious, surrounded by these college kids who were so much older and therefore cooler, before Michelle’s older sister had found them and made them feel welcome.

Chassidy had wasted no time showing them around the small house and introducing them to the people who were already there. She’d also brought the group of high-schoolers downstairs to show them where the keg was, and Tina had been drinking from it since.

She’d been drunk when Michelle had arrived with Spider at 10:30pm. In her drunkenness, she had rushed to meet her best friend– had rushed away from a pair of 20-something guys whom she’d been flirting with. They had made her feel good because they had obviously been attracted to her– it had felt nice being the object of attention in an innocent way.

She had been so happy to see Michelle, the drunken teenager now thought pitifully. During the ride into the city, she painfully remembered, she’d fantasized about how the two would interact: happy, hugging, best friends having a good time together at a killer party. Maybe, she had even dared to hope, they might sneak away to some room to be alone and re-enact the day’s earlier event in the girls’ bathroom at school. Of course, she had admitted to herself, that encounter may have been a one time thing. But either way she had been looking forward to hanging out with her best friend, even if nothing romantic happened between them.

What she hadn’t expected at all was being brushed off. Michelle hadn’t said a word to her when she arrived, but had given her a cold stare before stepping past. Stunned, Tina had watched Michelle disappear into the throng of people, heading toward her older sister across the room.

This might have been okay. Tina might have been able to rationalize that, get a bit drunker, and still have fun despite her friend’s abrasive demeanor. But then Spider had come over to her sheepishly and whispered into her ear before handing her something.

The girl still held it in her hand. It was a Polaroid photo, one of her from a year before, naked and on her knees posing for the cameraman with a smile on her then 15-year-old face.

“Michelle gave it to me,” Spider had whispered to her. “On the way over. Sorry, I don’t know what it />
But Tina did. It could only mean one thing. And so she hadn’t been surprised when, a moment later, she saw Leon walk through the front door. He didn’t seem to notice her as he passed by and moved directly toward Michelle, who was standing with her sister across the mass of people.

Spider had said something to try and comfort her. Tina had ignored him and moved away, the picture clenched tightly in her small left hand. She had tried making her way toward Michelle and Leon, who had put his arm around her best friend’s waist. But Tina had been unable to make much progress through the tightly packed room. Everyone was bigger, blocking her every step. So when she saw Leon and Michelle move together toward the stairs leading up to the second floor, Tina’s eyes had welled up with tears and she had made her way into a corner of the room, slumped down, and started crying.

She had been betrayed by her best friend. Michelle was obviously with Leon, probably had been for some time, but hadn’t told her. Yet she’d fingered her in that bathroom stall. She’d let her taste her delicious, tanned young pussy. They’d both climaxed from one another, and all the while Michelle had hidden the fact that she’d been fucking Tina’s ex-boyfriend, the same guy who’d spread nasty rumors about her. The same guy who had taken those photos, had lied about destroying them; the same guy she had fucked in the darkroom at school to get one of the pictures back. Leon, that asshole. And now he’d taken her best friend, on top of everything else.

Tina felt utterly alone. Michelle had given her the picture for a reason: to make a point. She was siding with Leon, now. And that picture is what she thought of Tina. She thought of her as just a stupid slut.

And now Tina, sitting in the corner of the room with her knees pulled up to her chest, just wanted to go home.

Suddenly the heart-broken girl realized that someone was standing over her. When she looked up she saw that it was one of the two guys she’d been flirting with before Michelle had arrived. He’d called himself Tom, and was a pretty laid back guy with a friendly demeanor. He was tall, sort of lanky, and probably about 23-years-old. He was dressed smartly, ever the college intellectual, with a pair of designer slacks and a tight fitting, black ribbed shirt.

Tina, feeling totally self-conscious under his gaze, sniffed back a tear and forced a smile. she said, trying to sound normal.

Tom replied. Crouching down so he’d be heard over the loud music, he said, you so bummed?”

Tina asked, straining to listen.

“Why are you bummed!” he repeated loudly.

“Oh, nothing,” Tina lied. drunk, that’s all.”

Tom nodded. “Come on, we’re gonna get high. You in?”

Tina decided she’d like to get stoned. Anything to get her mind off of Michelle and… the Asshole. Standing up awkwardly she said, “Yeah, sounds good.”

She followed Tom across the room, toward the door which led down to the basement. The two went down the stairs to the now familiar area where the keg was set up. A group of people were standing around it, filling plastic cups. Tina realized she had left hers upstairs so she stopped to wait her turn.

