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PART ONE – ERIC POV – Sex? Nope, but an introduction and deion to the storyline


It had been almost two centuries since Eric had last stepped foot inside the grounds of the castle which housed the closest thing he had to a family. It acted as the closest thing to a rehabilitation centre for newborn vampires, and offered refuge for those who felt uncomfortable with being integrated into society with humans. It was probably more important than ever, now that the vampires had “come out of the coffin” so to speak, and were facing discrimination. Though that didn't stop him fucking hating the place.

The castle's exterior had something about it which made him feel on edge, made him feel a terrible sense of disaster. The castle stood large and impending, even to Eric; it was a seven-story high building, with many towers and turrets, and very deep dungeons. It had been built in a valley area and was surrounded by mountains, with a fairly large lake to the south of the main building. The huge main oak front doors, leading into the entrance hall, faced the west, and opened up to sloping lawns. A deep forest extended around to the west of the castle. There were also exterior game fields and stables on the castle grounds, though they were mainly for show.

Eric felt the warmth of her hand close around his, and turned to face her. Zooey's blue eyes were wide and shiny, alight with a look of fear that almost incapacitated him. He swallowed the anxious, sick feeling the castle gave him and tried to smile.

“It's okay,” he promised, not knowing how true that was. “It's important that we stay here when you're a newborn. This is where I stayed. They can help you here.” He wanted nothing more than to reassure her, but he couldn't help but feeling her was giving her false hope.

Zooey didn't speak; she rarely spoke when she was nervous, but she managed to follow him up the cold stone steps to the intimidating front doors.

Inside, it was almost as he had remembered it; the entrance hall was quiet and usually had a reverential atmosphere. It was lined with tables and chairs and couches and flatscreen televisions, and to the right hand side was a bar that had been built into the wall. It had clearly been updated and modernized since he had last visited, but was essentially the same. It felt more like a hotel lobby than a vampire rehab centre. Directly opposite the fronts doors stood the steps which led up to the rooms, and the balcony which surrounded both sides of the entrance hall.

At the bottom of the steps was Myrian, he was leant against the stone balustrade, his arms crossed against his chest and a smirk on his lips.

“And the award for the biggest fuck up of the century goes to you, brother,” he said, still smirking as he walked towards the pair. He was lean and agile, and moved more like a cat than anything else. He wore leather pants, with a white shirt and a maroon military-style jacket, outlined with gold and red. His hair was messy and hung around his face, it seemed as though he had been running his hands through it a lot.

“Zooey, this is Myrian,” Eric said as he and his brother clasped each other's forearm and pulled one another into a hug. “Myrian, this is Zooey.” Even under these circumstances, it felt good to see him; his connection with him – and the rest of the vampires – had faded in his absence, but it was definitely still there.

Myrian turned to Zooey, looking her up and down. “Well, aren't you adorable,” he said almost listlessly.

Eric knew how Myrian felt about humans; somewhere along his thirteen-hundred years of existence, he had grown tired of them. He saw them as pets who craved subjugation, as blood bags whose being amused him. In reality, he shared almost ever vampire's attitude towards humans, which was increasingly worrying.

“Come on,” Myrian said almost gravely, waiting for you both.”


Zooey's heart hammered as she, Eric, and the man who had been introduced as Myrian, entered the room to their left. She didn't doubt the vampires would be able to hear it, they probably knew she was afraid. They were probably able to smell the fear, they knew she was like a rabbit in headlights. Trapped. Eric was her only protection, and she doubted even he would be able to prevent this many high-powered vampires from getting to her.

The thought of either her or Eric not leaving here alive was almost enough to make her want to vomit. Over the past few years she had grown to love the vampire, she enjoyed resting her head against his chest and feeling the rise as fall as he breathed, running her fingers through his golden brown hair, waking up with him lying next to her. Small things that, at this moment in time, seemed like the most important things in the world.

The room clearly acted as a dining hall – why vampires needed a dining hall, Zooey didn't even want to know – but the long tables and benches had been pushed and stacked against walls, so the floor was clear. It made the room appear bigger, which was daunting. A few lit torches hung off the walls, which allowed some brightness, but the large window at the front was what let most of the light in.

All but one table, which stood at the front, had been placed aside. At this table sat the vampires, about twenty of them, the vampires that Eric had told her about, the vampires that would be deciding her fate. The light that flooded in from the window behind them cast them in an eerie silhouette.

