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© This is a work of fiction any resemblance to any place or person is purely coincidental. Also all the action takes place is an imaginary world that has no STDs or HIV.
/> Susan woke with a start. Where was she? Then she remembered the girls and her were on their way for a week’s vacation at a cabin in the woods. Of course they got lost. Susan was given directions by an older woman who told them which road to take. The directions got them lost even more.

The bumpy old road they ended up on was hard on bladders soon all of them needed to pee. They found a good place behind a stand of trees out of sight for a girl to go potty. Relived, they got back in the SUV and buckled up. Before Susan could start the engine, she noticed movement in the corner of her eye.

One of her daughters screamed. There was an odd order in the car then every thing went black. Something happened between then and now, but what? The surroundings looked vaguely familiar. But it wasn’t where they stopped to pee. Susan heard whimpering and looked around seeing Carol her oldest daughter in usual place in the passenger seat.

Something was horribly wrong; Carol had her hands in her unzipped jeans and was holding her crotch. The girl was rocking back and forth with tears running down her flushed face. She also had a bright red bandana tied loosely around her neck. Where had that come from?

Susan looked in the backseat and saw her youngest daughter Tina laying down, with her mini skirt pulled up around her waist, holding her naked crotch. The fourteen-year old was smiling and crying at the same time, muttering something about they all fucked me, they all fucked me, again and again. A red bandana was around her neck too. Susan was sure the bandanas signified something; she couldn’t remember what it was.

Susan shook her head to get rid of the cobwebs. Then she realized she wore a red bandana as well. What was going on? She began to panic when she found her blouse was unbuttoned, her bra was missing as were her panties. Her skirt was around her waist too. Something was oozing out of her sore pussy and ass. Susan was terrified now. She quickly dug her cell phone out of he purse and checked the time and date.

A week had gone by! Then it all came crashing back, they had been kidnapped held for the days Slowly the rest of the horrific details came back to her. Susan and her girls had been raped repeatedly during the week and made to perform perverted vile acts. Susan screamed in despair and shame. Then she began sobbing in her hands.

Carol looked at her mother with a certain amount of venom. “Now you scream.” The girl said in a flat accusing voice. “All you did when they where fucking you was moan.” Carol wiped the tears from her smudged red face. “It sounded like you where enjoying it mother, all those men fucking you, and you never protested once.” The sixteen-year old girl wiped another tear from her face. “I think you even liked the dogs.”

Susan’s retort died at the mention of the dogs, horror rose in her mind as she remembered. The sudden hunger in her pussy overshadowed the shame. Slowly in detail all the perverted things, done to her and her daughters came back. Susan looked at he daughters and smiled “Time to go girls.” She said. “I think your stepfather is going to be surprised at the way things are going to turn out.” Tina and Carol nodded.
* *
Susan and the girls where all grabbed at the same time. The large man sprayed something through the open window. They blacked out within seconds.

The next thing she remembered was waking up in a cabin. She was tucked in a corner, on a mattress in a very large room. Through a small high window, she could see the sun was going down. A light came on illuminating her and the mattress. There where other pools of light in corners against two other walls. She could see her girls on mattress in the lighted areas. They were to far away for her to talk to them. She then she realized she was naked and tied up.

She was laying face down on the mattress, with a large cushion tucked under her belly. The cushion raised her ass to a perfect angle for sex, actually rape in this case. Her ankles and knees tied together. Her arms where behind her back and her forearms tied together as well. She could hear her daughters whimpering in fear.

The man knelt by her face. “Agnes was right.” He said. just as hot as the girls. Damn, we’re going to have fun with you three.”

“What are you going to do with us you bastard?” She hissed.

“Ya, that’s me,” He said. “Agnes calls me that every time I fuck her.” He chuckled. “She aught to know she’s my mom. In fact all of us boys are her sons.” That shocked Susan to silence.

“Now if you cooperate Mrs. we won’t hurt you or the girls. All we want is some fucking Agnes says we’re wearing her cunt out. That’s why she finds us some extra pussy for us now and then. She sure out did herself this time. Damn, the three of you are and fucking hot!” He ran his hands over her lithe thirty-five year old body. “A Blonde with nice pointy tits like you needs a good fuckn’ now and then. And we’re just the men to help you out. Both the girls are beautiful even the young one has nice tits.”