She chatted with Tom briefly while they waited. He explained that his buddy was one of the several people who lived in the house, and that he’d dated Chassidy a while back and was still her friend. Tina nodded and tried to pay attention but it was growing increasingly hard for the girl to concentrate. All she could think about was the picture she’d placed in her purse, and what it said about her with Michelle.

After getting their beers Tina followed Tom through a door into a finished room. It was a large room with a TV, couch, and other furnishings, including a dartboard and pool table. It was actually pretty nice, nicer than the room where the actual party was happening upstairs, Tina thought.

Presently there were three other men in the room. One of them Tina recognized as Dennis, the guy who she had been talking to with Tom upstairs just before Michelle had arrived. The other two were quickly introduced: one was pretty fat, and quite older than the rest. His name was Luke. The other was nearly asleep, stoned already, and his name was John.

Tina took a seat on the sofa, at the opposite end from the fat guy. The way he was staring at her sent a chill up the young girl’s spine, and she sipped nervously at her beer to avoid his gaze.

Tom pulled a folding chair close to the coffee table and then sat down. Tina alternated her eyes on him and her beer. She was completely out of place, she realized. Everyone else was talking to one another, but none of them were talking to her.

A couple of awkward moments passed before Tina was handed a lit joint from Tom. She gratefully accepted it, eager to get her mind off of what had become an awful night. After taking a long hit, she passed it down the couch to Luke.

The creepy man stared at her as he took the joint from her small hand, but before Tina looked away he said, “You look familiar. What’s yer name again?”

Tina, her lungs still full of smoke, closed her eyes a moment as she exhaled. When she opened them again she saw that Luke was still watching her, his plump, scruffy face turning red as he took a long drag from the joint.

“Uhm, Tina,” the girl coughed in reply.

Luke nodded. After passing the joint over to John, who had miraculously woken up in time for more, he said, “Yeah, you look familiar. You go to school ‘round here?”

in high school, man,” Tom said. like, a friend of Chassidy, or />
“Out in the suburbs, I bet,” Luke grinned. />
Tina nervously smiled back, then averted her gaze. She didn’t like Luke one bit, she decided. It wasn’t anything she could put her finger on, but it was as if he reminded her of someone.

“I like your shirt,” John, who hadn’t spoken yet, said in a stoned voice.

It took Tina a moment to realize he was talking to her. When she did she blushed and said, “Uhm, thanks, it’s />
The shirt really was nothing, too, Tina thought as she stared down at it. It was a tight-fitted black t-shirt with a crew neckline and capped sleeves that left her long slender arms revealed from her shoulders down. Her small girlish breasts, held up by a black nylon bra inside the cotton shirt, strained against the word, written across her chest in large red .

Tina watched as the joint made its way back to her and when it did, took an even deeper hit than before. She couldn’t help the way Luke’s unyielding stare was making her feel: fearful, embarrassed. Yet it also made her feel excited, in a scary sort of way. She was definitely uncomfortable, but it was strange sort of discomfort.

Time flew by as the first joint was finished and another made the rounds. Tina found herself feeling more and more relaxed, and she was drinking down her beer rather fast as the numbing effects of the weed struck her. She realized that she was no longer thinking of Michelle with Leon, upstairs with him right now, and that gave her all the more reason to continue drinking and smoking.

“Anyone wanna do a line?” Luke offered, out of the blue.

Tina watched as the hefty man slid forward to the edge of the couch and produced a small baggie from his front shirt pocket. With stoned eyes Tina watched as he tapped out a good amount of white powder onto the table top. Next he used a playing card, which had been on the table, to form the powder into lines.

For the first time since she’d gotten there he wasn’t staring at her anymore. It was a relief, yet Tina now couldn’t help but stare at him. Specifically, she found herself watching as he expertly made one, then two, then three long lines of coke.

“I’m cool,” Tom said, getting up from his chair. “Gotta find Chass. She was supposed to hook me up with some friend of hers tonight. You comin’, Teen?”

Tina cringed when he said that. The nickname held for her some awful memories. She looked up at him, feeling completely stoned now, and said, “Uhm, no, I wanna just sit. For a while, I mean. You know?”

Tom shrugged. cool. Later.”

“I’m coming with,” Dennis said, standing up carefully from his seat. “I gotta find Jessica now if I’m gonna get any />
Tina watched as the two disappeared around the corner, out into the basement again. Then she looked back to find Luke staring. He was holding up a rolled $20 bill as he said, />
The girl looked back at the table. There were two lines left. Then she lifted her gaze up at John, who was asleep again, slumped back lazily in his chair. Finally she settled her eyes back on Luke, smiled stupidly, and said, “If you show me how…”

Luke wasted no time teaching the girl how to snort a line. After helping her lean forward and showing her how to hold the dollar-tube to her nostril, Tina paused for just a moment before inhaling nearly two-thirds of the line in one try.