The three of them walked towards the table, their footsteps echoing off of the floor and the old walls. Eric stopped around ten feet away from the table and, still holding her hand, pulled her slightly behind him so that his body was shielding hers.

Myrian went and sat in the only empty chair at the table, sighing as he leaned back. He rested his foot on his other knee, and began inspecting his fingernails, clearly bored.

Zooey wished she had worn something more formal, or at least pinned her hair up. What she had on, a blue floral dress with a cardigan and cute pumps, didn't exactly fit the situation, since the meeting was essentially a court hearing.

“Would you care to explain to me what the fuck you were thinking, Eric?” A blond male said, leaning forward. He seemed calm, his voice was level, but underneath it Zooey detected a threatening undertone which made her squeeze Eric's hand. Eric's thumb caressed her hand reassuringly.

“It wasn't something I planned on doing. It's not how it looks either, my feelings for her are genuine; she's not just a blood donor.” Eric's voice was steady and calm, but she could sense he was nervous.

“She's a human, Eric!” A female, the only female at the table, implored, which was followed by a murmur of agreement from the other vampires. allowed yourself to fall for a human, do you know how insulting that is?” She spat out the word human like is was a dirty word, completely beneath her.
Eric's face had set into an expression that would have immobilized Zooey had it been directed at her, but it seemed to have no effect on the red-headed woman as she continued her onslaught of insults about how humans were below them.

“…I mean, you can't actually see her as your equal, can you? She's a child! An ignorant child, who doesn't even deserve to be given the time of day.”

enough,” the blond male, who had spoken before interjected. His tone was calm but he was able to silence her immediately. “How long has this been going on?” he asked Eric.

“Five years,” he answered.

The group of vampires exchanged looks with one another. Myrian, who was seated next to the blond vampire who seemed to be the leader, whispered something in his ear. The leader nodded slowly.

“And what do you plan on doing with her when you no longer have use of her?” He then asked, “Humans get easily attached, Eric, are you really cold enough to leave her after she's spent – what – ten, twenty years of her life with you?”

“Nikolai, you know what I plan to do. I could never leave her, I'm going to change her.” Eric answered, his voice confident and sure.

The red-headed woman let out a sharp laugh that cut through the air like a knife. more cruel than I am!” she said loudly, raising her like cattle. You and me both know you don't have the commitment or the responsibility to raise a baby vampire.” She looked at Nikolai, “Sir, we both know how this is going to end – this is going to end with Babe the pig over there, being taken to the slaughterhouse. He'll grow bored of her, they always do.”

A noise close to a growl rumbled deep within Eric's chest, it was a warning to the red-head to back off. She responded by extracting her fangs and hissing, which seemed to set the other vampires on edge.

Nikolai raised his hand towards the woman, trying to calm her down before he spoke again. he said, gesturing to Zooey with his index finger. “What do you think of all this?”

Zooey's stomach squeezed in a way that she had never felt before as sheer terror gripped her and all of the vampire eyes in the room turned on her. They looked hungry. Zooey looked to Eric for guidance, who nodded in response.

“I – I've had five years to think about it. I know he's responsible enough,” she said, placing both of her hands around Eric's right hand. Her voice seem magnified as it echoed off the stone walls. “I don't have much of a future with him as a human, and so I'd like one with him as a vampire.” She couldn't stop her voice from trembling slightly.

Some of the vampires at the table looked amused, as though they weren't taking her seriously, which was no surprise to Zooey; she already knew how arrogant vampires could be.

Myrian and Nikolai exchanged looks and began whispering, she knew it was to keep information from her, since every vampire in the room would be able to hear them speaking no matter how low they whispered.

“I don't understand why you felt the need to hold a meeting about this, Nikolai.” Eric announced, his tone frustrated, almost angry. “You have no qualms with hundreds of other vampires creating newborns, so what's this all about?”

The blond vampire turned his attention to Eric, his expression cold. “You know that humans having long-term relationships with vampires is strongly frowned upon, by both our community and theirs. It's not natural, nothing about this is natural, and questions are being asked. I can't allow you to continue your… infatuation with this human.”

“So let me change her, it's as simple as that,” Eric argued, his voice cold and severe.

“I can't have it look like we're indoctrinating humans and then changing them into vampires, Eric, we're discriminated against enough as it is. People are asking questions about whether she's even consented to any of this, it's becoming a controversy. Your relationship with her isn't exactly />
Zooey knew where this was going. They had already decided she could no longer remain with Eric as a human, and now they were arguing over whether or not she was eligible to become a vampire. Sickeningly, she realised the third option was to get rid of her, they'd probably kill her and after a few decades everyone would forget that it had ever happened. She'd be forgotten about.

