What happened between "the ex files" and "i'll be seeing you"

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Beginning: *The end of "The Ex Files"*

"So, do you wanna grab dinner?" Jack Carter asked Allison Blake.

She leaned in for a quick kiss, then pulled away. Looking at him lovingly. />
She stood up and walked around the couch, then turned back to him. "I was thinking…maybe breakfast." She grinned at him, then began to walk slowly up the stairs.

Jack said, taking a moment to understand what she was suggesting, then becoming excited by the prospect. He followed her up the stairs.

By the time he got to the top, Allison was already mostly undressed. And man, was she hot.

Her shoes, jacket, and shirt lay on the floor next to her. It was all he could do not to stare at her beautiful torso.

He walked up to her and began to kiss her welcoming lips. He slid her pants slowly and sensually down her sexy legs. she kicked them away, now wearing only lingerie.

Allison pushed him into the lounge chair near the bed, kissed him, then stood back a for a moment to push her hair out of her face.

Jack began, speechless at the sight of Allison's gorgeous body, with perfect legs, ass, abs, and breasts. He could hardly believe that he was so lucky to be about to have sex with her. It had been great to be one of her closest friends for four years, but this, this is what he really wanted. He loved her.

Allison hummed, straddling his lap and leaning in to slowly kiss him, fingers raking through his hair before gently scraping along the back of his neck, giving him a little shiver of lust. She slowly started sliding off his lap, and Jack followed her, bending down to avoid breaking the kiss as she slid down to the floor.

She quickly had his belt undone, finally breaking the kiss to nip at his lower lip gently as she worked his pants open, pulling him free of his boxers. She gave him an impish smile before she leaned in, her breath hot against his erection for a moment, teasing him.

“God, Allie,” he groaned, and as though in response, her tongue swiped a quick circuit of the head of his cock, making him groan. He let his head loll back as she started to trade off between little licks and playful bits of pressure from her lips rolled over her teeth, dangerous and arousing at the same time. The first time she’d tried it, Jack had nearly had a heart attack before coming harder than ever before. Now he bit his lip on a groan, it taking all his willpower to hold still while she played.

“Fuck, Allie,” he managed to say, head reeling as she roughly tugged him down further in the chair, running her hand down his hardness.

"Close your eyes," Allison murmured, her voice slightly husky. She was so hot, Jack felt like he was going to burst.

She took his hand and led him over to the bed, pushing him onto it gently then lying on top of him. She began sucking his cock again, using a finger to stroke him.
he tried to ask, but a second finger joined the first, turning it into a wordless moan.

A moment later, she took his entire dick in her mouth, sending him over the edge with a cry.

It took Jack a few moments to regain his senses after such an explosive orgasm. He opened his eyes to Allison's beautiful face, her body on top of his, eyes locked together. He stroked her hair, and she closed her eyes, leaning towards his gentle touch as he pulled his pants over his now flaccid penis.

He leaned up and kissed her, their mouths opening and tongues playing, the kiss becoming more and more passionate. He broke the kiss for a moment to pull his shirt over his head.

He sat up slowly, not breaking the kiss, holding Allison's face against his, their mouths and tongues seemingly wrestling.

Jack snaked his hand into her sexy lace panties that showed off her perfect ass and began to rub it. He felt her breathing quicken as her face pressed harder against his own.

He slowly moved his hand downwards until he felt his fingers pressing against tender, damp skin that meant he was near her pussy. He lightly touched her there with one finger and she let out a gasp that turned into a loud moan, breaking their kiss. They held each other close as she pressed her throbbing pussy against his finger, wanting him to touch her more.

He complied quickly, beginning to rub harder and placing another finger on her slit. She moaned softly and rocked her body against his hand. He placed his other hand on her ass to steady her.

Gently, he began sliding his fingers inside of her, and carefully watched her reaction to see whether she liked it or not.

It wasn't hard to tell. Allison moaned loudly and her breathing became ragged as she began to all-out ride his fingers. She hugged him close, and due to the fact that she was kneeling and he was sitting, her breasts pressed firmly against his face.

Jack felt his erection growing as he listened to Allison's moans, feeling her body moving more and more quickly as her arousal grew. He felt her pussy around his fingers, and had a sudden, intense longing to be pushing his cock in there as he felt her juices begin to flow down his fingers.

She orgasmed, crying out with pleasure. He pulled his fingers out and began slow, circular rubbing motions around her hole as she calmed down again.

He removed his fingers from her pussy, and she gave a little cry of protest in response.

He grasped her butt and they moved into a more comfortable position. Jack leaned against the headboard of the bed, his legs in a pike position with Allison's straddling his. She kneeled in front of him, her knees next to his hips, and kissed him hard.

She felt his erection under his pants and boxers and began to grind against it, resulting in pleasure for both of them. Finally overwhelmed with desire, Allison ripped off Jack's already-unbuckled pants, leaving only his boxers separating her from what she wanted so badly to be inside her.

Jack saw the need written all over Allison's face, but wanted to prolong the foreplay so as to make the sex even more enjoyable, as it always is with anticipation. He kicked his pants off his ankles and his shoes and socks off his feet, using his foot to push them to the floor.