It was the first time Tina had ever done a drug. She threw her head back, wincing at the sharp burning sensation of the powder going up into her nose. she yelled as her heart suddenly began to race.

“Feel it?” Luke asked, grinning in satisfaction.

The 16-year-old started to say something, then stopped. She felt her head begin to soften and a tingly sensation pass over her skin. She slid back into the sofa, a silly stoned smile creeping across her young face as she nodded.

cocaine,” Luke said. His voice sounded distant and far away, but she knew he was sitting near her.

Right next to her, in fact, the teenager realized. She could feel his large body right against hers, and the contact sent shivers up her spine. She opened her eyes, then, and stared across the table at John, who was snoring softly. She smiled.

“Everything looks different,” she said dreamily.

“Looks good,” Luke agreed. “You look really good.”

Tina nodded, not really paying attention.

A moment passed in blissful silence as Tina stared across the room. Everything looked different: crisper, sort of, more defined. The corners of the room, the soft curves of the furniture. She’d never realized before how perfect it all was!

The room went dark, suddenly, and Tina asked in confusion, “What />
“Too bright,” Luke said softly. He’d gotten up from the couch but was now heading back over, Tina realized. After sitting back down, closer even than before, he gently picked up her left hand with his.

you doing?” she asked innocently, unable to process the significance of the touch.

he replied from the darkness. Tina could just barely make out his face when she looked over: the room was nearly pitch black, with the only light at all from moonlight seeping in through a lone storm window.

Suddenly she felt Luke massaging her hand with both of his. The feeling was incredible: he was gently kneading her tiny palm with both his thumbs, and each movement sent tingles of pleasure up her arm. She heard herself moan softly as he increased the pressure, and in the haze of her stoned mind she forgot about everything else. Her entire mind was focused, transfixed, on the wonderful feelings emanating from her palm and up her slender arm. It was as if that feeling had become her world.

When he stopped, Tina made a sound of disappointment. But he hadn’t let go: instead she felt the hand brought away from her body, closer to his, and then placed on something warm.

Something stiff, yet soft. Something big, right between Luke’s legs.

“Go on,” he was whispering into her ear. “Hold it.”

Tina instinctively wrapped her fingers around the penis hidden in the dark. She smiled when she realized what it was, and gave it a squeeze. Memories of what this was and what it was for were forming in her drunken, stoned young brain. And they were good memories.

she purred as she gave it another squeeze.

She heard Luke take in a deep breath. “Go on,” he said. “You know what to do. It feels good, doesn’t it?”

Tina nodded, unaware that he couldn’t really see the gesture. Next she sort of slid over into him a bit, resting her head against his shoulder, and stared down into his lap. She wished the lights were on just then, but it probably didn’t matter. She could make out the basic shape of the cock in her hand, despite the dark and the cover of his large belly.

She began to stroke it, and her breathing quickly fell into sync with the movement. As she inhaled through her nose, she stroked the cock upwards; as she exhaled through her soft young mouth, she stroked down. Luke, meanwhile, was also beginning to breathe heavily. His right arm had come up and around Tina’s shoulders and now he was holding her close, breathing in the darkness with her as she gave him a hand-job.

“I so want to fuck you,” he panted after the speed of her jerking hand had built up.

the wasted girl said. She meant it, too, and was oblivious as to how slutty and naïve she sounded.

“No, keep going,” Luke insisted when she began to slow down, his voice rising above a whisper. “Make me cum, keep going, that’s it…”

Tina, her eyes transfixed on the blur of her hand in the fat man’s lap, complied. She wanted him to cum, too. It was all she cared about. It was all her mind could think of, making this man cum in her hand, right here, right now.

Tina realized then how wet she’d become. She could feel her pussy moisten between her legs, could feel her silk panties growing damp. And it was difficult, suddenly, to focus on both that feeling and the task at hand. One second her brain was entirely focused on her dampening pussy; the next it was on the feeling of the dick in her hand. She couldn’t feel both at the same time. It was as if every sensation had become

Just as she was about to lose her coordination, though, she heard Luke let out a low moan as a warm sticky goo oozed over her little fist. She kept on pumping his cock, rubbing his cum all over it as she did, before he finally stopped her.

“Okay, okay,” he breathed. it, that’s good.”

Tina pulled her hand back with his help, and felt a smile come across her face. She’d done it! She felt proud, and warm and tingly at the same time.