“I think,” a vampire on the far left began, “we should vote on it.” The vampire was old and pale, he looked fragile, like he might crumble into dust if anyone touched him. His voice was no more than a soft whisper, and Zooey had to strain to hear it.

“I suggest we put this meeting to an end, vote on it, and then act as we see necessary. The child is looking rather pale,” he continued.

Nikolai nodded, his expression almost sympathetic. “Very well,” he said in their direction. excused whilst we vote.”

Eric acted so quickly Zooey barely had time to register what was happening. He had put his arm around her, holding her hand with the other, and dragged her outside before the group had time to change their minds.

Out in the entrance hall Zooey found she could breathe again, her gasps echoed off the stone walls. She suddenly felt exposed and defenceless as reality hit her, and almost knocked her off her feet. She needed to take her cardigan off, feeling trapped with it clinging to her. Eric was pacing supernaturally fast, so fast he was just a blur moving backwards and forwards. Without warning, he moved towards her, so close he had backed her against the cold wall. The stone against her bare arms made her shiver against him.

He took her face in his hands and kissed her firmly, his lips both rough and soft against hers was delicious, and when his tongue touched hers everything seemed to almost disappear for a second.

But then reality flooded back again, and Zooey felt sick. “Eric, wait” she murmured against him, trying to push him away so she could catch her breath. He ignored her, probably unable to feel her feeble human strength against him.
She managed to pull her mouth away, though he refused to move away from her, still holding her face in his hands.
“I'm scared,” she whispered. “Eric, I'm scared.”

“I know,” he murmured, his voice soft and seductive like velvet as his lips met hers again. “I know. I'm here, it's okay.” His hands moved, one holding the small of her back, pressing her body against his, and one entangled in her long mahogany hair. “I need you,” he breathed, his voice urgent. “God, I need you.”

Suddenly, he pulled away and took hold of her forearm, pulling her along with him as he took the staircase up to the rooms and corridors that led off through the castle.

“Where are we going?” she asked breathless.

“I'm taking you to my room,” he answered, his voice sent shivers through her body. Even after five years, even under these circumstances, he was still able to make her practically shiver with desire and excitement when he spoke like that, in that tone.

Zooey had to practically jog to keep up with Eric's strides, she had no idea where she was; every corridor looked the same, she had already forgotten the directions they had taken. After going up three flights of stairs, and walking through a corridor, full of expensive looking furniture and paintings, he stopped at a door.

So quickly she almost missed him doing it, he took a key from his back pocket, opened the door, pulled her inside and slammed the door shut again, before pushing her against it. He placed his hands flat against the door, either side of her head, his mouth suddenly on hers again.

Zooey had always loved it when Eric was rough with her, but even then he had known her limits; he'd known when to stop and be gentle, he had always been in control of himself, but now he seemed completely lost. His intensity frightened her.

He kissed her hard, taking her breath away. His teeth bit down on her lower lip eliciting a moan from her as he urgently began removing her clothes, both of their breathing was erratic and ragged. Zooey felt the extent of his need press against her thigh, and with another soft moan, stopped struggling against him and began unbuttoning his jeans.


Eric's better judgement told him to breathe, calm down, be gentle with Zooey. But the thought of losing her, having to be the one to end her life which had only just really begun, made him see red. The anger building inside of him made him tense and agitated, like an exposed live wire – he was unsure of what he might do, and he needed a release. He felt almost cruel for using Zooey when she was feeling this fragile, but holding her small warm body against him helped, and feeling her lips against his made him forget about the circumstances, leaving him craving more of her.

She stood at just a few inches above five foot, almost a foot shorter than him, her full fringe framed her face which, along with her big blue eyes, made her seem young and innocent. Eric usually saw her as innocent, since her trusting, over-excited personality constantly highlighted her youth, which often caused him to feel protective towards her.

It was rare that he had any genuine feelings for humans, other than contempt, but after spending five years with Zooey he knew he would do anything he could to make her safe and happy, but now he was struggling to control himself.

The worrying, panicked thoughts swirled around his head at warp speed, and he needed, desperately needed, an outlet. He could no longer control himself as he ripped the front of her dress open, her surprised gasp only exciting him further. He felt her hands at the waistband of his jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling at them.

