Walking in chapter 2

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As I was washing my face I heard a knock on the door and Dan’s voice answering what sounded like the arrival of our room service.
I wrapped the towel around my waist and went to eat. Dan and Karla were still in their swim suits as we at dinner watching a movie on HBO. I tried my best to not look at them too much less I start undressing them with my eyes. I had never done anything with a guy before, but for some reason I couldn’t get the image of Dan plowing his cock into Karla’s cunt out of my head.
We were all pretty tired from the swimming (and the fucking) so after we watched some random TV we all dressed for bed.
“Hey guys, up for a little smoke?” Dan asked, pulling a bag of weed out of his luggage.
“Ooh, yes! We can use the balcony!” Karla said, sitting up on the bed, instantly intrigued.
“Uhh, I don’t know guys”. I hesitated, thinking about the impact the smoke would have on my lungs. “I have a meet next week and I-“
“Meet, shmeet.” Dan interrupted as he opened the bag and began packing a bowl. “This will be good for us. Applying to college is a very stressful time in a young adult’s life.” The fake tone of severity in his voice was not lost upon me. “This is precisely what the doctor /> “Yeah Alex. What the doctor ordered.” Karla added.
“Fine. But we have to be quiet, there might be people outside on other /> With that we turned off the lights in the room and slipped outside. Dan packs a mean bowl so we were able to keep a cherry going for a good 3 rounds.
“Shit Dan, what is this stuff? Purple Haze?” I asked after my fourth hit, already feeling like I was on Cloud 9. But all Dan could do was smile and nod in response. After we cashed the bowl we went back inside, Dan and I stripped down to our boxers, Karla to her panties and t-shirt and we all went to our respective beds.