Luke stood, then, and Tina could hear him zipping up his pants. As he walked away from the couch Tina brought her hand up to her face. She stared at it in the dark, and inhaled deeply the scent of Luke’s semen leaking all over her hand. There was a lot of it there, coating her fingers and palm with his cum. Without thought she gently slid her index finger past her lips and over her tongue. The room lit up just as she pulled it out of her mouth.

Luke said, staring at her. “You like the taste or />
“Mmm hmm!” Tina giggled as she slid her next finger into her mouth, feeling hyper suddenly.

was all Luke could say as he watched the teenage girl finish licking the cum off her hand.

When she was done she smiled dazedly up at Luke. “I wanna do another…” she said.

“A line?” he asked.

“Yeah, pleeeaase?” she begged, the way a child would beg a parent for candy. Her voice, she realized, had actually become rather child-like. It felt good to talk that way.

he said.

After doing the line Tina fell back once more into the couch. “What now?” she breathed to the heavy, older man, hoping he had some idea. She didn’t want the night to end already!

Luke said. “I don’t know. What do you want?”

Tina said as she stretched her legs out, then pulled them back in. She placed her hand between her legs as her gaze settled upon John, who was still snoozing in the chair across the table from her. “I dunno,” she said shyly, as she began to rub herself.

“You want more?”

“Mmm hmm,” Tina purred. It was a strange feeling she was experiencing: one of detachment, yes, but also a sort of closeness to herself. That part of her that was always worried and over-thinking everything, getting angry and sad and ruining all the fun, was gone. What was left was only Tina, a 16-year-old child eager to please.

“You sure?” Luke asked, his voice serious and persuasive.

Tina shrugged her slender shoulders. At that moment her mind spun, then settled back on the dampness between her legs. She did want more, and she smiled and replied with a soft childish voice,

“Come here,” he said as he stood. He offered her a hand and she gladly took it, finding it nearly impossible to stand under her own power.

With some difficulty Tina followed him around the coffee table. She was staring at her feet, at her worn sneakers and light green socks. She was wearing Capri pants that left her ankles and a good part of her calves completely bare.

The teenager found herself standing in front of John, who was still asleep and snoring softly. She felt Luke’s hand on her shoulder, pushing her down to her knees in front of him.

“Go ahead,” Luke instructed. “You know what you want.”

And it seemed perfectly natural. In fact, it seemed like a great idea! Tina scooted up a few inches and then, with only a little resistance, managed to part John’s long denim-clad legs. As she reached for his zipper, though, she paused.

“Why are you stopping?” Luke whispered to her. He had taken a knee right next to her, and was speaking softly in the girl’s ear.

“I… should I really do this?” she managed to ask. It was almost a rhetorical question.

you know he wants it?” Luke whispered back. “Tina, he wants you to do this. All guys want you to do this. It’s your job to do it.”

His words were forceful, but gentle enough to be unthreatening. It’s your job, he’d said. She considered that as he continued. Who did he remind her of?

“It’s your job, little slut, to suck him off. Make him feel good. He’ll cum for you, like I did. He’ll cum right in your mouth. Won’t that be great?”

Memories of guys, other guys who, as recently as that morning had cum in her mouth, made her shiver with pleasure. Luke was right. John was still asleep, but even so he did have a cock. And any man with a cock would want her, Tina Carlson, to suck it. If the last week had proven anything, it was that.

If her entire life had proven anything, the cute girl decided, it was that.

Or so her thought process went as she fumbled with John’s zipper. He continued snoring soundly as these perverted ideas went through her stoned mind, telling her that this was good, that it was what she was supposed to do. Maybe they weren’t even her own thoughts, maybe they were Luke’s words whispering in her ear. Either way they were true, at least to her coke-addled brain. And they made Tina relax and feel content.

This was her purpose, her reason for being. Men wanted to fuck her, have her suck them off; men wanted to use her and make her cum, and she always loved every moment of it because in the end, they were really only helping her be who she knew she was at heart. And right now she couldn’t wait to be that again: she just had been, when she’d jacked Luke off. Now she’d be it once more, and put John’s penis into her mouth.

The penis was limp when she got it out. But with her goal clearly in sight, and with Luke’s encouragement, Tina wasted no time getting it hard with her soft lips and moist tongue. It was exquisite tasting, his penis in her mouth, and gave Tina a jolt of energy. She began bobbing her head up and down on it, and when it grew to its full length she heard John wake up.