He was on autopilot as he pushed Zooey onto the couch that stood in the small but lavishly furnished front room. She began saying something, but he couldn't hear her, her words didn't mean anything to him, they were just noises, and so he silenced her by pressing his lips to hers again. He groaned, she tasted delicious, and her body was soft and warm as he rested on top of her.

Eric slid his t-shirt over his head so quickly he doubted Zooey even noticed, sliding his hands up her bare legs, pulling them apart and spreading them wide. He could taste salt from her tears as he kissed her, which arose a painful sensation in his chest, a feeling that often occurred when Zooey was sad, though he couldn't quite explain what kind of feeling it was. Helplessness? Torment, maybe.
He kissed her little button nose which earned him a smile as he slid her underwear down. She moved to unhook her bra and threw it to the floor, exposing her perky little breasts to him. They weren't much more than a handful, but when he took her nipple in his mouth, caressing it with his tongue before allowing his teeth to graze it, she always made a sound that just drove him crazy.

Eric moved lower. He tasted every inch of her body, her tight little nipples, her perky breasts. He trailed his tongue along the curve of her waist and dragged his teeth along her hipbones. His fingers slid between the lips of her little cunt and found her burning hot and soaking wet. He needed to taste her, and he would. The thought of hearing her delighted moan as she writhed and came against his mouth made him throb almost unbearably.

He worked his fingers deeper into her tight hole, looking up past her breasts to see her watching him. She looked disconcerted, completely unsure of how to respond and he fucking loved it.

He removed his fingers and spread her thighs as far as they would go, his eyes now locked on her glistening pussy that was exposed to him. He kissed her tiny, round clit feeling her wetness against his lips, before he trailed his tongue up the length of her slit. His cock pounded at the sound of her small whimper.

She writhed against him, but he held her in place, pulling her legs over his shoulders and lacing his fingers together over her belly, pinning her against the bed and against his mouth as he savoured the taste of her juices.
He was not gentle with her. He sucked and he bit her sensitive little clit whilst fucking her cunt with his tongue, causing her to grind against him like she did when they were fucking.

He almost came when he heard her strangled moan, he felt her body tense and then slump, he heard her heart race inside her chest and was able to taste her cum in his mouth. She tasted even better than he thought she would.

Her chest rose and fell as she gasped, trying to ground herself. But his cock throbbed painfully against his stomach now, and he couldn't give her the time she needed before he slammed his cock inside of her in one quick, hard stroke.

She cried out, barely having time to register what had happened before Eric began pumping in and out of her hole. His hands grasped her hips, pulling her down to meet him as he drove himself inside of her over and over. His fingernails dug into her delicate skin, and he knew she'd have marks afterwards, he also knew he was losing control, which could be dangerous for her.

she pleaded, “Please Eric, harder!” She pushed against the back of the couch and locked her arms straight, pushing herself further onto him.

He watched as his cock disappeared inside of her wet pussy, before pulling back out again, each stroke harder and faster than the last. Zooey cried out, a noise that sounded both full of pain and pleasure, it was delicious and exciting. Her expression was full of ecstasy and her breasts bounced back and forth ever so slightly as his body pounded hers.

His body sank on top of her, his cock still pounding her relentlessly, his teeth grazing her earlobe as her fingers became entwined with his hair. She moaned his name, her voice barely a whisper, and her words distorted as her body was pounded back and forth. He could feel a wave of euphoria building up, and he knew he was close.

“Cum with me,” Eric urged, his strokes growing so hard he knew it would be painful for her. “Come on, baby, cum with me,” he whispered against her ear.

Her body tensed underneath him, and her hands firmly gripped handfuls of his hair whilst his lips covered hers and caught her scream as he felt her body explode around him. Eric moaned loudly, the turmoil and the surroundings slipping away as he emptied himself inside of her.

Zooey's ragged breathing seemed to be the only sound in the room as Eric held her tiny, shaking body close to his. He wanted to keep her like this, close to him, warm and safe, but he knew that was impossible. Looking down at her face, her cheeks tinted with pink and her lips slightly parted, he saw her eyes had closed and her breathing had now become deep. Gently, as not to wake her, he pulled her onto his lap and rocked her back and forth soothingly, occasionally stroking strands of her hair away from her face, until the sun began to rise.

story by: joydivision

Tags: fiction consensual sex romance oral sex gothic sex story written by women

Author: joydivision

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