He stepped out of the way. She got a better look at the girls. They were naked like her; tied spread eagle on mattresses instead of face down. “You see there they are safe and sound as you are.” The big man said taking his clothes off. “I know your name is Susan. I’m Tom. Now that we know each other I can start fucking you as soon as Ben my older brother starts fuckn’ the little girl.”

He pushed his shorts off reviling a long fat cock that was growing in size. “I get to fuck her after Sam my other brother has her.”

The teenagers looked at their mother beseechingly with terror-filled eyes as Ben moved a screen over blocking off her view of Tina and him. Then Ben stroked Tina’s cunt as he talked to the girl as he knelt between her open legs.

After moving a screen blocking her mother’s view. Sam knelt sat next to Carol tugging his shorts off. His thick cock stood tall and ready to fuck the teenager.

“Why did they do that?” Susan asked. Tom was fondling her tits and stroking her soft ass. “Do what?” He said. Why screens?” Susan gasped when Tom started fingering her pussy. “We found out it cuts the struggling down and adds to the fear. A scared girl will do what we want sooner without mom looking at them. The screens cut the hoops and hollers down too.” He grinned.

“Then there is nothing I can offer to stop this is there?” Susan asked knowing she was wasting her breath. “You knew that before you asked.” Tom said kneeling with his hairy legs spread over Susan’s hips. His now very hard cock nudged the valley between her ass cheeks.

“Not there!” Susan gasped. “Nobody has ever done that to me!” She started when she thought she heard what sounded Tina calling out to her.

“Naw I ain’t gone to…right now anyway.” Tom said distracting her attention. He spit on the head of his cock. “You puss is first. You’re gonna like it for sure.” He started rubbing the bulbous head of his dick up and down her slit. “Ben ain’t looking so I’m gonna give you just a little.” He whispered in Susan’s ear. His hot breath on her neck sent chills through her body. “You be still or I’ll butt fuck you for sure.” Susan bit her lip when he gave her the head and a tad more.

* *
“Mom please don’t let him fuck me.” Tina shouted uselessly again “He’s going to hurt me, mother please!” All Susan heard was the muffled sound of her youngest but not what she said.
After talking to the terrified girl and calming a little. Ben grinned as he spread a little lube on his dick. He put an extra on the head to ease his way into the pleading girl. talking to the wrong person girl.” He laughed. “I’m the one that’s going to bust into you.”

He rubbed his cock on the trembling girl’s fuzzy pussy. “Are you are a good cock sucker missy?” Tina’s flush of shame and fear covered face and the upper half of her sweating tender young body. She stared in horror as he stroked his cock.

“Oh, going to rape me!” Tina whispered to herself. “Oh please don’t mister, don’t, Ben muffled her shrieked when he gave her half his cock with one quick jab.

Ben remarked casually, pausing momentarily. “She was a virgin.” He started working his dick deeper into her with little short strokes. “This one, small as she is, is deep.” He thought “I’d bet her mamma and sister are too.”

With each stroke, Tina produced little gasping whines. Her wide blue eyes were locked on the cock slipping deeper and deeper in her sweating body. The pink nipples on her tits pointed out tall and proud.
* *
Carol watched with something akin panic as Sam stepped out of his boxers. His was not the first one she had seen before. Her older brother Mark seduced her when she was only fourteen and he was sixteen. After getting over the shock of it she willingly fucked him most every time they could be alone. When he wasn’t around, she fucked one of several boyfriends she acquired when she found out being a slut was fun.

been fucked a time or several.” Sam smiled. After getting a good, look at Carol’s pussy. “I bet I can slide right in without more than a whimper girl.” He slipped two fingers into her shaven cunt. he said “a time or several. Now isn’t that right?” Carol sheepishly admitted to some boy friends, leaving her brother out of the confession. Sam grinned broadly. “I can tell you like to fuck girl. You just don’t like haven’ a stranger take it from you. When we get through with you girl, you’ll like men better.”

Carol admitted to herself that the big hairy man was probably right. Only Sam’s cock was bigger than her brother’s was. She gasped in pain and shock when he slammed into her shaved pussy. Sam wasted no time. He was fucking Carol at a steady pace at first, then faster and faster. Carol thrust her hips up eagerly meeting the cock pounding in her flushed sweat covered body. None of the boys she had been with where nearly this good. Carol managed a shameful look in her mother’s direction. As Sam ground his thick bush on her clit.
* *
Susan was deeply ashamed, one stroke of Tom’s invading dick and her pussy was flooded. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this wet before. Like her daughters, she lost control of her body, pushing back to take more of the cock slamming in her.