He was saying something, Luke was saying something, but all Tina could do was focus on his cock. Her lips were numb and tingling as they dragged across it, and her heart rate had increased again. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she deep-throated the cock, taking it down her throat and gagging only a little.

Tina, whose eyes had been closed, finally opened them and stared up at John. He was looking down at her with bloodshot eyes. He seemed mad, or was it just an expression of intensity? She didn’t care. She knew he wanted this.

His hands came down around her head, holding her in place with his cock down her throat, denying her any air. She could feel her pale face flush red, then purple, but she didn’t resist his hold. Her lungs were on fire as she gagged softly around his shaft.

When he let go she pulled back quickly, coughed and gulped for air, then went back to work. She realized Luke was gone and wondered where he’d went.

“Oh, shit, this is crazy shit, oh fuck,” John was muttering.

His words made her feel incredible: he was loving it. She was soaking wet, now, between her thighs, and she wanted to feel herself but resisted reaching down there. She was using one hand to massage John’s balls, still in his underwear, and the other to control his bobbing shaft as she sucked it off. She could cum later. Right now she wanted him to finish, for him to validate her belief that she could please him.

Moments passed in silence. The pulsing of music from upstairs was the only sound in the room besides the slurping noises she was making on his cock. She heard the door open just as John tensed up and a glob of cum shot down her throat.

She nearly choked from it. She was forced to pull back and let him cum on her face a little before she could take his thing back into her mouth. As she did he grunted and groaned, and young Tina sucked down every drop she could. When that was done, she caught her breath with a smile on her pretty face and stared at him.

she said quietly.

was all he could say in reply.

The two sat there just like that for a long minute. Tina slowly wiped a gob of sticky cum from her cheek, then licked it off her finger. As she did this she heard someone else say, “So this is where the party’s at!”

Tina turned lazily and maneuvered awkwardly into a cross-legged position, a smile on her stoned face. She stared at the newcomers. There were five of them, led by Luke who was sipping a beer and leering at her. The four strangers with him were all younger than he, probably closer to Chassidy’s age which would make them about 20-years-old.

“These guys wanted to see the action,” Luke nodded his heavy face, which was flushed red from alcohol and cocaine.

“I thought this party was gonna be lame,” said one of the guys, a young skinny black man with glasses, as he walked over to the sofa. His eyes didn’t leave Tina as he sat.

“Nah, just took a while to get going,” Luke assured him. “Was she any good, John?”

Tina’s smile didn’t fade as she heard John reply, “Jesus, man, that’s a hell of a way to wake up.”

The others laughed. Tina joined them.

The room had begun to grow fuzzy to Tina, and flashbacks flooded her head. She remembered earlier that morning, back at EZ’s, being dressed up as a cowgirl, with a sheriff’s uniform on, and an Asian woman, Lucy, acting the role of Indian. She remembered the non-stop fucking, and sucking, and stroking she’d gone through. The feel of Lucy’s lips on hers, of the cocks pounding inside her body…

The guys had started talking about her, she realized. They were commenting on her youth, on her big eyes, on her smooth white skin. They were making perverted jokes about her, too, but she didn’t care. In fact, she found herself laughing along with them.

“Can someone give me a cigarette?” she asked, her voice still soft and childlike.

Luke was moving the coffee table out of the way, Tina noticed, as the black guy walked over to her with a smoke. Someone else in the room had started the stereo, and now Tina couldn’t hear the music from upstairs at all. Instead she was listening to something loud, and rough, a band she was sure she knew but couldn’t quite place.

As Tina smoked her cigarette one of the other guys in the room asked her, “How old are you, anyway?”

Tina replied sheepishly, embarrassed by her age. It was hard to concentrate, but when she did she realized she was by far the youngest person in the room.

“Here, Tina,” Luke was saying to her, offering a hand. Lazily the teenage girl took it. She was in the middle of hitting her cigarette as Luke pulled her toward him.

Tina was able to uncross her legs and get to her knees as Luke basically led her by her free hand. She giggled when she almost dropped her cigarette and the rest of the guys laughed. One of them said something about her butt, too.

wrong with it?” she pouted.

“Wrong with what, Tina?” Luke asked soothingly.

making fun of my butt!” she whined. She was done crawling now, and found herself on her knees where the coffee table had been.

“Oh, girl, I wasn’t making fun of it,” the black guy said. Tina realized, now, that he was standing right in front of her, looking down.

“He was saying how hot it was,” Luke assured her.

Tina smiled. “You like it?” she asked, playfully wiggling her ass and giggling as she did.

From behind her Tina could hear a couple guys whistling in appreciation. Placing the palms of her hands into the carpet, the lithe young teen got on all fours, wiggled her butt again, and turned her head to look.