Wanting yet another amazing kiss, he leaned in to Allie and pressed his lips against hers, realizing not for the first time that he really, truly, completely loved her. As if sensing this, Allison reached up to cup his face in her hand and stroke his hair.

Jack sighed, feeling his desire for her flow throughout his body. He reached around her slim body with his hand and, with talent that only comes with a lot of practice, one-handedly removed her bra. He slid the straps off of her arms and flung it to the other side of the room as if it was the bra that had been keeping him from touching her.

Allison's nipples were fully erect, yet another sign of how much she wanted him. He leaned down and began to kiss her left breast. She moaned and placed her hands against the back of his head, gently pressing his face against her heaving chest.

He gave a hard suck to her nipple, making her gasp with pleasure, and moved on to her other one, giving it the same amazing treatment until he felt her wetness drenching the bottom of her panties and dampening his own underwear. She thrust her tits against his face and he kissed them each one last time before locking her into another long, sensual kiss.

Jack used one hand to hold her face against his, and reached down to pull off her panties with the other. He threw them to the other side of the room to lie in the corner next to the bra.

Allison, in turn, began to slide his boxers down his legs. His erection provided some resistance, but she pulled hard and it sprang out, standing up proudly. He kicked his boxers to the floor as she leaned down to lick his cock.

He stopped her before her tongue even touched the tip. "You've already done that. It's my turn, " he said giving her a devious grin. Before she had time to ask what he was doing, he had already flipped her over and had started licking and kissing her upper thigh near her pussy.

Allison gasped with anticipation, wanting to feel his tongue against her wet hole. Her breathing became even heavier as Jack moved his lips closer and closer to her pussy until he was kissing it. She let out a moan of pleasure and ran her hands through his hair, holding his head in its position.

He ran his tongue up and down it, tasting her cum. She bucked her hips against his face, feeling an intense desire course through her. She needed him. Her back arched as he pushed his tongue as deep inside her as he could. He continued kissing and licking her pussy for a few minutes, then gave her neglected, swollen clitoris a good, hard suck and felt her muscles clench in orgasm. She cried out as her entire body trembled with pleasure once more.

As Allison's orgasm subsided, Jack kissed his way back up her belly, past her breasts, and up to her face.

They took up the position they had when they'd first begun their foreplay: Jack against the headboard, Allison straddling his lap. They kissed some more, but it was only so long that they could hold off from doing what they really wanted to do.

Not letting their lips part, Jack lifted Allison about a foot above the bed. She helped by pressing down with the part of her legs that was still touching the mattress. He pulled her forwards, and broke their kiss to look into her eyes. They shone with excitement. He smiled and pulled her against him.

She lowered herself slowly onto his straining penis. Jack heard her quick intake of breath as she felt the tip touch her anxiously waiting pussy.

Allie closed her eyes and moaned loudly as Jack's large penis pressed further and further inside her aching pussy. She hadn't realized quite how much she'd needed this. Soon he was all the way inside her, and she could feel his balls against her ass.

She began to rock on his dick, relishing every feeling. Their thrusts intensified as they became more aroused. Soon, they were synchronized in their movements, moving more quickly by the minute. Jack became even more turned on by staring at Allison's amazing body, thrusting against his own, tits bouncing, abs tightening, wanting him as much as he wanted her. He couldn't believe this was actually happening. He heard her ragged breaths become more labored with every thrust of his dick.

He held her still, not pulling out of her pussy, and flipped her over. He let her lean against the headboard of the bed, then placed her legs on his shoulders. Now he had control.

He started slowly, filling her completely, then pulling out until only his tip was inside her. Enjoying the increased penetration, Allison let him take control, thrusting in synchronization with him.

They began to breathe harder as Jack increased the speed of his thrusts until he was moving so fast he didn't even go all the way inside Allison. He heard his testicles slapping against her ass, and the sound only aroused him more. He reached down and began to rub her clitoris rhythmically. Allison moaned loudly and their thrusts slowed.

"Faster, Jack," Allison moaned. "Fuck me />
Jack began thrusting quickly and forcefully, only thinking about how hot Allison was. She bucked her hips in sync with his movements. He moved even faster now, pushing harder.

Allison let out a yelp of pleasure. "Fuck me, Jack! Fuck me hard!" She cried.

Jack had never been more turned on by a woman before. If Allison had been intoxicating before they'd begun going out, he had no words to describe this sexy woman now.

He cupped her ass in his hands, helping her thrust against him. They kept going at this pace until orgasm gripped them both, somehow at the same time. He felt his cum filling her up, then dripping out onto the bed mixed with her juices.They collapsed onto the bed.

Carter rolled onto his back, and pulled Allie on top of him. They smiled at each other, thinking about what they'd just done together, then Allison laid her head on his chest, Jack placed his hand in hers, and his other one protectively on her back. They fell asleep together.

-*beginning of "I'll Be Seeing You"*

Allison woke up on top of Jack. She lifted her head off of his chest, waking him in the process. For a moment she wondered where she was, then she remembered the events of the night before.

They looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

"Hey," said Jack, stroking her hair.

"Hi," Allison replied, grinning. They giggled.

story by: Eureka creeper

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: Eureka creeper

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