I was drifting away in my own wonderful world totally ignorant of what was happening in the bed next to me until I heard a loud, “No!” I was jolted out of my happy place to hear some muffled argument coming from Dan and Karla. Then I heard someone get up and tip toe over to my bed.
“Alex? Alex, are you awake?” It was Dan.
I replied.
“Dude, she kicked me out of the bed. I don’t want to sleep on the floor, can we share?”
Even if I hadn’t been high as a kite I probably would have said yes. Dan and I used to share a bed all the time when we were younger and had sleepovers. I scooted over and felt Dan slip in under the covers of the queen-sized bed. I felt his leg brush against mine and I was suddenly aware of the raging boner I had. Weed always makes me horny and having Dan in bed with my sure wasn’t going to help matters. I tried to drift back to that blissful place right between sleep and consciousness but I felt Dan roll over onto his side facing me.
/> /> “You high?”
I laughed lightly, “Yeah man. />
“Dude, how fucked up is that that she kicked my out of the bed?” Dan whispered.
I laughed again. “What did you do?
“I just wanted some head.” At this both Dan and I tried to restrain our laughter but it forced its way out of both of us.
“And she said no?” I asked
“Psh, yeah. She said we’d had enough for today.” I don’t know if Dan was aware he was telling me he and Karla had fucked earlier, but I let it slide.
“Dude, that sucks.” I said, slowly sensing that Dan was steering the conversation in some unknown direction.
“I know.”
“It’s fucked up because smoking always makes me so fucking horny.”
“Yeah I know, same here.” I said, totally uninhibited by the THC flowing through my system.
Once again, silence.
“Alex I’m sorry I gotta jack off, this boner is killing me.” Dan whispered as I felt him moving around on the bed. I turned towards him and could make out the faint outline of him pulling his boxers off, leaving his firm, muscular silhouette totally bare only a few inches from me. I momentarily was unsure of what to do, but I quickly threw caution to the wind and followed suit, pulling my boxers off and kicking them down to the end of the bed. Dan and my movements had thrown the blankets own to our knees exposing us to each other, the only thing between us was the darkness. In a matter of seconds I heard Dan reach down to his bag on the floor by his side and next heard him open what could only have been a bottle of lube because the next thing I know he taps me with it and said, “help yourself.” I took the bottle and squeezed a nice sized dollop into my hand and tossed the bottle between Dan and my legs. I spread the lube over my rock hard dick and instantly felt a warming sensation engulf my meat. Dan must use that warming stuff I thought to myself. Nice.
I started to rub my hand up and down my shaft, creating an incredibly hot sound effect which was mirrored by Dan’s similar actions.
I had coated my entire dick in lube and was thoroughly enjoying the experience when I felt Dan’s leg brush against mine. I thought it was just a random motion at first but then he did it again, this time followed by a quite moan. At any other time I would have hesitated in my next step, but in the heat of the moment I didn’t think twice about rubbing my leg back up against Dan’s tight, sexy thigh.
“Yeah Dan muttered. I could still hear the slurping sounds coming from the interactions of Dan’s hand and his dick.
If all this wasn’t enough, I next felt Dan’s hand start to lightly rub my chest and abs, the warming lube creating an indescribable feeling of bliss throughout my entire body.
“Yeah Dan,” I whispered, utterly captured by the moment. I was no longer making conscious decisions, I was being guided by my lust. I reached over with my free hand and started to rub Dan’s rock hard abs. I moved up and found his pecs, firm mounds of muscle accented by his erect nipples. I took my hand back and rubbed it up and down my cock picking up some lube and precum and reapplied myself to Dan’s chest, spreading my special blend over as much of his smooth chest as I could.
“Fuck Alex,” was all Dan said. He then moved his hand down from my chest to my cock and, from the base up, slipped his hand around my tool and began jacking me off, brushing my own hand away like it was nothing. It was beyond sensation, the pleasure of having another guys hand on my cock. The weed, the lube, Dan…all of it combined to bring me right to the edge.
“Shit Dan…fuck I’m going to cum!” I hissed as I continued thrusting my hand up and down his 8 inches of hot meat.
“Oh Christ…me too Alex.”
And there we were, two guys jerking each other off in bed, stoned off our asses, on the verge of blowing the biggest loads we had every blown. Somehow we managed to remain relatively quiet as we shot our cum. My hips thrust up to meet Dan’s still jacking hand as I blasted a good 5 or 6 shots all over my body as well as Dan’s arm, the first of which nicked my chin.
We sat there, catching our breath, covered in our own cum.
“Holy shit,” I whispered. “I love doing that stoned.”
“Man, I’m still fucking hard,” Dan said. I too was still as hard as I was five minutes earlier, and still horny.
wanna try something?” Dan asked.
I turned my head towards him and gave him a skeptical look, which he probably missed seeing as how it was so dark. “What do you mean?”
“Yes or no. Do you want to try something?” Still being extremely stoned, I found the idea of a potential game or new experience highly exciting. “Alright, fine. Yes, I do want to try something.” I replied.
“Close your eyes then and don’t open them and don’t move,” Dan instructed and I obeyed. I felt him moving around at the end of the bed, his weight shifting around sporadically. Then I felt his hands on my thighs, sliding up towards my torso until they reached my crotch and in one fluid movement Dan’s hands grabbed my cock and all of a sudden my cock was plunged into a hot, wet, slippery embrace.
I moaned before I could stop myself. Dan was sucking my cock. I instinctively thrust my hips up, pushing my dick into Dan’s warm, slick mouth.
“Fuck, Dan,” I groaned as I humped his lips. The weed was making every sensation magnified 10 fold and I felt like I was floating in a sea of elation. Dan took all seven inches of my meat with no issue, bobbing his head up and down like a pro. His tongue roamed the underside of my shaft,, from the base all the way up to the sensitive tip. He went down all the way and deep throated my cock, contracting his throat muscles, sending shivers of pure pleasure through my body. Dan then pulled all the way up, stopping at the swollen head of my member which he sucked on much like Karla had done to him earlier.
He asked after letting my cock plop out of his mouth to rebound on my stomach.
“Holy was all I could say. you stop?”
“You wanna try something else?” Dan asked.
“If it’s half as good as your last idea, hells yes,” I answered. With that I felt Dan moving around again on the bed, catching glimpses of his toned physique in the strands of moonlight coming in from the curtains. Dan positioned himself with his head by my cock and lower body over my head. It took me a second to realize we were in the 69 position but I instantly realized what Dan’s new idea was…and I was totally game. I reached up and started to caress Dan’s body, his unbelievably defined back and chest, his firm ass, strong arms and finally his rock hard cock. Dan was oozing precum from all the excitement of the past few minutes and I coated the rest of his dick with it, lubing it up and stroking it.
“Oh yeah Alex,” Dan sighed right before I felt him resume sucking my dick; I decided I might as well return the favor. I positioned Dan’s meat over my mouth and lifted my head up to meet it. I was instantly struck by how hot it was, like a piece of iron wrapped in velvet. Precum was still leaking from the tip and I lapped it up, spreading it around the head with my tongue. I had about two inches in my mouth when Dan began to push himself deeper into my throat. I’d never had anything even close to this happen before, but the weed helped me relax and I just let it happen. As Dan pushed in, I sucked harder, enjoying the sensation of having my mouth full of a cock and doing the same to Dan.
It didn’t take long for us to start to emulate each other’s movements: I sucked hard, sliding my tongue over as much of Dan’s shaft as I could, and he started doing the same. He bobbed up and down on my dick and I thrust myself farther up on his shaft. I moaned as he again deep throated my cock, keeping it all the way down his throat for what seemed like a blissful eternity. My moaning caused him to moan. Determined to not let him best me, I grabbed his tight ass cheeks with both my hands, took a deep breath through my nose and pulled him down into my mouth. Dan let my cock fall out of his mouth and tried his best to muffle a groan of sheer ecstasy. He quickly returned to sucking my cock, this time with an intensity I had yet to see. He plunged himself down onto my pole and continuously licked every inch of my meat while simultaneously fucking my face with his own eight inch monster.
His cock was like a hose in my mouth, drooling precum which I swallowed as much as I could, but some leaked out of my lips, acting like a lubricant to Dan’s member pumping into my face. At one point I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let Dan just piston himself in and out as deep as he could before I resumed suctioning his tool.
We were both close, both groaning into each other’s cocks. I was still massaging Dan’s ass with my hands as he thrust himself into my mouth and throat, all of a sudden I felt his ass go taught and Dan’s moans increased in volume. His cock swelled and I felt his cum travel down his shaft and into my waiting mouth. The sensation of all this happening in my throat caused me to erupt as well, cumming as if I hadn’t come in days, even though it had only been ten minutes. Dan had stalled thus thrusting when he started cumming, but as he wound down, his hips twitched ever so slightly, ejecting the last remnants of his cum into me. I meanwhile was pushing my hips up into his mouth, wanting to blow my seed as deep into his mouth as possible.
When we were done, Dan rolled over, his semi-limp cock trailing saliva and cum over my face and neck. My own dick slipped out of Dan’s mouth and fell on my thigh, moist and sticky from all the attention. We were both so spent I don’t even remember Dan re-orienting himself in the bed, instead just falling asleep with his head at the end.
Wow, I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep.

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