There were at least eight guys standing there, arranged to either side and behind John’s chair. When they had arrived she couldn’t be sure, but what she did know was that they were loving her young round ass. She shook it again for them, just as Luke said, “Wanna do another line, Tina?”

Tina turned her head back with a smile, and gasped when she saw that the line had already been prepared. Bobbing above her was the black guy’s long, thick cock, hard as wood and sprinkled with white powder. Tina gulped.

The men in the room, up to at least a dozen now, all laughed. Tina could hear the door opening and more guys enter, which filled the teen with a perverse thrill.

The tall black guy in front of her brought his cock really close to her face then. He was very bold, nearly touching its swollen purple head against her lips. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it. She’d never seen a black one before, not in real life at any rate. She looked at it carefully, then up to Luke. She was looking to him for instruction. She didn’t know what to do next.

“Go ahead,” Luke grinned at her, his southern accent dragged out from booze and drugs. “Take the line, girl.”

She nodded, slowly, and then turned back to the cock. The black guy was laughing, saying something to one of his friends, as Tina slid back up to her knees. Her cigarette had burned itself out in her hand, and Luke removed it for her, as she reached slowly toward the penis.

When she wrapped her trembling hand around the base of it, she heard all the guys in the room whoop and holler at once, as if the home team had just scored a touchdown. This gave Tina a sense of courage. She gripped the penis more firmly, then wondered a moment. Before her brain could catch up with the actions of her body, however, she placed her lips around the thick, black member.

The room was silent at first as Tina gulped down the coke-spattered cock. When she got about 2/3 of the monster into her mouth and down her throat, she felt the room press in around her as everyone moved in for a closer look.

They were cheering her on, and she was letting them.

The girl gagged, and then went back down on him with abandon. Soon Tina was blowing the black guy with all the energy she’d given John, and was just as lost in a world of sexual perversion as she had been with him. The delightfully dirty feeling, both mental and physical, was even more pronounced than ever, actually. She had an audience as she slurped around the cock, and she was giving them a show. Unlike with John, this guy didn’t grip her head or control her in any way. She was left to her own devices as she blew the stranger on her knees in the middle of this room. It made her feel even more dirty, to be without guidance as she sucked him off.

Her lips were numb. Her tongue was numb, too, and both were tingling from the contact with the cocaine which was now long gone. She could hear people giving her instructions, or rooting her on, or calling her names. All of it was good. She actually found herself becoming particularly turned on by the name of and comments like, “What a whore!” made her pussy tingle.

The black guy she was blowing finally did something other than just stand there, but only when he eventually came. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, then jerked it a couple times as Tina gasped for air, a smile on her saliva-spattered face. His cum squirted across her lips, over her nose, and onto her cheeks, making her face all slick and gooey. The room erupted once again at this, cheering and calling her the filthiest names imaginable.

“My turn, you fucking slut!” a large guy, obviously incredibly drunk, said as he pushed the black stranger out of the way.

Tina looked for Luke, and saw him still standing there next to her, smiling down at her drunkenly. She also noticed that the room was now packed with at least twenty or thirty men, all of them in their 20’s, all of them forming a large circle around her. The drug-addled teen realized that a party within a party had begun down here, in this basement room, and she was its star. Some of the men stood or sat on the couch; others just stood, staring down at her with drunken, horny expressions on their faces.

The music was still playing loudly, almost drowning out all the men who seemed to be talking at once. The guy in front of her suddenly grabbed her head, and Tina nearly screamed for a moment but then her mind shifted once more, back to the little-girl persona she’d had since she’d done the first line of cocaine. She looked up at Luke.

“Wait, yo, wait dude,” Luke was saying to the man before her.

Just then strong arms lifted her until she was able to stand. The room grew quiet, and someone even turned down the music. For a moment Tina thought that this fat man she had so distrusted not an hour before had had enough, and was going to lead her out of the room. She found herself feeling disappointed by the thought.

She needn’t have worried, though, as she soon found out when Luke addressed the crowd.

“Before little Tina here gives another show,” he was saying, “she needs to get more />
Tina smiled nervously, aware that her face still glistened with cum and her own spit.

Luke helped her undress, and she needed help. She had lost most of her equilibrium by now, and nearly fell over several times. First the shirt was peeled off her body as she leaned into Luke’s hefty frame. Right after that, she held onto his shoulders as he dropped to his knees and pulled down her pants. As he did this she found herself staring at the assembled audience, all of them grinning or simply staring dumbly at her. She remained silent, unaware that her cum-covered smile more than made up for her lack of words.