What kind of a slut am I she wondered as she could feel an orgasm building deep inside. Tom grunted then slammed tight against her ass. He began to cum; he pumped it in Susan with short quick jerks. Each time the women gasped with the force of his hips slapping against her ass. She thanked god that her and the girls were all on birth control.

The sounds of furious sex died away, the only sounds left were weeping girls and their mother gasping for breath.

Ben sat back on his heels grabbed a rag and wiped Tina’s virgin blood off his still hard cock. Then he cleaned the girl’s pussy. “Ok boys,” Ben called out standing so his brothers could hear. “Time to change partners. I want the mother this time. Tom fuck the older girl. Sam you’re going to love Tina’s cunt she is deep and tight, what a fuck!” Before they could change places, an older woman about fifty banged on the door and announced she was coming in the door.

She was wearing overalls and no shirt as she opened the door and walked in the cabin. The fact that her large breasts where mostly exposed bothered her not at all. The men opened the screens so she could see the three captives easily. “Well boys.” She said looking and walking around with evident approval. “I see you found them. Are they any good?”

“Some of the best Ma.” Tom said stroking Susan’s cringing sweat covered body. “You going to join the fun?” He asked. “Not this time son.” She smiled. “My pussy is still sore from the last time you boys jumped me.”

Susan was shocked to silence. The causal references to incest made by Tom were true. She and the girls had fallen into some kind of perverted hell. up Ma?” Ben asked as he ran his hands up and down Tina’s naked cringing body.

“You boys remember that hoity-toity lawyer you had last summer.”

“Damn right.” Sam grinned. “She damn near fucked the three of us to death. When it got to the point she couldn’t suck us hard again she started crying. We put Jake and the boys on her. I never saw a woman who liked dog dick better.” Ben broke in. “They fucked her until she passed out. She was a happy woman when she left.”

Agness laughed. “So that’s why she called me. She wants to help us buy the old Neal farm. We will put the Neal farm and some others together to make a much bigger ranch. Then she is going help me set up the corporation I talked about.

Before she left she, fingered Tina’s well-used pussy. “Love to eat that cum out of you sweets. We’ll save that for later. I got other things to do now.”
* *
After Sue sorted most everything in her mind, they all cleaned up as best they could. There was clean clothing in the luggage so the all changed. There was a strange and disturbing problem, none of the bandanas could be removed. They where loose around their necks but too tight to pull over their heads. The bandanas knots were glued together, and the cloth was too tough to tear. They where stuck in place until a knife or scissors could be obtained.

Later when Susan and the girls stopped for gas in a small town a few miles away. All the men they saw smiled at them strange way. The women either snorted at them or giggled. The ones that giggled wore bandanas too.

When Susan found a motel for the night, in the same town, the owner was all smiles and offered her a special deal on rooms for her and the girls. “What kind of a deal?” She asked suspiciously. He said. “I see you ladies have new Todd bandanas. I can give you a free room and a free room for the girls. I’ll even cut you in for a piece of the gross take.”

Susan screamed. “We aren’t whores! What are you talking about?” He chuckled. “I can see those bandanas are new. You should know you can’t get those knots loose unless they’re soaked in cum missy.” He said snidely. “I can find you a bunch of men who would love to cum in and on all of you ladies.” Needlessly to say they left town for the freeway and traveled all day. The only pause they took as a stop at a rest area. Susan also made some cell phone calls. They went on until taking a room in a motel over a hundred miles away.

* *
In an office four hundred of miles away, a man was talking on the telephone. Let’s listen in on the />
“You say they left this morning? Good… Did things go according to plan? Excellent! The CDs of the first day will be in my office this afternoon? Very good” He grinned. “By the way…I was talking to my cousin and he would like to use your service. Yes, he has a wife and three teenage girls all of them beautiful… here is his number, he is hoping you can call today if possible.”

“When do you think may I expect Susan and the girls back? They stopped at a motel…from there if they leave early they should be at our home just after One P.M. tomorrow.”

“Thank you Agnes I’ll be in touch.” After Agnes hung up the phone she dialed another number. “Hello, Wilson? Its me…The fool took it hook and all.” She said. “I have Susan’s number…Oh she called you already? Then it’s all set up…we nailed another asshole and got another investor to boot…Talk to you later.” Agnes looked at her sons. “We nailed that ass running the towns motel too.”
/> More adventures of Susan and the girls and others with the Todd family and friends are forthcoming!

story by: starbuck

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