Why not? the girl was able to think. Events were way out of her control now. She knew it was best to just defer to Luke; to do what he said, allow him to do to her what he would. It made her feel so deliciously naughty to behave this way– it made her feel devilish, just like her shirt said.

Because Tina Carlson was not herself at this moment. The girl the men were staring at might have looked like a 16-year-old teenager, but she was no longer that.

16-year-old Tina was an angry, confused teen who may have been slutty but who certainly would never allow some stranger to undress her in front of other strangers like this. 16-year-old Tina would never, ever, allow her shirt to be peeled off by a man she didn’t know, and she certainly wouldn’t have allowed her bra to come off, revealing her ripe little titties to a group of horny, drunk college-aged men. Not like this.

No, 16-year-old Tina wasn’t in that room anymore. Because 16-year-old Tina had retreated. Partly it was the drugs, but it was also the situation: the girl who was presently having her damp panties slid down her legs, revealing her pussy and ass to all, was another Tina, one from years before who had been forced to obey, and had gotten used to being controlled.

11-year-old Tina was definitely used to being controlled. And exploited. And used for the enjoyment of men. And that’s who Tina felt like now as she stood naked in front of all these strange men, smiling at them with her cum-splattered face, ready to do whatever they wanted of her.

The first thing Tina felt was Luke turning her in place, his strong thick hands holding her by her slender waist as he presented the completely nude girl to the assembled audience. This was greeted by clapping and perverted name-calling, and Tina just smiled. She even said, “I work out a lot, can you tell?” but her little-girl voice was drowned out by the men.

The circle around her and Luke had pressed in close so that all Tina saw was a wall of bodies and leering faces. When Luke finally stopped turning her, he gently settled her to her knees again and said, “Get on all fours, Teen!”

She didn’t mind the use of the nickname this time. She simply smiled and complied, getting on all fours as the people around her jostled for better positions to watch.

Luke was kneeling behind her, and she felt his thick hand on her soft butt. She couldn’t help but moan as he rubbed her there, and then slowly brought his hand down between her legs. She spread them eagerly for him, knowing what was coming and excited to have it happen.

Suddenly she heard Luke saying something about how he was “finally going to fuck the bitch”, which made more than a few men whoop loudly in approval. Tina merely purred softly, and waited.

Finally she felt it, the cock she’d jerked off not an hour before, pressing into her pussy from behind. Luke’s hands came up under her body and grabbed her small tits, which made Tina cry out in pleasure.

Her pussy was sore from all the fucking she’d done lately, but she had gotten so wet sucking off John and the black guy that it didn’t hurt at all. In fact, the feeling of his cock inside her small body was sending incredible pulses of pleasure up her body. It felt strange but wonderful– different because of the drugs, surely, then it otherwise would have felt, but only more intense and more… exciting!

The audience was cheering Luke on, and Tina was trying to smile at them in between her moans of pleasure. She could hear Luke grunting behind her and could tell he wouldn’t last much longer, but she also realized that someone else would probably take his place.

Just as she thought this the drunk guy from before knelt down in front of her and brought his cock up to her mouth. Tina stared at it as she moaned from the raw fucking she was receiving, and then eagerly swallowed it into her expert mouth. It was hard blowing him like this, without the use of her hands, which she needed to hold her trembling body up. But the drunken college guy didn’t seem to mind. His hands were planted in the girl’s blonde hair, fucking her throat with little care to how she felt.

She felt wonderful anyway, though. A cock in her mouth, a cock in her pussy– though not unprecedented for the girl, the situation made it more intense, more sublime and perverse then she could ever recall experiencing.

Suddenly she felt Luke pull out of her pussy, and a moment later she felt his warm cum spurt out onto her ass. The crowd cheered at this. Suddenly Tina felt someone, probably Luke, smack her round ass incredibly hard– had there not been a large cock fucking itself down her throat at that moment, the girl would have screamed in delightfully wicked, exquisite pain.

It didn’t take long before someone else was behind her and fucking her tight young pussy ferociously. Tina could hardly concentrate on it, though, as the cock fucking her throat kept nearly choking her. The only sounds the girl could make were slurping, gasping sounds as the cock pummeled her throat. She was starting to hope he would cum, just so she could finally moan out all the pleasure she was feeling.

Just then she felt the cock in her pussy, which had seemingly only just started to fuck her, pull out and cum on her back and ass. And just like before, she felt a loud crack across her ass cheeks as the man, whoever he was, slapped her hard with his hand. She gagged around the cock in her throat, once again wishing she could cry out how much she loved that!

Finally, and just yet another cock was beginning to slice its way into her pussy, the hands in Tina’s hair pulled her face back and let go. She gasped and breathed heavily as an incredible amount of cum blasted across her cute teenage face.

Thankfully, no one took his place right away. Tina looked around the room as she grunted and moaned from the fucking, and saw the men, beers in hand, rooting her on, or the guy on, what did it matter anymore? Tina took the opportunity to cry out in pleasure as she finally came herself when the man behind her pinched her nipples as he fucked her hard. Her arms began to shake, and suddenly she could no longer hold her body up. With her ass still sticking up behind her, the top half of her body collapsed onto the carpeted floor.

A few moments later, as Tina lay there moaning and grunting, the man pulled out of her, came, and slapped her. She cried out, when he did. She began to push her body back up, then, but the guys had other plans.

Her small body was rolled over so that she was on her back. It felt good, actually, to the girl, to lay on her back. Now she could stare up at these men watching her, could see whoever was fucking her.

This time it was an Asian guy, with short black hair and a scary expression on his face, who mounted her. She spread her legs wide for him and moaned while he fucked her pussy. She placed her hands on his back as he did this, and moaned even louder when he started calling her names like, “Slut! Whore! Cunt!” in his thick Japanese accent.

Tina was doing her best to help these guys as they fucked her. Some were really big, some were small. But all of them made her feel good as the pummeled her body. And so she would always moan and grunt to encourage them, begging for more when they slowed down. It made her feel good to service these guys like this, to be their object of sexual desire and release. It gave her a feeling better than orgasm, although she did have several of those, too. It gave her a feeling of perversity that thrilled her young mind and made her wish for it to never end.

Unlike with the Oilmen the night before, Tina never fell asleep as man after man fucked her pussy. No one seemed interested in blowjobs now, and no one came inside her. They would all pull out and squirt their cum across her belly and breasts. Another would then mount the trembling teen, fuck as long as they could, and cum on her once more. All the while Tina would moan and cry in pleasure, and to the men assembled it appeared as though the girl was caught up in one long, excruciatingly pleasurable orgasm. She never tired, she never quieted. Tina was servicing this group like a dog in heat with boundless energy and stamina.

After what felt like hours, the last guy came on her stomach, stroking it out over her with a pained expression on his face. When it was done Tina laid there, waiting for someone else to take his place. After a couple moments, she sat up, confused.

The room was still packed, but no one was standing around her anymore. People were playing darts and pool, or sitting on the sofa laughing. Tina looked around in confusion. No one was paying attention to her, it seemed like.

The cum-covered girl stood up on wobbly, sore legs, and nearly fell over. Just then she felt strong arms rescue her from falling stupidly to the floor.

She looked up and saw that her rescuer was none other than Tom, the guy who’d brought her down to the basement earlier to get high. She smiled at him.

He looked at her with concern on his face. “Are you okay, Teen? Did you…”

“I’m fine,” Tina replied, voice still childlike and slurred from drink and drugs. “I feel really good!”

Tom sighed, nodded, and then said, “Okay, let’s get you out of here though.”

He led the staggering girl through the room. She passed many guys who smiled and winked at her, and she smiled and winked back to all of them. When she was out of the room and back in the basement, Tom led the girl around the keg and through the basement itself to a small room. There, he helped her clean herself up. He also kept apologizing.

“I heard something was going on down here, didn’t believe it,” he said. “Damn, Luke is a fucking bastard. Look at you.”

Tina pouted. “He’s fine! I feel fine, really really super fine!”

After he cleaned her up a lot, he left her there in the room with orders to stay. While he was gone Tina began to reflect on what she’d done, and smiled the whole time.

When he returned he had her clothes and her purse with him. With his assistance the girl got dressed. Then he said, “Okay, look, I’m driving you home okay?”

“No, no,” Tina said, “Spider and />
“Spider and Melissa left two hours ago,” Tom explained. “All your friends are gone. I’m bringing you home.”

“Oh, well, okay,” the confused girl said.

She would barely remember the next day being led out of the basement, and then outside and into a car. She would barely remember the drive home through the early morning hours, nor would she remember Tom carrying her unconscious body into her trailer home and laying her out on her bed.

She would remember, though, all the fucking she’d done. She’d remember that vividly. And as she dreamed that night, she would dream of 11-year-old Tina, the girl she’d been acting out, and all that had happened to her those many years before…

story by: Punky Girl

Tags: fiction cum swallowing males / female drug oral sex male / female teens extreme sex story

Author: Punky Girl

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